Best Indica Strains Review 2023

In cannabis culture, the Indica strains are more likely to induce ‘high’ effects and grow faster than other species. Even THC, the responsible factor for stoned effects, is found at higher levels in these strains.

That is why it is more popular among smokers and weed lovers. 

However, apart from popularity, there are tons of Indica strains online that claim to be the best. It is quite tough for you in choosing the best for your requirement. 

How it would be amazing if you got a collection of the best strains from many options to choose from? Sounds cool?

Even from the expert cannabis growers and smokers!

Well, if you are in search of the best Indica strains that can make your day joyful then no worries! 

From cannabis enthusiasts to smokers, the top-recommended and the best list of Indica strains for 2023 is here, only for you!

For smokers, weed-growers, and cannabis lovers, this list will surely give you the best choice of yours.

Without taking any more time, let’s begin:

Best Indica Strains


Dedicated to weed growers and smokers, this list will include all the trending, most popular, and most effective strains that each of them will have a unique property to give you their best impact.

Let’s check out which can be yours:

#20. Strawberry Glue

While in search of the strongest Indica weed strains, Strawberry Glue is the strain that makes it place at the top. 

From the strong parent genetics of Gorilla Glue and Strawberry Diesel, this strain has all that you expect from an ideal Indica strain. 

Being an Indica dominant strain, Strawberry Glue possesses a THC concentration of up to 30%, which is one of the highest numbers considering different strains. 

Withing one smoke, you can expect a long head buzz that slowly covers your whole body and make you feel ‘high’. The taste of the strain lies between fruity and classical earthy strain.

Apart from this, the strain has an intense effect, and therefore, the heavy smokers who want to be couch-locked mostly prefer this strongest strain.

What’s the best?

The best part about Strawberry Glue is that apart from being the strongest weed strain and an intense high, this strain leaves you with deep relaxation with the tension-free environment, and therefore, it helps you to avoid stress and anxiety from your body. 

While you will be walking through the skies, your muscles will be repaired with deep body relaxation. Due to its intense effects and aroma, novice smokers are recommended to take a limited dosage. Otherwise, you may not be able to socialize after being couch-locked!

Check out the strain info about Strawberry Glue on SeedFiner.

#19. Fat Banana

Want a fruity Indica strain that can give you an intense high within sweet taste? Then don’t miss Fat Banana!

The cross of Banana and legendary OG Kush resulted in an excellent combination of ‘high’ and ‘sweet’. From the name, you can guess, this strain is dedicated to smokers looking for a fruity high!

With around 25% of THC concentration, you are 100% sure to stick at one place within just a smoke whereas the sweet flavor of the strain will make you do it again due to the mouth-watering taste.

Apart from this, if you are a grower and want to make the most out of this strain then you don’t have to put much effort as Fat Banana Indica dominant strain is easy to grow and can result in a heavy yield of up to 500g if the growing conditions are good.

What’s the best?

Fat Banana is a fruity strain that has amazing taste and an intense high which will make your body in a completely different world of pleasure. Apart from the potency of this strain, it is one of the quickest strains to grow. Within just 8 weeks of the flowering period, get ready to harvest your buds and the bonus part is that it produces immense yield to smoke all day!

#18. Hindu Kush

Want to get quick buds? Choose the Hindu Kush! One of the most favorite Indica dominant strains of weed lovers and smokers. Thanks to its fast life-cycle that allows you to get instant buds to smoke.

The Hindu Kush is originated from Hindu Kush Mountain areas and from mountains to each corner of the world it has a great reputation among weed growers.

Even with Indica dominance, Hindu Kush has a life cycle of just 6 weeks to produce buds. Yes! You read it right! If you maintain the growing conditions well and took care of your garden then it can reward your buds within just 42 days!

Apart from its quick flowering period, the strain is known for its intense aroma and uplifting high that makes your body numb and relaxed after hours of high.

What’s the best?

Dedicated to the smokers looking for instant buds, Hindu Kush is the strain for indoor growers, who can maintain the optimum environmental conditions. Within the right environment, you will be ready to get your buds instantly within 7 weeks (maximum). Therefore, Hindu Kush is one of the fastest-growing strains with couch-lock effects and a beautiful aroma with a mouth-watering sweet and pungent taste.

#17. Sour Kush

Dedicated to relief from pain and stress, Sour Kush is a legendary cross of OG Kush and Sour Diesel, which has mostly Indica genetics but yet Sativa genetics are there which are responsible for healing your body from pain and other medical conditions. Therefore, you can expect this strain to be helpful apart from just making you ‘high’.

The THC concentration in Sour Kush can go up to a maximum of 25% but the average is found around 18 to 20% which is capable enough to hit hard with euphoric effects and making you couch-lock. 

The citrus and spicy aroma will leave you with deep thoughts and relaxation.

What’s the best?

With an average THC content of up to 20%, Sour Kush is the perfect strain for those who are looking for getting high and relief from stress both. The intense hit of the smoke will make you reach a different world where you can escape anxious thoughts and pain.

Overall, this strain is perfect to smoke at the end of your tiring day and during the weekend where you can relax and can get a fresh mood after smoke.

#16. Bubble Kush

Ideal for both indoor and outdoor growers, Bubble Kush is the strain that has nearly perfect properties to smoke right now!

This excellent strain can grow within just 7 weeks of life-cycle where it can give you heavy, resinous, and dense buds up to 600g when you grow in hydroponics or a grow tent. The plants take space upward up to 1.4m maximum and therefore, the maintenance of the plants indoors is moderately easy.

Whereas the outdoor growers can be weed-rich as more than 650g of yield. As space is not a concern for the outdoor growers, the plants can take a height of up to 2m.

Apart from immense yield to smoke all day, Bubble Kush has an average THC concentration of 19% which is capable enough to give body-stoned effects. As you smoke Bubble Kush once, you will be able to feel the Indica genetics taking hold over your body making you feel uplifted and energetic.

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What’s the best?

Bubble Kush is one of the strongest Indica dominant strains that are perfect for weed growers searching for immense yield strains. With intense body high, this strain can replace your current favorite strain with overall perfect properties!

#15. Blueberry

Blueberry is one of the legendary strains that has been known for its quality effects and potential to make people reach cloud nine!

This High Times Cannabis Cup winner strain has strong genetics of parent strains of Afghani and Fruity Juice that will induce an intense psychoactive effect after smoke. 

With an average THC of 20%, you are sure to have a roller coaster ride and deep relaxation at the end of the psychological effects. That is why it is one of the strains that is recommended to take at the end of the day due to its potency.

This strain has been known for more than 50 years, in which the whole credit goes to its strong genetics. Thanks to the breeders that cross strains that resulted in such powerful weed.

Overall, the flavors of the Blueberry strain are sweet and the effects are intense making it avoidable for novice smokers. 

What’s the best?

Apart from Blueberry’s intense effects, aroma, and heavy buds, it is one of the best strains for the treatment of insomnia, stress, and sleeping issues. That is why the Blueberry strain is referred to as one of the potential strains to heal some medical symptoms. If you are looking for a legendary strain that can make you reach cloud nine as well as can make you feel better from some medical symptoms then look no further than Blueberry!

#14. G13

Mr. Nice bred G13 and Skunk that resulted in a strain to produce immense yield. G13 is the Indica dominant strain that has a history of breeding with many different strains.

Somehow, the original G13 strain is difficult to find out but the Nick version of G13 is quite popular among weed lovers. This strain can induce intense head high which can make you being body-stoned or couch-locked and finally in a state of deep relaxation.

The yield from G13 is excellent and you can get buds of around 650g indoor while the outdoor growers can get up to 500g. Yield is enough to let you smoke all day!

Well, the SoG technique is expected to be more fruitful with this strain but in fact, if you keep environmental F conditions good even with basic growing skills then you too can make the most out of this strain.

What’s the best?

The best part about the G13 strain is that apart from its unique aroma and sweet taste with a little note of spice, this strain can be your all-time strain to smoke. The reason being its immense yield and unmatchable mind and body effects.

#13. Blue Cheese

Want a cheese strain to smoke? Blue Cheese is the right option. The excellent blend of Oregon Blueberry and UK Cheese resulted in this latest yet strongest strain – Blue Cheese!

This strain is known for its unique taste of sweetness which came from the parent Blueberry strain. However, the effects of Blue Cheese are quite intense which is sure to leave its impact for hours after smoke.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor growers, Blue Cheese is more suited for SoG and SCROG growing techniques. However, you can even grow it outdoor and can get cannabis trees which can result in heavy and dense yield.

If you are an outdoor cultivator and want to grow a strain that can make the rain of buds then Blue Cheese is a perfect choice. This strain can give you buds of up to 800g, which is rarely any strain gives.

What’s the best?

The best part about having a Blue Cheese strain is that it can give you the impact of the perfect strain that you might be looking for. Either you are in search of the highest yield strain or about the strain that can make you reach cloud nine within single smoke, look no further than Blue Cheese!

#12. Purple Kush

Purple Kush is one of the beautiful strains that you might be looking to grow in your weed garden. The excellent cross by the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani resulted in one of the potential strains.

This amazing strain can produce buds with a THC content of up to 27% that is capable enough to give you a knock-out punch within a single smoke.

The aroma and taste of Purple Kush are more likely to be earthy and grape-like sour and sweet. 

Purple Kush is an ideal strain for both indoor and outdoor growers. If you keep an eye over the optimum growing environment conditions then you can get up to 450g of yield indoor. However, outdoor growers can get more up to 600g. 

What’s the best?

The best part about Purple Kush is that it can give you beautiful purple plants which can make your friends and neighbors jealous. In certain growing environment conditions, Purple Kush takes a beautiful hue of purple color which is more likely to be eye catchy and attractive considering other strains.

#11. Death Star

This beast combination of Sensi Star and Sour Diesel resulted in the Death Star strain which is 80% Indica dominant. 

Therefore, you can expect an intense euphoric high. The strain is more likely to give you a positive and uplifting high making you feel better from pain and anxiety as well. Thanks to THC up to 26% is capable enough to make you feel body-stoned after smoke.

For those who want a strain dedicated to inducing intense psychoactive effects, Death Star is a perfect choice. It is due to its Indica dominance and higher levels of THC which is the main target to induce ‘high’.

Apart from this, the strain is perfect to grow in moderate climate conditions favorable to this strain. That means if you are a novice grower or just beginning your cannabis journey then you can make this strain most beneficial for you.

Overall, Death Star is an intense strain that can produce heavy buds and intense euphoric effects, which is a must requirement for any weed grower.

What’s the best?

The best part which you will love in Death Star strain is that it is mostly dedicated to weeding smokers. From 80% Indica to 26% of THC content, this strain is more likely to have all those perfect properties that any smoker will want. Therefore, if you want to smoke all day and feel the weed pleasure for hours, then don’t look further than Death Star!

#10. Sunset Sherbet

Sunset Sherbet is one of the popular strains in the market. It is all due to this strain’s nearly ideal properties of an Indica strain. 

As there are strains with intense effects dedicated to the heavy smokers out there, Sunset Sherbet is for those who want the initial pleasures of the weed. 

Sunset Sherbet is enriched in THC up to 20% of the majority which induces a moderate euphoric high resulting in the best option for novice smokers. Instead of getting intense knock-out, this strain slowly takes hold of the body and makes you feel better through relaxation.

With pungent and classical aroma with taste, you are sure to have the best weed experience through Sunset Sherbet.

Once you smoke Sunset Sherbet, it will slowly hit you in the head, and then it covers up to the toe, making you feel joyful and uplifted. 

Overall, the effects of Sunset Sherbet are amazing and ideal for weed lovers who just want to begin their weed journey.

What’s the best?

In the tons of intense weed choices, Sunset Sherbet is for beginner weed lovers with a moderate level of THC. However, the effects are overwhelming making sure you will have your best weed experience with this strain.

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#9. ICE

From the legendary parent strains of Afghani, Northern Lights, and Skunk, ICE is one of the popular choices nowadays for Indica dominant strains.

With the beautiful frosty buds of this strain, you are sure to have the best gardening experience with ICE. As it is ideal for both indoor and outdoor growers and can produce excellent yields as well.

Indoor growers can have yielded up to 450g whereas outdoor growers can make this strain to give them yield around 550g. Considering 90% Indica genetics, this strain can flower within just 8 weeks. That means you can harvest beautiful frosty buds around the month of earlier October.

Once you smoke ICE, it is sure that you will get an intense lock of euphoria resulting in hours of relaxation. 

What’s the best?

With the 18% of THC concentration and 90% Indica dominance, the ICE strain can produce a decent yield to make you smoke all day. Apart from its intense high, this strain can give you buds within a short flowering period of just 8 weeks, which is quite excellent considering the strain’s potency.

#8. Afghani

One of the most potent and purest Indica strains is Afghani which most weed lovers are already aware of. However, the origin of the Afghani strain is claimed from the mountains of Hindu Kush, and therefore, the favorable growing environmental conditions are also similar to that.

With the classical earthy aroma and sweet taste Afghani strain is expected to be founded thousands of years ago and still, its potency leaves every weed lover speechless!

The intense high of Afghani strain is more likely to be uplifting, euphoric high to boost your mood, and ultimately relaxing. Thanks to 20% of THC content in the buds which makes sure you have the best weed high of the oldest marijuana strains heritage.

What’s the best?

The best part about the Afghani strain is that it is one of the oldest weed strains to be founded and still the impact of its weed is unmatchable. Those who want to have a classic weed experience must try Afghani first.

#7. Chocolate Mint OG

You can guess the flavor of the strain from its name. Well, the aroma of the strain is more likely to be minty, fruity, and chocolaty which is capable enough to give you couch-lock effects.

Being one of the purest Indica strains, Chocolate Mint OG buds can produce THC up to 26% which makes it one of the strongest weed strains. 

The plants of the strain are more likely to be moderate in height making it perfect to grow it either indoor or outdoor. Whereas the indoor growers can get yield up to a maximum of 500g/meter square. However, this beast strain can produce buds up to 1-2Kg for the outdoor growers. Yes! You read it right. The strain can make you bud-rich as 1-2 Kg of yield.

Once you smoke Chocolate Mint OG, you will have an amazing taste of chocolate mixed with the sweet, pungent aroma of classical Indica strain with an intense hit of euphoric high.

What’s the best?

The best part about the Chocolate Mint OG strain is that it can make you weed rich if you grow it well. As said earlier, this strain can result in up to 1-2Kg of buds for outdoor growers, which makes sure you can smoke the rest of the year.

Overall, this strain is best for all weed lovers, who want an intense high with enough buds to smoke throughout the whole year. Whereas the earlier flowering time of the strain of just 8-9 weeks adds a plus point in its properties!

#6. Early Skunk

The blend of Early Pearl and Skunk #1 resulted in the Early Skunk strain which is one of the highest yield and potential strains for weed lovers.

Early Skunk has the genetics of Indica dominance parents with a little note of Sativa. Therefore, you can expect an immense yield with an intense high from the Early Skunk.

Early Skunk gives you a beautiful aroma of classic pungent which induces a relaxing high when you smoke. From head to toe, you can feel euphoric effects taking hold over your body after exhaling the smoke. Thanks to higher THC levels which are found around 18% to 22%. 

Within a short flowering period of just 8 weeks, you can expect excellent yield within optimum growing conditions. However, outdoor growers are on the positive side considering the yield as they give enough space to the strain to spread its branches and producing more buds. 

Overall, Early Skunk is the strain for those smokers who want to smoke all day. This strain is capable to produce an immense yield that will be ready to harvest within earlier October. 

What’s the best?

Early Skunk is a great package of the best Indica strain in which you can get immense yield and unmatchable weed high. Within a short period of flowering, you can make the most out of this strain. Therefore, this strain is for those weed enthusiasts, who are looking for a complete weed package. From smoke effects to yield and from aroma to unmatchable short life cycle, Early Skunk is the best Indica strain!

#5. Granddaddy Purple OR GDP

Granddaddy Purple or GDP is one of the most potent Indica strains available online. From the origin year of 2003, its unmatchable impact still attracts weed enthusiasts and connoisseurs. 

This beast strain possesses THC up to 27% and CBD up to 5-7% which means if you are thinking of smoker GDP strain then be ready to get a roller coaster ride. 

From body to mind, GDP will take over the hold and you will only be able to experience an intense high, energy, and uplifting effects from head to toe. After hours of sky diving, you will be feeling deep relaxation and calmness which is the best part of this strain. 

That is why Granddaddy Purple or GDP strain is often referred to treat some medical symptoms too. Due to its potency, this strain is quite helpful in treating insomnia, pain, stress, and anxiety. 

Therefore, GDP is the strain that has unmatchable potential and if you want to explore then you can get many positives of it!

What’s the best?

The best part about Granddaddy Purple or GDP strain is that it is one of the potential strains to be used for personal and medical usage. Thanks to its strong genetics which has healing and ‘high making power to make you get the best weed experience!

#4. GSC OR Girl Scout Cookies

Quite similar to the previous strain, Girl Scout Cookies or GSC strain is also one of the strongest weed strains in history. That is why it is one of the best Indica strains to win multiple Cannabis Cup awards. 

The Indica dominance in GSC strain is around 60% but the rest of the genetics belong to Sativa. That means if you want to get high then there will be no better option than Girl Scout Cookies. As once you smoke GSC, you will be getting a hard hit of psychological and physiological effects. 

Thanks to higher THC levels of up to 28%, that makes you stick to one place with its strong effects. 

Apart from intense high, this strain has amazing healing properties to make you feel better from the pain, nausea, anxiety, and depression too. That means GSC strain can be used for medical treatment as well. 

Girl Scout Cookies strain is originated from California and went popular worldwide due to its potency and effects that not only make your body reach cloud nine but also heals from several medical conditions. 

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What’s the best?

Girl Scout Cookies strain is best in itself. If you search out for the strongest weed to smoke then you are sure to get GSC on that list. From its potency to healing effects and capability to grow even in moderate growing conditions allow you to make the most out of this strongest Indica strain.

#3. Devil

Beast Indica strain for the outdoor cultivators!

Dedicated to the growers to make Devil strain to grow in a large field, with this strain you are 100% sure to be weed-rich!

Cross of Afghan and Afghan/Skunk resulted in Devil strain and from the name you can expect devil-like yield from it. With an average yield of 600g per plant outdoor, this strain is potential and effective if you know the right way! 

Not only outdoor cultivators, but this strain also rewards indoor growers as well if you love them while growing. The average yield for indoor growers can go up to 550g.

Coming to the main point i.e. effects of this strain then it is capable to make you touch and kiss the sky! As you smoke Devil, you will get an instant hit of euphoria making you feel locked.

Apart from hits of high, this strain is one of the fastest-growing strains. Devil strain has a short flowering period of just 8 weeks that means you will be ready to harvest your buds from late September to earlier October. 

What’s the best?

When you will grow the Devil strain outdoor and give enough space to spread its branches then this strain can result in a wide cannabis field which will ultimately result in a higher yield of buds. Apart from this, the strain is really strong and has an intense euphoria high after smoke which makes a check of the box of potency. Overall, Devil is the best strain if you want to take your cannabis journey to the next level!

#2. Northern Lights

Northern Lights is one of the legendary cannabis strains that doesn’t need an intro! However, for novice readers, Northern Lights is one of the most popular, strongest, and purest Indica dominant strains ever!

The Indica genetics in Northern Lights is found around up to 95% which means your search of pure Indica strain is over here!

With higher THC levels of up to 26% get ready to experience the pure effects of Indica! Within just one smoke, you will feel a hard hit of euphoria in your head which will slowly take hold throughout the body.

Northern Lights strain is suitable for most of the growing techniques including SoG, SCROG, and many more. This strain rewards all the growers who give it attention while growing. 

Indoor growers can get up to a maximum of 500g of yield whereas outdoor growers can get up to 600g and more than that if they grow it in excellent conditions.

What’s the best?

The best part about having the Northern Lights strain in your garden is that it is one of the purest Indica strains that you might be looking for. Apart from this, the immense yield and intense euphoria are what you need from an ideal strain. Overall, Northern Lights is the best Indica strain for many years among growers and smokers.

#1. Blackberry Kush

Looking for a strain that can be eye-catchy and mouth-watering too?

Don’t miss Blackberry Kush!

Blackberry Kush is one of the most popular Indica dominant strains ever! With 20% THC concentration Blackberry Kush makes you touch the sky instantly with a euphoric high! Thanks to the strong parent genetics that resulted in such an amazing and powerful strain.

Blackberry Kush can result in heavy yield yet this is not the game to play lightly. It is due to the required skills to make the most out of the Blackberry Kush strain. 

Well, if you grow Blackberry Kush in decent conditions then it can give you a yield of around 450g which is excellent considering the powerful effects of the strain! That means you are sure to smoke all day with yield.

Overall, Blackberry Kush is the best Indica strain that you might be looking for this year to smoke!

What’s the best?

Blackberry Kush plants have amazing eye-catchy buds around harvesting which satisfies your eyes. Apart from strong effects and euphoric high, the buds of Blackberry Kush are beautiful which is rarely seen in any of the Indica strains!

What is an Indica Strain?

There are three types of Cannabis species. Indica, Sativa, and Hybrid. 

Indica strains are one of the major reasons for making high and therefore, the intense psychological and physiological effects are seen from Indica cannabis strains. The reason being higher levels of THC in Indica strains.

Apart from intense effects, Indica strains are more likely to attract indoor growers where the height of the plants is moderate to fit in a given space. Indica strains can be even grown in grow tents. That is why indoor growers and short-time cultivators are used to preferring Indica dominant cannabis strains to grow.

Coming to the growing time then too, Indica dominant strains are quicker than Sativa and Hybrid. 

Sativa and Hybrid strains are more likely to take a longer time than Indica strains. This is also one of the reasons for being chosen by indoor cultivators. As they don’t have to wait for a longer time to see the flowers and buds in their garden.

Sativa strains are more likely to be taller and can take a longer time to flower and produce buds and therefore, it is less preferred when looking for cannabis to smoke. 

Sativa strains are too one of the strains to produce higher THC concentrations but they produce therapeutic effects more and therefore, are mostly preferred for medical cannabis enthusiasts. 

Overall, Indica strains are for smokers and weed lovers getting high and having intense effects. That is why novice smokers are recommended to begin with a limited dosage of Indica strains due to the intense hit of the strain. However, people, who can tolerate higher THC strains search out Indica strains!

Is Indica Strain Can be Treated For Medical Benefits?

As said earlier, Indica strains have intense psychological and physiological effects and therefore, these strains can be used for both personal and medical usage.

The euphoric high of Indica strains can make you feel better from body pain and other mild medical symptoms. Some of the medical conditions in which Indica strains are helpful are:


Best Indica Strains Review: Final Words

Indica strains are more likely to be effective when it comes to smoke or vape! That is why the demand for Indica strains is more and therefore, you will be able to get tons of options there on the web. However, to help you out in choosing the latest and trending Indica strains, we listed here the best recommended by smokers and weed lovers. 

Till here, now you are aware of the best Indica strains in the market. Ranging from different THC levels to suitable for different types of growers, all types of Indica strain seeds are here!

Now, it’s your turn! 

We hope now you are ready to begin your cannabis journey by deciding your best strain!

However, we always recommend going with your requirement and need. That will help you out in getting the best one for yourself! 

However, if you have still any doubts, ask us in the comment section. We’ll be glad to help out a weed lover, like you!

Until then, stay home and stay safe!

Enjoy weed!

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