10 Best Marijuana Grow Boxes & Grow Cabinet in 2022

Marijuana grows box is an ideal way to start weed cultivation indoors. 

Especially when you are just stepping into the weed world. Stealth grows box or marijuana grow box has multiple benefits. 

You can start growing weed plants even in your room. Thanks to its compact size. Moreover, you don’t have to spend huge money to get a beautiful marijuana garden. 

Even nowadays there is an automated grow box available in the market, which does most of your job. 

So, are you planning to buy one?

And, don’t know where to start? What to look for?

No worries! Just read along to know everything about the marijuana grow box. Also, you can easily pick any one of our top 10 grow kits, which is recommended by most indoor growers as well as by our experts. 

Let’s get started:

What is a Marijuana Grow Box?

A marijuana grow box is simply a small grow cabinet in which you grow your weed seeds. 

From seedlings to a mature plant, these grow kits will be home to your garden. 

Nowadays, there are many automated grow box kits are available in the market but mainly there are two categories – one is for hydroponic and the second one is for traditional soil methods. 

Hydroponics, as the name suggests, is a growing method in which plants are nourished with nutrient water. While the traditional method of gardening is soil. 

Apart from this, many indoor weed enthusiasts opt for marijuana grow boxes because it is a budget-friendly way to grow your own garden in a limited space.

Top 10 Marijuana Grow Boxes

Top 10 marijuana grow boxes

Here are our top picks for the marijuana grow boxes for the year 2021.

1. Cash Crop 6.0 – best grow box of the year

When it comes to the best marijuana grow boxes in the market then no other option is better than Cash Crop 6.0. It is the best grow box for beginners with everything packed in a single kit. 

This budget-friendly grow box has improved the quality of LED lights and a good space for planting multiple plants. The lights used in this grow box are energy efficient and hence you will have less electricity bill as well. 

Cash Crop grows box also features a ventilation system having an air pump, stones, and pipe as well, which will help you provide ideal grow conditions to your garden.

Additionally, you will also get a pack of nutrients for your plants. Apart from this, the appearance of this best stealth grow box is like an ordinary cabinet. That means it ensures your privacy too.

It is a hand-crafted grow box that is durable and can last for your multiple grow sessions. 


  1. 36” x 16” x 11”
  2. LED grow lights.
  3. Stealthy design.
  4. Easy to use. 
  5. Includes plant nutrients and odor blockers.

Summing up the features, this marijuana grow box is one of the most appreciated and recommended grow boxes, all credits to its features. The best part is that this amazing grow box comes with a lifetime warranty excluding the lights, which are under warranty for one year only. What else do you need more?

2. The Armoire – everything in this grows closet

If you are looking for a beautifully designed ideal grow cabinet for marijuana plants then don’t miss out on the Armoire grow box. 

This stealth grow box has everything that you might need for growing plants. Starting from LED lights then it features 12 spectrum proprietary timed light, fans to circulate air, a digital meter to measure temperature, humidity, and moisture.

That means you can completely rely on this stealth grow box for growing your plants faster. Because it will help you maintain the ideal growing conditions in the grow cabinet too easily. 

Apart from this, the beautiful design and appearance of the grow cabinet will easily blend with your home furniture making it a more discreet way to grow weed plants indoors.


  1. Beautiful design. 
  2. Comes with multiple features.
  3. 25” x 25” x 54”
  4. Minimal maintenance.
  5. 90 days concierge service.
  6. Produce ¼ lb. of dry yield within 60 days.

Overall, the Armoire grow box features everything from growing equipment to the stealth design. This best grow cabinet makes you able to harvest within 60 days. Isn’t that amazing? 

Moreover, you can also keep an eye on your plants from a waterproof camera from any location (included in this grow kit). Hence, this is an ideal and complete grow kit that you need in 2021. 

3. SuperNova Smart Grow Closet – larger grow cabinet

SuperNova Smart Grow Closet is an ideal option for growers who want to grow multiple plants in a closed cabinet. Thanks to its large size that you will be able to cultivate up to 12 plants with hydroponic configuration in this smart and large grow closet. 

This marijuana grows box also features a smart odor control system in which carbon air filtration is used to prevent odors. Along with an inbuilt monitoring setup, you get dual chambers for growing plants. That means your time between grows will be shorter. 

The LED K3 series makes this grow box more special. These lights are specially for the grow cabinets and consume as little as half the electricity of the regular grow lights. Additionally, these lights do not produce excessive heat, which means you don’t have to be worried about the temperature rise. 


  1. Large grow closet for planting multiple plants. 
  2. 46” x 24” 78”
  3. Better odor control system.
  4. Multiple features including companion app.
  5. Excellent customer support of 5-day a week.

SuperNova marijuana grows closet is an ideal grow box for indoor cultivators who want to cultivate to a larger extent but privately. This grow cabinet features more space so that you can cultivate up to 8 plants in the soil method while in hydroponics you can grow up to 12. 

Additionally, the unique design makes you able to keep your plants completely stealthy. 

4. Grobo Premium Automated Grow Box – a premium range of grow box

Grobo premium is an automated grow box that is ideal for indoor gardening if you don’t want to put that much effort into gardening. 

Because this marijuana grows box operates by itself with the help of a companion app. That means even you can just plant your seedlings and then you can watch them grow. Thanks to its multiple automated features.

Well, the Grobo premium grow box offers you more than that. The automatic sensors in this stealth grow box gives you indication whenever your plants need nutrients, maintenance of pH level. Therefore, you don’t have to be worried about your plants all the time. 

Moreover, you will be getting a good space in this grow cabinet. Grobo grow box can produce up to 3oz of plants, which means you can have enough buds in your stash to enjoy for a long time. 


  1. 14” x 14” x 48”
  2. Fully automated grow box.
  3. Odor controller. 
  4. Automatic sensors for the plants.
  5. Enough space to produce up to 3 oz plants.

If you are in search of an automated grow box then there is no better option than the Grobo premium grows box to start with. Apart from the multiple features that it possesses, you will be getting a complete setup of growing under a good price range, which will make you able to put very little effort into having a fantastic indoor garden. 

5. Cloudponics GrowBox – pricey but ultimate feature-packed grow box

Cloudponics Growbox Smart System is on the pricey side, but it offers you amazing features that will be completely worth the investment. 

This automated grow box smart system contains more features than you need to cultivate weed plants. It features amazing Black Dog Phyomax 200 LED grow lights with carbon filters. That means you can easily control the odor.  While the circulation fans, aeroponic irrigation pumps, and extraction fans are also included. 

And, the best part of having this stealth marijuana grow box is that you can even get on holiday for a week or two after setting up your seedlings in this growing system. 

Yes! You read that right. 

Thanks to the smart automated sensors in this grow closet, which helps you to keep an eye on your garden from any location in the world. 

With the companion app, you can even control the pH level and nutrient intake for your plants as well. Now, that sounds something interesting! Right?

Apart from a complete set of grow equipment and controlling app, you get a grow closet that is capable to give you multiple harvests in a one-time investment. 


  1. 100% automated grow box – sit, relax, and enjoy watching your plants grow. 
  2. Everything is packed in one grow box. 
  3. Control from anywhere. 
  4. Easy to use and less maintenance. 

This automated stealth grow box is ideal for those weed gardeners who are completely new to indoor gardening and also don’t want to put that much effort or time into it. They can invest in Cloudponics Grow box smart system and can get a fantastic garden within a few time. 

Though this grow box is a little pricey and if you are on a less budget then you can consider the previous model that we have mentioned before. 

6. Supercloset Superbox – award-winning grow box

If you are a completely new weed enthusiast stepping into indoor gardening, then Supercloset Superbox is something that can give you the best results in an affordable price range. 

This budget-friendly grow box is ideal for growers in shortage of space as well as money. Because Supercloset Superbox is compact-sized and can fit even in small areas. Thanks to its size of 18” x 24” x 30”. 

Well, compact size doesn’t mean it has less space for the plants. Rather this super box can produce up to six plants in the traditional soil method. While the hydroponic system can help you grow up to eight plants with this indoor grow box. 

Ideal for small herbs and garden vegetables, this stealth grow box is capable to give you a third eye to take care of your garden from WiFi grow cam. While smartphone access is already included in the system. 


  1. Compact size but grows multiple plants. 
  2. Budget-friendly. 
  3. Ideal for beginner growers. 
  4. Smartphone access.
  5. LED lights. 

This small yet feature-packed grow box has everything you need at a budget price. From compact design to carbon air filters for odors, and from LED lights to WiFi cam, everything you will get to produce a fantastic garden in your home. 

Above all, this super box from the super closet has won the “Gear of the Year” award 13 times, which really impresses us!

7. Delux Grow box – automated plus more space

Delux grow box is a step-up grow box for beginners. As it is fully automated as well as enables growers to grow up to 16 plants. The hydroponic system can make you able to do that easily with this Delux grow box. 

You get filters, fans, TDS meters, hydrotron rocks, grow lights, and even nutrients for your hydroponic plants with this best marijuana grow box. The build quality of the grow box is premium which is made of 16-gauge steel and is securely lockable. 

This grow box comes with three years warranty including everything that you get with this grow box. So, ultimately, you get what you pay for. 


  1. KIND K3 L450 LED grow lights with a 12-band spectrum.
  2. Improved design.
  3. Durable build. 
  4. Trustworthy brand. 
  5. 3-year warranty on including all the parts. 

For beginner growers in the market, this is the best grow box. As it not only possesses multiple features but after sale-services are amazing from the brand. While you get up to a three-year warranty as well. Summing up, if you want to start indoor cultivation with a small investment then this stealth grow box will be the perfect choice for you. 

8. Leaf smart automated grow box – best and premium grow box

The leaf is a smartly automated grow box for smart growers. This indoor grow box comes with plug-n-plant technology. That means you can remotely control most of the things for your plants. 

While the large compartment inside the grow box will help you grow multiple plants as well. 

You get a sensitive temperature and humidity control system too, by which it can automatic maintain the ideal growing conditions. Moreover, the automatic dosing technique also helps to provide nourishment to your plants as per requirement. 

All you can control the activity inside this grow box with the help of an android or iOS application. Setting up your grow box is easy as well as convenient with the help of the user manual. Just fit the Leaf grow box in your room and produce quality plants in no time. 


  1. Fully smart and automated grow box.
  2. Connect with the mobile app to control almost everything. 
  3. Easy to use and set up. 
  4. Multiple features included. 
  5. Smell repellent carbon filters. 

To grow amazing herb, you need the same level of grow box, which is the Leaf smart stealth grow cabinet. By having new and automated features, this grow box makes you able to cultivate different plants with less effort. As the automated sensors monitor almost everything. 

Summing up, Leaf grows box is one of the top and premium grow boxes ever. 

9. SuperStar Smart Grow Box – overall better performer

If you will ask us for an overall better grow box to buy then we will recommend you to buy SuperStar Smart grow box. This is a compact cum dual-chamber compartment grow box which not only fits in congested space areas but also allows you to grow multiple plants in one place.

The main chamber in the grow box is ideally set for the plants which have grown to some extent. While the other can be used to maintain the seedlings. Though you are completely free to use it accordingly. 

Moreover, this grow kit comes with special LED lights, circulation fans, and smart access from the other devices as well. Means completely feature-packed. 

So, this SuperStar Smart Grow box becomes the best option in a balanced price segment that delivers all of the best features for an ideal grow box. 


  1. Heavy-duty steel cabinet.
  2. Dual-chamber compartment for different plants. 
  3. Comes with grow equipment. 
  4. Smart monitoring from the other devices.
  5. All-in-one grow box.

SuperStar Smart Grow Box is a smart and beautifully designed grow box that is ideal for an average grower. This stealth grows cabinet features almost all the qualities that you can expect from an indoor grow box. That is why it will be worth buying!

10. Vivos – grow tent for specific growers

For hydroponic growers, Vivosun grows box is ideal. 

However, this indoor grow box doesn’t come with all the equipment like previous grow boxes but it is one of the least expensive grow tents that you can buy and start cultivating on your own. 

So, mainly this is for the growers who are aiming to have a grow tent or box first. 

At an affordable price, you will be having a large grow tent in which you can cultivate multiple plants at once. Unlike many other grow boxes, this tent has an observation window that enables you to keep an eye over your plants without opening the main door. 

Though it is not an all-in-one grow tent but for the growers starting their cultivation journey they can definitely have this grow tent first. Because it is a cheaper option. 


  1. Removable cleanup tray included. 
  2. Large enough to store multiple plants. 
  3. An affordable option is to have a grow tent. 

To the growers out there, who might have the growing equipment, and if they want to have a large but inexpensive grow tent then they can go for it. It is cheaper as well as the overall best deal for those who are looking to have a grow tent but are on a tight budget. 

Advantages and disadvantages of Marijuana Grow Box

As of now, you are aware of some great options when it comes to buying a marijuana grow boxes, however, you must also know what are the advantages and disadvantages of having a grow box.

Let’s find out:


  1. Best way to step in weed cultivation for beginners. 
  2. Discreet method to grow weed plants without letting anyone know. 
  3. Easy to use and less maintenance. 
  4. Budget-friendly way. 
  5. You don’t need to get your hands dirty in the soil. (Until you are growing in hydroponic)
  6. You don’t need any expert skills to grow your very first plants. 
  7. It develops your hobby in planting. 


  1. As the grow boxes are already designed and manufactured, you cannot customize their size.
  2. Some premium grows boxes might be expensive. 
  3. Advance grow boxes are automated but some might need your effort. 

Frequently asked questions

1. What can I grow in a grow box?

Almost anything that can fit in your grow box. From weed plants to veggies, or herbs, or anything that you love to grow. Even a grow box is designed in a way to grow any plant. However, the growth of a specific plant also depends upon environmental factors, and hence, you have to keep in mind that a grow box’s environment is mainly for the weed plants. Though still, you can manage those factors to grow your other plants. 

2. Does marijuana grow box worth?

Why not! When you don’t have space to grow weed in your backyard. Or if you are concerned about privacy then this is where grow box comes in handy. It is not only a discreet way to grow something you love but it also makes you able to grow plants in a very limited space, which might not be possible through the traditional method. 

3. Which size of marijuana grows box best?

It completely depends upon you! Yes! Only you know how many plants you will be growing or how much space is there in your room where you can fit the grow box. Fortunately, in the market, there are different-sized grow boxes available. Therefore, you can choose any of the sizes available as per your specific requirement. 

Go, get growing!

Finally, you know all the premium marijuana grow boxes that indoor cultivators are using for years to enjoy gardening. Though now you know their secrets! You can start your own indoor gardening journey too. 

So, it’s now your turn! Go, and get a grow box to start growing!

Happy shopping!

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