Banana Kush Seed Reviews 2023

Banana Kush is one of the strains that has overwhelmed the growers with its yield and potent buds.

Well, if you are looking for Banana Kush seeds in 2023 to grow in your garden then you are at the very right place. 

This ultimate guide will not only help you in knowing Banana Kush genetics better but will also help in growing them effectively so that you can enjoy the potent buds of it. 

Banana Kush Seed – Overview

Banana Kush Seeds

This potent strain has strong genetics to help in many medical symptoms. Therefore, apart from its use to get ‘high’ the strain can also be prescribed as one of the medical agents to treat some diseases.

Even Banana Kush is the strain that is meant ideal for your daytime enjoyment. You can also do some important work instead of couch-locking for the entire day after having this strain. 

Well, there’s a lot more to explore, and as a weed enthusiast, you are sure to get to know about an amazing strain after this guide. 

Also, check out the user reviews of the Banana Kush strain on seedfinder.

So, let’s get straight into it:

History of Banna Kush

Banana Kush is that amazing strain that has an almost similar history to most legendary strains. Even there have been a lot more rumors that claim different things about the Banana Kush. So, avoiding them, picking out the right truth, Banana Kush has the genes of Skunk Haze and OG Kush or Ghost OG genetics. Well, there has been much more to know about the development of this amazing seed strain.

One of the most popular west coast cannabis cultivators, Davy Crockett is the breeder that found the hidden potential of Ghost OG in the form of Banana Kush. Ghost OG, which is also known as the phenotype of OG Kush has been bred with 

Ghost OG is known as one of the most powerful weed genetics in the marijuana world. Hence, derived from the same genetics, Banana Kush is the landrace of Ghost OG and Skunk Haze. The resultant weed genetics is so powerful just like the parent genetics that it made the first place in every weeder’s growing list. 

The strongest genetics of the strain helped in boosting the THC concentration in the seeds that ultimately enhanced the effects of weed. Therefore, you can say that Banana Kush has been more popular due to its strong effects. 

Advantages And Disadvantages of Banana Kush

Here are the pros and cons of having Banana Kush strain in your garden. Let’s have a quick look over them:


  1. One of the most potent strains.
  2. Enrich terpenes and cannabinoids.
  3. Easy to grow. 
  4. Suited for indoor growers.
  5. Excellent yield. 
  6. Highly resistant to pests and common diseases. 
  7. Beautiful plant.


  1. The flowering period is average. 

Once you are aware of what benefits and negatives you will get from the strain, you are ready to make your decision for cultivating it. Well, considering the benefits there has been nothing disadvantage of Banana Kush strain. You will be growing this strain and can expect the best experience of your weed cultivation. 

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Strain Information


Starting from physical appearance, and this is the factor where you are sure to fell in love with Banana Kush. The resinous blanket to the trichomes with green leaves is sure to make you stare at them. Apart from this, the buds are quite frosty and resinous, which makes it even more eye-catchy and loveable. 

Therefore, the overall appearance of the Banana Kush plant is unmatchable and hence it can make your hustle in the cultivation field worthwhile. 


The height of the plants is the deciding factor whether they are suitable to be grown in a limited space. Especially for indoor cultivators, it is one of the essential points to be aware of while choosing a strain. 

Banana Kush is the strain that grows to a medium height of the plants. That means you can grow it easily in your limited space area. However, you can also show your growing skills to make the strain more beneficial for you. 

Even the expert cultivators believe that Screen of Green and LST are the best techniques to make the most out of the Banana Kush strain.


Whether the strain is enriched in THC or not, that decides how hard you will be hit while enjoying the strain. However, THC (a responsible cannabinoid for producing psychoactive effects) is quite enriched in the Banana Kush strain. 

The THC concentration is found around 25% which is quite high and therefore, mostly weeders opt for this strain due to the potency that it possesses. 

Apart from this, the strain is also filled with rich terpenes, mainly there have been three terpenes found in the Banana Kush strain – Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene. These are the terpenes that enhance the aroma and taste of the strain. Myrcene is responsible for inducing the banana aroma and mouth-watering taste of the Banana Kush.


What are the effects that Banana Kush will induce? To answer this, just get to know that with Banana Kush you are 100% sure to get immense pleasure while being in the real world, also, being more creative, socialized, and more active. 

That means Banana Kush will not only repair your body to make you more productive but will also burst your stress. Overall, the effects of the strain are happy, mood-boosting, and making you reach cloud nine. At the end of the effect, you will feel the ultimate relaxation and calmness in your body.

Medical Properties

The intense strong genetics of the weed makes it able to heal some medical symptoms. That is why this strain can be helpful in the following medical symptoms:

  • Anxiety and Stress – Don’t matter you are stressed or feel anxiety at the end of a tiring day, you are sure to be relaxed by Banana Kush. The effects of the strain are so strong that will make you escape the pain and stress while repairing your body.
  • Insomnia and pain – The ultimate relaxation of the strain makes you fall asleep faster and better resulting in treating insomnia symptoms. However, the healing properties of the strain also make it able to treat pain.
  • Depression – To avoid negative thoughts from your mind, Banana Kush helps by giving you happy and calming effects. Once you are on the hold of the strain, you will be able to feel the deep relief and relaxation which helps to get over depression.
  • Fatigue and PTSD – Even in PTSD and fatigue, the strain is quite effective.
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How to Grow Banana Kush Seeds Quickly?

Till here, if you are ready to take yourself to the next level of weed experience then you can 100% move to the cultivation part of Banana Kush. The strain is ideal for all types of cultivators. However, there are certain things to care about while cultivating this strain, so that you can get the most out of Banana Kush. 

Grow difficulty

Before growing any weed strain, make sure that you are aware of the growing difficulties that you might face while being in the field. That will help you out in case of any issue you may come across. However, as you will be growing one of the strongest weed strains that have enriched genetics to induce potent buds, therefore, you are not going to face any issues as such. 

As Banana Kush is easy to grow indoors while growing it outdoor can require some growing skills to show. Indoor cultivators are going to have a medium height of the plants which is not an issue for limited space breeders. Therefore, there is less likely to face any difficulty while growing Banana Kush.

However, for beginner cultivators, it is always advised that while growing seed strain make sure you keep an eye over the growing environment which is our next factor to make the most out of any weed strain.

Grow environment

After checking out the growing difficulty of the strain, the next one of the most important growth factors is making a suitable environment for your strain to grow. As the strain’s maximum growing potential depends on the environment around it. Therefore, make sure to keep the temperature, humidity, airflow at the right amount, so that the plants can grow faster. Especially for outdoor cultivators, it is essential to have an idea of the climate of their region to grow any weed strain effectively. 

For Banana Kush, the growing temperature is good between 70 degrees Fahrenheit to 85 degrees. Make sure the temperature doesn’t fall from the minimum range, also, doesn’t exceed the maximum required temperature. Apart from this, you can keep the humid level below 50% to make your plants safer from common fungi issues. Well, you have to make proper ventilation area as well to let the air pass regularly from your garden.

For outdoor cultivators, managing climate conditions is quite tough. Therefore, it is recommended for them to choose a sunny and a little warmer area to grow Banana Kush easily. However, if you are an experienced grower and know how to make things right during the vegetative state and even after that then you are ready to take risks!

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Flowering period 

Banana Kush has a quick flowering time between 8 to 9 weeks. That means you will be ready to harvest by the beginning of September. If you are lucky though, then you can expect earlier results. Well, it is always good to let the plants grow completely and get the proper nutrients within the time so that the ultimate result (buds) can be of great quality. 

Apart from this, the strain favors indoor cultivators while giving them quicker results than outdoor cultivators. Outdoor growers are more likely to harvest up too late September or earlier October. The secret of getting earlier flowering time and results from the garden is to keep the growing things (environment, temperature, etc.) right from the beginning. 


It is the result of time!

Banana Kush always makes the cultivator happy. Doesn’t matter you grow it indoors or grow under the sky, you are sure to have enough buds to enjoy all day. Thanks to the excellent yield that it produces. 

On average, indoor growers can get up to half Kg of yield per meter square. While the outdoor cultivators can hope for more up to 600g per plant. Well, the yield of the strain is excellent and you are sure to be impressed by seeing those beautiful buds that 100% make your effort worth.

Plant resistivity 

In the list of the best parts of Banana Kush, this is one of them. Banana Kush is highly resistant to common pests, and fungi. This is the bonus part of the strain that makes it more appreciable than others. With that said, the strain reduces a little bit of effort for protecting it from mold and other issues. 

Well, this is a great thing for strain, especially for novice growers, who are new to the cultivation world and trying their best to make the strain their most beneficial one. Overall, the strain is strong, potent, and highly effective, that’s makes it an ideal choice. 

What’s Our Opinion?

From rich THC concentration to excellent yield, and from short flowering time to resistance to common fungi, everything is just amazing in Banana Kush.

That is why if you will be looking for genuine Banana Kush seeds then it is less likely to be available on some common stores. Well, you can look for online seedbanks that will give you the best quality of Banana Kush strain seeds. 

The strain is overall a great package of everything that a weed grower will be looking into as an ideal strain. Indoor or outdoor growers are more likely to prefer the ideal strain for a specific grow field but this strain results excellent in both conditions. 

Therefore, ultimately our review is positive, and we will be recommending it to every weed lover to must try! As you will be having the best weed experience from the strain. 

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