Best Cheap Marijuana Seeds Reviews 2023

Many of the new growers opt for buying cheap marijuana seeds for beginning their marijuana cultivation journey. 

As investing in cannabis cultivation often increases the budget. 

Especially when you are just to start about, you always want to play a safe game rather than putting your whole money into it.

Sometimes, your whole investment can also be the reason for double profit. However, that is a game of risk-takers. 

If you are a new cannabis farmer and also want to play a safe game in cannabis cultivation then choosing cheap weed seeds is the best option to go.

After this quick guide, you’ll be able to find the cheapest marijuana seeds on the market. 

Are you ready?

Best Cheap Marijuana Seeds

Let’s get straight into it:

Best Cheap Regular Seeds

Being a cannabis enthusiast and over years of roaming around the web, I learned about cannabis growing techniques and budget-friendly seeds that will suit every new grower.

Here we begin our favorite list:


Originated from the borders of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, this pure Indica hybrid strain is best for the treatment of pain, insomnia, and stress.

Due to Indica dominance, the Afghan Kush strain will be having more THC concentration. It is around 21.6% and it is sure to give you relief from pain, stress, and sleeping issues.

This strain is grown in a harsh climate which indicates better growth in the same weather regions.

However, if it is grown in required conditions inside the home then it can give you a huge yield of around 450-500 grams per meter square. Well, the compact size of the plant allows you to have more yield in less effort. 

If you are a pro-cannabis farmer and want to grow Afghan even at a larger scale then this cheap cannabis seed strain will be perfect for you.

As it gives you around 500 to 600 grams per meter square yield. 

That means you can swim in the buds!

Afghan Kush seeds can flower in between 6 to 8 weeks if the growing conditions are maintained well.

Overall, this high THC cheap seed strain will be giving you a little high effect with cerebral fireworks and some calming effects. That is why it is recommended to have some physical issues and to the patients with the sleeping illness.  


  1. Strongly narcotic, best for Pain, insomnia symptoms, and relaxation.
  2. High THC concentration (21.6%)
  3. Large yield- Indoor (450-500 g/m square), Outdoor – (500-600 g/m square)
  4. Cheaper price. (3 Euro/seed)
  5. Earlier flowering time (6-8 weeks)

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You can guess from the name that this is a bomb strain that will be highly potent!

THC Bomb regular seeds are one of the most potent strains in THC content. 

That is the reason they are in demand for a long time!

THC Bomb seeds are a mixture of Indica and Sativa strains which resulted in high THC concentration. With THC Bomb, you will be getting a high THC plant with around 20 to 25% of the majority content.

That amount of THC is sufficient to give anyone knock-out effects. 

These strains are more suitable for indoor growers. As they are short in height around 65-90 cm. Moreover, they cover less space inside your room or lawn that means you can have more yield in less effort.

Unlike Afghan Kush, this strain gives you more yield per plant. You can have 550 to 650 grams of buds even just after a short time of 7 to 9 weeks of flowering. 

This means you’ll be ready to harvest your plants at the end of September and earlier in October.

For commercial production, it can produce up to 1000 grams of buds, which is really huge.

Overall, these short-height plant seeds are more potent with higher THC content and if you are looking for complete relaxation during the weekends, then this is a sure-shot solution to go with.


  1. High THC (25%)
  2. Best for indoor growers due to their short height.
  3. Larger yield in a short time.
  4. 7 to 9 weeks of flowering time.
  5. Get more seeds at a lower price.

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From K.C Brains, this cheapest seed strain is meant ideal for indoor growing.

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With a sweet taste, this seed strain is a favorite among the growers looking for varieties. 

Having a THC amount of around 15-20%, this seed can take space up to 1.2 meters when grown indoor. 

At a larger scale, this seed can also produce bulk buds after having a size of 2 meters. 

While growing indoors, you can expect 350 grams of buds after 55 days to 85 days of flowering time. Well, it is also said that you can make these plants earlier to reach the vegetative state by maintaining better environmental conditions. 

However, outdoor growers can have a larger yield of 800 grams of buds per plant, which is really appreciable in a short harvesting time. 

With a mix of pungent and sweet taste, these best cheap weed seeds will be ready to harvest within a short time of 45 days after the maturing period.

Overall, this best affordable marijuana seed is also meant for cloning, from which you can extend your yield. However, even without that, you can expect a great yield though by growing it in friendly environment conditions. 

With a high effect of relaxation, this weed strain will give you a sweet taste, which stands out from other strains.


  1. Affordable marijuana seed
  2. THC around 15 to 20%.
  3. Ideal for indoor growers.
  4. Yield from 350 to 800 grams.
  5. Suitable for relaxing effects with a little high.

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Best Cheapest AutoFlowering Seeds

After regular seeds, autoflowering seeds are the most popular choices that marijuana growers make. 

Here, you’ll be able to get the top three best cheapest auto-flowering marijuana seeds that will be able to make you bud-rich!


These Indica dominant Auto White Cheese seeds will be giving you a smooth body buzz.  With a high THC content, this seed is not only able to lock you to the couch but also able to cancel your all-schedule plans. Therefore, it is a strain to take on during the weekends or free time. 

Excess consumption can also lead to immense physical effects. That is why you are recommended to take it in a required manner and prevent excess usage.

Once you plant these best cheapest auto-flowering seeds in your lawn, you’ll be ready to harvest them within 70 to 80 days, which is a really short time comparatively other seed strains.

As these are the seeds to plant and harvest within a short time to repeat, therefore, you will be able to get a yield of around 200 to 300 grams. However, due to the short harvest cycle, you’ll be able again to begin the new plantation.

Overall, this is a high THC cheap weed seed that is specific for high and calming effects. The main feature of this seed strain is that its harvest cycle is short and you can plant a second time in the period of the other strain’s single harvest time.


  1. A short cycle of harvest time. (70 to 80 days)
  2. High THC for more calming effects.
  3. A typical Indica plant is suitable for different growing techniques.
  4. One of the lowest price seeds.
  5. 200 to 300 grams of yield.

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Critical Thunder Auto-flowering strain has a high THC amount of around 15 to 18%, which gives you a greater calming effect with a little physical as well. 

However, it is a short-cycle strain that means you can harvest this seed strain twice a year. One is around June/July and the other is September/October. 

Thanks to its Indica dominant genetics that lead to short time harvesting with more cerebral and physical effects.

Well, the yield can go up to 80 grams to 300 grams of M2 after 9 to 10 weeks of flowering time. Moreover, it is really a greater number for an auto-flowering strain. Even you can have more for the ideal setup of SOG but it goes well with outdoor growing too.

Overall, this is a strain that gives you a pleasant smell with more cerebral effects including calmness and happiness that can help to avoid anxiety. 

Take it as per your requirements. As this strain is highly potent to make you couch-lock.


  1. 15 to 18% THC content. 
  2. Ideal for SOG setup.
  3. More yield (300 g)
  4. Harvest twice with this strain.
  5. Budget price to make the deal.

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Gorilla Glue has been a popular strain for more than 5 years among the grower. Most of them are already familiar with this seed strain.

This seed strain is one of the most popular strain ranges of the MSNL seed bank. This is their original catalog under which they turned a photoperiod strain into the auto that ultimately resulted in a highly potent strain to body stone effects. 

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This unique seed strain of MSNL is one of the first choices of buyers looking for high THC content ranging from 20 to 25%. 

With a short time of 10 weeks, you’ll be able to swim in buds with Gorilla Glue seeds as its yield will be highly dense and due to a shortage of height around 100 cm, more buds will be there to enjoy.

This highly potent strain can make you high as much you may not be able to do anything else. That is why you are recommended to take it while you are free or for relaxing effects.


  1. 20 to 25% THC.
  2. Highly dense buds.
  3. Short plants saving space for indoor growers.
  4. Highly potent for physical and cerebral effects.
  5. Comes with one at half price while buying one.

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Best Cheapest Feminized Seeds

This is one of the favorite sections of the growers. This seed strain is highly beneficial for growers as the chances of having more buds with these strains are more than the already mentioned strains.

Well, let’s check out what are the 3 best cheapest feminized marijuana seeds, to begin with?

#1. Black Indica Feminized

Originated from Spain, this seed strain is an ideal deal for beginners. This seed strain has a balanced mixture of THC and CBD concentration unlikely the previously mentioned strain in which THC was relatively high.

That is why this seed strain is more suitable for treatment in the medical field. Patients with mild pain and insomnia can feel better with this strain without getting “high”. 

Black Indica is the purest Indica strain (as the name suggests) and due to this, it contains around 13% of THC and a relatively higher CBD content of 2.5%. 

With a high CBD amount, this seed strain allows you to socialize and work even after using it. That means there are no psychedelic and couch-locking effects.

When growing indoors, you can achieve a huge yield of around 400 grams whereas outdoor growers can do it around 200 grams. 

The best part of this strain is that it doesn’t require your full-time attention and therefore, it can perform well with good environmental conditions. Apart from this, this strain has a short flowering time of just 8 weeks which allows you to achieve your favorite buds more quickly.

Overall, Black Indica is the strain that will go with the beginners suiting their all requirements. Either about maintaining average growing conditions or about having more buds in less time, this seed strain is the cheapest marijuana strain to go with.


  1. Mixture strain of THC & CBD. (Around 13% THC & 2.5% CBD)
  2. Short flowering time of just 8 weeks.
  3. Less effort in maintaining average growing conditions.
  4. Best for beginners.
  5. More benefits in less investment.

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#2. Dark Angel Feminized

Being a product of Indica and Sativa, this seed strain will give you pleasure in both worlds.

Unlike the Black Indica, this seed strain has a relatively higher THC amount but is still a mixture of CBD with it.

It contains CBD less than 1% whereas, THC concentration can even go up to 20%. 

That means this seed strain will be beneficial in relaxing and treating some mild pain. However, more consumption can also make the user high with some physical and cerebral effects. Well, that will be not that potent like the previous strains. (Regular & Auto-flowering Strains)

Being a mixture of Indica and Sativa, this strain gives buds up to 350 to 400 grams to indoor growers. Whereas outdoor growers can enjoy more buds up to 500 grams.

Well, these seed strains require regular growing conditions to be maintained for more output unlike the previous one.

The prime effect that you can have from this strain is relaxing and even calming. Keep in mind that the excessive amount also can make you couch-lock where you will be enjoying for hours. 

Overall, this seed strain is an upper level of Black Indica with some THC improvements. Still, CBD content is found at around 0.4%. 

Dark Angel seed strain is meant ideal for novice growers to get more yield in fewer investments. That is why it is one of the first choices of the best pot seed growers.


  1. Better version than Black Indica.
  2. More THC up to 20%.
  3. Larger yield in a short time (up to 500 grams).
  4. Ideal for novice growers.
  5. Less price more yield.

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Originated from the Netherlands, as the name suggests, this seed strain is a star choice for growers looking at Sativa dominant strains. 

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This seed strain contains up to 90% Sativa genetics whereas it produces great energetic cerebral effects as well.

With more than 20% (around 23%) THC content, it shows the effects of Sativa buds. That means, instead of making users completely high and unable to work, it allows to boost the mood and gives an energetic effect to engage with your work while enjoying.

Due to Sativa dominance, it can take a longer flowering time around 14 weeks, which will result in more buds at harvest time. The yield you can achieve from this seed strain is around 400 g to 600 g for indoor and outdoor growers respectively.

With some good growing techniques and growing conditions, you can even go more than the limits.

Overall, this seed is a fully upgraded version of both mentioned previous strains. 

The best part of having this seed strain is that you can achieve a positive effect, which will help you to relax and also fight with some mild pain. Anxiety and other stress symptoms are also treated with this marijuana strain.


  1. High THC of 23%.
  2. Energetic & relaxing effects.
  3. A longer flowering time. (Around 14 weeks)
  4. Overall best choice.
  5. Larger yield with greater plant height.
  6. Reasonable & affordable price range.

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Where to Buy the Cheapest Marijuana Seeds?

Buying the cheapest marijuana seeds from an online market is a little bit tricky nowadays. As if you even invest your 1$ at unworthy seeds then this will result in you with zero buds, which you never want.

For your hard-earned money, you need a seed bank that can give you enough buds even just for 1$. That is why here are the top three picks for choosing your best cheapest marijuana seeds:

seedsman website

At Seedsman, you will not find the cheapest weed seeds but also their quality will be better enough to give you huge buds.

From different varieties to lowest price seeds, they have covered everything for a new grower.

Moreover, this seed bank is also known as one of the cheapest seed banks in the market. Well, being the cheapest seed bank never meant that they are not legit. 

However, their seeds are really of top quality than other ‘scammy’ seed banks and you’ll be worth every penny you give to them. Seedsman is a trustworthy seed bank that got 4-star users ratings on Trustpilot.


  1. Cheaper seeds rate.
  2. Better Quality.
  3. More germination rate.
  4. Beginner’s favorite choice.
  5. Different varieties.
  6. Ships worldwide.


cropking seed bank website

Crop King Seeds is one of the best seed banks in the world that not only ships globally but also gives you what you pay for.

They ship quickly and also they have one of the finest quality seeds available at the lowest price.

Cheaper seeds here mean you’ll get better quality than any other seed bank.


  1. Most reliable and trustworthy seed bank.
  2. Affordable rates.
  3. Best quality seeds.
  4. Best for beginners and pro growers.
  5. All trending varieties of seeds are available.

MSNL Seed Bank

MSNL Seed Bank website

MSNL or ( is one of the top choices of cannabis growers in the world.

MSNL is one of the affordable seed banks in the market that can give you the cheapest weed seeds with better quality than any other new and ‘scammy’ seed bank.

With a variety of auto-flowering to regular and feminized to high CBD, they are experts in providing the best quality marijuana seeds at a lower price.

Also, Check out user reviews of MSNL seed bank on seedfinder.


  1. Best collection of different marijuana seeds.
  2. Reasonable and affordable rates for beginners.
  3. Quick shipment with friendly customer service.
  4. Seed bank with largely satisfied customers.
  5. Seeds with discounts and reward programs.

Best Cheap Marijuana Seeds Reviews: Final Words

While looking for the cheapest marijuana seeds, you never want to compromise the quality of seeds.

Also, for paying even just $1, you want to get seeds which really worth the investment. 

Additionally, you don’t want to get scammed by the seed banks that fake promise to give premium quality seeds at the lowest price.

Therefore, from now, you can really opt for some cheap weed seeds that are available on some legit seed banks in the online market.

Now, it’s your time to choose, tell me your favorite seed strain from the list, and do share your experience with the seed banks and you’ll be featured in our guide.

I’ll be waiting in the comment section!

Until then, stay home and enjoy it!

Happy Shopping!

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