Best Landrace Cannabis Seeds

While searching for the best marijuana strains, you will be getting tons of hybrid options in front of you. Well, it is quite rare to see in this modern marijuana era that you will be getting landrace cannabis seeds. 

However, we shouldn’t forget that this modern hybrid era of marijuana comes from this classical landrace strain version, and therefore, for the classical weed lovers out there, we bring here the top 15 best landrace cannabis seed strains that will make you feel the real pleasure of weed.

Best Landrace Cannabis Seeds

Best Landrace Cannabis Seeds

Let’s dive into it and find out the best pick for you:


Originated from Afghanistan, Mazar-I-Sharif is one of the potent marijuana strains. While looking for the strongest landrace marijuana strain you will be getting this strain for sure. Thanks to its Indica dominant genetics that can fetch THC concentration in buds up to more than 20%. 

While growing in a harsh climate, the strain has the potency to fight common pests and issues. Therefore, it is helpful to the weed growers while it requires the optimum temperature to show its full potential. However, the strain takes around 9 to 11 weeks to flower and after that, you can harvest a decent yield to enjoy the buds.

Mazar-I-Sharif results in heavy body-stoned effects as it produces intense cerebral and body effects. That is why the strain is known for its potency among the growers. The ultimate effect of the strain is relaxing therefore, you can expect this strain to be your stress buster treatment. 

What’s the best?

Mazar-I-Sharif is the strain for the weed growers looking for a potent landrace strain that can give them intense effects of the weed. However, the strain has a nearly ideal growing profile making you able to grow it in different climate conditions. Choose this best landrace cannabis strain if you want to experience the best results of weed!


Malawi Gold is the best landrace marijuana strain that originated from the African land. While the strain has Sativa dominance, you can expect large cannabis-tree-like plants ranging up to 400cm. Therefore, managing and maintaining the garden with this strain is a little tricky but once you managed it well, be ready to have the best weed experience ever!

Malawi Gold results in heavy yield if given proper space to grow. The effects of the strain are more likely to be euphoric high that can make you couch-locked as well. As the effects of Malawi Gold lasts for hours, therefore, it is recommended to treat this strain as an end-day or weekend strain.

The aroma and taste of the strain are spicy herbs and intense tang. Therefore, while thinking about Malawi Gold, you are thinking about the legendary landrace marijuana strain.

What’s the best?

Malawi Gold is itself the best weed strain that has originated from African land. However, one of the best parts of the strain is that it will give you excellent yield with stronger buds, which is the main highlighting quality of this strain. Therefore, this strain is for those who want to test their growing skills and tolerance capacity to weed both!


Originating from Malana village, this Himalayan landrace strain has been known for its intense potency with aroma and taste. 

Malana Cream produces a plant height of up to 6m. That means you will be able to get a cannabis tree with this strain. Therefore, buds produced from the strain are enough to enjoy all day yet the stock will be there.

The effects of the strain are more likely to be clear head high making you feel like floating in the sky! Well, the history of the strain is expected to be used for medicinal purposes. Therefore, you can expect some positive effects too from the strain.

The buds of the Malana Cream are resinous and beautiful which gives you a nose-curling intense floral and fruity aroma. While the taste of the strain is more likely to be herby. 

What’s the best?

The best part about the Malana Cream strain is that it is one of the best Himalayan strains used for Charas. The THC concentration is comparatively high in it and therefore, the effects are overwhelming too. While the tall height of the plants will be resulting in heavy yields. Therefore, If you want to try out the classical landrace strain then look no further than Malana Cream!


If you are looking for a stronger landrace strain that is capable to tolerate some rough climate conditions then the Ethiopian landrace strain is the best choice!

The strain has its roots in the African region and possesses mostly Sativa genetics. Therefore, you can expect the taller height of the plants. The strain is balanced with cannabinoids majorly possessing THC up to 12%. 

With not-so-high THC concentration, you can expect this strain to induce mellow high effects making you energizing, uplifting while being socialized and alert. That is why you can consider this strain as your daytime strain as well.

Ethiopian strain takes time up to 13-15 weeks to give you results. However, it is the average time that landrace strains mostly take. Apart from this, the aroma and taste of the strain are more likely to be citrusy and flowery. 

What’s the best?

Ethiopian strain is a complete package of potency, growing, and yielding. However, the best part is that this strain is highly resistant to wet, heat, mold, and other common issues, which will ultimately help you out in growing it faster. Therefore, this strain is for those who want to get a power-pack strain with nearly ideal properties.


This potential strain is for the Sativa weed growers as Nepal Highland is purely Sativa and therefore, you can expect taller plants and heavy yields from it. However, the yield will be immense to enjoy all day!

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Nepal Highland is originated from the Himalayan region and therefore, for making the most out of this strain, you have to give it similar climate conditions. Well, the strain produces buds with high THC concentration, and therefore, the effects of the Nepal Highland are cerebral high making you feel uplifted and energizing. Apart from this, Nepal Highland is one of the fastest-growing landrace strains, and therefore, you will be able to harvest buds after just 60 to 70 days in mid-October. 

As the effects are long-lasting, you can treat Nepal Highland as your relaxing strain. However, the aroma and taste of the strain are more likely to be citrusy and flowery.

What’s the best?

The best part of the Nepal Highland landrace strain is that it grows rapidly unlike the other landrace strains. Therefore, if you are looking for landrace strain that can give you strong buds within the minimum time then look no further than Nepal Highland! It will give more results in less time and less effort.


Originated from Holland, Durban Poison is one of the most popular and legendary landrace strains that you will ever get. The strain is popular worldwide due to its potency and growth profile. 

The Sativa dominant genetics allow you to get large and resinous buds that produce intense THC levels up to 22%. Therefore, you can expect an intense hit of cerebral high that can make you feel better from many medical symptoms as well. 

Perfect for cultivating it either indoor or outdoor, Durban Poison results in heavy yield up to 600g per square meter indoor whereas the outdoor growers get more than that. The flowering period is short around 12 to 14 weeks allowing you to harvest buds within earlier October.

As said before, the plant height of the strain can go up to 2m, therefore, while growing indoor you can use trimming, LST, and other techniques to maximize the results. 

What’s the best?

Durban Poison is a legendary strain that has been one of the most popular landrace strains. The strain is a complete package of average flowering period to decent yield and therefore if you want to begin your cannabis cultivation journey with something legendary then don’t miss Durban Poison!


Coming from the Hawaiian Islands, Maui Wowie is the strain that delivers intense effects of weed! With 80% of Sativa genetics, you will be getting taller plants from the strain whereas the yield will be high as well. 

Due to the easily grow profile, any beginner grower can make the most out of this potent strain. Whereas the plants will flower within just 8 weeks which makes it one of the fastest-growing landrace strains. 

Either you grow Maui Wowie indoor or outdoor you will be getting immense yield to enjoy all day. However, indoor growers may need LST and trimming skills to maximize the benefits of the strain. If grown in average climate conditions you can expect around 450g of yield, which can be more for the outdoor cultivators. 

The strain has pineapple notes of aroma and herbal fruity taste, which makes it one of the unique strains as well. 

What’s the best?

Maui Wowie is the perfect landrace strain for weed growers looking for a strain with immense yield outdoor. As the strain is capable to grow in outdoor climates then it can result in heavy yield whereas the strain produces the strongest buds as well. Therefore, you can consider it as a complete package of powerful weed strains.


From the name, you can guess the origin of the strain. From Pakistan, this strain has been known for its amazing properties. The strain is for Indica weed lovers as it is a pure Indica strain and therefore, the plant heights are short and compact compared to other Sativa seed strains. 

Well, short height favors the indoor growers but this strain is capable to grow easily in both growing conditions i.e. indoor and outdoor. Another amazing property of this strain is its flowering time which is as short as 8 weeks and hence it can be your best landrace marijuana strain that will result in buds quickly.

Apart from the impressive growth profile, the strain is highly potent and therefore, develops intense levels of cannabinoids majorly THC. That means you will be able to get a euphoric high and other cerebral effects to make you feel relaxed. 

What’s the best?

The best part about Pakistan Chitral Kush is that it has amazing growing properties. It is highly resistant to fungus and rain issues. Even its flowers quickly within a short period. Therefore, if you are a beginner landrace strain grower then you can surely opt for this strain for getting better results. 


Acapulco Gold is one of the potent and most famous landrace strains that originated from the USA. This strain has won ‘the best Sativa’ prize and therefore, you will be growing the best Sativa dominant landrace strain. The cross of Mexican x Central American resulted in Acapulco Gold which is sure to add positive value to your cannabis journey.

The strain refers to the moderate growing conditions and grows with 63 days to 70 days of the flowering period. Suiting indoor and outdoor climate conditions, Acapulco Gold results in excellent yield up to 500g indoor whereas the outdoor growers get up to 575g of yield. The plant height is short up to 1m and therefore, indoor growers will be managing their garden easily. Whereas the outdoor cultivators can make the most out of this strain by giving it proper space to grow. 

Be ready to get a hard hit of euphoric effects as this strain produces up to 23% of THC concentration. Thanks to the strong genetics that makes your weed experience unforgettable. The aroma of the strain is more likely to be fruity and sweet.

What’s the best?

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The best part about the Acapulco Gold strain is that it has ideal properties that any weed lover will love to grow. From producing higher THC content to immense yield Acapulco Gold impresses us excellently. On the other hand, the easily grow profile allows even beginners to get the most benefits from this best landrace cannabis strain.


Balkhi is a pure Afghani landrace with Indica dominant genetics. It is the strain that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor cultivators. The reason being the height of the plants ranges from 1m to 3m. However, the strain results in an impressive yield when given proper space to spread its branches.

The buds are highly resinous and are enrich in cannabinoids majorly in THC. Therefore, the effects will be overwhelming from the strain.

Apart from this, Balkhi landrace marijuana strain flowers up to October month. That means you can expect an earlier harvest than the latest strains. The strain is also known for its unique aroma and taste which is quite an amazing combination of citrus and sandalwood.

The taller height of the plants while growing outdoor allows you to harvest immense yield to enjoy all day. While the indoor growers get excellent yield too. However, if space is the concern then you may already know the techniques to manage your garden!

What’s the best?

Balkhi landrace strain is for those marijuana enthusiasts who are looking for some pure genetics that can give them amazing weed-derived products. Consider this strain your best pick if you want to get the best weed experience with landrace strain! 


Alien Technology is originated from Afghanistan and known for its balanced properties that catch every weed lover’s eyes. 

The strain possesses Indica dominant genetics that ultimately produces high THC levels up to 20% and gives you an uplifting high with hours of such phase. Therefore, it is recommended to treat this strain as your bedtime marijuana as the effects take hold over the body instantly which can make you fall asleep earlier. 

Apart from the strong effects, Alien Technology has been known for its earthy flavor with little vanilla notes that you will love the most. The height of the plants is short and hence managing your weed garden will be easy. Especially for the indoor cultivators.

If you grow Alien Technology in good conditions, it will flower within a short period of just 8 weeks, which is quite appreciable. As there are a few landrace strains that produce buds quickly. The yield is decent which will make your effort worth it.

What’s the best?

The best part about the Alien Technology strain is that it has the balanced properties of weed strain. From quick flowering period to decent yield and from unique taste to uplifting high effects, Alien Technology is a must-try landrace strain in 2020!


Highland Thai is the strain to make you weed-rich! Originated from Thailand, the strain has Sativa genetics which is capable to make the weed buds rain!

Traditional cross of Thai and Burmese resulted in Highland Thai which is one of the favorites and popular options for the growers to produce an extreme yield of buds. While growing outdoor, the strain can produce up to 2Kg of buds. Yes! You read it right. 

It is one of the rarest Sativa landrace cannabis strains that can produce such a huge yield. Therefore, it is obvious that the plant height will be taller than usual up to 4m. 

As the ‘good things take time’ therefore, you might have to keep a little patience while growing Highland Thai as it takes up to 18 weeks to flower but after that, the result will be extremely impressive. 

Apart from the excellent favorable properties of the weed-growers, the strain produces strong buds that can make you feel the pleasure of weed easily. 

What’s the best?

Highland Thai is the strain for weed growers who want to keep a large stock of weed buds. Therefore, it is the landrace strain for the growers yet the effects of the strain are impressive. In 2020, if you want to be the king of weed buds then go for growing Highland Thai right now!


Afghan Kush is one of the oldest landrace marijuana strains in the world. The origin of the strain is from the borders of Northern Afghanistan and Uzbekistan in the Hindu Kush mountain regions. 

The strain is 100% Indica and hence it doesn’t produce taller cannabis trees like Sativa strains. However, while growing indoor or outdoor, you will be able to get moderate-height plants that are easily manageable. Afghan Kush produces beautiful buds that are more resinous than other weed strains. 

If you give Afghan Kush proper space and growing conditions then it can result in heavy yield which is expected to reach up to 600g outdoor. Apart from this, the buds of the strain are potent enough to make you feel uplifted and couch-locked for hours. Thanks to the THC cannabinoids which are enriched in the strain and found around 20%. 

What’s the best?

Apart from the Afghan Kush’s classical origin and being one of the oldest landrace marijuana strains, the popularity of the strain is still there among weed lovers. It is due to the strain’s classical properties of producing resinous and potential buds. Therefore, if you are looking to try a landrace marijuana strain with strong genetics then don’t miss out on Afghan Kush!


Lamb’s Bread aka Lamb’s Breath is one of the unique and potential landrace marijuana strains which is rare to find. This 95% Sativa dominant strain possesses healing properties that are quite helpful in many medical symptoms.

Originated from Jamaica, Lamb’s Bread has a unique aroma and taste of classy pungent, woody, and spicy-sweet. Apart from this, the strain has intense effects that make you positively uplifted and energetic. That is why this strain is treated as one of the medical marijuana strains that helps burst the stress and many other medical symptoms as well. Thanks to the THC cannabinoids up to 25% which is comparatively higher in this landrace strain.

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Apart from this, the strain is moderately easy to grow both indoors and outdoors. However, the strain takes an average time of 9 to 10 weeks to flower.

What’s the best?

While in search of the best landrace marijuana seed strain, Lamb’s Bread is quite close to that with nearly ideal properties. It is highly resistant to pests and common issues making it an easy-to-manage strain yet it produces enough yield so that you can enjoy it all day. While the strong medicinal effects are a bonus point for it. However, you might have to wait for 9 to 10 weeks for getting your buds.


Last but not least! The Hindu Kush is the legendary landrace cannabis strain that you may already be aware of or has seen in another best list. 

The roots of the strain are from the Hindu Kush mountains and it reached out to every weed grower’s garden. It is due to the strong genetics and potential of the strain which is far better than any landrace weed strain.

While thinking about the Hindu Kush, you can think about your deep relaxation time, euphoric high with relief from pain and stress. Thanks to the enriched cannabinoids (THC up to 20%) and Indica genetics that lead this strain to produce healing effects. 

The plants of Hindu Kush are compact allowing them to grow excellently even in limited space. That is why it becomes the favorite strain for indoor or outdoor cultivators. With a short flowering period of just 7-8 weeks, the Hindu Kush strain comes to the top in the list of fastest-growing landrace strains. 

What’s the best?

The best part about the Hindu Kush strain is that it is a highly potent, maximum yield-producing, and highly robust strain that makes any weed grower happy. Therefore, start your cannabis cultivation with this best landrace cannabis strain and get the maximum benefits!

How to Choose the Best Landrace Marijuana Seeds? [By Expert]

Do you get confused when many options pop up in front of you?

Don’t worry! It happens to all.

However, if you get to know the right steps and right guide then you can choose your best pick. Even for that too, you have to go from lists to lists to look over all available options. 

Well, as you are in search of the best landrace seeds and you are here with cannabis experts, we have done things easy for you! We have listed the top 15 best picks of landrace cannabis seeds that you are sure to get your favorite one. Even now, you may already be ready to grow your garden!

To make you more expert on this, here is a quick guide, which will help you in knowing things better and in detail while deciding the best landrace marijuana strains. Let’s have a quick look over there:


While finding any landrace strain, you must be aware of the background or history of the strain. Not only for just looking over the properties and performance in the garden but also for the strain’s favorable growing conditions. Ultimately, this will help you out in growing your picked strain efficiently with an extreme yield of buds.

Growing difficulty

It is a common factor while deciding on any marijuana strain. This factor will help you in choosing a strain that suits your growing skills. That means if you are a beginner cultivator then you will surely not want to cultivate a strain that is tough to grow. Instead of that, you will want to play your game safely with easy-to-grow strains.

Therefore, while choosing any weed strain online, make sure you have gone through the growing difficulty. According to your growing skills and need, you can move further.


It is the obvious factor! The ultimate goal of cannabis cultivation is to get immense buds to enjoy as much time as you want. Therefore, checking the yield capacity of the strain gives you an idea that how much you will be able to get weed buds with your complete effort. 

Obviously! you will go with the strain with maximum yield but make sure to check this point in your list!

Purpose and effects

This factor gives you an idea of the effects of the strain and its purpose. That means some landrace strains are suitable for medicinal purposes while some of them are naturally grown for getting high

While choosing your best marijuana strain, here the effects come into play. However, most of the landrace strains are capable to induce ‘high’ effects while some of them are purposely chosen for inducing healing effects which help in treating many medical symptoms.

Other factors

This is a miscellaneous column of your budget!

That means in this factor your personal preferences are there to choose accordingly. Whether you want premium range marijuana seeds with high prices or want to buy within a low budget. 

Whether you want to get seeds discreetly in a quick manner or want to shop from the average site, it’s your personal preference, and therefore, you can add or subtract a quality in it accordingly. However, the important factors are already mentioned above.

Best Landrace Cannabis Seeds: Final Words

Those cannabis enthusiasts who want to experience cannabis cultivation and behavior deeply, must get the best landrace cannabis seeds and grow them manually. It will not enhance their knowledge and growing skills of landrace marijuana but will also make them aware of the history of cannabis effects. As you will be able to get the classical, old-school cannabis strains that will capable enough to make you forget the modern cannabis culture. 

From the aroma, taste to inducing effects, and cannabinoids, landrace strains differ much from the latest hybrids. Still, in giving the best weed experience, weed connoisseurs refer to landrace marijuana. 

While growing landrace marijuana in your garden, you have to be aware of the preferable climate conditions as different landraces come from a different land and varying climate. If you know the right condition for your weed strain then you are 100% sure to rock in your garden!

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