Republican Congressman Comes Out of the Cannabis Closet

Republican Congressman Comes Out of the Cannabis Closet

Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-California) has long since been an advocate of legalization, both medically and recreationally, and he just made history as being the first Republican representative to openly admit to medical marijuana use.

While addressing NORML, the 69-year-old congressman said the pain from his arthritis made his favorite pastime of surfing an actual past-time; the discomfort even made it difficult for him to sleep. That is, until Rohrabacher tried medical marijuana salve.

“It’s a candle, and you light the candle, and a wax is in there, and it melts down, and you rub it on whatever you’ve got problems with,” he said. “And you know what? I tried it about two weeks ago, and it’s the first time in a year and a half that I had a decent night’s sleep because the arthritis pain was gone.”

If any republican lawperson was going to be the first to come out of the cannabis closet, it’s not too surprising that it’s Rohrabacher. In addition to sponsoring bills to protect states’ rights to legalize medical marijuana and hemp, he first made history in 2014 when he became the first serving Republican to support recreational marijuana.

“Now don’t tell anybody I broke the law,” he told the jovially receptive audience. “The bottom line is, there’s definitely cannabis in there. And it makes sure that I can sleep now.”

Well rest up, Rohrabacher. We’re going to need politicians like you in the reformative years to come.