Top 15 Best Cannabis Cup Winning Seeds

If you are looking for buying cannabis seeds to buy then why not look for the best cannabis cup winning seeds online that will not only give you the best marijuana seeds of all time but will also increase the chances of extreme benefits in the garden. Sound cool?

Well, in this guide, you will be getting the world’s top marijuana seeds that have won one of the reputable awards in marijuana history – the Cannabis Cup!

The list will include the top-recommended and popular strains among weed cultivators. Each strain varies accordingly with THC, terpenes profile, yield, and required growing conditions. Either you are a beginner grower or pro cultivator, you will find strains that will perfectly suit your skills and need.

Best Cannabis Cup Winning Seeds

Best Cannabis Cup Winning Seeds

Let’s dive deeper into it and find out which one is made for you:


Winner of High Times Cannabis Cup in 1999,2000, and 2005, Sensi Star is a legendary marijuana strain that has got so many awards for the right reasons. 

This Indica dominant strain is highly powerful in giving you intense cerebral hits while the easy-to-grow profile allows it to make the most out of it through the beginner growers. For the indoor cultivators, Sensi Star favors the SoG (Sea of Green) technique to result in extreme yields. However, in average growing conditions, this strain performs excellently well.

The major effects of the Sensi Star strain include a euphoric high with hours of deep relaxation and therefore, it is also recommended as medical marijuana due to its potency and healing properties.

The appearance of the Sensi Star is attractive due to the resinous blanket over the buds surrounded by green and purple hues. However, the strain has enriched terpenes allowing you to have a pleasant aroma and taste as well.

What’s the best?

Sensi Star has higher levels of THC and Indica dominant genetics which is a complete package of experience the best effects of weed! Therefore, the Sensi Star strain is perfect for you if you want to begin your marijuana journey with a Cannabis Cup winner strain.


Legendary cross of Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze gives you Super Silver Haze which is a legendary strain for medical marijuana enthusiasts and other weed lovers as well. The Sativa dominance genetics allows you to get intense levels of THC with an amazing growing profile that can make you weed-rich!

Super Silver Haze possesses up to 19% THC concentration which helps in generating a long-lasting energetic high. Ultimately, it helps you in escaping the real world and leaves you at a place with complete calmness and relaxation. That is why Super Silver Haze has been quite helpful in treating Nausea, Loss of appetite, and sleeping issues.

The aroma and taste favor the citrus and herbal terpenes giving you a unique experience from the strain. That is why Super Silver Haze got first prize Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998, and 1999. 

Apart from the potency, the strain favors you with an immense yield to enjoy all day. Therefore, if you keep the growing environment right, you can enjoy more buds!

What’s the best?

Sativa dominant genetics and high THC are the perfect combinations for dealing with some medical symptoms. However, high THC levels give you high effects as well. Therefore, you can take Super Silver Haze as your perfect strain for getting high and healing effects. 

#13. G13 HAZE

G13 Haze is the resulting strain of G13 with Hawaiian Sativa, which ultimately resulted in nearly ideal marijuana properties that made it the first prize High Times Cannabis Cup winner in 2007. Thanks to the potency and yield of the strain that attracts every weed lover.

Even being Sativa dominant strain, G13 gives you short-height plants that go up to 1m only making it perfect for the indoor growers. That means G13 is perfect for indoor and outdoor cultivation, unlike other Sativa strains. 

SoG and SCROG techniques can result in up to 550g of yield which is quite impressive compared to other Sativa seed strains. Therefore, for growers G13 Haze is a perfect choice.

The strain gives you 22% of the THC levels inducing cerebral and body high ultimately giving you complete relaxation. G13 Haze has a unique aroma and taste of fruity and spicy combination. 

What’s the best?

G13 Haze is the perfect choice for you if you are looking to cultivate a strain with balanced properties as this strain gives you high THC concentration with short-height plants. Yet the strain results in an immense yield that you can enjoy the rest of the time. However, the unique aroma and taste with an average flowering period work as a cherry on the cake!


If you are looking for a Cannabis Cup winner strain that is easy to grow and can result in heavy yield then look no further than the Chocolope strain. 

The strain has Sativa dominant genetics and is very easy to grow making it a perfect choice for beginner cultivators. The plant height is moderate around 1.2m and therefore, it is easy to maintain the garden. 

Suiting perfect for the indoor and outdoor cultivators, Chocolope strain induces up to 18% of the THC concentration that is capable enough to knock out. The clear and intense cerebral high allows you to get an incredible experience of weed. 

Due to the intense effects, many users have reported that the Chocolope strain has been helpful in depression and PTSD as well. 

Well, for the weed cultivators, this strain is a beast! If you grow in the right conditions then this strain can give you buds up to 600g indoor while the outdoor growers can get up to 1Kg as well. Therefore, you are sure to make weed rain through it!

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What’s the best?

Chocolope strain is an ideal strain for beginner growers as this strain has an easy growing profile yet it results in immense yield. Apart from this, the strain is highly potent, and therefore, you are sure to love it for its amazing results either in the garden or in the body!


While talking about legendary strain how can someone forget this king – GSC or Girl Scout Cookies!

The strain possesses incredible THC levels with an excellent growing profile and yields making it the favorite strain among all weed lovers. This award-winner strain has got its popularity from California and now it is worldwide known for unmatchable effects. 

With an average THC of 24% which can even go up to 28%, the Girl Scout Cookies strain gives you intense knock-out. Both genetics of Indica and Sativa gives you cerebral hit and high as well. That is why GSC is the strain that has been known for extreme weed effects. 

Apart from this, the strain requires a little effort for giving you excellent results. The height of the plants goes up to 1.8m maximum which is moderate and manageable if you know some techniques. However, after giving the right conditions to the strain, you will be able to harvest those strong buds that will make your day!

Even you don’t have to wait for a longer time as well as GSC has a short flowering period around just 8 to 10 weeks. 

What’s the best?

Girl Scout Cookies or GSC is in itself the best marijuana strain that has all the weed properties that will make you jump in the growing field. From extreme THC levels to excellent yield, the strain impresses very well. Therefore, if you want to take your cannabis journey a little upper then you must grow Girl Scout Cookies strain.

Read more info on Girl Scout Cookies strain on Seedfinder!

#10. LSD

Want to get a cannabis strain that is easy to cultivate and manage? LSD is for you! Not just in the garden, this strain gives unforgettable results in the body too. 

LSD strain is an Indica dominant high THC strain resulting in excellent yield if growing conditions are well. Apart from this, the strain is highly resistant to mold and other common issues that can ruin your garden. Therefore, this strain is mostly preferred by weed growers who want to manage their gardens easily. 

The strain suits both indoor and outdoor growing conditions. Indoor growers get yield up to 700g whereas outdoor cultivators can get up to 750g. The moderate height of the plants is the cherry on the cake! The high levels of THC give you intense high effects making you feel uplifted and energetic while the aroma and taste are skunky with citrusy sweetness.

What’s the best?

LSD is a classical weed strain that has incredible grow profiles making it the perfect choice for weed growers. The strain possesses high THC, moderate plants, and immense yield properties and therefore, it helps you grow the strain easily whereas the results are more likely to be worth the invested time and effort.


Royal Gorilla is a 50% Indica and Sativa hybrid strain that has won awards in 2014 and 2015 including Cannabis Cup. The strain is known for its incredible potency and growing profile.

Royal Gorilla can possess up to 30% of the THC concentration whereas the average THC lies between 24% to 26%. Therefore, be ready to get a knock-out punch from the Royal Gorilla! 

The strain favors both indoor and outdoor cultivators with moderate height plants. While the buds are resinous and eye-catchy making yourself a pro grower of weed. 

Royal Gorilla gives you intense levels of cerebral high making you feel uplifted and energetic. That is why due to the potency of the strain, it is referred to as medical marijuana as well. Thanks to the ultimate relieving effects that work as a stress buster after a tiring day. Therefore, you can consider Royal Gorilla as a weekend or end day strain!

What’s the best?

Royal Gorilla is a powerful package of weed properties favoring weed growers. Doesn’t matter you grow it commercially or personally the strain results in beautiful yield if you give it the right growing conditions. Whereas the potency of the buds produced from it is the key to be such famous and awarded.


Dedicated to medical marijuana enthusiasts, Cannatonic is the best medical weed strain that has won awards for the very right reasons.

Cannatonic produces a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD. However, the CBD levels can even go up to 10% whereas the THC limits to 7%. Therefore, this ultimate combination of cannabinoids gives you the ultimate medical effects that help in curing many symptoms. 

This worldwide popular medical strain is a cross of legendary G13 Haze and MK Ultra. That is why the result was incredible that led it to win multiple awards including Cannabis Cup in 2013. 

The strain suits both indoor and outdoor cultivators, whereas it requires some skills to result in a decent yield. However, if you grow Cannatonic strain in excellent conditions, it can thrive up to 450g of yield with 8-10 weeks of the flowering period. The strain has enriched terpenes giving you a pleasing note of citrus. However, the yield is decent but the short flowering period is appreciable. 

What’s the best?

Cannatonic is a legendary medical marijuana strain that is capable to induce extreme healing properties helpful in chronic pain and other mental issues including depression as well. Therefore, Cannatonic strain is for those who are looking for the best Cannabis Cup-winning medical seeds.


The cross of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Cookies resulted in a beast strain that is highly potent yet delivers buds quickly – Green Gelato!

The strain possesses up to 25% of THC levels and it favors growers with some skills resulting in maximum yield. Thanks to the Indica dominant genetics that allows you to show trimming, LST, and other skills. 

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Green Gelato is suitable for indoor and outdoor growing conditions and if the optimum growing conditions are made then it flowers quickly within just 8 to 9 weeks. Therefore, this strain is one of the fastest flowering strong weed strains.

The effects of the strain are more likely to be high, intense uplifting, and energizing. Therefore, you can choose this strain as your end-day strain due to the relaxing high. However, the strain’s intense effects are also helpful in treating some medical symptoms as well.

What’s the best?

Green Gelato is an award-winning strain that has ideal properties for weed growers. From 25% of THC to suiting indoor and outdoor growing conditions, the strain results in more than your invested time and effort. Don’t look further than Green Gelato if you want to get one of the strongest cannabis strains that have won the Cannabis Cup as well!


If you are a patient grower who can wait for extreme benefits from the garden then Laughing Buddha strain is for you!

The strain is highly potent and has nearly pure Sativa genetics crossed from landrace Thai Sativa and Jamaican Hybrid. Laughing Buddha has a moderate height of the plants allowing you to easily manage while cultivating indoor. However, outdoor growers need not worry about the height of the plants as the more it grows the more it gives you buds!

While cultivating Laughing Buddha indoors you can expect to yield up to 600g whereas the outdoor growers can get more than that. 

Apart from the impressive growth profile, the strain possesses higher THC levels up to 20%. That means the strain is potent enough to give you the knock-out punch with its effects.

The aroma of the strain is fruity and like fresh herbal, whereas the taste is more likely pineapple and lemony herbal.

What’s the best?

The best part about the Laughing Buddha strain is that it has one of the strongest weed properties. However, the strain takes the test of your growing skills and patience within 70 days of the flowering period. Well, if you passed the test then you are sure to be weed-rich!


Master Kush is another masterpiece weed strain that has an incredible growing profile and results for weed lovers and that is why the strain has won awards in 1993 and 1994.

The strain is easy to grow to make it the best option for beginner cultivators. However, the experienced growers make this strain their most beneficial one. 

As Master Kush is easy to grow, you can cultivate its moderate height plants either indoor or outdoor whereas you will be getting the maximum yield by showing your growing skills. Within just 8 to 10 weeks of the flowering period be ready to harvest beautiful resinous buds that will be worth your invested effort. 

The effects of Master Kush are cerebral high and intense euphoria allowing you to get the ultimate relaxation. Thanks to the high THC up to 22% that makes you feel the pleasure of weed!

What’s the best?

Master Kush is an ideal strain for the weed cultivators looking to grow weed strain that can result in excellent yield within a short time and yet the potency can make them overwhelmed. The strain has all those properties and therefore, you can make your cannabis journey worth it by growing this best Cannabis Cup-winning strain.


White Widow is a strain that even doesn’t need introduction due to its worldwide popularity and intense effects. From the 1990s till now, the strain has had its reputation among every weed grower.

The strain induces a high THC concentration of up to 17% THC and makes you feel uplifted, energizing, and ultimately relaxed. Therefore, you are sure to have an incredible experience from the White Widow effects. 

Apart from the strain’s potency, you will be able to cultivate the strain either in indoor or outdoor conditions. White Widow results in heavy yield if you give optimum growing conditions. The buds are eye-catchy resinous surrounded by colorful hues of leaves. 

The flowering period of the White Widow is around 60 days making you harvest buds quickly within the October month. The aroma and taste of the strain are more likely to be peppery pine with herbal sweetness. 

What’s the best?

White Widow is the strain that has properties to catch every weed enthusiast. The strain is developed a long time ago but it has still an unforgettable impact on weed growers. That is why most marijuana growers prefer White Widow to grow and get excellent results from the garden and the buds both!


Here, our top three picks begin! The third pick of our collection of best Cannabis Cup winning strains is Jack Herer! This strain has the ultimate potential to result in immense yield and effects. 

Jack Herer has 50% Indica and 50% Sativa dominant genetics that has a short flowering period of 10 to 12 weeks allowing you to harvest around September and mid-October. The strain results in immense yield but yet the growers prefer SoG and SCROG techniques to maximize the benefits. However, the strain prefers the Mediterranean and sunny climate to grow easily.

Apart from this, Jack Herer possesses up to 20% of THC concentration which is intense and can make you feel high for long hours. Thanks to the euphoric effects that will make you feel relaxed at the end of the day!

The aroma and taste of the strain are unique and mouth-watering; therefore, you can expect the best weed experience from the rest of the strains.

What’s the best?

If you are a weed grower who wants to play your growing game safely without any hassle yet wants to get ultimate benefits then you must opt for Jack Herer strain. The ideal properties make this strain rightly named after famous cannabis activist Jack Herer!

#2. SKUNK #1

Skunk #1 is one of the powerful marijuana strains in the cannabis world, and therefore, it is listed as the number two position in our review.

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If you want to grow the finest feminized strain then Skunk #1 is for you as the strain has combined Indica and Sativa genetics dominantly Indica. Therefore, the plant height is average and hence it suits the indoor and outdoor conditions. If you grow Skunk #1 in SoG and SCROG technique then you can maximize the benefits from the strain. 

Apart from this, the strain possesses higher THC levels of up to 18% and flowers within just 8 to 10 weeks. Therefore, you can expect this strain to give you knock-out effects with high euphoria. 

The effects of the strain are more likely to be uplifting and high therefore, this strain can also prefer as an end-day or weekend strain when you want to burst your stress. 

What’s the best?

The best part about Skunk #1 is that it has incredible potential to give you amazing weed effects and with an easy growing profile, you can make the most out of this strain with optimum growing conditions. If you want to grow legendary strain that can give you unmatchable effects and incredible results in the garden then Skunk #1 is for you!


If you’ll ask for the backbone strain of the marijuana world then no doubt it will be Northern Lights! With nearly pure Indica genetics, the strain is perfect for growing in indoor or outdoor climates and the short flowering period of just 8-10 weeks is the cherry on the cake!

While attempting to find the strongest weed seeds then you are sure to get Northern Lights on the list. This strain is highly potent in terms of producing higher THC concentration, which is produced up to 18% on average. 

The effects of the Northern Lights strain are intense uplifting, couch-locking. That is why this strain is even preferred as one of the strongest medical marijuana strains. As it can help in many medical conditions including sleeping issues, stress, and depression too.

With multiple awards of best Indica strains from 1988, 1989, and 1990 to now, this strain has a reputation as the best marijuana strain ever!

What’s the best?

Northern Lights is a classical weed strain that has won awards for the very right reasons. With higher potency, the strain produces up to 500g yield indoors whereas the outdoor growers get up to 600g of yield. Therefore, for the best Cannabis Cup-winning marijuana strain, Northern Lights is the best choice in 2023!

How to Choose the Best High Times Cannabis Cup Winning Seeds?

While deciding the best strain that has won awards, you might be looking for the strains which have won either the best Cannabis Cup or best Indica, and best Sativa. Therefore, let’s find out the factors which can help you out in deciding your best high Times Cannabis Cup winning seeds.


Before directly heading into the seed’s category. The major factor comes to decide whether you want a seed strain with higher THC or higher CBD levels. You may already be aware that higher THC results in higher cerebral effects which help burst stress at the end of the day. In contrast, higher CBD strains are mostly preferred as medical marijuana to treat medical symptoms.

Therefore, before looking into the award category of the strain make sure which strain you need and also for what purposes. Ultimately, it will help you in deciding the right seed strain for you!


Here the reputation of the seeds is related to their achievement of different awards. Apart from the Cannabis Cups, there are different awards as well which are awarded to the effective strains. Mostly these include the best Indica, bets Sativa, or best Hybrid strain. Well, as you are in search of Cannabis Cup winning seeds, therefore, the above list includes only High Times Cannabis Cup winner marijuana strains.

Grow profile

This is one of the most crucial points that you will need to look into the strain. As if you’ll decide a strain that has received multiple awards but doesn’t suit your growing skills. Then the ultimate result will not be satisfying in the garden. Therefore, choose the weed strain that is also suitable for your growing skills. 

Especially when you are a beginner grower, you need to look over this carefully. However, experienced growers are good to go accordingly to their choice.


While growing any award-winning strain you expect that you get a satisfying yield after investing time and effort. Also, while growing some strains with moderate growth difficulty you need to be patient for maximum results. 

Therefore, if the yield is not satisfying then your effort will not be worth it. That is why make sure to choose a strain that can give you a decent yield or satisfying yield. 

Keep in mind that some medical marijuana strains are less productive than other weed strains that possess higher THC concentrations. However, in this case, you don’t have to worry as such strains are developed purposely, and hence weed growers opt for such strains for specific purposes.

Other factors

This includes your personal preferences such as price, flowering period, and harvesting time. If the strain has a quick flowering time then you will be able to harvest within a short time. In contrast, those strains which require some time to produce their maximum output require the patience of the grower. 

Therefore, you can add this factor accordingly to your personal choice while buying the best cannabis cup-winning seeds.

Best Cannabis Cup Winning Seeds: Final Words

Till here, you are aware of all those Cannabis Cup winner strains that have a unique quality that can fulfill your weed requirements. There are many other award-winning strains as well however, we have listed only the best ones that will meet your requirement.

From easily grow profile to high yield and from quick flowering period to intense THC levels, every variety of the weed strains is here, and you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Now, it’s your turn! Go and choose your favorite strain accordingly. I hope, now, you are ready to rock in your garden!

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