Can Cannabis Kill?

Can Cannabis Kill?

In the decades-old battle of marijuana prohibition, those who favor legalization have always had one ace-in-the-hole, a trump card if you will: cannabis cannot kill you.

Zero recorded deaths in history. No matter what prohibitionists say, they can produce no proof that someone has died from cannabis.

After election night 2012, when Colorado and Washington legalized recreational marijuana, prohibitionists became desperate. They could see the writing was on the wall; legalization was inevitable. They had to find something to stem the tide of marijuana legalization!

A Weed-Themed Reality TV Series Is in the Works

A Weed-Themed Reality TV Series Is in the Works

While the burgeoning cannabis industry is in the headlines just about every day, there has yet to be any real inside look at how legal weed actual operates. There have been talks about NBC hosting a marijuana-themed sitcom, and networks like CNN dedicate considerable time slots to marijuana finance and industry, but something seems to be lacking. Knowing that legal weed is projected to be a $30 billion industry in the next five years is great, but the general public is equally, if not more, curious about the day-to-day operations.

Denver May Soon Allow Cannabis

Denver May Soon Allow Cannabis Bars & Clubs

A new policy is being crafted by the City of Denver that would legalize cannabis bars and clubs, which would boost the city’s cannabis tourism while also curbing the rampant issue of illegal public consumption.

Denver Councilman Albus Brooks reached out to Mason Tvert of the Marijuana Policy Project — a name you probably recognize from the token pro-legalization quote in mainstream media articles — looking to negotiate a solution to the problem of public consumption.

Rand Paul Courts the Cannabis Industry, Rated Most Pot-Friendly Candidate

Rand Paul Courts the Cannabis Industry, Rated Most Pot-Friendly Candidate

Today presidential candidate and Senator Rand Paul will utilize his libertarian, laissez-faire political attitude in attempt to woo head players in the cannabis industry.

Paul’s fundraising reception will be at the Cannabis Business Summit meeting in Denver, CO, co-sponsored by the National Cannabis Industry Association. At the event, Paul will discuss and defend his stance on marijuana issues, such as banking regulations, medical marijuana policy, and nationwide legalization.