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Marijuana Clubs May Be Coming to Washington D.C.

Marijuana Clubs May Be Coming to Washington D.C.

With marijuana legalization comes the issue of where legal marijuana will be consumed. Currently, even in recreationally legal states, it is illegal to consume cannabis in public. This has left a lot of people petitioning for marijuana bars or clubs, where likeminded smokers can come and enjoy weed. While it looked like Denver was going to take charge, it seems our nation’s capital may actually lead the way.

Marijuana Legalized in Oregon, Alaska & Washington D.C.

Marijuana Legalized in Oregon, Alaska & Washington D.C.

We did it, America!

Of the three states with measures on the ballot to legalize recreational marijuana, all three passed—Oregon, Alaska, and our nation’s own capitol, Washington D.C.

Oregon became the third state in the union (behind Colorado and Washington) when voters passed Measure 91 with 54% in favor of legalization at 46% against.

Alaska followed suit with a closer margin of 52% in favor and 48% against.

Washington, D.C., passed Initiative 71 by the widest margin of 68% in favor and 31% against.

D.C. Initiative 17

Washington D.C. Legalization Camp Selects Slogans for Initiative 17

With the vote to legalize recreational weed in November, the Washington, D.C. pro-legalization camp has settled on its campaign slogan: “Legalize.”

Short and to the point—we like it.

Each campaign poster will also have a sub-header reading, “Vote to refocus police priorities,” or “Legalization ends discrimination.” Both messages speak directly to the main arguments for legalization in D.C. specifically.

Of the 57,000 voters who signed the petition that got Initiative 71 on the November ballot, the majority cited ‘refocus police priorities’ as the main reason to legalize.