Polls Looking Good for Marijuana Law Reform in Florida

Polls Looking Good for Marijuana Law Reform in Florida

A new Quinnipac poll out of Florida shows majority support for recreational legalization and overwhelming support for medical marijuana.

These are good signs considering both recreational and medical marijuana legalization could be on the Florida ballot in 2016. Regulate Florida is currently in the process of gathering some 683,000 signatures to get recreational legalization on next year’s ballot while United for Care — backed by millionaire lawyer John Morgan — is gearing up for a battle over medical marijuana after narrowly missing victory in 2014.

A whopping 87% of those polled said they support medical marijuana, but they said the same thing in 2013. When it came down to the vote however, the medical marijuana amendment only got 58% of the vote, just shy of the 60% it needed for passage.

Interestingly enough only 7% of those polled planned on using cannabis if it were legalized, which either means many people are lying or most non-users realize it’s not a big deal if someone does use cannabis. My guess is that it’s more of the latter.

Breaking down the numbers we find, of course, those aged 18 to 34 support legalization the most at 66%. Those 35 to 49 support it by a slim majority (52%) and older folks just aren’t having any notion of legalization, although at a smaller percentage than you would think (56% disapprove).

At this point it is hard to gauge the chances of recreational legalization, but one thing is for sure: the folks at United for Care have great poll numbers (again), a lot of money backing them (again), and they now have the experience of having run a campaign just two years ago. They know what worked and what did not, something you can't really know until you do it.

Another thing is for sure: 2016 will be by far the biggest year in the history of marijuana law reform nationwide.