Ohio House Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

Ohio House Passes Medical Marijuana Bill

The Ohio House of Representatives has passed a plan to implement a strict medical marijuana program after months of debate and years of majority dissention on the subject.

The proposal, which is now headed to the Senate, could be ready for Gov. John Kasich’s signature as soon as the end of the month. The Governor has previously said he would sign a medical marijuana proposal if it were “properly written.”

Chances are this extremely restrictive plan, which will prohibit patients from both growing their own medicine or smoking marijuana at all, will suit Gov. Kasich’s requirements.

The bill was sponsored by Republican Representative Stephen Huffman, who also works as an ER doctor in Tipp City.

“I am absolutely convinced that there is a therapeutic value in medical marijuana,” Huffman said after quoting the Hippocratic Oath’s vow for physicians to take care for patients. “There is absolutely no doubt in my mind.”

The bill passed 71-26 Tuesday and is expected to also pass in the Senate, albeit with minor changes.