Best Autoflowering Strains For 2023 Grower/Smokers

While buying autoflower strain online, you might be confused about which one is the best?

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Well, to grow the best autoflower plants, it is essential to have quality seeds very first to make your cannabis journey worthy and fruitful!

However, if you are confused with several best autoflower strains online then don’t worry!

I and my team are here to help you out!

From expert growers to regular consumers, we bring here top-recommended autoflower marijuana strains so that you can choose your favorite one!

With a proper step-by-step buying guide, you’ll be getting 2023’s top 20 autoflowering strains that you must try out now!

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Top 20 Best AutoFlower Strains of 2023


Before heading into the list, here all the autoflower weed strains are sorted accordingly to their cannabinoid concentration, growing technique, and obviously their effects.

You can opt for any of the best autoflower strains from below by justifying your requirement.

Let’s begin:

#20. Green Gelato

Strain Category: Indica & Sativa

About:  Looking for the strongest auto weed strain?

Green Gelato is the option for you!

With a higher level of THC up to 24%, Green Gelato is sure to give you a hard hit once you smoke and making you couch-lock.

The average height of the plant rises to 1.2m indoors and it can definitely break that rule when grown outside. But with a moderate height of the plant, it is perfect for both indoor and outdoor growers.

Overall, Green Gelato is one of the popular auto strains that have high THC which is rarely seen in any auto seeds and its other user-friendly properties make it the best autoflowering strain to buy online in 2023 for beginners as well.

What’s the best?

Indica and Sativa dominant Green Gelato strain produce euphoric effects to make your body completely relaxed. That property of the strain will also help in treating some medical conditions as well.

Overall, with 70 days of flowering time, any novice grower can achieve a decent yield from Green Gelato and can enjoy highly potent buds in the end!

#19. White Widow Auto

Strain Category: Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis

About: White Widow is that popular strain that doesn’t need any introduction!

The autoflower version of White Widow is still that potent and strong that you might experience with its other version. 

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor growers, White Widow autoflower seeds can give you the pleasure of all the buds!

With a high THC concentration of up to 18 to 20%, it produces an intense couch-locking effect in your body once you smoke.

With an average height of the plant, you can achieve a decent yield.

No doubt! White Widow is a legendary strain that has strong genetics of Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis. 

With an intense aroma and body-stoned effects, White Widow Auto seeds are the perfect choice to have in 2023.

What’s the best?

For the growers looking for auto flower seeds that can hit them hard with pleasant effects at the end of a tiring day, White Widow auto seeds are the best auto seed strains in this era!

#18. LSD-25 Auto

Strain Category: Mostly Indica

About: Looking for perfect medicinal auto seeds?

LSD-25 auto is the best option for you!

If you are a grower who loves to cultivate auto seeds that are enriched in THC and CBD to make it a perfect choice to deliver some therapeutic effects then don’t miss LSD-25!

With mouth-watering sweet and classical taste, LSD-25 is capable enough to produce perfect euphoric and cerebral effects to make you feel better from stress, pain, multiple sclerosis.

With higher THC and CBD concentrations of 23% and 1.1%, LSD-25 auto seeds are what you might need this year for feeling relaxed and better from stress and pain!

Overall, therapeutic effects with higher yield from an average growing environment make LSD-25 the best autoflowering strain to buy online for personal and medicinal use!

What’s the best?

With nearly perfect medicinal properties of weed, LSD-25 can be used for both personal and medicinal purposes. The short time of flowering of just 8 weeks with an average yield of 500grams when grown indoors, makes it closer to the perfect auto weed strain that any grower needs!

#17. Super Skunk Auto

Strain Category: Mostly Indica

About: Cross of classic Skunk with Nirvana’s auto breeding strain resulted in this ‘super’ version of the strain – Super Skunk Auto!

With an aroma of skunk and earthy notes, the strain delivers highly dense and bushy buds that contain high THC and lower CBD cannabinoids.

With optimum growing conditions, indoor growers can easily achieve up to 400 grams yield, whereas it is suitable more for outdoor cultivation where the strain can take more space to spread its arms. 

Like previous medicinal cannabis strains, Super Skunk has therapeutic properties to help you feel better from insomnia, pain, and stress.

What’s the best?

Within just 70 days of flowering time, any grower with basic growing skills can make the most out of Super Skunk auto seeds. Highly potent buds with decent yield make Super Skunk one of the best autoflowering strains!

#16. Auto OG Kush

Strain Category: Mostly Indica

About: Crossed with award-winning strain OG Kush, Auto OG Kush seed strain is known for its potency and intense effects.

Auto OG Kush is strong enough to give you a ‘high’ to knock out. From head to toe, it will make your body relaxed through its higher THC that will also make you fall asleep earlier.

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Within an earlier flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks, you will be getting buds around 400 grams with a moderate plant height of 0.6m to 1m making it perfect to grow in a room.

The beautiful satisfying aroma of the strain works as icing on the cake whereas the shiny dense buds will make you happier with its effects!

What’s the best?

Around THC of 21% to make you feel relaxed and calm at the end of a tiring day, Auto OG Kush is one of the strongest auto weed strains that have perfect properties to grow indoor with moderate height and decent yield.

#15. Auto Mazar

Strain Category: Hybrid

About: A cross of Indica, Sativa and ruderalis resulted in the strongest and potent strain – Auto Mazar!

With medium levels of THC, Auto Mazar is sure to give you a high that will make you couch lock resulting in complete body relaxation.

With an earthy, spicy, and sweet aroma and taste, Auto Mazar is one of the best autoflowering strains to grow indoor and outdoor. It is recommended that with some excellent environment, the plant height can reach up to 0.7m to 1m. 

Overall, Auto Mazar is the best choice when you want a strain to smoke and relax with not so hassle growing techniques. The yield is decent which makes your effort fruitful!

What’s the best?

With an average flowering time of 10 weeks, Auto Mazar is the strain that can make you feel better with its intense aroma and psychological effects. Growers who cultivate indoor will find it a perfect auto strain due to the plant height and its compatibility to moderate growing conditions.

#14. Cream Caramel AutoFlowering

Strain Category: Indica

About: Easy to grow, multiple award winners, and one of the most potent strains – Cream Caramel is dedicated to indoor growers.

With a THC level of around 18%, Cream Caramel produces euphoric effects that will not only make you couch-lock but will also relax your body. That means you can expect weekend pleasures from Cream Caramel!

The earthy, sweet and obvious Caramel taste and aroma will be mouth-watering for any weed lover!

When grown indoor Cream Caramel’s short-height plant is capable to produce a yield of 350-500grams. Whereas outdoor growers can go up to 200grams.

Overall, Cream Caramel is a strain that has a higher yield through the short-height plant (up to just 90cm) and due to a short harvest time of just 8 weeks, it is a perfect autoflowering strain.

What’s the best?

Cream Caramel is one of the tastier buds that are suitable to grow indoors due to moderate plant heights. With an excellent yield in just 8 weeks, you never want to miss the best autoflowering strain like Cream Caramel!

#13. Pineapple Express

Strain Category: Indica

About: As from the name, you can guess its parent strain. Yes! It is one of the Pineapple chunks crossed with autoflower variety making it one of the best autoflower strains with tasty fruity buds!

Pineapple express has Indica dominance that means you can expect a body-stoned high to make your body completely relaxed when you take it. That is why it is one of the strains to take when productivity and motivation are not a concern. As Pineapple Express autoflower produces a high body buzz that will soothe your muscles to sit back and relax in one place.

For the indoor grower, Pineapple strain is love! It can give you yield up to 600 grams if optimum growing conditions are maintained. A short height up to around 1.2m makes it a perfect auto strain to grow indoor.

Well, outdoor growers too can make the most out of this best auto weed strain by their gardening skills.

Overall, Pineapple Express is one of the strains that produce amazing mind and body effects making it the perfect auto strain for weed lovers!

What’s the best?

With the classical earthy aroma and sweet, fruity taste with pineapple notes, you are sure to get complete body relaxation with Pineapple Express. It is one of the best autoflowering strains that have therapeutic effects to make the consumer relaxed and feel better from depression, anxiety, and stress. Whereas easy to grow method resulting in higher yield works as a cherry on the cake!

#12. Amnesia Haze Auto

Strain Category: Hybrid

About: Amnesia Haze is one of the autoflowering strains that is capable to give you more if you grow it patiently.

Perfect for indoor growers, Amnesia Haze reaches up to 1.2m in height which can give you yield up to 400 grams. 

Moreover, the citrus and earthy aroma give you dense foxtail-like buds that are capable to make you stick to one place giving complete body buzz. 

With a higher THC of 18%, it can give you buds within 10-12 weeks that is short comparatively other auto strains.

 Overall, with a classic Amnesia aroma, it is capable to give cerebral and uplifting effects making it perfect for smokers.

What’s the best?

Within just 1m of plant height, you can expect a yield of 400 grams which is one of the highest yields of autoflowering strains. The only concern is that if you can wait for 12 weeks then Amnesia Haze can reward you with the highest quality buds that will be worth your patience!

#11. Blackberry Kush Auto

Strain Category: Indica

About: A combination of one of the potent strains of Blueberry and the dark Hindu Kush, Dutch Passion’s Blackberry Kush Auto is the strain that will be your all-time favorite!

Due to Indica dominance, you can surely expect a hard-hit of Blackberry Kush when you’ll smoke it once. 

The higher THC and low CBD make sure you have a complete body buzz making you feel uplifted and body relaxed.

With the short height of the plants up to 1m, you can make a garden indoor and can still save some space.

Want a body-stoned effect? Leave it on Blackberry Kush! Thanks to its strong parent genetics that it produces amazing body high making you stick to one place.

What’s the best?

Within just 10 weeks, your plants will flower, making you one step closer to your potent buds. For the indoor growers, with intense aroma, high and average growing time, Blackberry Kush is the best autoflowering strain that can give you more than you invest!

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#10. Green Crack Auto

Strain Category: Hybrid

About: Want a perfect autoflowering strain that is highly potent, easy to grow, and can give you dense buds?

Green Crack Auto is a perfect choice!

More suited for indoor growers, Green Crack Auto strain produces smaller plants making them easy to grow and save space inside a growing canopy. 

When grown indoor, Green Crack Auto can produce a high yield of up to 500-600 g/meter square whereas outdoor growers can get up to 500 grams per plant. Thanks to its strong cross genetics which made it a strain of short plants covering less space and making perfect for indoor growers. 

The soothing aroma of the sweet and fruity combination makes this stain more attractive whereas a high THC of 20% gives you complete body buzz and relaxation. 

Overall, the Green Crack autoflowering strain is a strain that has nearly perfect properties. Either it is about the strong parent genetics or the effect, Green Crack Auto impresses all time!

What’s the best?

Green Crack Auto is the strain for the growers looking for dense buds within a short time period. With just 8 weeks of flowering time, you’ll be ready to get your buds, which makes it one of the quickest strains to produce weed!

#9. Auto CBD Star

Strain Category: Hybrid

About: You can guess from the name that it is the best autoflowering strain dedicated to both recreational and personal use. 

With a THC and CBD of 1:1, it will suit on your both purposes. Thanks to its cross of 70% Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis, which made this strain one of the most powerful autoflowering strains.

If you are suffering from insomnia and chronic pain and want quick relief from it then Auto CBD Star will be the best choice you’ll ever make. 

Higher CBD produces relaxed signals in your mind while the THC concentration takes over your body to heal your muscles resulting in a completely relaxed and comfortable state.

With a decent yield, Auto CBD Star can be easily grown indoors and outdoor suited for both types of growers.

Overall, Auto CBD Star is one of the best autoflowering strains for medicinal and recreational purposes.

What’s the best?

In the online market, Auto CBD Star is the strain that has an equal concentration of both THC and CBD cannabinoids which makes it a perfect combination to use personally and medically. 

With a decent yield and suited for indoor and outdoor gardening techniques, Auto CBD Star can be your next pain relief!

#8. Autopilot XXL

Strain Category: Hybrid

About: With a hybrid of Indica, Sativa, and Ruderalis, Autopilot XXL has the capability to give you the pleasures of the weed world in a balanced way!

Strong hybrid genetics made this strain produce heavy, dense buds that possess high THC up to 15% and can make you feel better on your tiring day!

Perfect for outdoor growers, Autopilot XXL can be grown in most temperate periods of the year. Even the best part is that it can produce more yield with the given growing conditions. 

Outdoor growers can achieve an excellent yield of 300 grams per plant whereas indoor gardeners can get up to 150 grams.

Overall, Autopilot XXL is the perfect autoflowering strain for outdoor growers to grow most of the time, which can give you a higher yield as well.

What’s the best?

The best part about Autopilot XXL is that it is suitable for most of the temperate period of the year to grow and therefore, you don’t need to wait for autumn as well. With a higher yield in outdoor cultivation, Autopilot XXL is the best autoflowering strain that you must opt for right now!

#7. Mobi Dick AutoFlowering

Strain Category: Sativa Dominant

About: Dedicated to cannabis lovers who want to have the pleasure of weed and also want to be socialized as well. 

The perfect Sativa dominance genetics of Mobi Dick will make you feel uplifted, motivated, and ready to do deep discussions within just one smoke. 

Thanks to its balanced THC cannabinoid that allows you to go on work as well after enjoying Mobi Dick buds!

The citrus and earthy aroma with fruity taste give you a mouth-watering experience while the euphoric effects make you energetic to do your work. 

Even some of the users also praised Mobi Dick for feeling better from anxiety and pain as well.

Overall, Mobi Dick is the perfect strain for weed lovers with low tolerance. The balanced cannabinoids give you the perfect experience of the weed world!

What’s the best?

With a large yield indoor and outdoor, Mobi Dick has 15-17% of THC concentration which is perfect for novice smokers to enjoy weed and socialize both as well!

#6. Girl Scout Cookies Extreme

Strain Category: Hybrid

About: The Upgraded version of Girl Scout regular strain, this strain is the perfect choice if you want complete relaxation from your stressful day!

The extreme THC of 21%, produces an intense euphoric high that will make you couch lock and make your body be in the most comfortable state.

Easy to grow Girl Scout Cookies Extreme flowers within just 8 weeks and you’ll be ready to harvest up to September-October. 

The sweet earthy aroma gives you an amazing experience of being uplifted, motivated, and relaxed.

Overall, Girl Scout Extreme autoflowering strain is the choice that will give you high euphoric effects that will be suitable for both recreational and medicinal usage as well!

What’s the best?

This upgraded version strain has many upgraded properties to opt for your best autoflowering strain. From excellent yield to extreme cerebral effects, Girl Scout Cookies Extreme makes it worth every grower’s collection!

Read the user review of Girl scout cookies strains on SeedFinder.

#5. Wedding Cake Auto

Strain Category: Indica dominant

About: Cross of Wedding Cake and Lowryder #2 autoflowering strains resulted in Wedding Cake Auto which is as pleasant as cake!

Indica dominance results in higher THC concentration to make you couch-lock with a hard hit of euphoric effects.

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The autoflowering strain time will take up to 9-10 weeks whereas the yield will be dependent on the growing environment and skills. 

However, due to the strong genetics and moderate height of the plants, it is suitable for both indoor and outdoor growers.

Overall, it is one of the best autoflowering strains resulted from powerful parent genetics.

What’s the best?

Easy to grow for both types of growers and higher yield within a decent time makes Wedding Cake Auto to be on the list of best autoflowering strains. The intense high and yield to smoke throughout the year are what a grower finds!

 #4. Super Lemon Haze Auto

Strain Category: Hybrid

About: With Sativa dominance, Super Lemon Haze is the strain that you must need in 2023!

In the shortest time of just 9 weeks, you’ll be ready to harvest your buds whereas the plant flowers earlier in given growing conditions.

Indoor growers can obtain buds up to 500 grams whereas outdoor growers can make up to 100g per plant. 

Suited for indoor growers, Super Lemon Haze produces short plants up to just 1m that not only save space inside your growing area but are also are suitable for maintenance.

The Sativa dominance holds over your body by producing cerebral effects that give you complete body-stoned comfort with an uplifting high. 

Overall, Green Lemon Haze is one of the best autoflowering strains that have potent genetics to make you feel better after smoke, and also it can grow within minimal efforts!

What’s the best?

The best part about Green Lemon Haze is that it has the shortest harvesting time of just 9 weeks if the optimum growing conditions are made. With 500 grams of yield indoor, it can make you swim in the buds!

#3. Blueberry Autoflowering

Strain Category: Hybrid 

About: Want an auto weed strain with immense effects, suitable for indoor cultivation, and can give you more buds?

Blueberry autoflowering strain is derived from the strong genetics of auto-flowering strain and classic Blueberry. With 70 percent of Indica, 20 percent of Sativa, and 10 percent of Ruderalis makes this strain one of the potent ones to have in your cannabis arsenal!

Around 14% of THC cannabinoid gives you amazing euphoric effects to feel uplifted and body-stoned. Whereas medium CBD concentration makes it perfect to use for some medical conditions as well. 

Therefore, the Blueberry autoflowering strain has both properties to work for recreational and medical purposes.

The rapid life cycle of this strain up to 8-9 weeks allows indoor gardeners to harvest earlier and enjoy a yield of around 450 grams. Within a height of just 0.7m, it allows you to maintain your garden easily with minimal effort.

Overall, the Blueberry auto strain has all the qualities that a grower needs to enjoy buds in 2023!

Before buying Blueberry Strain, Read these user reviews on SeedFinder.

What’s the best?

The best part about having Blueberry autoflowering strain is that it has a rapid life cycle with a decent yield. On the other hand, higher THC and medium CBD allows it to give you the pleasures of both cannabinoids which is the cherry on the cake!

#2. Gorilla Glue Auto

Strain Category: Indica dominant

About: The legendary strain with intense effects and strong genetics has been crossed with ruderalis to produce the GG autoflowering version. 

The ultimate result created a strain with a rapid life cycle to give buds within just 8-9 weeks and an intense THC concentration of up to 24% which is capable enough to make you couch-lock within just single smoke.

Thanks to its Indica dominance which produces a cerebral high taking hold over your body to make you stick to one place and couch-lock to feel relaxed and sleepy. That is why this is the strain recommended when you don’t want to work and want to have a relaxed time at the weekend.

Overall, the Gorilla Glue autoflowering strain is the best choice when you are looking for a nearly perfect auto weed strain in 2023!

What’s the best?

Gorilla Glue is the classic legendary strain that you may already be aware of! From quick harvest time to extreme body effects, everything is perfect in GG autoflowering strain that makes it a solution to your tiring day at the end of your work!

#1. Northern Lights Auto

Strain Category: Indica dominant

About: With 90% Indica dominance, Northern Lights autoflowering strain is the favorite of all growers in the world!


The amazing knock-out effect that it produces with intense THC concentration. The balanced high effect will not make you couch-lock but will also, make you feel relaxed which is the ultimate goal of weed!

With a maximum height of 1.2m, it is one of the rapid strains to produce buds within just 9 weeks. On the other side, growers with some potential growing techniques such as SoG can get yield up to 500g, which is the cherry on the cake!

Overall, Northern Lights autoflowering strain is an all-time favorite strain of the cannabis growers out there. The perfect combination of rapid life-cycle, high yield, and intense THC for balanced body effects is what you actually need in 2023!

What’s the best?

When you need relaxed body effects and also want to harvest buds earlier with not-so-expert techniques then Northern Lights autoflowering strain comes into every grower’s mind. This is one of the classical strains that have amazing weed properties that makes it the best autoflowering strain online in 2023!

Best Autoflowering Strains: Final Words

Till now, I hope you are now able to decide your favorite autoflowering strains. 

I and my team has worked hard to make this list of the best autoflowering strains of 2023. Therefore, you are 100% sure to get your favorite seeds from here. 

Either it is about the quick harvest time or large yield in minimum growing efforts, every popular weed strain is mentioned here.

Well, if you are still in any doubt, feel free to contact us below. We’ll be glad to help a weed lover like you!

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Until then, stay home and stay safe!

Enjoy weed!

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