Best Feminized Weed Strains Reviews 2022

Are you looking for the best Feminized seeds but can’t decide where to begin from?

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Feminized seeds are more favorable seeds from the grower’s side to avoid the germination of male plants and to achieve only buds in their garden.

However, with tons of choices floating around the web, it becomes quite tough to go with any of them. Choosing the best-feminized strain among them, it Is the toughest deal!


From now, you’ll be an expert in choosing your best-feminized strain.

Want to know how?

Here is the answer:

After this guide, you’ll be able to choose your favorite feminized strain that will be of the best quality in the market. 

So, without taking anymore any time, let’s get straight into it:

Best Feminized Weed Strains

Best Feminized Weed Strains

Here the list contains my top 15 picks from the best-feminized seeds to grow, from the market. 

Are you excited?

Let’s find out your feminized seeds:


Gorilla Glue or GG4 is one of the most favorite feminized strains in the market. 

The easy to grow and quick flowering time gives you high yields of weed buds, which are the main factors for becoming more popular among the growers.

High THC around 25 to 30% is enough to give you the pleasures of the cannabis world. With a punch of euphoric effects, Gorilla Glue is capable to make your body numb and relax once you smoke or consume it. 

Growing Gorilla Glue Feminized seeds is quite easy and any novice grower can achieve a high yield of around 600 grams/ meter square within just 7 to 9 weeks of flowering time.

Overall, for the growers looking for a really strong feminized strain that can give them complete body relaxation with not-so-growing efforts, Gorilla Glue is the option to go.


  • One of the strongest feminized strains.
  • Easy to grow.
  • High yield of 600+ grams.
  • Strong effects after smoking.
  • Best for beginners and pro growers.

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Indica dominant THC bomb feminized strain is what you might be looking for!

From high THC to very easy growing conditions, this best-feminized strain has all you need to have a hard-hitting effect.

With a THC concentration of over 23%, the THC bomb will give you a complete body buzz and calming effect just after you smoke. The combination of classic skunk, sweet and earthy notes of taste will make you feel better.

The height of the plants is short as you grow, which makes it a perfect strain to grow inside your home due to less space coverage.

Around 500 to 600 grams/meter square can be easily achieved with optimum growing conditions indoors.

The favorable environment conditions include warmness which can be beneficial to grow more buds after 8 to 10 weeks of flowering time. 

For more dense buds, you can also wait for a week more. 

Overall, the THC bomb is the feminized strain that you’ll grow again and again. Its long-lasting cerebral effects will hit you hard to make you feel relaxed and calm.


  1. High THC strain – 22%.
  2. Flowering time of 8-10 weeks.
  3. Hard-hitting cerebral effects.
  4. Moderate environmental conditions are required.
  5. Higher yield in less effort.

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From Blue Dreams parent, Auto Blue Dream Feminized is the strain that can make you feel better from anxiety and stress.

Ruderalis genetics are more likely to be popular for the easy and fast growth of strain. 

THC of around 15% is produced from this 70% Sativa dominant and 30% Indica dominant strain

Auto Blue Dream strain is capable to give you a soothing effect quickly as you smoke to relieve the stress from your mind and body. 

When grown inside the house, the seeds don’t have heights of more than 100 cm. which makes this strain suitable to grow indoor.

70 to 80 days of flowering time makes it worth the time is taken after a high yield of 400 grams buds with the green and blue color of eye-catchy appearance.

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Overall, the Auto Blue Dream feminized strain is more likely to suit for giving relief from anxiety, pain, and stress, and hence this strain is perfect for those who are looking for medical cannabis.


  • 70 to 80 days of flowering time         
  • High yield of 400 grams from M2.
  • Easy to grow.

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If you want a feminized strain that can give you a sweet and fruity taste and then hits you hard with a euphoric effect then Mango Feminized is the best option to go with.

Easy to grow and high yield for both indoor and outdoor growers make this strain the best-feminized strain to grow in your lawn or room.

Therefore, this is a versatile strain from which you can achieve more yield by putting less effort. 

The amazing high effect will make you feel happy, uplifted, and relaxed once you take in the smoke. 

Overall, Mango Feminized strain is the option for the growers who are looking for high yield and high effects in a short time. The sweet taste hits you slowly with head buzz and soon overcomes your body to make you couch lock.


  1. Sweet and fruity taste.
  2. Easy to grow.
  3. Versatile strain to grow indoor or outdoor.
  4. Best for all growing techniques.
  5. Couch lock high effects.

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One of the most popular and best-feminized strains that can give you a really hard hit of euphoric effects. 

High THC and low CBD make this strain a potent and vigorous strain that is capable to produce a high yield with moderate growing conditions.

Fast growth and complete body buzz effect as after smoke makes it the most loved feminized seed strain.

Apart from this, the medium height of the plant gives you a higher yield which is suitable to grow inside or outside of your house.

Overall, when it comes to opting for a strong strain that can give you more buds with an average growing climate then AK-47 is the best option to go. Its strong hard effects will not only make you high to feel relaxed but will also make you couch-lock for complete body rest.

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With 100% of Sativa dominance, Durban Poison is the strain that can stand on your expectations.
With high THC (around 22%) and low CBD, this strain makes itself a perfect feminized strain for socializing.

The easy-to-grow conditions make it perfect for the novice to grow to achieve a high yield in the first attempt. You can achieve a yield of around 500 to 600 grams/meter square easily with moderate growing conditions.

The sweet and spice combination of taste gives you cerebral effects to feel better when you consume. 

Overall, this is one of the best-feminized strains for socializing even after smoke. The high cerebral effect allows you to giggle and relaxed to relieve the stress and uplift your mood.


  1. Best socializing strain.
  2. Easy to achieve high yield.
  3. Sweet taste with a mixture of some other aromas. 
  4. Suitable for indoor and outdoor gardening.
  5. 100% Sativa dominant strain.

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One of the classical strains of Indian Indica and Sativa hybrid dominance. White Widow is one of the most loved and popular feminized strains which has a very high THC concentration of around 19 to 20%. 

It is easy to grow and hence the most recommended strain for first-time growers. When grown in good environmental conditions this strain can produce a yield of 500 to 600 grams/plant. 

With a high body stoned effect, this strain will be one of the favorites of yours as you smoke it once.

The growing time is average and within around 7 to 9 weeks, your countdown to enjoy buds will be started.

Overall, White Widow is one of the popular choices of growers out in the world. The high THC allows producing a complete body-stoned effect whereas it can be grown in a cold climate too. 


  1. Best for first-time growers.
  2. High yield and low maintenance.
  3. High THC and low CBD.
  4. Pine flavor and body stoned effect.
  5. Can be grown in an even cold climate.

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The genetics from the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani gives you a royal purple bud which is one of the most potent buds with eye-catchy beautiful purple color.

With a THC content of 22%, Purple Queen can give you 450 to 500 grams/meter square yield when grown inside. 

Due to the moderate height of 1 to 1.5m, you can save space too with gardening of Purple Queen.

Apart from this, the short flowering time of 7 to 9 weeks allows you to harvest your buds within October month.

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By notes of citrus, this strain is for the evenings as the high THC takes your body over with euphoric effects. 

Overall, Purple Queen is an eye-catchy strain that produces an intense high effect when grown and harvested in the right conditions. Even with outdoor cultivations, it can produce a high yield of 700 grams. 


  1. 70% Sativa and 30% Indica dominant.
  2. More yield in less effort.
  3. Best for indoor and outdoor growers.
  4. High effect to make you couch-lock.
  5. Eye-catchy purple strain.

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One of the high THC strains that have won the High Times Cannabis Cup for best Indica flower.

With a flowering time of 8 to 9 weeks, Wedding Cake is capable to make your escape to paradise!

The high THC of more than 23% allows the bud to hold your body in control by giving you a complete couc-lock hit to relax.

The sweet vanilla taste gives a slow combination of head buzz and then to the body. Once you smoke Wedding Cake, you are sure to put it in your collection.

Overall, with an average yield, you are sure to feel relax and calm with the Wedding Cake strain that can give you buds in a very short time.


  1. Intense effects.
  2. High THC at 23%.
  3. Decent yield.
  4. Short flowering time.
  5. Best for relaxation.

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With a 50/50 Sativa and Indica hybrid genetics, Special Queen is the strain that is one of the favorites of new growers.

The high yield in low maintenance with short flowering time with indoor equipment allows it to be chosen by every novice grower.

You can achieve a high yield of 500 to 550 grams/plant within just 8 weeks of flowering time when grown indoors in artificial light.

However, the height of the plant may go up to 1.4m which is averagely good to maintain space. When grown outdoor then it can take place as a huge cannabis tree with a height of 3m. However, with such height, you can also expect a huge yield.

The 18% THC concentration is enough to make you feel uplifted and avoid anxious thoughts to relax and calm once you take. 

The classic skunk taste allows it to take over your body just after the first intake.


  1. 50/50 Indica and Sativa strain.
  2. 8 weeks of short flowering time.
  3. Harvest within late September.
  4. Cerebral effects to avoid anxiety.
  5. Best for novice growers.

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If you are looking for a feminized strain that can produce a high yield within a short time and can produce a high to make you feel better then Gelat OG feminized is the best option for you.

With a high THC concentration of 25% and mostly Indica genetics is capable to produce cerebral and psychoactive effects to reduce pain and anxiety to make you feel relaxed.

The high yield of buds makes it a more favorable choice for weed lovers. 

Indoor growers can easily grow buds around 500 to 600 grams/meter square whereas outdoor growers can achieve 400 to 600 grams/plant. 

The earlier harvesting time from the beginning of September makes it a strain to grow within just 55 to 60 days.

Overall, this strain is best for having buds in a short time which can produce effects to make you feel happy and relaxed.


  1. Citrus and sweet taste.
  2. Earlier flowering time. 
  3. More buds in less time.
  4. Produces happy and relaxing effects.
  5. Best for all climate conditions.

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Being an award-winning feminized strain, this popular fem seed is capable to replace your existing favorite strain.

The high THC 14% and low CBD <1% allow it to make you feel better by boosting your thoughts. This strain helps you to be more creative and relaxed for deep discussions with just one smoke. 

The average growing time of 10 weeks gives you a larger yield of around 400 to 500 grams. 

Suited for indoor gardening, Super Silver Haze is one of the best-feminized strains to grow indoor.


  1. High THC and low CBD.
  2. Produces creative thoughts and boosts your mind. 
  3. Average flowering time.
  4. Perfect for indoor gardening.
  5. Award-winning strain.

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Dedicated to the medical treatment for insomnia and sleeping illness, this strain has a high CBD of 18% and can make you feel better by boosting your mood more happily.

This strain is more preferred for users who want to get earlier sleep at bedtime. 

As this strain is the heritage of Afghani, therefore, it can help you to fight depression and anxiety with high CBD concentration.

The earthy and citrus taste in your mouth gives pleasure to feel more relaxed and calm. 

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The decent growing time allows growers to cultivate buds in the earlier Sept-October. Overall, this strain helps cure depression and anxiety due to high CBD concentration. 


  1. Best for medical treatment.
  2. Produces positive vibes and effects.
  3. Helpful in treating depression and anxiety.
  4. Easy to grow.
  5. High yield with optimum growing conditions.

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The resulted strain of White Widow and Northern Light, Snow White strain is perfect to grow indoor for high dense buds. 

This upgraded version of the previous strain has more CBD concentration and less THC to produce uplifting, motivating, and happy hormones in your head.

With moderate growing conditions you can grow a high yield of buds up to 500 grams indoors within just 8 to 10 weeks of flowering.

The earthy, sweet, and citrus-flavored taste is excellent for the growers looking for a strain that can produce positive effects.


  1. Better version to produce positive effects.
  2. Short flowering time of 8 to 10 weeks.
  3. High CBD less THC.
  4. Earthy and sweet notes of taste.
  5. Boosts your mind for a happy, uplifting, and Euphoric day.

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One of the best chocolate strains of all time!

This Sativa dominant strain is perfect to give you some earthy, sweet, and coffee burst taste when smoked.

 18% of THC content is sure to make you feel better from anxiety and stress once you take it.

When you smoke Chocolope best-feminized strain it will make you feel uplifted, motivated, and optimistic which is really helpful in fighting fatigue and depression.

Within 70 days of flowering time, you can expect a greater yield once you sow the seeds in your lawn.

Overall, this strain is quite helpful for the growers looking for medical cannabis and the high THC of 18% makes it better to feel delighted.


  1. Sativa dominant.
  2. High yield.
  3. High THC 18%.
  4. Best for treating depression and anxiety.
  5. 400 to 500 grams/meter square yield with SoG technique.

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Finally, our list of best-feminized strains completes here. The best part about having a feminized seed is that you are free from the risk of a 50/50 chance of male and female plants like regular seeds.

However, with just female plants, you can hope for maximum buds with your hard work.

How to Buy the Best Feminized Seeds Online?

When it comes to buying anything online, you might be puzzled in between several options. 

However, from an expert guide, you can be confident to make a decision accordingly to your requirements. 

Well, I’ll be giving you some best tips to buy the best-feminized seeds online that can give you more female plants resulting in more buds!

#1. Choose the best seed bank first

As you require the best seeds, you need the best resource for it.

From the best seed bank, you can expect for best quality feminized seeds.

However, you have to look over many factors while choosing a seed bank that fits perfectly to your requirements.

Once you choose the best seed bank, you are now just a few steps away from having the best quality feminized seeds.

However, I am mentioning here some of the best seed banks online that can help you in getting the best quality seeds:

#1. ILGM – I Love Growing Marijuana


One of the best seed banks in the market. Top-quality seeds, higher germination rates, and super-responsive customer service.

#2. MSNL Seeds

MSNL Seed Bank website

The larger stock of different seeds. Reputable brand and excellent shipping service. Offers and discounts are available.

MSNL seed bank has 5.o1 user ratings on SeedFinder out of 10!

#3. Seedsman

seedsman website

Seedsman is one of the best seed banks for budget seeds. Seeds are quite affordable, best quality, and have excellent germination rates. Great customer service is the cherry on the cake!

#2. Look for the best quality seeds

Once you got the best resource for your seeds, now it’s time to go for your seeds!

You can look over the previous buyers’ reviews to know the ‘actual’ quality of seeds.

This will not only benefit you from knowing the quality of the seeds but also will tell you any kind of growing difficulty if there’s any.

You can also opt for the reviews on some forums and websites to be more sure.

Once you get your favorite feminized seeds, it’s time to grow and enjoy!

Best Feminized Weed Strains Reviews: Final Words

I hope now you can choose the best-feminized seeds from our list. There are all qualities and varieties once you shortlist your requirements.

Once you get your seeds then there’s nothing to wait for.

Just go, sow and enjoy!

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