Federal Government to Step Up Cannabis Production

Federal Government To Step Up Cannabis Production

Not unlike Area 51 in Roswell, New Mexico, the cannabis cultivation program at the University of Mississippi is currently and always has been shrouded in a haze of mystery and secrecy.

Established in 1910, "Ole Miss" as the school is affectionately referred to is not a sports powerhouse, although the institution has produced some noteworthy players. Archie and his son Eli Manning are probably the most well known. The school is not known for being amongst the ranks of "Ivy League" institutions of higher learning. However, what the campus is famous for (in counter-culture circles, anyways) is that the federal government has been producing cannabis there for "research purposes" for decades.

Ole Miss houses the only known federally sanctioned marijuana grow in existence. It has been long rumored that this federal grow is the birthplace of the mysterious G-13 strain. Moreover, the history and lineage behind this strain is a great story in itself.

But with more and more private and foreign interests publishing study after study outlining the vast medicinal benefits of the marijuana plant, the feds in turn are looking to increase their own pot production in the hopes that U.S. researchers can catch up and remain relevant in the realm of cannabis research. The National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) request for the authority to grow more weed at Ole Miss was recently approved by the DEA.

The increase in production equates to far more than a few extra plants. The university was granted the authority to up their current maximum annual harvest from 46.3 pounds to 1,433 pounds.

In a rare showing of humility, the DEA admits that they "grossly underestimated the program’s demand for research materials." While this jump from 46.3 pounds to 1,433 pounds looks like an enormous increase in marijuana production, though eye-popping, these numbers are still way down from the George W. Bush era, where pot production at Ole Miss was nearly 10,000 pounds annually!

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