New York

New York Politicians Introduce Legalization Bill

New York Considers Marijuana Legalization Again

Some New York lawmakers will again take a stab at potential cannabis legalization in The Empire State, reports state. 

New York state Sen. Liz Krueger proposed taxing and regulating marijuana at a Wednesday press conference at City Hall in downtown Manhattan. The bill faces very long odds in the statehouse, watchers say.

Career Of Beloved Teacher Ended Over Marijuana That Was Not Marijuana

NYC Teacher Fired For Mistaken Marijuana

In 2011, Alberto Willmore was a teacher at the Ella Baker public school in New York City. Alberto was admired by his students and colleagues alike. While smoking a cigarette off of school property, Alberto - who is African-American - was approached by a NYPD officer and accused of smoking marijuana.

Whoops, New York Legalized Medical Marijuana in 1980!

Whoops, New York Legalized Medical Marijuana in 1980!

When California's landmark medical marijuana law - Proposition 215 - was passed in 1996, a state from the northeast had already had a limited medical marijuana law on the books for 16 years. In 1980, the New York state legislature had approved a law that allowed hospitals to utilize marijuana for patients with cancer and glaucoma. Then-Governor Hugh Carey even signed the law, but it was never implemented and has languished ever since.

John Liu

New York Medical Marijuana Would Aid 100,000, Says Comptroller Liu

New York City comptroller John C. Liu said Aug. 29 that legalized medical marijuana in Gotham would help about 100,000 patients and recommends $100 million public-owned research fund to establish City-owned and operated cannabis growing sites, and requiring insurance providers to cover prescriptions for the medicinal botanical “We estimate that more than 100,000 New Yorkers with serious medical conditions would benefit if medical marijuana were legalized — and that gives us 100,000 good reasons to do it,” said Comptroller Liu. “Marijuana’s medical value is well-established, but it is still routinely denied to patients and researchers.