New Gallup Poll Finds Highest Support for Legalization Ever

New Gallup Poll Finds Highest Support for Legalization Ever

A new Gallup poll shows 60% of respondents supporting the legalization of marijuana, the highest percentage ever in a Gallup legalization poll. Just a mere 11 years ago that number was 35%.

Sixty percent is a clear majority. It can no longer be said that most people don’t agree with the notion of legalization.

Looking deeper into the numbers we find that 77% of those aged 18 to 34 support legalization; for those 55 and older, that number drops to 45%. In fact, older folks are the only age group left that doesn’t support cannabis legalization. Eleven years ago, all age groups opposed it.

Politically, only 42% of Republicans support legalization while 67% of Democrats and 70% of Independents support it. Again, 11 years ago even a majority of Independents weren’t on board.

So, why the shift? Credit first and foremost has to be given to the rise of the Internet. Never before has so much information been shared so widely and so quickly. For the first time ever lies about marijuana could be countered by actual facts. Studies can be linked and discussed and a whole army of online users rose up to write about marijuana and make videos and podcasts and to share the articles, videos and podcasts of others.

You can read this article and share it almost instantly with your friends and followers with a couple clicks, and I hope that you do. But that is a perfect example of something only the Internet could make possible.

In fact, articles about the above-linked Gallup poll have been seen by tens of millions of people in a matter of days. That is power and it feeds the momentum of the marijuana law reform movement. Just how powerful it is will be witnessed on November 8th