Jeb Bush Said Some Stupid Stuff About Marijuana

Jeb Bush Said Some Stupid Stuff About Marijuana

We know a few things about Jeb Bush: he’s a Bush, his father and brother were both presidents, and Jeb Bush is probably not going to be president.

Last week Jeb made an appearance on a radio show in Boston and made headlines by saying he now supports the decriminalization of cannabis. He also went on to perpetuate some of the long-standing myths about marijuana.

“Marijuana is a gateway drug just as opiates are a gateway drug,” Bush said. “Of course it is, every study shows that.”

Of course every study does not show that, and the gateway theory has been refuted time and time again. Bush also went on to say that “the new marijuana” is “highly toxic.” I’m not quite sure what he means by “new marijuana.” Maybe he’s just trying to say that high-grade cannabis in 2015 is generally stronger in effect than what was widely available in the ’70s. But it’s hard to be clear in what you’re saying when you have no idea what you’re saying. In any case, “toxic” is simply not a word that applies to marijuana and humans.

It’s no surprise that most GOP presidential candidates are behind the times when it comes to cannabis policy. It’s also no surprise that Jeb Bush knows almost nothing about marijuana. What he does know is information he gleaned in the ’70s and from propaganda from his youth. It’s usually a good piece of advice to not speak on things you know little about.

"This is clearly gonna be a state issue, not a federal issue," Bush also said, meaning if by some miracle he does become president, he may not be too worried about it. Which, as I’ve said before, may be the best we can hope for with the next president when it comes to cannabis: indifference.