Marijuana Policy Changes from the 2014 Election

Marijuana Policy Changes from the 2014 Election

Here's how this election changed marijuana policy across the country:

Oregon: Voters legalized recreational marijuana by passing Measure 91, which allows adults 21 and over to have up to 8 oz of marijuana at home and up to 1 oz in public. The Oregon Liquor Control Commission will regulate and monitor the industry, and taxes on marijuana sales will go to fund schools, law enforcement, and drug prevention and education programs.

Alaska: Measure 2 passed 52% to 48%, effectively legalizing recreational marijuana and making the 49th state the fourth state to do so. Adults 21 and over can posses up to 1 oz of marijuana and grow up to six plants for personal use.

Washington, D.C.: Voters approved Initiative 71 and legalized recreational marijuana use for adults, possession of up to 2 oz, and home cultivation of up to six plants for personal use. However, the sale of marijuana remains illegal.

California: Proposition 47 passed, reducing the classification of “nonserious and nonviolent property and drug crimes” from felonies to misdemeanors. For how this will affect marijuana classification and laws, see this article by our own Gabriel Quinnan.

Maine: South Portland, the fourth largest city in the state, legalized possession of up to 1 oz of marijuana by adults. Portland, Maine, legalized recreational weed last year.

Florida: Amendment 2, which would have legalized medical marijuana in the state, failed to achieve the 60% of votes it needed to pass. It did gain a majority of 57%, but it just wasn’t enough.