Best Cannabis Strains for Sex – Male & Female Arousal

Different studies around the globe have found that cannabis enhances the sexual experience for both females and males. However, studies on cannabis and its effects on the sex life of humans are still going yet. 


If cannabis helps to increase sexual pleasure, then what are those strains? 

Or simply, what are the best cannabis strains for sex?

So, here are the answers!

Best Cannabis Strains for Sex

12 Best Strains for Male & Female Arousal

Keeping all the expert talks aside we will directly tell you those amazing cannabis strains which can make you fly high in the bed!

1. Wedding Caketo boost your libido

Strain: Indica

THC: Up to 22%

Wedding Cake is also known as Pink Cookies (in Canada) is one of the Indica hybrid cannabis strains which can boost your libido. 

It is one of the strains which has high THC content and hits you harder with its amazing euphoric effects. Means perfect strain before you move to your bedroom. 

Wedding cake is a perfect combination of an intense terpene profile and high THC content of up to 22% that can arouse you easily. Although, the flavor and taste are also a mix of tangy and earthy pepper. So, you will get an overall fantastic experience. 

Apart from this, the Wedding cake has also got an award for Best Hybrid Flower in 2018, which shows how potent and capable this marijuana strain is!


  1. Perfect to make you arouse and boost libido.
  2. Effects of euphoria, happiness, and ultimately calmness.
  3. Sweet, earthy, and vanilla taste. 
  4. High THC to make you high.
  5. Medical benefits are also there.
  6. High terpene profile. 
  7. Award winner strain.

Summing up, if you want to try out something unique, crazy, and sexy, then a wedding cake is the best option to start with. It has all the perfect combinations of cannabinoids, terpenes, and tastes that can enhance your pleasure in the bed.

2. Bubblegum KushFor slow and ultimate effects in bed

Strain: Indica

THC: Up to 18%

CBD: Up to 9%

Bubblegum Kush is a unique combination of THC and CBD that results in a fantastic experience in bed. Thanks to the parent genetics Bubblegum and Kush, which made this strain powerful.

Bubblegum Kush increases the desire for sexual pleasure in both males and females with its effects of enriched terpenes. 

And, the best part is, people with this potent strain have reported a slow and relaxing pleasure during sex which makes it even better for the people who love to take things slowly!

Although this unique strain is Indica dominant it has the combination of both CBD and THC cannabinoids, which is perfect to make you euphoric, happy, and ultimately relaxed. 

With a pungent smell and a combination of sweetness with earthiness, you can have the ultimate experience with this slow beast!


  1. Slow effects to give you more sexual pleasure.
  2. Contains both CBD and THC.
  3. Increases sexual desires in females.
  4. Ultimate effects of happiness, euphoria, and relaxation.
  5. 80% Indica dominant potent strain.

As said before, Bubblegum Kush is an ideal strain for people who want an enhanced yet relaxed experience during sex. And, the perfect combination of genetics in this strain makes you achieve that instantly. 

3. Green Crack PunchFor high energy

Strain: Sativa

THC: 18%

If you are someone who loves to be crazy on the bed and full of energy then Green Crack Punch is something that can help you for sure. 

This unique Sativa dominant strain is full of energy and potential that can make you fly high. Thanks to the intense cannabinoids in it. 

This energetic strain is Sativa dominant and hits hard when you just smoke it once. 

Effects of Green Crack Punch are mainly euphoric buzz, energizing, and ultimately motivating, which makes it an ideal marijuana strain for people who love to get wild. 

Apart from this, Green Crack Punch is enriched in terpenes as well. The resins of Green Crack Punch are enriched in limonene, which is the ultimate secret of energy! 

Moreover, this strain will also be able to deliver a mouth-watering flavor and taste of citrus fruit. 

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  1. Super energetic strain.
  2. High THC up to 18%.
  3. Tasty strain.
  4. Sativa dominant.
  5. Terpene enriched.

As said before, Green Crack Punch is for those who want to get wild in the bed, unlike Bubblegum Kush. This potent strain has high THC levels and potent genetics, that you can expect from an ideal potential strain to be energized throughout your task! 

4. Grand Daddy PurpleTry something new

Strain: Indica

THC: Up to 17%

Known as GDP, Grand Daddy Purp, G Purps, and Grand Daddy Purple Kush, this strain has Indica dominant genetics which fetches THC cannabinoids up to 17%. This strain is ideal for those who want to experiment with themselves. 

As GDP has high levels of cannabinoids along with a rich terpene profile which can easily arouse any female or male. Through its unique genetics help, you get sexual pleasure more deeply. Thanks to its euphoric buzz and ultimate relaxation, which you will be getting after a smoke of GDP. 

The best part of Grand Daddy Purple is that it gives you overall balanced pleasure during intercourse. So, you can also take the charge of pleasure and can slow or fasten the process as you need. While GDP will help to enhance that pleasure with its balanced effects. 


  1. Best strain for sex for people seeking something new to try.
  2. High THC. 
  3. Balanced buzz to enhance sexual pleasure. 
  4. GDP is also a medical strain. 
  5. Great to start your weed and sex journey with it. 

This Indica dominant strain will be able to boost your confidence during intercourse. As its effects are quite euphoric and balanced that it can help your partner reach orgasm deeply with your basic love-making skills. 

Overall, it is an ideal strain for couples seeking something new to try out. Though it has all those features which you might look into an ideal strain for sex.

5. Sour DieselIncreases the sexual desire

Strain: 70% Sativa and 30% Indica

THC: Up to 19%

If you really love adventure in the bed then Sour Diesel might help to boost fire in you!

Sour Diesel is a Sativa dominant genetic that was the result of a cross between legendary Northern Lights x Shiva x Hawaiian. 

The stronger effects of this strain are enough to make you go crazy with your partner. Thanks to its Sativa dominant genetics that has a high THC of up to 19% and an amazing terpene profile.

Because Sour Diesel increases the sexual desire and the pleasure of touch by your partner, hence, you can always keep this strain with you to rock every time!

Even with Sour Diesel, you can go for multiple rounds, and still, you might be craving for more!


  1. Up to 18% high THC.
  2. Clear and physical high.
  3. Strong strain for arousal.
  4. The pungent smell and mix taste of sour flavors. 
  5. One of the strongest weed strains ever.

Sour Diesel is something that has both genetic potential and heavy effects. Also, this strain boosts sensual desires and helps you achieve sexual pleasure in a much better way which you will remember for a longer time. 

6. Girl Scout Cookies For an adventurous yet realistic high

Strain: Indica

THC: Up to 19%

Popularly known as GSC or Girl Scout Cookies is a great choice if you want to get creative in the bed. 

As GSC is the strain that has mixed genetics of Indica and Sativa and hence, you will be able to get the adventurous feel of both genetics. Though it will not make you just fly high instead you will be consciously able to get real pleasure with your partner. 

This is what an edge of having GSC before going to bed. It increases your inner creativity and curiosity while the effects of the strain make your journey more enjoyable. 

Even when it comes to aroma and taste then GSC wins the race with its pungent, dessert-like flavor profile with bold notes of mint, sweet cherry, and lemon as well.


  1. Enhances sensory experience.
  2. Mind-blowing effects.
  3. High THC.
  4. Medical benefits.
  5. The average time of growing this strain is 9 to 10 weeks indoor, which is good.

With Indica dominance and a slight mix of Sativa genetics, GSC becomes the perfect strain for experienced weeders. Though it gives you an intense hit of the effects still it makes you live in the real world to feel the adventure.

7. Amnesia HazeBoost your confidence in bed

Strain: Sativa

THC: Up to 19% 

Want to get a better idea during role plays? And, also want to get high? Amnesia Haze is for you, my dear friend!

This potent strain is perfect to give you uplifting euphoria with a boost of energy and confidence. Thanks to the potent genetics. 

Amnesia Haze is a highly energetic strain like Sour Diesel and hence, it will make you able to think, create, and feel the new ways to enjoy intercourse. That is why people with Amnesia Haze have reportedly said that they have had a better orgasm with it. 

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Apart from the uplifting buzz and intense highness, Amnesia Haze is enriched in earthy flavors and lemony citrusy taste which makes it even more unique to try out. 


  1. Potent strain to get energized. 
  2. Cannabis Cup winner strain.
  3. Intense level of THC cannabinoid.
  4. Enriched in terpene profile, especially in myrcene. 
  5. Medically beneficial strain.

For the couples seeking something to try out new and also to get wild in bed, Amnesia Haze is a perfect strain. It has the power to boost energy and make you fly high. While you will consciously be enjoying the journey of intercourse with your loving partner as well.

8. Joanne’s CBDBest for morning sex

Strain: 50% Indica 50% Sativa

THC: 0.5 to 0.75%, CBD up to 15%

Often referred to as morning sex strain, Joanne’s CBD has unique features that can make you start your day with positivity!

This strain has intense CBD levels of 15% with an enriched terpene profile of Caryophyllene. That means if you want to start your day with a positive note then its clear high effects will soothe your body and will make you get sexual pleasure perfectly in the morning. 

Hence, you can start your day with the sensual exploration of your partner’s body! Well, what can be a better way to start your day! 

When it comes to the effects than with the perfect combination of 50% Indica and 50% Sativa, Joanne’s CBD gives you a balanced high without euphoria.


  1. Best strain for morning sex.
  2. Gives a clear high without euphoria.
  3. Medical benefits are also there.
  4. Intense CBD levels.
  5. Better taste.

Joanne’s CBD is the strain that is time-specific for the best results. As said earlier, to start your day positively, this strain gives ultimate effects. Hence, with Joanne’s CBD, morning sex becomes more enjoyable, which ultimately helps you kick start your day. 

9. Northern LightsLegendary strain

Strain: Indica

THC: Up to 17%

Northern Lights is legendary marijuana in itself. Because the genetics that it possesses is just outstanding. Even you get to feel what weed can actually do when you smoke this strain. 

Northern Lights has high THC which gives you intense hits of euphoria making you love your partner a little more in the bed. If you want more extended foreplays with your partner then Northern Lights helps you with its sensual enhancement effects. 

Once you smoke this strain, you are sure to have that extra pleasure while making love with your partner that you would miss out without it. 

Apart from its pleasure-enhancing features, Northern Lights has an amazing spiced herbal taste with a flowery aroma, which is icing over the cake!


  1. Powerful strain.
  2. Enhances sexual pleasure.
  3. Intense THC levels.
  4. Better aroma and taste.
  5. Intense effects of euphoria.

Northern Lights is a worldwide popular weed strain that is known for its potent effects. However, if you smoke Northern Lights before going to bed then it will make you experience the real pleasure of love gradually. Because once the euphoria of NL takes over your body, it is not going to leave that much early!

10. Trainwreck

Strain: Sativa

THC: Up to 17% 

If you are one of the couples who regularly experiment sex with cannabis. Or even if you are going to do it the first time then Trainwreck is the strain that will perfectly suit you.

Here’s why:

Though this strain contains potent THC levels and also produces euphoric effects the best part is that it doesn’t make you couch-locked. That means you can be high as well as focus on your love-making task too!

Some users also make this strain handy just for short sex. As Trainwreck doesn’t make you high for longer hours. You can smoke it once and chill for some hours while after the short love session you can complete your other work as well.

Mexican, Thai, and Afghani Indicas are the parental genetics of this strain which are known for producing the best quality marijuana strains. Fortunately, Trainwreck is one of them. 

The major effects that this strain produces are euphoria, creativity, motivation, and happiness as well, which also gives you confidence during intercourse.

Apart from this, this potent strain also has medical benefits, which means it is a multi-tasking strain ideally for multi-taskers!


  1. Ideal for shorter love-making sessions.
  2. Balanced effects for a shorter duration.
  3. Earthy aroma and flavor. 

Weeders who have been bored with the regular strain will find out Trainwreck is an amazing strain for its ultimate effects and features. 

11. Do-si-dos

Strain: Indica

THC: Up to 20%

Do-si-dos is one of the strains which has high levels of THC to make your sexual experience far better. The strain possesses an enriched terpene profile which forces you to take your love-making journey to the next level. 

Thanks to the intense buzz which melts your body to feel the touch of your partner more deeply. Before going to bed, one smoke of Do-si-dos can completely take your sexual experience to cloud nine. 

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Apart from this, the strain will ultimately relax your body that means you can also get relief from anxiety and tension. 

While its earthy, sweet, and pungent aroma will make your mouth experience better.


  1. Potent strain for sex.
  2. Enhances intercourse experience drastically. 
  3. The ultimate effect is relaxation. 
  4. Relief from anxiety and tension.
  5. Sweet, pungent, and earthy aroma.

Search out this strain if you want to make your partner happy and satisfied with your love-making skills. Also, keep in mind that this strain gives an intense buzz of euphoria hence users with low tolerance should initiate with little doses.

12. Jillybean

Strain: Hybrid

THC: Up to 16%

Jillybean is one of the favorite strains for newbie lovers. As Jillybean makes the user creative, happy, and confident enough to ask out for new adventures with his/her partner. 

Although the strain has also an interesting flavor of tangy orange and mango which is a result of its parental genetics of Orange Velvet and Space Queen. However, it’s a personal preference whether you like this taste or not.

However, when it comes to enhancing the love experience with your partner then Jillybean does the job quite better. 


  1. Balanced strain.
  2. Intense cannabinoid levels.
  3. Citrusy and fruity flavor.
  4. Happy, creative, and uplifting effects.
  5. Best for moderate smokers.

If you haven’t tried out Jillybean yet then you must try this out. This strain is one of the quality strains that gives you an enhanced and confident experience while making love. 

Is Strain/Terpene Matter in Weed?

First, let’s talk about strain type.

Strain type of marijuana might not matter that much in case of sexual pleasure with weed. As the major role is the effects that weed produces. The effect of a particular weed strain is something that enhances your experience. 

So, we can say that a weed strain type does not directly matter. However, different strains have different effects which might lead further to different experiences with them. 

Apart from this, terpene in a marijuana strain does matter for aroma and flavor. As when you smoke a weed and get the aroma of citrusy fruit then it is the terpene that is working. Although this is a personal preference whether if you want a specific aroma and taste. 

However, the science behind working on this is the terpene which actually matters while choosing a specific strain with aroma and taste. 

Cannabis and Sex: Tips for a Better Experience

Although weed might help you achieve orgasm deeply, however, you have to be careful, and follow some tips for a better experience. Read about cannabis and sex on Wikipedia.

1. Safety 

If you are a first-timer, who is going to experiment with weed then you should mainly focus on small doses initially. It is essential to check out whether the chosen strain is working fine or not. Also, smoking too much weed can result in completely couch-locking, so, avoid that.

2. Keep patience

In excitement, you should not focus mainly on smoking weed, which can give you the pleasure completely. Instead, it is you who will prepare everything for yourself and your partner in the bed. While weed is to enhance that pleasure. So, again, don’t completely rely on the weed. Also, show your love-making skills.

3. Small doses

This is for beginners. Start with small doses of weed if you are experimenting or trying out the first time. As this is not always necessary if a particular strain working for other people, might also work for you. Find your strain and just bang it!

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which strain is best for sex? Indica or Sativa or Hybrid?

Cannabis is mainly found in either of the dominant varieties. However, some cannabis strain also possesses the perfect balance of these two cultivars. Although Indica strain is mainly known for getting high, sleepiness, and stoning sensations. On the other hand, Sativa is known for its energetic, buzzing, and cerebral effects.

2. Which is the best weed strain for male arousal?

Above mentioned strains are perfect to arouse anyone, either male or female. However, to ramp up the sexual drive in either gender, Weeding Cake or Do-si-dos can work better. Although keep in mind you have to find the better strain by yourself. 

3. Does THC matter for better sexual pleasure?

Well, the ultimate effects that cannabis produces are the result of cannabinoids that it possesses and THC is one of them. Hence, to ultimately, increase the effects of weed, THC content should be higher. S

Best Cannabis Strains for Sex: Final Word

There is research still going on cannabis and its effects on human sex life. However, some previous researches have shown that cannabis might help achieve a better sexual experience. Though weed should not be the only factor for yourself to get a better experience. 

You should also avoid stress, reduce alcohol consumption, and stay active for better sex life. 

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