ACDC Marijuana Seed Strain Review 2022

Marijuana has been an herb to explore deeply! Thankfully, the experts found its medical benefits and many of the medical patients are getting therapeutic benefits from this ancient plant. Well, in the case of marijuana, people are more likely to see this herb as a psychoactive plant that ultimately makes the user high!

To some extent that is true as well! But you must also know that the medical effects of marijuana have been now becoming one of the primary reasons for relaxation in weed legislation in different countries.  

Talking about medicinal weed strains then how can one forget ACDC Marijuana Strain!

ACDC Marijuana Strain – Overview

ACDC Marijuana Strain

ACDC Marijuana Strain in the marijuana world is known as one of the best high CBD non-psychoactive strains ever bred. However, the strain has quite a unique history of development. 

Along with enriched genetics, ACDC Marijuana Strain possesses a sky level of medicinal properties that ultimately led marijuana enthusiasts in the world to experience the medicinal effects of CBD dominant strain.

Well, if you are looking for buying ACDC seeds online then you are in the right place. Read along to know everything about this CBD-dominant medical strain. Also, get to know how you can grow ACDC seeds in the best way that can result in the highest output. 

Also, check out the user reviews of the ACDC marijuana seed strain on seedfinder.

So, let’s get started:

History of the Strain

ACDC Marijuana Strain has been quite similar to the genetics of Cannatonic. Well, for those who don’t know Cannatonic strains, it is one of the marijuana strains with higher levels of THC and CBD cannabinoids. That means the strain is quite potent to induce cerebral effects. Well, therefore, the breeders use to experiment with this ultimate strong marijuana plant.

NorStar genetics were more excited about Cannatonic strain as somehow, they knew the potential of this herb and therefore, they continuously did experiments until they found a unique phenotype of Canantonic. 

This phenotype was not only stronger in genetics like its parent but was also quite enriched in CBD cannabinoid, which was the main highlighting part of the strain. NorStar was quite hopeful with this unique phenotype and they launched it with the name of ACDC!

Yes! After the launch, ACDC becomes one of the popular demands of marijuana growers. The reason was sky-level CBD concentration and low to no intoxicating effects from the strain which was the ‘deal-maker’ point for this strain. 

High CBD levels were enough to induce medicinal properties that can help even in some serious medical symptoms. We will discuss the medical properties of this strain in detail later but for now, this ACDC Marijuana Strain will be 100% your best medical strain ever chosen. 

If you are scared of getting high and also want to experience the positive effects of weed then look no further than growing ACDC seeds in your garden. This strain will give you immense happiness through its high CBD content and without making you high like other THC-rich marijuana strains.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Having ACDC Seeds in Your Garden

What will be the benefits of ACDC Marijuana Strain?


Are there any cons of growing it?

If these questions are bothering you then read these outcomes to know in short, the positives and negatives (if any) here:


  1. Best medicinal strain.
  2. Highly therapeutic effects.
  3. High level of CBD.
  4. Excellent yield.
  5. Potent strain.


  1. Average terpene profile.

There is no doubt, you will feel worth giving your time in growing ACDC Marijuana Strain when the medicinal effects will take place. With tons of positive outcomes, you are sure to always look for ACDC Marijuana Strain whenever you need medical marijuana strain.

Strain Information 

If you are still not convinced then read here the unique qualities of this best medical strain which will surely impress you:


As this herb plant has medicinal genetics, therefore, you can expect the beautiful appearance of greener leaves along with denser, resinous buds in your garden. Well, there is no doubt the plants of ACDC seeds look similar to the other weed strains but what makes it unique is the whole greener herby look that is a sight to behold!

Overall, the appearance of the ACDC plants is impressive for those who love to see greener gardens!


One of the crucial factors of the garden is to know its proper growing area. Well, either you grow indoor or outdoor, ACDC seeds will make your every effort worthwhile. As the plant height of the strain is moderately taller, therefore, you will be able to polish your growing skills to manage your garden. The reason for the moderate height of the plant could be Sativa dominant genetics. Cannabis experts believe that Sativa genetics usually produces taller plants. 

However, with ACDC you will be able to get the moderate taller plants and hence you can easily grow them either in limited space or under the sky!


As said from the beginning that ACDC is a medicinal plant, therefore, you will be able to get a THC to CBD ratio of 1:20. That means this strain contains up to 20% of CBD cannabinoids whereas THC concentration is as low as 1% and even less than that. 

Therefore, you can be 100% sure about this strain for not inducing the psychoactive effects while the sky-level CBD concentration will make you feel better from different medical symptoms. Therefore, the ACDC Marijuana Strain becomes one of the ideal medicinal marijuana strains without any high effects. 

Apart from this, the strain is quite enriched in the following terpene profiles such as Myrcene, Pinene, and Caryophyllene. Therefore, you can expect a decent aroma and taste. 


First of all, it must be clear that ACDC Marijuana Strain doesn’t make the user high. Thanks to fewer THC levels in genetics. However, due to the enriched CBD concentration in it, you will be able to feel happy, mood-boosting, and quite positive with ACDC. That is why this strain has been quite helpful in treating stress and anxiety as well, which we will be discussing above under the medicinal properties of ACDC Marijuana Strain.

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Medical properties

Many of the studies and experts have believed that ACDC Marijuana Strain has been intensely effective for insomnia, depression, and anxiety. Apart from this, there have been many other medicinal symptoms in which ACDC has been proved effective. Some of them are listed here:

  • Depression and Anxiety – Depression is one of the serious issues around the world. However, as this strain boosts happy hormones in your body, you will be able to exit negative thoughts from your mind easily. Therefore, ACDC Marijuana Strain is effective in Depression and Anxiety as well. 
  • Pain and Seizures – Researches have found that ACDC Marijuana Strain’s effects help avoid pain and overcome seizures.
  • PTSD and much more.

There have been several medical benefits of this strain. From pain to some serious symptoms the strain is found effective. While some experts also say that the strain has been helpful even in the harmful effects of Chemotherapy. 

Overall, the ACDC Marijuana Strain possesses all medicinal properties making it an ideal medical strain.

How to Grow ACDC Seeds in the Best Way?

Although growing any weed seeds is a journey and how much the destination will be fruitful, will be decided by the effort you put into your cultivation trip!

Well, in today’s era one must have to do smart work for getting the highest output in lesser time. With that said, you must be aware of the specific weed strain’s properties and insights of growth by the experts. Well, for that, you don’t need to look out over the internet. Everything is here!

Just read out the growth factors below and understand how they affect growing ACDC seeds in soil or hydroponics. That will ultimately help you out in getting a closer overview of how the strain behaves in different conditions. Apart from this, if you are new to marijuana cultivation then don’t miss a single line!

Grow difficulty

Want to predict how much you will need sources and effort in making the most out of any strain? Just get to know how much growth difficulty it has. Well, ACDC Marijuana Strain has moderate growth difficulty. That means you have to be extra careful before and during the vegetative state of your garden, as it requires proper nutrients to grow to full potential. Keep the things in appropriate concentration as ACDC Marijuana Strain is also nutrient-sensitive. 

Overall, the strain didn’t require that much effort to be grown. Once they are in their full growth, you are good to go to your couch waiting for harvesting time.

Required growing conditions

ACDC Marijuana Strain is not an alien strain, therefore, you will need growing conditions similar to the Mediterranean climate. That means a little warmer and less humid area will be suitable for this strain. Even ACDC seeds prefer to grow in both indoor and outdoor conditions. That means you are good to go once you will get minimum environmental conditions for your seeds. 

With that said, the ideal temperature will be good around 65 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure the temperature didn’t fall below the minimum range, also, not to exceed over above limit. Apart from this, the humidity level (RH) of your garden should be less than 50%. Around 40% is ideal for ACDC.

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If you want to get your plants to fetch the highest CBD concentrations then make sure you give them the right growing conditions. For indoor growers, things like managing temperature, air, humidity become easy while the outdoor growers need to put extra effort into that.

Overall, the strain is not too sensitive. Therefore, you will be able to make your strain thrive in given conditions but the yield will be dependent on that as well.


The yield of ACDC Marijuana Strain is decent. As the strain is dedicated to medical patients, therefore, you will be able to get that much yield to ensure your complete dosage for time. 

Once you grow ACDC seeds indoors, you will be able to harvest up to 400g, while the outdoor growers can get more than that up to half kilograms. 

With that much yield, which is more than enough for an individual, you are sure to make your hard work worth growing CBD-rich buds.

Flowering period

ACDC seeds will flower within 9 to 10 weeks, this is the average time of this strain. As ACDC is Sativa dominant, therefore, you will need to wait a little longer as compared to THC-rich strains. However, if the growing conditions are in favor of the seeds then be ready to observe earlier results. 

Overall, the strain is capable to make you harvest up to the October end. On the other side, in some cases, it flowers faster resulting in earlier harvesting time. 

Plant Resistivity

Plants of the ACDC seeds are not resistant to pests and molds. That means they are susceptible and hence you will need extra precaution to make sure your garden is healthier in a vegetative state and later. One of the best tips for making sure your garden is healthier is observing via loups. Well, always keep the humidity, and airflow in growing areas in required conditions. Do not over anything!

Overall, good things take time, and hence ACDC Marijuana Strain! It takes your patience and effort to show results but once it will show its full growth potential, there is no doubt you will be amazed!

What’s Our Opinion?

ACDC Marijuana Strain is one of the best alternatives for specific medical symptoms. It is due to the high level of medicinal properties and intense CBD concentration that completely makes it a unique medicinal plant. Apart from this, the strain produces immense yield for an individual which makes your every effort worth in growing it. Even ACDC Marijuana Strain has been one of the leading medicinal plants in the medical field as well. 

Therefore, overall, the ACDC Marijuana Strain review is positive and hence you are 100% recommended to grow it in your garden and be a step ahead of your friends by keeping a medical herb on your lawn! 

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