Review: CloudV Electro Portable e-Nail with Side Arm Aqua Bubbler

CloudV Electro Portable e-Nail Review

Dabbing rules. I know it, you know it, even Cam Newton knows it. But would I ever go through the trouble of buying and tending a butane torch in my own home? (Not to mention hiding it when guests come over because let’s get real, it looks a little crack-y.) Nah. I’ve got vape pens, papers, and my trusty bong Ol’ Faithful for ensuring I can easily enjoy my Chinese delivery and What We Do in the Shadows when I so choose. So while dabbing is a more effective, healthful, and need I say cooler-looking way to get high, I’ve rarely had the chance to do so.

“Experts” Say Dabbing is more Addictive and Dangerous?

“Experts” Say Dabbing Is More Addictive and Dangerous?

Some questions arise from that headline, the foremost being: who are these “experts?” Are there “dabbing experts?” Maybe, but I seriously doubt they were contacted for this news article out of South Carolina.

Calling wax a “more dangerous” form of cannabis consumption is how the article starts out, before dropping the “experts warn” line twice in a five-paragraph story. No mention of who these “experts” are, or where we can find them.