New York Considers Marijuana Legalization Again

New York Politicians Introduce Legalization Bill

Some New York lawmakers will again take a stab at potential cannabis legalization in The Empire State, reports state. 

New York state Sen. Liz Krueger proposed taxing and regulating marijuana at a Wednesday press conference at City Hall in downtown Manhattan. The bill faces very long odds in the statehouse, watchers say.

Police arrested roughly 600,000 New Yorkers for pot since 2000, Drug Policy Alliance finds. In New York, police arrest more people for pot than for any other offense, including assault, vandalism, roberry, rape, and murder. Krueger said prohibition has failed and wasted scarce New York resources.

Researchers estimate New York's pot habit is worth $1.65 billion per year, and taxing pot - which is safer than alcohol - would yield $431 million in New York City alone.