Group in California Wants More Prohibition, Not Less

Group in California Wants More Prohibition, Not Less

We report a lot on various legalization measures that are moving forward in California, but rarely do we get a chance to report on efforts to increase marijuana prohibition in CA.

A group called “Californians Against Legalizing Marijuana” is attempting to get a measure on the ballot in 2016 that would outlaw most uses of cannabis in the state.


"We should be doing everything possible to prevent the use of marijuana, not open the barn door and legalize it, so that everybody can get it easier, like alcohol and tobacco," said Roger Morgan, one of the group’s directors. "We should have learned something from those two legal drugs. We don't need a third."

There are two glaring problems with that last statement, which is a favorite among anti-legalizers. 1) Cannabis is proven to be much safer than either alcohol or tobacco, and 2) Prohibition of either alcohol or tobacco would lead to the same problems we see regarding the violent black market surrounding cannabis now. That’s why they are legal and why cannabis should be too.

So what is Roger Morgan’s problem with weed? In short, his two children started smoking pot at young ages then moved on to harder stuff that ruined their lives. While the vast majority of cannabis users never go on to harder drugs, some do. To blame a lack of parenting, discipline and oversight on the cannabis plant is the height of scapegoating.

In the end however, the key to keeping marijuana out of the hands of kids is legalization and regulation. As has been said many times that “drug dealers don’t check ID.” Lawful, regulated stores that want to keep their license to sell a very in-demand product do check ID.

If C.A.M.L.’s measure does reach the ballot, it will probably face off against a measure that would legalize recreational use. If they both pass, the one with the most votes wins. In other words, get out and vote.

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