Super Troopers to Host 4/20 Cannabis Cup in Denver

Super Troopers to Host 4/20 Cannabis Cup in Denver

This year’s 4/20 Cannabis Cup in Denver will be hosted by cops — but don’t worry, their rap sheet mostly includes chugging syrup, raiding the evidence room, shooting each other in the dick, and other shenanigans (some of them evil).

That’s right, the Super Troopers (aka Broken Lizard, the masterminds behind Beerfest, Club Dread, and The Slammin’ Salmon) are leaving the Northeast for that Rocky Mountain high, and will host the Cannabis Cup Awards Ceremony, Sunday April 19. The mustachioed troupe will also host a special screening of Super Troopers on 4/20 at 4:20 pm.

California Legal Weed Outsells All Other States Including Colorado & Washington

California Weed Outsells Other States Including CO & WA

In spite of last year’s legalization of recreational weed in Colorado and Washington, another state has yet again come out on top of the weed market: California.

In 2014, California did $1.127 billion in legal weed sales, meaning just in the medical marijuana trade. Colorado, nicknamed the weed capital of the U.S., came in a not-so-close second with $801.9 million legal weed sales (combining medical and recreational). Washington was third with $316.2 million, followed by Arizona with $155 million and Michigan with $65.8 million in legal weed sales.

X-Games Causes Spike in Donations to Aspen Airport Pot Drop Box

X-Games Spike Donations to Aspen Airport Pot Drop Box

Aspen, Colorado’s airport drop box for pot products has seen a spike in donations lately—specifically since the X-Games started in the rocky mountain town.

Amnesty drop boxes were first installed in Colorado airports last year as a place for those traveling to legally deposit any leftover cannabis products on their person. This was a great idea, limiting both the number of awkward conversations with TSA about drug smuggling versus just “forgetting it was there,” and promoting a sustainable lifestyle by recycling what would just be thrown away as waste (and what a waste it would be).

Colorado Asks Feds 'Let Our Schools Grow Pot'

Colorado Asks Feds 'Let Our Schools Grow Pot'

Colorado has asked the federal government to allow the state’s colleges to grow marijuana for research purposes. (As if multiple dorm closets aren’t already.)

“Current research is riddled with bias or insufficiencies and often conflict with one another,” Deputy Attorney General David Blake wrote in his letter to federal health and education officials. “It is critical that we be allowed to fill the void of scientific research, and this may only be done with your assistance and cooperation.”