ACDC Seeds Review

While dealing with cannabis in this era, cannabinoids are the decision-makers! Whether you want a cannabis garden for your treatment or want to grow for getting high.

Well, most of the online cannabis seeds market is loaded with higher THC strains which not only produce intense high rather they put you in a different world.

However, it is also well-known to all the cannabis growers, connoisseurs, and lovers that cannabis has much potential than just making the user – high!

Cannabis has been proved as a revolutionary treatment for some serious medicinal health issues. However, due to the strong effects of cannabis in making people ‘high’ bounds its real potential. Even this is a reason which holds people back in getting the best therapeutic experience of cannabis.

Now, here, you’ll be getting information about cannabis seeds which are not only one of the best medicinal seeds but also it has the least psychoactive effects than any other strain or seeds.

ACDC is one of the best medicinal strains that have less to no psychoactive effects and can be bliss for you in treating some medical symptoms.

As a cannabis lover, you might think to grow it as well for having the best experience of marijuana. That is why you’ll be getting a short and quick growing guide so that you can make the most out of this best medical cannabis strain.


ACDC Seeds

We all know that CBD and THC are the two main components of cannabis that produce effects on the consumer. Well, for making people high it is the ‘THC’ that makes the people reach cloud nine! It is also seen that in most of the weed strains in which the major effect is ‘high’ that has very little to zero CBD concentration. 

However, CBD is responsible cannabinoid for producing happy, energetic, and positive effects unlike the other cannabinoid – THC, which produces intense body-stoned psychoactive effects that avoid you from doing your work.

While In search of medical marijuana strains, people are more likely to get strain which is either has the same ratio of both components or in which the THC content has a noticeable trace.

Well, with ACDC, it is not like that!

It is one of the best medicinal cannabis strains that have little to no THC concentration making it 100% sure to not producing psychoactive effects while intake. At the same time, it boosts the mind with positive thoughts, uplifts mood, motivating you to do your work more efficiently.

Well, in this guide, we’ll be having a detailed ACDC seeds review in which ultimately you’ll be getting your favorite medical cannabis seeds.

Let’s get straight into it:


The background of ACDC seeds belongs to the legendary strain of 2008’s Cannatonic strain by the Resin Seeds. Cannatonic seeds at that time were particularly aimed at producing therapeutic effects by mixing up the THC and CBD concentration both up to the traceable amount. That results in an amazing strain that has been popular worldwide due to its intense therapeutic effects. However, due to THC, it is also felt that the Cannatonic strain produces a ‘high’ effect as well.

Fast forward, experimenting with Cannatonic strain in search of incredible marijuana strain which can be perfect for medical cannabis enthusiasts, ultimately found by NorStar – ACDC seeds. 

ACDC seeds from then to now, it has created its benchmark and reputation in every cannabis lover’s collection of seeds.


Till now, it is clear that ACDC seeds are perfect for medical cannabis enthusiasts and they can be a powerful strain for treating some medical conditions. Well, many of the growers or new readers might dream of having ACDC buds on their lawn. 

Well, before, heading to a growing guide, knowing the positives and negatives of strain gives you ultimately an idea about the final result that you’ll be getting after putting in your effort, time, and money!


  1. Best medical cannabis seed strain.
  2. Intense therapeutic effects.
  3. Intense CBD concentration.
  4. Moderately easy to grow.
  5. High yield.
  6. Average flowering time.
  7. Highly potent buds to help in treating some serious medical symptoms.


  1. Difficult to find original ACDC seeds.
  2. Non-resistive strain to pests and molds.

Finally, these are some of the positives and negatives of ACDC seeds that you’ll be getting while growing and harvesting. However, before growing, the only thing to consider is the pest control of the plant which you should keep in mind as ACDC seeds are non-resistive to molds and other pests.


To know the ACDC seed strain better and also to distinguish it from other strains, it is essential to know how the plants look like, what is aroma, flavor, and height of the plant. In other words, knowing the properties of the ACDC seed strain is what actually can help you in growing it efficiently.


Any strain you are growing, you expect to be it an eye-catchy so that you can show it to your friends!

Well, apart from just greenery buds, if the plants are mixed with beautiful color combinations then it makes the plant more attractive and beautiful just like Purple cannabis strains.

However, as the ACDC strain is derived from the Cannatonic parent strain, therefore, the appearance is quite similar to that THC-rich weed plant.

Similar to other potent strains, the ACDC strain is more likely to have greenery leafy buds surrounded by a less frosty resinous blanket due to less THC. 

Overall, the appearance of the ACDC strain is quite attractive considering the high CBD concentration which makes it a similar plant to the other weed strains.

Cannabinoids concentration

As said earlier, any weed strain is decided based on CBD and THC concentration. However, as ACDC strain is enriched in CBD therefore, you’ll be getting higher levels of CBD and lower levels of THC. 

The ratio of CBD and THC in ACDC seed strain is about 20:1, which means you will be getting CBD levels up to 20-24% whereas THC will be traced up to just 1% or even less than that.

With fewer THC cannabinoids, you are sure to have less to no psychoactive effects while smoking ACDC buds.

Overall, ACDC seeds have abundant levels of CBD that it can make you feel energetic and uplifted once you intake without making you ‘high’. 


The height of the growing plant decides whether it is suitable for indoor gardening or outdoor cultivation. Well, the best part is that the height of ACDC seeds is moderately tall which means you can grow it indoors and outdoor both as well.

If you are growing indoors, you can opt for LST, trimming, SoG technique as well just in case of space issues and better maintenance. However, while cultivating ACDC seeds outdoor, you can easily make this strain spread its branches and give you more buds!

Overall, the moderate height of the ACDC seeds plant, can work well and reward you with excellent yield from indoor and outdoor gardening.


The effects of the strain is what second most important factor considering a weed strain! Depending upon your usage and requirement, you opt for strain either due to some intense effects on your mind and body or about just having a pleasant experience of weed while working in your office.


ACDC seeds are known for their medical effects, which we are talking about from earlier times!

Very firstly, ACDC seeds don’t or very less contain THC concentration which is the main component of making people high. Therefore, you are 100% sure that you’ll not be having a “high” effect from it. 

Coming to the major effects of ACDC strain, it gives you euphoric effects without a psychoactive high! That means you will be feeling relaxed and calm while smoking ACDC strain, unlike THC-rich strains which gives you a roller coaster ride!

Overall, the effects of the ACDC seeds are non-psychoactive, making it safe for not only beginners but also for those who are in search of the best medical cannabis strain. 

Medical properties

As said earlier, ACDC is one of the best medical strains in the online market. Therefore, it can help to cure many medical diseases. Thanks to its strong genetics that it has some excellent healing properties.

Here are some medical properties of ACDC strain that has been proved helpful:

  • Depression & Anxiety – The intense effect of ACDC strain makes your body feel calm and relaxed which crushes the anxious thoughts and makes you feel happy and better from anxiety and depression.
  • Insomnia & Pain – The comfortable and relaxing effects when taking hold over your body then you’ll fall asleep earlier and on the other side, it will heal your muscles as well to make you feel better from pain.

CBD enrich cannabis strains are powerful, which the ACDC strain has shown up to a little extent. Well, we can explore more of the positive effects of medical cannabis. Overall, ACDC seeds have excellent healing properties which help you in fighting many serious diseases as well.

Keep in mind that an excessive amount of intake of cannabis can result in some negative effects as well. With ACDC strain, if you cross the limit of proper dosage then you can feel dry mouth, red eyes, and Nausea as well in some cases as a negative effect of overdosage.


Till now, many of you have already dreamed about having ACDC strain plants in your room or lawn. Well, if you are thinking so then you should go with ACDC seeds as for best your medical cannabis choice.

The amazing properties and effects, you are already aware of it till now! Therefore, it’s time for knowing some growing tips so that you can efficiently grow ACDC seeds indoor or outdoor and can make the most out of them.

Let’s get started:

Grow difficulty & Indoor and Outdoor Preference

Before jumping directly to gardening, you should know about the strain growing difficulties that will help you in knowing how much effort will be required to put for getting enough output.

Well, with ACDC seeds, you are sure to have more than enough as it has moderately easy growing difficulty. With some basic gardening techniques, you can begin your growing journey whereas pro cultivators can make the buds rain!

To grow ACDC seeds in your lawn or room, you don’t need expert skills and with moderate skills and optimal growing conditions, you can make the most out of ACDC seeds.

Favorable growing conditions

One of the major plant-affecting factors which can either make or break your gardening experience! As ACDC seeds are one of the similar strain seeds from the Sativa family, therefore, these are more likely to prefer the Mediterranean climate. However, a little warmer climate can make your garden for earlier flowering time. 

As ACDC seeds are versatile and suitable for both indoor and outdoor gardening, therefore, you can make enough buds within maintaining temperature and ventilation as major growing components. 

The favorable temperature range for ACDC seeds is around 65 degrees to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Whereas a higher temperature of 75 degrees to 85 degrees is recommended more often. 

The point to be mentioned here that you should maintain good ventilation yet keep an eye on the humidity level. As the humidity exceeds more then it can invite molds, mildew, and fungi which is not good for your buds.

Flowering Period

Waiting for your seeds to grow and the flower is one of the main tests where your patience is tested! However, as you will be growing ACDC seeds, you can see your seeds flowering within just 8-10 weeks. That means you can expect harvest between September to October. 

Well, being a Sativa dominant strain, ACDC still proves its amazing quality by giving you a short harvesting cycle. 

Overall, the flowering period of the ACDC seeds is quite average and less than most of the Sativa dominant strain which takes a longer time than 12 weeks but if you manage your garden well and kept an eye over the growing conditions then you can expect earlier harvest than that.


The yield of the strain decides whether your hard work is successful or not! If you get a decent yield then you can be satisfied with your efforts. If it downs your hope then it will be a nightmare for you!

Well, as you have given your time to ACDC seeds, you are sure to get a high yield of up to 400g per square meter indoor. On the other hand, when you give enough time and space to grow ACDC seeds outdoor, you can expect a higher yield of 500g per plant which is enough for you to smoke all day!

Overall, the yield of this Sativa dominant strain is quite impressive as most of the Sativa dominant strains did not produce such yield. Being the best option for medical cannabis enthusiasts, ACDC stands out on the expectations excellently!

The resistivity of the plants

Here is your need to be attentive!

One of the major factors that ACDC seeds seem difficult to grow for novice growers. The plants of ACDC seeds are not resistant to pests and molds. Therefore, you need to maintain your garden so well that molds, mildew, and fungi cannot even touch your hard-grown buds!

For that, you can keep an eye over the humidity (loving factor of molds) levels and the required temperature for better maintenance.

Overall, you need to put a little bit of effort while growing and maintaining an ACDC seeds plant which will be worth it once you will smoke the high CBD buds!


Finally, till here you are now aware of ACDC seeds that how you can grow them efficiently and can make the most out of them.

Either it is about the amazing medicinal property or the versatile growing capability for indoor and outdoor growers, ACDC seeds are one of the best choices for growers looking for high CBD cannabis strain seeds.

If you have any doubts or want to share your experience with us then do comment below. We’ll love listening to you!

Until then stay home and stay safe!

Enjoy weed!

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