Autoflowering vs Feminized Seeds: Which Is Best for You?

Being a cannabis enthusiast, I have always tried out growing different cannabis seeds in my garden. Either it is about regular one or CBD or even about Autoflower and Feminized one. 

However, in this guide, you’ll get your answer on if you should choose between Autoflower or Feminized. 

Cannabis is a large topic to talk about. Either it is about growing techniques or about getting a higher yield. 

Well, I’ll try here to cover most about Feminized and Autoflowering seeds. 

Don’t want to wait anymore? 

Let’s get straight into it:

Autoflower vs Feminized Seeds – Overview

Autoflower vs Feminized Strain

The basic rule of nature to grow any plant is sowing seeds in the ground. Well, when it comes to growing cannabis (indoor or outdoor) then you’ll get some options to choose your seeds from. 

The cannabis plant can be grown through four different categorized seeds. These four categories are CBD, regular, Autoflowering, and Feminized. In which, we are going to talk about those two last categories. 

However, I’ll give you a brief overview of all of them. 

Very firstly, if I talk about CBD then it is one of the largest varieties that has been used for medicinal purposes. It is due to less available THC content in it which makes the consumer high. 

However, its soothing and relaxing effects are used to treat anxiety and other diseases as well. 

The second one is regular. With regular seeds, you can have a great yield of male and female plants. Well, estimating the idea of a male and female plant is 50/50. However, it is preferred less by the weed consumer as they love female plants more! (due to the higher yield of weed buds!) 

When it comes to auto-flowering seeds then, from the name you can guess it flowers automatically as soon as it gets its minimum requirements. 

Apart from this, autoflower seeds are one of the quickest ways to grab more yield in less time. 

The last category which is mostly preferred by the pro growers is Feminized.

These are mostly female plants and therefore, favorite too for smokers. 

With Feminized seeds, you have to play the game smartly. If you give it the right conditions then it can make your garden weed rich! 

1. What are Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering Seeds

The very first category in today’s guide is Autoflowering seeds. Whether you should go for it or not and whether it will benefit you regarding yield, all is going to be covered, right here!

As we are talking about which type of seed you should choose, therefore, I’ll not go deeper into how it is made or crossbred and directly talk about the factors that will help you in considering the factors to grow a cannabis garden more efficiently. 

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Autoflower seeds are mostly chosen by impatient growers! 

Well, I mean, If you want faster growth of your weed garden then auto-flowering is the best option for you.

Even if you don’t have to be environment-dependent as you can grow it throughout the year, without depending upon the weather unlike other types of seeds. The best part is that these seeds flower automatically so you don’t have to be worried about the light cycles (if you are growing outdoor). The light cycle that these plants required are the same as the regular daylight cycle and therefore, helps you even more by making it more effortless.

Apart from that, Autoflowering seeds have medium plants and medium yield which is mostly loved by indoor growers due to its less space coverage. 

The light cycle requires 16 hours of light and 8 hours of darkness to grow efficiently, which is adjustable when you grow inside your house. 

It will be more beneficial for those growers who have space issues in their houses. 

Autoflower seeds are more helpful in the medical field as these plants are enriched in CBD content and less in THC which makes them useful for the treatment of some diseases. 

As we all know that if anything has an advantage, that has a disadvantage too and so with the Autoflowering seeds.

The main disadvantage is that plants with Autoflowering seeds cannot be cloned. That means you’ll have only one plant with a single seed, which may be disappointing for the growers who love cloning. Well, exceptions are always there in some cases. But most of the plants doesn’t have a sturdy clone to give you efficient result in the future. Therefore, cloning is not possible within these seeds. 

Advantages of Autoflowering seeds

I have summed up some major benefits of having Autoflowering seeds, you can consider them for making your decision. 

#1. The fastest growth of the plant

These seeds have the fastest growth. Within a week span of 2-4 weeks, they start flowering. Even after 8-12 weeks, they are ready to harvest. 

So, ultimately these seeds are best for the growers who want rapid results in a short time. 

#2. Independent of weather

Either you choose indoor growing or outdoor, Autoflowering seeds are ready to grow in any season. If you grow outdoor then they are comfortable with the daylight cycle. However, for indoor growing, you have to maintain a light cycle which I have discussed already. 

#3. Best for beginners

If you are a new grower and don’t want to play the growing game at a hard level, then autoflower seeds are the best choice for you. 

It requires minimum effort to give you more results. 

#4. Less effort

If you don’t want to use pests multiple times and don’t want to indulge in maintaining the plants more often, then these seeds are for you. 

Autoflowering seeds require very little effort to give you a happy weed garden! 

#5. In the favor of indoor growers

The modest plants of Autoflowering seeds cover less space so that you can put them inside your room in a corner. 

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It seems quite beneficial for the growers who want to have a cannabis garden in their house. 

Disadvantages of Autoflowering seeds

Despite tons of benefits, you are going to face some disadvantages with it. I have even discussed its main disadvantage earlier. 

Well, let’s summarize it:

#1. More seeds for more plants

Autoflowering seeds are not for cloning as the clone of the plant is not that sturdy and genetically strong to give you the same plant as the parent. 

Therefore, for having multiple plants in your garden, you must have taken the help of more seeds.

Even if cloning gets possible with some plants then 8i will not give you more buds, which will not be worth your time, and hard work was given to it. 

So, you wouldn’t play that gamble, right? 

2. What are Feminized Seeds?

Feminized Seeds

Feminized seeds are the game of pro growers! Well, you too can play it well if you know the right steps and follow them efficiently. 

Feminized seeds are those which are targeted to grow female plants and their chances of growing a female plant are 99.99%, unlike the regular seeds in which you have 50/50 game. 

Another thing that makes Feminised seeds more choosy is their pruning, unlike the Autoflowering seeds in which their vegetative state stays for a limited time and avoids building new branches.

However, with Feminised seeds, you can have immense yield with adjustable pruning, resulting in more weeds! 

Apart from this, Feminised seeds can be harvested once a year due to their long period of flowering. Well, the abundant buds make it worth it at the time of harvesting. 

That is why I usually call it for those growers who can wait patiently for their plant and can maintain it for a longer time. 

Feminized seeds produce larger plants than Autoflowering and therefore results in higher yields. The best part is that these plants can be cloned and therefore, can help you in having more plants in your garden with the same qualities as the mother plant, which was actually a disadvantage of the Autoflowering. 

These seeds produce plants that are enriched in THC and CBD content and therefore, its effect lasts longer and even can be used for medicinal purposes. 

For more efficient buds, these seeds are planted in March/April and harvested in September/October. Therefore, it becomes a 12-20 weeks investment in which you have to maintain the requirements to grow the plants. 

However, one more thing to be considered is that Feminised seeds are season dependent and therefore, they are not grown throughout the year like Autoflowering seeds. 

Well, for decreasing the time span of the flowering of Feminised plants, the light cycle is maintained up to 12 hours of light and 12 hours of darkness, which gives you the quickest flowering result after that you can get the buds on them. 

Apart from that, if you take the right step in pruning and executed it well then you can make your garden reach up to its full potential, and therefore, you can have more buds at your home! 

Advantages of Feminised seeds

Let’s sum up the benefits of having Feminised seeds in your garden:

#1. More yield

It’s a game of patience and maintenance. Those who play it well, have enough buds for a year! 

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Unlike auto-flowering seeds, the Feminised seeds are for more yield as it has larger plants, which later on pruning gives you the full efficient result. 

#2. Only weed plants! 

From the name, you can guess, these seeds only produce female plants, which results in buds (weeds!) 

Therefore, these seeds are frequently preferred by weed lovers! 

Moreover, Feminised seeds produce a great quality of buds which result in a longer effect when consumed. 

#3. Seeds for clone lovers! 

The plants which are produced with Feminised seeds can easily be cloned and therefore, results in a similar plant to the parent one. It means you can have multiple plants within a single seed, unlike the Autoflowering seed. 

#4. Adjustable light cycle

These seeds can be grown into the sunlight and therefore, you can grow them outdoor more comfortably without being worried about environmental conditions.

#5. More THC and CBD content

Unlike the Autoflowering seeds, Feminised seeds produce plants that are enriched in THC and CBD content, unlike the other seeds. 

Therefore, it is loved by most smokers! 

Disadvantages of feminized seeds 

Well,  having a higher yield and more buds at your home results in having more patience, which is the main disadvantage of these Feminised seeds. 

#1. More time to grow

These seeds take a longer time to produce plants and therefore, you have to be patient for the results. 

Moreover, the maintenance time and flowering time increase with it, therefore, you have to keep an eye on the environmental conditions so that plants can grow up to their full efficiency. 

If you can deal with it then you can have an immense buds garden which will be worth the time it has taken. 

#2. Season Dependency

These Feminised seeds are season-dependent which means they are grown at a particular time. Therefore, you cannot hope for growing it multiple times throughout the year. 

This may be uncomfortable for some growers as these can be harvested once a year. 

Well, this disadvantage fades away as it gives you a higher yield after following the right steps. 

Autoflower vs Feminized Strain: Conclusion

Well, as you read up, you can get an idea that having cauliflower and Feminised seeds have their own advantages and disadvantages. Therefore, it’s now up to you what are your priorities and how much time you want to invest.

Having an auto flower seed or Feminised seed, both produce the same product (weed). However, I have mentioned their scientific and natural result which will be sufficient for you to make a decision. 

Whether you have an Autoflowering or Feminised seed, you can have more buds at your home if you follow the right steps of gardening. 

Moreover, you can produce a higher yield with Feminised seed than auto-flower due to its naturally larger growth. You can increase its efficiency by pruning and more techniques. 

While with auto flower seeds, you can grow them throughout the year without being dependent on the season, unlike the Feminised one.

I hope this guide will help you in choosing between Autoflowering and Feminised seeds. 

Until next time, stay home, stay safe! 

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Happy growing! 

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