Banana OG Seeds Review in 2023

Marijuana growers and lovers like you often look for the ‘strongest weed strains in the market. Well, there have been many more on the list but if you will ask for beginning your journey from the strongest strains then there’s no doubt you must go with other than Banana OG Seeds.

Banana OG Seeds – Overview

Banana OG Seeds Review

Cross of OG Kush and Banana resulted in Banana OG that is popular among weed growers for its intense effects and unmatchable taste. However, for weed enthusiasts, it is popular due to its ‘intense’ effects that are generated by the cannabinoids present in it. Thanks to the higher THC concentration present in Banana OG seeds. 

Apart from this, it is more likely to favor some specific growing conditions resulting in heavy yield. So, if you are excited to know everything about Banana OG seeds then you are at the right place. Just like peeling off the banana, you will get to know every mystery behind getting the most out of Banana OG Seeds. 

History of the Strain

Just like beautiful Ecuadorian roses, this South American region is also known for producing one of the legendary landrace strains – Banana OG. 

However, there has been much more to know about this strain. While digging out the history you will be getting many rumors and claims. Well, focusing on the most popular one, Banana OG seeds are the result of OG Kush and Banana terpenes developed by one of the most popular cultivators- OrgnKid. You might already be aware of this name if you are more likely to be interested in the marijuana world. 

OG Kush, which is a legendary strain in itself, has been known for making weed enthusiasts reach cloud nine. OrgnKid somehow has put his creativity and fetched the banana terpenes from OG Kush genetic, cs resulting in one of the strongest weed stretches we are talking about right now!

Talking about the cultivator OrgnKid, he has been always an enthusiast for developing and creating some amazing strains that can overwhelm the weed growers. However, he was more excited for OG Kush phenotypes after knowing its potential. That is why he pulled out Banana OG from one of the strongest weed strains – OG Kush. 

This Banana OG strain produces immense terpenes and cannabinoids to make the user fan of it. However, there have been other derivatives as well from the Banana OG strain but once you will grow Banana OG seeds then you are sure to look no further.

Let’s find out what outcomes you will be getting while having Banana OG Seeds in your garden:

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Banana OG Seeds


  1. Highly potent strain.
  2. Banana-like aroma.
  3. Intense effects. 
  4. High THC.
  5. Rich terpene profile.
  6. Helpful in treating some medical symptoms. 
  7. One of the strongest fruity strains. 
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  1. Good things take time so does this strain. Need to put more effort into getting the most out of the strain. 
  2. Highly potent for beginners. 

While you will be considering the Banana OG seeds for growing in your garden, you are sure to have the best weed experience. However, growing Banana OG seeds seems a little tricky but once you get the right guide there’s no coming back. You will be getting higher-yield, potent buds that will make them worth your effort. 

Strain Information

Are you excited to know about how the Banana OG plants look alike? You should be!

Even there have been many unique qualities in this strain that will make you choose it for your garden. However, if you are a beginner grower and want to cultivate one of the most potent yet higher yield strains then Banana OG seeds become more special for you. 

Let’s discover the uniqueness that Banana OG seeds possess:


Beginning from the appearance of Banana OG plants, the look is unmatchable! 

Frosty, greener, and beautiful nugs are eye-catchy unique factors. The denser buds will make you fell in love. Apart from this, green leaves covering the buds will make an overall eye soothing appearance that your friends will be jealous of you. 

Therefore, if you are growing Banana OG seeds indoors or outdoors, make sure to be ready for getting appreciation for choosing the beautiful cannabis strain. 

Plant height

Banana OG seeds fetch a medium height of plants. That means while growing it indoors it will not bother you. Therefore, in limited space, this strain can result in more yield. 

While growing outdoor Banana OG seeds, there is nothing to be worried about. Even the more it covers the space the more yield you will be getting. 

Therefore, suited for both indoor and outdoor cultivation, Banana OG seeds become the ideal strain to be grown either by beginners or professional growers for achieving the best marijuana experience. 

Cannabinoids in Banana OG Seeds

Cannabinoids are responsible factors that will make any strain potent or less potent. However, as you are with the Banana OG strain, you are sure to have a hard hit effect due to high THC concentration. 

With around 25% THC content in it, the Banana OG strain becomes one of the strongest weed strains. With the fruity aroma and delicious taste, you are sure to grow it again and again. Even in some cases, Banana OG seeds are found to possess up to 30% of THC concentration. You can understand now, why it is one of the strongest and popular strains in the market. 


This is the factor that makes Banana OG strain unique and the best. Effects of the strain are extreme and will make you reach cloud nine for no doubt! 

With an intense high, you will be feeling happy and relaxed. While your body will be relaxing it will cut down the rest of the world to make you feel the pleasure of the weed world. 

Therefore, Banana OG strain is the smoker’s end-of-the-day stuff. As the strong effects of the Banana OG strain will make you not be so productive, therefore, it will be ideal to use the Banana OG strain at the end of the day or during weekends when you are ready to escape the world!

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Medical Properties

Banana OG strain is known for delivering intense body and mind effects. Apart from this, the strain is also helpful in treating some medical symptoms. Thanks to the strong genetics that make Banana OG strain effective for the medical field.

Chronic Pain – Doesn’t matter how much pain is there in muscles. Once Banana OG holds over your body, get ready to be pain-free and completely relaxed. 

Stress and Insomnia – Banana OG strain will help to burn your mind’s stress and make you fall asleep faster. That is why for treating stress and Insomnia this strain is quite helpful. 

Depression and PTSD – To avoid the negative thoughts from the mind and making you feel better from depression, this strain is sure to play an important role in that. Even in PTSD, Banana OG strain is found helpful.

Apart from this, in regaining appetite this strain is quite helpful. 

So, there have been many benefits of having Banana OG strain, from which above are some of them. As the strain is quite potent, its potential genetics helps get over several medical symptoms. 

How to Grow Banana OG Seeds Fast and Effectively?

Till here, you are sure to get into the growing field and grow this one of the strongest strains on the land. However, this is also true that each strain has its unique genetical qualities that make the strain different to grow, and use. With that said, it is essential to know what are factors can make Banana OG strains the most beneficial for you. 

Especially when the strain is a little tricky to grow while you are a novice grower. Therefore, make sure to know the factors below to understand the growing components of the Banana OG strain:

Grow difficulty

Grow difficulty is the key to ‘success’ in cultivation. If the growth difficulty is easy, it will result in a quick yield within a short time even with less effort. In contrast, if the strain is tough to grow then you will need your growing skills to put in for making the strain beneficial for you. 

However, the Banana OG strain has ‘medium grow difficulty’ for beginner growers. That means you need some growing skills or guidance from an experienced grower to make the most out of strain. However, if you are an experienced cultivator then it will be easy for you to grow Banana OG strain. 

Growing environment

Banana OG strain performs excellently indoors or outdoors. However, you have to provide it the right growing conditions. As the strain’s parent genetics are from OG Kush, therefore, Banana OG strain finds for warm, low-humid, and proper ventilation to grow faster and effectively. 

Therefore, make sure you give the right temperature (70-degree Fahrenheit to 82-degree Fahrenheit) to your garden while keeping the humidity level under control (under 55%) and providing proper airflow to your grow tent. Growing Banana OG seeds outdoor will make you unable to keep these three factors in control. However, you can keep still increase your chances of getting a higher yield by providing nutrients rich soil to your seeds. That will make your garden form green plants quickly. 

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Flowering period

Banana OG seeds have an average flowering period. With around 56 days to 70 days, you will be ready to have those beautiful buds on your plants. However, you can achieve results faster by showing your growth skills. Otherwise, the strain will take its time to flower within a certain time.


Result time? After hard work and effort, the yield is the factor that will make you decide when you have to think about growing marijuana buds again. For indoor growers, the strain will result in an immense yield of up to 450 grams whereas outdoor cultivators will get up to 600 grams per plant. Isn’t it impressive?

From one of the strongest weed strains, this yield amount is enough for individuals to be indulged in marijuana activity all day. As this strain is a potent one, you are sure to be overwhelmed with its small quantity. 

Plant resistivity 

Banana OG plants are highly resistant to pests and molds. Well, that doesn’t mean you can take the risk over your plants. Make sure to keep the ventilation good in your growing field as the strain is sensitive to bud rots. Also, keep growing conditions in favor of the strain for achieving the highest possible results from it. 


Here are the frequently asked questions about Banana OG seed strains. 

#1. What is the height of Banana OG plants?

It’s medium-sized. The average height is around 4 feet.

#2. What is THC concentration in Banana OG seed strain?

It is around 25% but, in some conditions, the THC range can even go up to 30%.

#3. Which is best to grow Feminized Banana OG seeds or Auto flower Banana OG seeds?

Feminized seeds are the ones that will make the growth of plants hassle-free. While in some specific climate areas (in cooler regions), most of the cultivators choose auto flower seeds to ensure flowering of the seeds while in limited light time. 

#4. Is there any negative effect of the Banana OG strain?

Smoking this strain can cause you dry mouth. However, anything in excess quantity can cause harmful symptoms, so keep that in mind. 

#5. How to grow Banana OG seeds faster?

Keep the growing conditions right while growing indoor, and you can also experiment with your skills to enhance the productivity of the strain. However, if you keep the basic necessary things to grow the seeds naturally then it is sure that you can achieve results faster. 

What’s Our Opinion?

Banana OG seeds are weed cultivator’s favorite strain. As it includes rich genetics and strong terpenes with cannabinoids, therefore, it is capable to induce intense effects which most newbie strains are not able to do. 

While in search of the strongest weed seeds, Banana OG seeds are sure to be on every grower’s list. Thanks to the breeder that introduced one of the legendary marijuana strains.

In our opinion, it will be the best marijuana strain for your garden. Especially when you are a beginner grower and looking for cultivating something extra-powerful which you do not have tried yet then must go with Banana OG seeds. It will be your best choice.

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