Top 10 Best Exotic Strains in 2023

Do you want to try exotic strains?

If yes, then you are at the perfect place. 

After digging out for hours and asking the experienced smokers out there, we have got something exciting and special for you. 

And then, we have reviewed the best exotic strains.

Let’s find out what are some exotic cannabis strains that you can try out right now. 

What is Exotic Marijuana Strain?

Many definitions are floating around the web defining ‘exotic strain’. 

But, I’ll keep it simple:

An exotic weed strain basically is something that you have never tried. Moreover, the unique qualities such as taste, aroma, effects, medicinal benefits, and even genetics also make a strain – exotic. 

And, if I sum up all of the above statements, then exotic strain is something that excites me the most. Something that gives a unique and positive experience that you might never have in your life. 

Top 10 Exotic Strains

Top 10 Best Exotic Strains

Now, you might know what an exotic weed strain is, so, let’s move to the top 10 weed strains which are also exotic and also exciting:

1. Snowcap

For weeders looking for something unique and appealing, Snowcap is a perfect choice. 

With a 50:50 Sativa and Indica hybrid, Snowcap is one of the potent yet powerful strains that can deliver you the unique pleasure of weed. 

You get a very clear high as you inhale Snowcap. Thanks to up to 22% THC concentration in its buds. Moreover, when it comes to delivering the unique taste and aroma, Snowcap wins the race again hereby. 

This hybrid exotic marijuana strain is also known as a cooling strain and the credit goes to its citrusy menthol taste with the scent of lemon. While the effects will be uplifting, motivating, and ultimately relaxing. 

Coming to the appearance then some weeders have also reported that Snowcap also possesses a unique appearance. The buds of this exotic strain are quite hairy with brown pistils and greener buds, which is rarely seen in an average weed strain. 


  1. Unique exotic marijuana strain. 
  2. Up to 22% THC. 
  3. Uplifting and intense effects.
  4. Balanced dominance of Sativa and Indica. 
  5. Unique appearance. 
  6. Perfect for all weed enthusiasts. 
  7. Can be grown in most conditions. 

Snowcap is the best exotic strain which might do wonder if you grow it well. As it has also a tendency to push the THC up to 25% which will be amazing for a stoner. Moreover, the strain possesses a unique aroma and taste which makes you get the ultimate ‘exotic’ experience of weed. 

Therefore, ultimately you will feel worth the given time to it. 

2. Purple Haze

While searching out for the best exotic weed strains, Purple Haze is the second strain that you can try after Snowcap. 

However, it has little more dominance of Sativa (70%). While Indica (30%) genetics are also there in the Purple Haze. 

The smokers searching out the unique taste will find Purple Haze better as it possesses a unique blend of fruity, blueberry, earthy, and spicy flavors. Moreover, the 20% THC in it will make you fly high irrespective of your location!

The growers planning to grow Purple Haze will make it ready to harvest within 9 to 10 weeks. And, yes, you can expect a decent yield of 400-500g also. While the best part is that this strain can be grown easily in most climate conditions. So, you don’t need to be worried all the time about environmental conditions. 


  1. Unique flavor and taste. 
  2. Sativa dominance. 
  3. Decent yield. 
  4. Easy to grow. 
  5. Powerful effects. 

Apart from all of the features mentioned above, Purple Haze is also capable to deliver medicinal benefits in symptoms of stress, anxiety, fatigue, and insomnia too. Therefore, this strain becomes the perfect exotic weed strain to try out in 2023. 

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3. Malawi Gold

Well, this exotic strain might be tough to get easily but once you got it, there’s nothing better than it. 

Malawi Gold is one of the best exotic weeds that smokers and weed enthusiasts crave! 

With possession of over 16% THC, Malawi Gold is known for its cerebral high. Though CBD levels are insignificant in it. 

Apart from this, the mouth-watering taste of Malawi Gold is insane! Though you will be getting those usual tastes of flowery, earthy, and woody combinations there’s something unique in Malawi Gold that you can experience uniquely. 

Moreover, the effects are uplifting, creative, and mood-boosting, which makes it a perfect strain to inhale before you can work on something creative as well. However, make sure you can tolerate the highness of this strain. 


  1. Rare strain to get. 
  2. Up to 16% intense THC.
  3. Creative, mood-boosting, and uplifting effects. 
  4. Sativa dominant. 
  5. Earthy, woody, and flowery taste. 

Going deeper in search of some best exotic strains to try out, Malawi Gold is a rare strain that is not easily available. And its unique aroma with a taste of earthiness makes it, even more, better for smokers looking to try out something new and fresh. So, summing up, Malawi Gold is one of the rare and exotic weeds which you can try out now! (If founded)

4. Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is the weed strain that is ideal for weeders who are looking for some adventure. As Bubba Kush can not only make your ride on a roller coaster with its effects but can also make you fly to the sky after the ride!

With a sky-level of THC up to 27%, Bubba Kush is another exotic strain on our list. 

Well, to be honest, this exotic strain is not for beginner smokers as the effects of this strain might not be tolerable by them. 

Apart from its couch-locking effects, Bubba Kush delivers a unique chocolaty flavor with a sweet and spicy aroma. Moreover, this exotic strain is also found to be helpful in stress and insomnia as well. So, you will also be getting some medicinal benefits from it. 


  1. Sky-level THC (up to 27%)
  2. Unique chocolaty flavor. 
  3. Couch-locking effects. 
  4. Medicinal benefits. 
  5. Prize winner strain.

Not to mention, Bubba Kush has won the prize for its unique qualities and potency. Doesn’t matter if you want a completely relaxed weekend or want to ‘Netflix & Chill’ with your special one, Bubba Kush is sure to give you an overwhelming experience with it. 

5. Blue Cheese

Are you an Indica lover?

If yes, then surely you are going to love Blue Cheese. Indica dominant weed strains have their own unique quality and reputation in the weed world and therefore, weeders in search of Indica-dominant exotic strains will love Blue Cheese to try out. 

This rare Indica dominated cannabis strain is a mix of delicious blueberry and UK cheese which makes it even more exciting for weed lovers. 

With creamy flavor, Blue Cheese will make you a fan of its mouth-watering taste. 

Apart from the taste, genetically, this strain is quite potent. With 80% Indica dominance and up to 17% THC concentration in buds, Blue Cheese is sure to make your smoking experience overwhelming. 

Though the aroma and taste also line to the fruity and citrusy side. 


  1. Unique taste and flavor. 
  2. Indica dominant potent strain. 
  3. Up to 17% THC. 
  4. Ideal for both indoor and outdoor growers. 
  5. Flowers within 8 weeks.
  6. Easy to cultivate. 
  7. Intense effects.

Although Blue Cheese possesses unique taste, flavor, and potency even for a weed grower, this strain has the perfect qualities. As within as little as 8 weeks, this strain will be ready for you while the mold-resistant genetics will help you to put little effort into getting the most out of this exotic weed strain. 

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6. Frisian Duck

At first glance, Frisian Duck might appear as an alien plant but thankfully it is not!

However, this master of disguise strain has all those features which can make you feel as if you are smoking an alien weed. This is because Frisian Duck has a unique taste and aroma of peppery with a hint of pine. 

Although the genetics of the strain has equal levels of Sativa and Indica dominance. 

Moreover, this unique exotic strain possesses up to 17% THC with up to 5% CBD which is capable enough to knock out with one smoke or two. 

However, the ultimate effects will be a clear head hit and a state of sleepiness. While you can also feel energized and relaxed with this exotic masterpiece. 


  1. One of the new and unique exotic strains. 
  2. Up to 17% with 5% CBD. 
  3. Unique aroma and taste. 
  4. Medicinal benefits. 
  5. 50:50 Indica and Sativa dominance. 

With unique properties and effects, Frisian Duck is a perfect strain for those who really want to try out something new. Also, this strain can help in symptoms of pains and aches as well, so with the intense head-high, this exotic strain can benefit you medically too. 

7. California Dream

California Dream might be your dream exotic strain. This is one of the best exotic marijuana strains of all time. 

With 70% Indica and 30% Sativa genetics, California Dream is bred by crossing Afghani and Mexican genetics. And, with no surprise, you will also be able to get the hit of these both of the genetics in one single smoke of California Dream. 

Suiting for outdoor growers, this exotic strain grows faster when you give it the right growing conditions. And, also, California Dream can reach up to 4 feet in just 4 weeks, if you do things right. Therefore, growing outdoors, you can expect a heavy yield from it. 

Apart from this, you get a whopping 24% THC concentration in the buds of it, which will make sure you reach cloud nine after smoking California Dream. 

While the ultimate effects of this unique strain are uplifting and creative. So, you can also use it in the daytime. 


  1. Relaxing and creative energetic effects. 
  2. High level of THC.
  3. Indica dominant genetics. 
  4. Grows faster. 
  5. Suits for both indoor and outdoor cultivators if size doesn’t matter.

California Dream has an overall complete profile for becoming an ideal exotic strain. From having potent genetics to giving mind-blowing effects, California Dream is one of the top-shelf exotic marijuana strains which you shouldn’t miss out on.

8. Trainwreck

Ideal for heavy smokers, Trainwreck is something that hits hard with its potent effects. With a vigorous THC content of up to 22% and a balanced level of Indica with Sativa, Trainwreck perfectly suits a pro-smoker profile. 

Although growing Trainwreck marijuana strain might be slightly tough for you but once you get it in your stash, there’s no comeback to shift on other strains. 

The heavy yield will make sure you can smoke for more days while the energetic high after each smoke will make you touch the sky every day!

However, you get a little sour, earthy, and citrusy taste with a hint of spiciness with Trainwreck’s exotic marijuana strain. 

Well, if you are planning to grow Trainwreck indoors or outdoors then this potent strain takes at least time of 9 weeks to show its complete yield. 


  1. Up to 700g yield. 
  2. Powerful strain. 
  3. Intense highness. 
  4. A balanced mix of Sativa and Indica. 
  5. 9 weeks flowering. 

As said before, the Trainwreck marijuana strain is ideal for those smokers who want to take their smoking journey to the next level. However, it is recommended that beginner weed enthusiasts might start with little doses of it. 

However, keep in mind that Trainwreck has a taste of usual earthiness, citrusy and spicy flavors which might not be unique quality for some smokers. 

9. Hawaiian Snow

If you use weed regularly then you might need a strain which after one harvest can give you pleasure at least for several months. This is where Hawaiian Snow comes into play!

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Doesn’t matter grown indoors or outdoors, Hawaiian Snow results in heavy yield. Therefore, you can choose this exotic strain for filling your weed stock for the few next months. 

Apart from its high yield quality, Hawaiian Snow possesses up to 25% intense THC, which is sure to give you what you might expect from a weed. Additionally, it has quite low levels of CBD as well. 

With a citrusy and spicy hint of aroma and taste, you will find Hawaiian Snow’s best partner for giggling for hours. Although the effects of this strain are intense euphoria ultimately you will find deep relaxation in your body. 


  1. Up to 25% THC. 
  2. Heavy yield exotic strain. 
  3. Up to 12 weeks of the flowering period. 
  4. Fruity and citrusy taste. 
  5. Perfect for any climate to be grown. 

Cannabis Cup winner Hawaiian Snow can grow up to 700g/m2 indoors while outdoors it can go as high as up to 1200g/plant. Isn’t this amazing? 

Therefore, to fill up your weed stock in just 12 weeks, be ready to grow Hawaiian Snow!

10. Pinkman Goo

Last but not least, Pinkman Goo is our next favorite choice for the best exotic marijuana strains around the globe. This is one of the rarest exotic strains that you might find. 

Well, there’s an interesting story behind the discovery of Pinkman Goo. The story goes like, a woman has discovered the Pinkman Goo seeds from behind a refrigerator in her home and after plantation, she introduced a new exotic marijuana strain to the world. 

Whatever the story, Pinkman Goo is right now a rare exotic strain that possesses some unique qualities. 

The appearance of the strain is pinkish and purply hue which is a treat to your eyes. Moreover, it can possess up to 18% of THC concentration in its buds, which means surely it is a potent weed strain. 


  1. Unique and rare exotic strain. 
  2. Beautiful appearance. 
  3. Up to 18% THC. 
  4. Intense highness. 
  5. Average flavor. 

Though Pinkman Goo is a rare strain to find if you will get it somehow then probably you might be a fan of this strain forever. The effects of the strain are energetic and give a peaceful high, however, the taste of the buds will be usual like other strains – earthiness. 

Exotic Strains FAQ

Regularly asked queries related to this topic:

1. Can I grow an exotic weed strain?

100% yes! You can grow it even in your room with the help of a hydroponic or grow box. Even most of the weed lovers around the globe usually grow them in their homes without purchasing directly from the market. Due to legal issues and high prices, it is better to grow your own marijuana if you are permitted to. It will also save you a lot of money. As exotic or unique strains have higher prices comparatively regular strains. 

2. Which is the best website to buy exotic weed seeds?

ILGM and Crop King Seeds are one of the top weed sellers around the globe for any marijuana strains. Surely, you will find your exotic strain as well there. You can refer to our detailed guide on the best seed banks in the U.S. here!

3. How to check if I have purchased Exotic Marijuana?

Well, for weed to be an exotic strain, it all depends upon the experience or unique effects you get from it. Still, you can refer to some physical signs and appearance of the strain depending upon the store you are buying from. 

Exotic Strains: Final Words

People often dig out the whole web for the best exotic marijuana strains but rarely find one or two strains. However, now, you have known not one, not two, total 10 exotic weed strains of 2023. Although due to demand getting exotic strains might not be easy for you therefore, you can refer to ILGM and Crop King Seeds. You are sure to get something special for yourself here.

Happy Adventuring!

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