Medical Marijuana Petition Approved in Missouri

Medical Marijuana Petition Approved in Missouri

Medical cannabis advocates in Missouri are again attempting to get an initiative before voters in the state that would legalize marijuana for medicinal purposes. Their petition has been approved by the Missouri Secretary of State, which means the process of gathering signatures can begin.

The group New Approach Missouri has the monumental task of gathering some 160,000 valid signatures from registered voters in the state. To do so, they are going to need a substantial amount of money.

“I know Missourians possess tremendous enthusiasm for this initiative,” New Approach Missouri wrote on their website and in an email blast to supporters. “Thousands of you will make a point of signing it, and hundreds will volunteer their time to gather even more signatures. But to collect nearly 160,000 valid signatures — which will require nearly a quarter million total signatures — and ensure that this vital measure makes the ballot, we must hire a professional signature gathering firm.

“That firm will not only gather many of the signatures directly, but also coordinate volunteers and validate all signatures to ensure that they are from registered Missouri voters. To accomplish all that, it will cost around $800,000, and we have to make a substantial down payment to get started.”

Cue the ones who lament the need for money when it comes to getting petitions on the ballot. Yes, it sucks, but it’s time to be practical. If you want to see legal protections for medical marijuana patients in Missouri, stop your complaining and give some money. It’s that simple.

While there are some details still to be worked out as to what the final law would look like, NAM does provide an outline that includes safe access, a 4% tax to pay for the apparatus that will oversee the medical marijuana program and deadlines that are meant to encourage quick implementation should the initiative be approved by the voters.