New CA Legalization Initiative Backed by Sean Parker Makes All Others Seem Pointless

New CA Legalization Initiative Backed by Sean Parker Makes All Others Seem Pointless

(Photo: Kendrick Brinson)

The cluster**** of marijuana legalization initiatives in California just became a moot point. Internet billionaire Sean Parker has officially brought forth his group’s cannabis legalization measure and submitted language to get it on the ballot; if the language is approved, the mighty task of signature gathering can begin.

As if the millions of dollars Parker can put up himself were not enough, the measure — the Control, Regulate, and Tax Adult Use of Marijuana Act — also has other financial backing plus the support of many heavy hitters in the cannabis activist community, including MPP and The Drug Policy Alliance.

The measure itself would legalize recreational marijuana for those 21 years of age and older and allow up to an ounce of possession, retail sales and home growing of up to six plants. The recreational industry would be regulated by the same body that now regulates the medical marijuana industry, the California Department of Consumer Affairs.

Because of the money behind it, the measure is a cinch to get on the ballot next year. If you have the money for professional signatures gathers and enough time, you can get any amount of signatures you need.

Of course passage is a different story, but if you have enough money to saturate the state with ads, your odds are pretty good, especially in a liberal state like California.

Most of the groups who have submitted initiatives will likely close ranks and get behind Parker and his group; they have to know on some level that they have no money at all, much less enough money to compete with a billionaire. Those who continue on their own will find themselves shuffled to the back of the line, where they will watch Parker and his group become the ones to finally legalize recreational marijuana in California.