Top 20 Best Cannabis Seeds For Beginners

Choosing the best cannabis seeds for beginners among tons of options is quite a tough task. Especially when you are new in the online market. 

As the weed seeds are one of the major affecting reasons in the cannabis growth journey. As it decides how much you can make out from the strain and it depends upon the genetics of the seeds.

Therefore, you might be got your hands dirty by reading many cannabis theories first! And as you are a beginner that will be a very frustrating thing to do when you want instant weed plants in your garden!

Well, how much it would be better if you could get a sorted listed of best marijuana seeds for beginner growers in a manner that can help even with some basic knowledge of marijuana strain?

Now, that sounds cool? Right?

As you are here, be ready to know about those top 20 best cannabis seed strains for beginner growers which can make you a step ahead of the rest of the growers. 

Best Cannabis Seeds For Beginners

Top 20 Best Cannabis Seeds For Beginners

Before heading into the list, we have sorted and categorized the best marijuana seed strains accordingly to their effects, yield, and growing difficulty. So, you can choose as per your requirement and need.

As a bonus, at the end of these lists, you will be getting the top 5 trending and all-time best cannabis strains recommended for beginner growers picked by our experts.

Are you ready?

Let’s dive into it:


Strain type – Indica

THC level 15 – 18%

Yield – 300 – 400g/m2 indoor, 500g outdoor 

Growing difficulty – Easy

Best for growers with little experience, The Cheese is the strain that can make your cannabis journey memorable. It is expected that The Cheese is an excellent result of Afghani Indica and Skunk #1, which are one of the potent strains of the 80s. 

With THC around 18%, The Cheese weed strain can give you an instant high and can make you feel overwhelmed with the effects. 

The multiple awards winner The Cheese strain has moderate heights of the plants ranging from 1m to 1.8m which means it is suitable for indoor and outdoor growers as well. For indoor cultivators when space is the concern, you can opt for trimming or any other technique like LST to adjust your garden. 

On the other hand, The Cheese strain can be grown easily with basic knowledge of growing weed. Therefore, you don’t need to put much effort to make the most out of these seeds.

What’s the best?

The best part about The Cheese weed strain is that it is perfect for beginner growers with excellent yield, moderate height, and intense aroma with effective ‘high’. This multiple award winner seed strain can fulfill the dreams of a novice weed grower!


Strain type – Indica

THC level – Up to 20%

Yield – 800g indoor, 1.5Kg outdoor 

Growing difficulty – Easy

With 80% Indica dominance Bubba Kush is one of the favorite cannabis seed strains among the weed growers. With an earthy, sweet, and intense aroma, Bubba Kush leaves an unforgettable impact. Thanks to the intense high of the strain that makes you feel uplifted, energetic, and ultimately relaxed which is the best part of this strain.

Suitable to SOG and SCROG techniques, Bubba Kush can produce immense yield to make you weed-rich! This beginner-friendly strain has all that you can expect from an ideal easy-to-grow weed strain. The plant height doesn’t exceed 1.2m indoor making it easier for you to maintain the garden. 

The quick flowering period of 9 weeks allows you to harvest within October. If grown outdoor then the Bubba Kush can result in a heavy yield of up to 1500g which is enough to enjoy the weed throughout the year.

What’s the best?

Bubba Kush is one of the potential strains that fit perfectly in moderate growing conditions and therefore, it is easy to grow yet results in heavy yields. On the other hand, the higher levels of THC and terpenes allow you to enjoy it with an intense aroma, taste, and euphoric high. 


Strain type – Mostly Indica with Sativa and Ruderalis

THC level – 0.5%

CBD level – 17% 

Yield – 700g indoor, 1Kg outdoor

Growing difficulty – Easy

Dedicated to the medical cannabis strain enthusiasts, CBD Purple Kush is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a higher CBD strain yet easy to grow and resulting in heavy yield. 

CBD Purple Kush has 17% of CBD levels which allows it to induce therapeutic effects instead of making you high. This non-psychoactive strain can make you feel better from stress, pain, anxiety, and depression too. 

Lower levels of THC make sure you don’t have any psychoactive effects and higher CBD allows you to feel relaxed and better from many medical symptoms. 

Within 9 to 10 weeks of the flowering period, CBD Purple Kush will be ready to give you a yield of up to 800g indoor and 1500g outdoor that will be enough to let you enjoy the weed all day.

What’s the best?

CBD Purple Kush has beautiful purple buds and it catches every weed lover’s eyes. Thanks to the higher CBD levels, which makes it the perfect choice for medical cannabis enthusiasts. Overall, if you are in search of a high CBD Strain that is easy to grow and suitable for beginners then look no further than CBD Purple Kush.

#17. AK 47

Strain type – Sativa 

THC level – 19%

Yield – Indoor up to 450g, Outdoor up to 575g

Growing difficulty – Easy

Want a legendary strain to grow? AK 47 weed strain is a perfect choice!

Apart from its powerful name, the strain is really powerful for novice weed lovers. However, the strain is easy to grow which means it can give you powerful and heavy buds in minimal effort. 

The THC level can go up to a maximum of 19% that means you are sure to have a hard hit of its strong genetics. As the AK 47 is Sativa dominant therefore you can expect a moderate height of the plants. While growing indoors it can grow upwards up to 1.4m while the outdoor growers can get a cannabis tree-like height of the plants up to 1.7m. If space is a concern then indoor growers can take the help of trimming, LST, and other techniques for adjustment. 

AK 47 is packed with a pungent, sour, sweet mixture of taste and is more potent to induce a euphoric high making you feel touch the sky and then ultimately relaxed. That is why it is one of the strongest weed strains for beginners. 

What’s the best?

AK 47 has strong parent genetics that results in heavy yield yet unmatchable effects. Apart from easy growing conditions, this strain can give you beautiful buds within just 9 to 10 weeks. This legendary strain from 1992 is the perfect choice for you in 2023 if you are looking for the best yet strongest weed strain to grow!


Strain type – Sativa

THC level – 20%

Yield – 150g indoors, 250g outdoors

Growing difficulty – Very Easy

The ultimate combination of White Widow and Jack Herer resulted in Big Jack Widow which has been one of the popular choices to grow indoors due to high resistance to molds and immense yield. 

Big Jack Widow offers you Sativa dominance genetics which can result in THC of up to 20%. However, due to Sativa, a little amount of CBD is also there about 1.5%. The best combination of THC and CBD results in an intense cerebral high. You are sure to feel psychological and physiological effects with Big Jack Widow! 

Moderate plant height of the Big Jack Widow up to 1.5m allows you to cultivate within fewer efforts as the strain is highly resistant to pests and insects. However, still, you need to keep an eye on the growing conditions to not reduce the health of the plants. 

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With the classic earthy aroma with a sweet mouth-watering taste, Big Jack is sure to give you the ultimate effects of the weed. Most of the users have reported feeling sleepy and euphoric high which results in the relaxation of the body. 

What’s the best?

Big Jack strain is easy to grow in given environmental conditions yet the resistivity to the molds of this strain is a bonus for novice growers. Apart from this, 50% of the Sativa, 30% Indica, and the rest of the genetics belong to Ruderalis which means you are dealing with one of the best beginner strains that not only have strong genetics but yet it can make you feel the best experience of weed!


Strain type – 50% Indica, 50% Sativa

THC level – 27%

Yield – 550g indoors, 600g outdoors

Growing difficulty – Easy

If you are looking for one of the potential strains then the Royal Gorilla strain is for you!

Royal Gorilla is the strain that can produce up to 27% of higher levels of THC that can give you knock-out punch-like effects. Thanks to its 50% Indica and 50% Sativa genetics which allow pushing the levels of cannabinoids in the buds. 

When grown indoor Royal Gorilla is pure bliss! 

The strain pops out the maximum height of just 1.6m and yet allows you to maintain accordingly given space. On the other hand, it rewards you with heavy, dense buds that are exceptional to get with other strains. Royal Gorilla rewards you with up to 550g/m2 of yield if you allow it to grow indoor in good conditions.

For outdoor growers, this strain is the KING! If you are growing Royal Gorilla strain under the sky, be ready to harvest around 600g of immense yield per plant!

What’s the best?

The best part of Royal Gorilla is that it has nearly perfect properties to choose from. Apart from ease to grow, it is the strain for getting knock-out high with intense levels of THC. While the strain will be ready to let you enjoy the weed within just 63 days of the short flowering period. If you are looking for the strongest yet highest yield strain within a short period then Royal Gorilla is bliss for you!


Strain type – Indica 

THC level – 12%

Yield – 325g indoors

Growing difficulty – Easy 

As the name suggests, this strain is easy yet for those weed growers who have just thought to grow marijuana yesterday! 

That means Easy Bud is the perfect choice for the newest beginners in cannabis cultivation and want to play their game safely. 

Easy Bud has Indica dominance genetics of up to 55% and 30% of Ruderalis with 15% of Sativa. Ideal to grow anywhere, Easy Bud can produce THC of up to 12% which is capable enough to give you body hits. If you are new to the weed world, then this strain has perfect properties according to beginners who have low tolerance to weed.

Ideal for indoor growers, Easy Bud rewards with decent yield in a given condition up to 325g/m2, which is enough for an individual weed grower. 

The effects of the Easy Bud are physical and perfect for beginner weed lovers to begin their weed journey.

What’s the best?

Easy Bud being the easiest weed strain to grow indoor results in decent yield but the best part is the short flowering period that allows you to harvest earlier. Within just 5 weeks, your garden will bloom flowers and get ready to harvest within just 8 weeks which is one of the fastest life-cycle of weed for such strain!


Strain type – Indica

THC level – 24%

Yield – 450g in SoG

Growing difficulty – Easy

From the name, you can guess the flavor of the strain. Well, dedicated to beginner growers, Papaya strain is the result of Mango, Citral #13, and Ice #2. The strain is quite popular among beginners due to its ease to grow yet mouth pleasant taste of mango. 

Apart from the ease of Papaya strain to make the most out of it, the strain is known for its unique aroma, taste, and the effects of this strain which are unmatchable. The effects of the Papaya strain are uplifting, energizing, happy, and ultimately relaxation. That is why due to its strong potency, it is recommended as medicinal marijuana due to its healing properties from many medical symptoms. Thanks to mostly Indica genetics that allows this strain to be the effective yet moderate height of the plants. 

Growing Papaya strain indoor can result in excellent yield up to 450g in SOG technique whereas the flowering period lies in the shortest range of up to 7 weeks. 

What’s the best? 

Papaya strain is an Indica dominance strain that can result in making you high yet better from many medical conditions. That is why it is the strain that is referred to as strain to enjoy and for treating both. However, higher THC levels of the strain up to 24% make sure you have weed effects like never before!


Strain type – Sativa

THC level – 0.5%

CBD level – 19%

Yield – 400g indoors, 500g outdoors

Growing difficulty – Easy 

This Sativa dominant strain has an unforgettable impact! In the era of people finding higher THC strains, Charlotte’s web seeds are bliss!

Referred as one of the best medical marijuana strains, Charlotte’s web seeds consist of the genetics of mostly Sativa which induces CBD up to 19% that makes it one of the best marijuana strains to have higher CBD levels. 

Best suitable to make feel better for medical patients with anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, PTSD, and many more. With 19% of CBD, you can expect this strain to induce positive effects of happiness, uplifted, motivated, relaxed, and calming. That is why this strain will be the best gift to those who want to focus better on their work.

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor growers, Charlottes’ web seeds have a short height of the plants that means you have to put less effort into maintenance. With an excellent yield of 400g indoor and 500g outdoor, Charlotte’s web seeds are perfect weed seeds to grow by a beginner.

What’s the best?

Charlotte’s web seeds are dedicated to medical marijuana enthusiasts and therefore, this strain is one of the revolutionary strains to treat depression, anxiety, and many other medical symptoms. If you are looking for a medical strain yet want it easier to give you enough yield then Charlotte’s web seeds are perfect!


Strain type – Sativa

THC level – 19%

Yield – 500g indoors, 600g outdoors

Growing difficulty – Easy

Sour Diesel is one of the most famous and potent strains which the experienced growers may already be aware of.

Suitable for both novice and advanced growers, Sour Diesel is the cross of legendary Northern Lights, Super Skunk, and 91 Chemdawg. Therefore, you can expect this strain to be potent yet beginner-friendly. 

With 70% of Sativa dominance, this strain can produce up to 19% of THC which is responsible to induce positive effects of happiness, creativity, motivation, and focused. Apart from this, Sour Diesel has a unique aroma of diesel combined with the earthiness whereas the pungent and sour taste makes it a unique strain to try out. 

While growing it indoors the strain can result in moderate to tall height of the plants maximum up to 1.6m which makes you use your LST, trimming techniques if space is the concern. On the other hand, outdoor growers can get up to 3m of plants which can result in heavier yield as well.

What’s the best?

Sour Diesel is itself one of the reputed strains and is well-known among the growers. From higher levels of THC to the requirement of the beginner-friendly condition, this strain can be most beneficial for novice weed growers.


Strain type – Indica

THC level – 25%

Yield – 500g indoors, 400g outdoors

Growing difficulty – Easy

Wedding Gelato is a cross of Wedding Cake, Gelato, and Gelato 33 which is one of the potential Indica strains. If you are looking for one of the strongest weed strains and friendly for the beginner then Wedding Gelato is only for you!

Wedding Gelato is enriched in THC of up to 25% which means you can touch the sky with its effects. The mostly effects are euphoric and physical which can leave you for hours of relaxation. Apart from this, the strain is capable enough to give you immense yield for all day. Indoor growers can get a maximum yield of up to 500g and therefore, this strain is one of the ideal strains for indoor growers. 

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The plant heights are short and range up to a maximum of 1m which means you can maintain your weed garden with minimal effort. Within a short flowering period of just 8 weeks, be ready to harvest around the beginning of October month. 

Overall, Wedding Gelato is the perfect treat for beginners. This strain is one of the potential strains with higher terpenes and THC that gives unique taste, aroma, and effects. 

What’s the best?

Wedding Gelato induces a relaxing high which means you feel better from anxious thoughts. Apart from the intense effects, this strain completes its life cycle in a short period while beginner growers don’t need to get expertise in making the most out of this strain. 


Strain type – Indica

THC level – 21%

Yield – 700g indoors and outdoors both

Growing difficulty – Easy

For weed growers who want a pure form of Indica then they must try Amnesia Haze! 

With 80% of Indica dominance, Amnesia Haze induces THC up to 21% which is capable enough to make you couch-locked for hours. Due to mostly Indica genetics, plants of the strain are moderately tall and therefore, it is the strain to deal easily for the novice growers. 

The citrusy and earthy aroma gives a sweet and lemony taste that can make you feel the pleasure of the weed world!

Growing Amnesia Haze indoor can result in heavy yield with moderate growing conditions. It can produce a yield of up to 700g which is more than enough for an individual beginner weed grower. That is why it is one of the highest-yielding strains ever. 

Apart from the yield, this strain has the potential to make you feel better from sleeping issues. Thanks to intense cerebral effects which makes you fall asleep earlier and also helps to overcome anxious thoughts. 

What’s the best?

With an insignificant amount of CBD and higher levels of THC Amnesia Haze takes hold over your body within a few minutes and hence it is treated as one of the strongest weed strains. The strain is easier to grow which results in excellent yield while the short flowering period of just 9 weeks allows you to get your buds earlier!


Strain type – Sativa

THC level – 20%

Yield – 350g indoors, 500g outdoors

Growing difficulty –Easy 

Named after Durban, South Africa, the Durban strain is pure bliss for Sativa weed lovers. Durban Poison is a 100% Sativa dominant strain and it is one of the top choices among growers. 

The strong Sativa genetics allows this strain to induce more positive effects. However, the ease of this strain to grow in given environmental conditions make it a favorite choice. 

Durban Poison can induce THC in the buds up to 20% and even being 100% Sativa strain the height of the plants for indoor growers is tolerable due to moderate height. However, when the strain is given enough space outdoors then it can show its real potential.

This strain has a short flowering period of just 8 weeks and results in a heavy yield of up to 500g. As the strain is Sativa dedicated you can expect more positive highs including a better focus on your work, uplifting and mood-booster effects. 

The intense aroma of citrus and cheese allows you to feel the pleasant taste of fruity with the skunky sweet taste of the buds. 

What’s the best?

From the 1970s to now, Durban Poison is the favorite pick of every weed grower. From higher THC to unique aroma and taste and from excellent yield to unforgettable effects, Durban Poison gives you an unforgettable weed experience!


Strain type – 50% Indica 50% Sativa

THC level – 18%

Yield – 550g indoors and outdoors

Growing difficulty – Easy

Dedicated to novice growers, Special Queen 1 is another favorite pick of weed lovers. Special Queen 1 is a cross of legendary Skunk and Power Bud which resulted in an incredible weed strain – Special Queen 1. 

The strain includes strong parent genetics of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa. That means you are 100% sure to get combined hard-hit effects of both genetics. The strain can produce 18% of THC in the buds, which is strong enough to make you stick to one place for hours. It is due to the potent parent genetics. 

Another best thing for the growers is that the Special Queen 1 strain has short-height plants, which means you can easily grow in your room or grow tent. The average height of the plants lies between 0.8m to 1m. 

However, the outdoor growers can get the height of the plants up to 2.7m but that height results in the same yield from the strain which is around 550g/per plant for the outdoor cultivators and the same per square meter for indoor growers. 

What’s the best?

Special Queen 1 is one of the special strains for beginner growers, which flowers within just 7 weeks of short period and results in heavy yield. Apart from its quick life cycle, the strain comes from one of the potential genetics and can give you an intense high which is unmatchable!


Strain type – Indica

THC level – 24%

Yield – 600g indoors and outdoors both

Growing difficulty – Easy

Blue Dream is the dream strain for every weed grower looking for a balanced strain. This strain is a 50:50 hybrid of Blueberry and Haze parent strains. Both parent strains are one of the potential genetics and therefore, you can expect the same properties in Blue Dream. 

The strain is moderately easy to grow while it can produce a yield of up to 600g indoor and the same for outdoor growers. Well, the plants of the Blue Dream strain are averagely tall and therefore, it can be maintained within some technique if you grow it indoors and space is limited.

The THC range in Blue Dream is found around 18-24% and therefore, you can expect an intense high from it. While the strain has a sweet taste from its parent strain Blueberry.

For novice growers, Blue Dream is a little tricky to maintain as the plants are less likely to be insect resistant. However, you can do that by maintaining good temperature and humidity levels in your garden. Insects and other common fungi love humidity which you can avoid in your garden for better health of the weed plants. 

What’s the best?

Apart from strong parent genetics and excellent properties, the Blue Dream strain can help you feel better from pain, nausea, depression, and other medical symptoms as well. That means the Blue Dream strain’s effects can heal your body from many medical conditions. For novice growers, looking for strong yet best strain for some medical conditions, Blue Dream is a perfect choice!


Strain type – Indica

THC level – 26%

Yield – 400g indoors

Growing difficulty – Easy

One of the potential strains that even doesn’t need an intro! Well, if you are a novice reader, White Widow is the perfect combination of ‘high’ effects and energy. The legendary strain can induce up to 26% of THC yet easier to make the most out of it. 

The intense effects of the strain allow you to relieve pain, nausea, sleeping issues, and other medical symptoms. The strain is Indica dominance up to 60% and allows you to harvest within just 8 weeks of the flowering period. 

For indoor growers, the strain can give yield up to 400g which is decent considering the quality of the buds. However, outdoor growers can move to the next level for the yield considering more plants in their garden.

The effects of the White Widow are more likely to be uplifting, motivating, happy, and euphoric which lets you focus better on your work. Thanks to the strong genetics that allows you to make your body feel completely relaxed. 

What’s the best?

White Widow is one of the legendary strains that has been perfect for novice growers for many years. Apart from its potency and effects, this strain is capable to give you all the weed pleasures in less effort. With a short flowering period of just 8 weeks, the White Widow strain is one of the best cannabis seed strains is for beginners. 


Strain type – Sativa

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THC level – 18%

Yield – 500g indoors

Growing difficulty – Very Easy

As you can guess from the name, the Easy Sativa strain is suitable for growers who want to get Sativa-dominated weed buds easily. With a fruity smell and sweet with spicy taste, Easy Sativa is sure to make your cannabis journey memorable. If you are looking for intense Sativa effects then Easy Sativa is a perfect choice. As the strain possesses THC of around 18% which gives intense euphoria making you feel happy, uplifted, and ultimately relaxed. Thanks to the strong parent genetics that makes you touch the sky!

Ideal for outdoor growers, the strain gives the moderate height of the plants and results in heavier yield. Indoor growers can too make it around 500g of yields from excellent growing conditions. 

Due to the Sativa genetics, plants usually take a longer time for flowering around 12-14 weeks but as the ‘good things take time’ therefore, this strain can reward you with more benefits if you keep patience.

What’s the best?

The best part about Easy Sativa strain is that it is one of the suitable strains for beginners to grow yet gives unmatchable effects for long hours. In easy growing conditions, the strain results in immense yield to make you enjoy weed all day. On the other side, the intense aroma and beautiful taste are cherries on the cake!


Strain type – Indica

THC level – 22%

Yield – 600g indoors and outdoors

Growing difficulty – Easy

Want an intense weed strain that is also very easy to produce bulk yields? THC Bomb is the perfect choice for you! From being one of the highest THC producing strains, it is easy to grow strain yet produces a yield of up to 600g/m2 indoors and outdoor, this strain is pure bliss.

With 75% of Indica dominance, THC Bomb produces THC up to 22% which is responsible for giving you euphoric effects making you feel happy and uplifted. However, due to its intense properties, the strain is also referred to as one of the strongest medical marijuana strains. Thanks to the potent genetics that relieves chronic pain and bursts the stress. 

Apart from being easy to grow, the strain requires patience of 12 weeks to reward you with heavy yields. With feminized seeds, you can make the most of THC bombs. 

What’s the best?

The best part about having THC bomb strain in your weed garden is that it allows novice growers to give them incredible weed buds which they expect from premium weed strains. From intense euphoric high to immense yield THC Bomb is an ideal weed strain for beginner growers in 2023!


Strain type – Indica

THC level – 22%

Yield – 500g indoors

Growing difficulty – Easy

Apart from being a beginner weed grower, if you are looking to get couch-locked with weed then choose Black Domino strain. Black Domino is one of the best strains for beginners to grow and has unmatchable properties. 

THC in Black Domino is found around 22% which is responsible for giving you knock-out punch-like effects. Being Indica dominant strain, Black Domino flowers quickly within 8 weeks allowing you to harvest within earlier October. However, the effects of Black Domino are more likely to be happy, relaxing, and relieving. For some medical cannabis enthusiasts, the strain also heals chronic pain and sleeping issues. Black Domino is the strain that makes you asleep faster. 

When grown within the SOG technique, Black Domino can result in a heavier yield of 500g/m2. That is why this strain is chosen as one of the best weed strains for beginner growers to give incredible effects and yield. 

What’s the best?

If you are looking for a strain that is capable enough to make you couch lock and can cure insomnia and sleeping issues then Black Domino is the best choice. The strain also relieves pain and helps to burst anxious thoughts and depression as well. Overall, Black Domino is the strain for beginners who want to get returns more than their investment!


Strain type – Indica

THC level – 30%

Yield – 450g indoors, 650g outdoors

Growing difficulty – Easy

Last but not least! With 60% of Indica dominance, Godfather OG is the strain that fits perfectly with any beginner grower’s profile. The ultimate cross of Alpha OG and OG Kush resulted in Godfather OG strain. This ‘Godfather’ best cannabis strain for a beginner is one of the strongest weeds to grow indoor or outdoor. 

From the short height of the plants up to just 1m, the strain fits perfectly if grown in a room or grow tent. Outdoor growers can get the height of the strain up to 2m which will result in more yield of the buds. With an excellent yield of up to 450g/m2 indoor and 650g outdoor, you are can be weed-rich to make your friends jealous of you!

On the other hand, for giving you a knock-out punch of high the strain produces up to 30% of THC which makes it one of the highest THC producing strains. Thanks to the strongest parent genetics that induces higher THC levels in the buds. The effects of the Godfather OG strain are more likely to hard-hit of euphoric high making you feel happy, uplifted, and ultimately relaxed. If you want to sleep earlier and cure insomnia, Godfather OG strain is for you!

What’s the best?

Godfather OG strain is itself the best cannabis strain for beginners. The ultimate THC levels allow you to get to the bed earlier while the mouth-watering sweet and fruity taste makes your mouth full of weed pleasures. Suitable to both indoor and outdoor growers both, the Godfather OG strain is the best cannabis seed for beginners to grow in 2023! 

How to Choose the Best Cannabis Seeds For Beginners in 2023?

To make the most out of weed strains this year, have a look at a quick guide on how you can choose your best pick of weed seeds to grow easily and can get the most out of the weed strain.

Go for knowing strain info first

You know your requirement and need for weed seeds better than anyone else. Choose accordingly your need and then look for the strain’s genetics which results in the effects. In simple words, if you want to get ‘high’ then you will choose the strain with more THC levels. However, if you are going for cannabis to relieve the pain and cure some medical symptoms then you must go with weed seeds containing higher CBD concentrations. By following such, you will have a perfect strain that will suit your need. 

Seeds type matter

Whether to choose regular, autoflower, or feminized? As you are a beginner weed grower and hoping so you want to make the most out of your hard work even with fewer efforts then you want your garden to bloom green-like female plants rather than just male ones which do not worth anything. Therefore, rather than taking risk of 50:50 from regular variety, you should go for feminized seeds in which the germination rate of female plants is quite higher than regular ones. 

Some other factors

As said earlier that, you know your requirements well, therefore, you can opt for any weed seeds that are not only easier to grow but can also have some other properties as well which can help in your cannabis cultivation. Such as earlier flowering period, less price of the seeds, etc. 

It is obvious that if you choose a seed strain that has a short flowering period then you will be able to get buds earlier than other strains. However, here you have to make sure that there are some other strains as well which results in great quality and yield but takes a little longer time as well. 

So, this decision is up to you whether you want a strain to get buds instantly or want to cultivate your cannabis garden patiently to get most of the cannabis to grow experience. 

Best Cannabis Seeds For Beginner: Final Words

Finally, if you are here, you must be ready with your best weed seeds for beginner growers and jumping into the field. However, suiting to every novice grower’s requirements, all type of cannabis seeds is here to help you out in choosing yours. 

Well, if you still have any doubts, then ask us in the comments below. Our team will be glad to help out a weed lover like you!

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