Live in Florida? Sign the Medical Marijuana Petition

Live in Florida? Sign the Medical Marijuana Petition

If you have been reading this website for a while, you already know that Florida is deserving of a whole lot more credit than I was previously willing to give. Two years ago this month, the Florida Supreme Court heard arguments over a petition for medical marijuana

The state has had its ups and downs on the course to marijuana reform. You could mark it in either column for that pro-medical marijuana "Grease" parody, and depending on how morbid you are, could make a case for either after an unarmed man was shot and killed from a SWAT raid. 

More recently, a Florida group has begun the fight for recreational marijuana use and has even gotten the OK to start gathering signatures for a measure on the 2016 ballot. Marijuana reform—both medical and recreational—has majority support; we know that weed has already started to grow in some capacity, but medical marijuana access remains limited after narrowly failing to pass in 2014.

Now, the Supreme Court has approved the 2016 medical marijuana petition to get it on next year's ballot. What stands between that is a few hundred thousand validated petition signatures to be collected in just a couple weeks. For the campaign, Ben Pollara writes:

"Please contribute anything you can to the petition drive here. We still have 2 weeks of John Morgan’s 9 to 1 match, and we need to bring in this money BEFORE the New Year.

Additionally, Print, sign and mail in the NEW 2016 petition at If you’re not sure if you’ve done this already, send it in again. It won’t be double counted."

If you yourself do not happen to be a Florida resident, get on the phone and holler at your Auntie May. Y'all can discuss her upcoming bridge tournament, marijuana reform, and what she is going to get you for Christmas.