Top Best Purple Weed Strains Reviews

The trend to have the best purple weed strain in cannabis collection is increasing nowadays.

This is not all due to the eye-catchy purple color of the strain that you will love more but the taste and effect that it produces are unmatchable.

Doesn’t matter how many best weed strains you have tried, if you didn’t taste purple weed strain then your cannabis journey is still not completed.

Therefore, to make you more aware of some wow effects of cannabis here I’ll be sharing the top 15 best purple weed strains that will give you the real pleasure of the cannabis world.

Don’t worry, if you are a novice grower or not aware of the right method to grow purple weed strain. As you are here, you’ll be getting a step-by-step guide on how you can easily grow the best purple strain at your home and can enjoy the real pleasure of purple cannabis strains.

Are you ready?

Let’s get straight into it:

Best Purple Weed Strains Reviews

Best Purple Weed Strains

The strains mentioned here will range accordingly to the amount of THC and growing techniques, time, and effects.

It is due to you can choose the best purple cannabis strain accordingly to your region, growing climate, and requirement. 

Let’s begin:


100% Indica dominant Purple Kush is a perfect choice to give you pure bliss with a high euphoric effect. 

Purple Kush is a perfect strain for those who are looking for a high amount of THC which can give them full-body relaxation.

This best purple weed strain is a pure royal Indica strain that is expected to be a heritage of the Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani. 

Purple Kush strain can be grown well in a cold climate where it can produce a very high yield of buds. 

With 22% of high THC, you can surely expect complete relaxation after smoking it and can sleep overnight. 

Overall, the Purple Kush strain is a perfect choice for beginner growers as it can be grown with moderate conditions whereas its effects will be high though.


  1. Up to 22% THC.
  2. Moderate difficulty.
  3. High yield.
  4. Favorable climate – cold.
  5. 8 weeks of flowering time.

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Purple Afghan Kush is another gem of Indica dominant strain with THC ranging from 15-20%. 

The high yield of Purple Afghan Kush around 500 grams indoor and 600 to 800 grams outdoor can be easily obtained by maintaining good growing conditions. 

With a fresh cutting pine-apple taste, this best purple weed strain is perfect to make you feel relaxed after smoking. The high THC and low CBD concentrations make sure you get a perfect sleep. 

You can achieve a very high yield of weed buds by just a good growing environment as Purple Afghan Kush is itself resistant to pests. 

Overall, to have therapeutic effects with an amazing fruity taste to relax your muscles Purple Afghan Kush is the perfect choice for new growers. However, expert cultivators can also expect more benefits from this best purple weed strain.


  1. First Prize winner at Expogrow as “Best Indica.”
  2. Pest-resistant strain for less effort.
  3. High yield of 500 to 800 grams.
  4. High THC and low CBD. (THC up to 20%) 
  5. Best for therapeutic effects to relax your body and muscles.

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With a mixture of Sativa (70%) and Indica  (30%), Purple Haze is easy to grow and produces positive effects so that you can feel uplifted all day.

Expected to come from Purple Thai and Haze this combination of Sativa and Indica genetics will make you feel giggle, happy, creative, and uplifted when you smoke. 

The taste you can achieve from this best purple weed strain can be fruity and with a mix of spicy. 

Overall, Purple Haze is the perfect choice for those who want to have weed buds easily with feminized strain and want to feel positive effects instead of sleeping all day.

With a grow time of around 8-10 weeks, this purple weed strain can make you swim in buds if maintained good growing conditions.

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  1. Sativa and Indica dominant. 
  2. Positive effects – happy, giggle, uplifted.
  3. High yield at average growing conditions.
  4. 8-10 weeks of growing time.
  5. Perfect for beginner growers.

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The upgraded version of Purple Haze is an F1 pure Sativa dominant best purple weed strain that has moderate growing difficulty but can make you rich with weed buds.

With African Malawai genetics, this weed strain is more potent than the Purple Haze.

Due to the Sativa dominance, you can expect its more long-lasting high effects resulting in uplifting your mood instead of making you just sleep.

With 13 to 16 weeks of growing time, this can produce a very high yield from which you can enjoy weed throughout the whole year. Due to a little more flowering time unlike Purple Haze, your best purple weed plant will be ready to harvest in November mostly.

Overall, with a blueberry, citrus and spicy combined taste you can enjoy the high effects of this most loved best purple cannabis strain that can give you buds with moderate growing techniques.


  1. 13-16 weeks of growing time.
  2. Very high yield.
  3. Sativa dominant strain to produce more high effects.
  4. A moderate growing technique is required.
  5. Long-lasting and powerful effects.

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From Dutch Passion, it is one of the top purple weed strains that actually leads you with high effects due to 50/50 Sativa and Indica genetics.

This 50/50 combination of Purple #1 was bred during 1980 to achieve more buds with average growing conditions. 

With average growing conditions with Purple #1, you can expect a yield of around 300 to 400 grams of buds. 

Best part?

These feminized best purple weed strains produce a short-time high effect that can be achieved from beautiful and eye-catchy purple buds after harvesting in earlier September.

With this short time span of growing time, you can enjoy weed with the unfavorable climate conditions.


  1. 50/50 Sativa and Indica.
  2. 300 to 400 grams yield.
  3. Very easy to grow.
  4. Short growing time.
  5. Best for unfavorable climate locations.

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This mostly Indica dominant seed strain has been bred with Purple Kush and Cream Caramel to produce a beautiful purple-black colored plant that can give you more dense and potent buds to enjoy.

The complete maturity time can take up to just a short time of 8 weeks after germinating from the soil.

You can easily achieve a high yield of buds around 350 to 550 grams/square meters when grown indoor. On outdoor cultivation, it can give you 35 to 150 grams/plant. 

Within the time of harvesting, due to dryness, this best purple weed strain can also turn into a beautiful black plant with dense buds. 

While smoking, it is highly potent to make you feel relaxed.


  • Sweet and fruity taste.
  • The beautiful color combination of purple and black.
  • Mostly Indica.
  • High yield strain.
  • Short-time harvest.

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Purple Auto Feminised is mostly ruderalis genetics which is bred to grow in all environmental conditions.

With a high THC concentration of around 15%, it can give you the effects of relaxing and calming. 

In given growing conditions, it can take up to 56 days to flower. However, it is capable to give you buds around 500 to 550 grams/square meter indoor and 30 to 120 grams/ plant outdoor.

With a berry, grape, and sweet combination of taste, it is one of the best purple weed strains that can make you rich for weed buds.


  1. High yield 500 to 550 grams indoor, with a short height of 50 to 60 cm making it perfect to grow indoor.
  2. Ruderalis genetics.
  3. Relaxing and calming effects.
  4. Less flowering time.
  5. Best for growing in all environmental conditions.

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Originated from Paro Valley, West Bhutan, this purple weed strain is perfect for humid weather conditions where it can produce more buds. 

With a THC content of around 11%, it is a perfect choice for the treatment of insomnia, anxiety, stress, and pain. Purple Paro Valley is capable and potent to produce a high effect to make you couch-lock.

The medium to tall height of plants makes it’s perfect to grow indoor as it covers less space. 

The aroma and taste of lavender, lime, mint, and sweet give you a relaxed feeling after consumption.


  1. Best for relieving anxiety, pain, and stress.
  2. High THC and low CBD.
  3. Perfect for indoor gardening due to its short height.
  4. Mostly Sativa is dominant.
  5. Beautiful purple-colored and dense buds.

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When it comes to looking for a perfect purple weed strain that can give you highly potent buds with a short time of growing then GDP or Grand Daddy Purple is the name that comes first.

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With royal Indica dominance, this perfect purple weed strain can give you relaxation from Insomnia, Lack of Appetite, Migraines, Nausea, and Pain due to high THC concentration. 

The THC range may reach up to 23% which is strong enough to make you couch-lock. 

The short time of flowering around 7 to 8 weeks makes it a perfect choice to have for purple weed strains whereas more yield can be achieved from this strain.


  1. High THC around 23%.
  2. Short flowering time of 7 to 8 weeks.
  3. Beautiful purple buds that look quite attractive.
  4. Yield may vary accordingly to growing conditions.
  5. Best purple weed strain for all growers.

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With 21% THC content, Ayahuasca Purple comes in the list of the top best purple weed strains that can give psychedelic effects for relaxation. 

With 100% Indica dominant genetics, this strain is perfect for indoor growers as the plants from these seeds avoid a warm environment that can be easily maintained during indoor cultivation.

The flowering time is quite short (just 50 days) and can give you a yield of about 650 grams/ meter square.

Overall, Ayahuasca Purple is the strain that is developed mainly for the indoor growers to maintain growing conditions easily which is potent enough to give you psychedelic effects to relax your body. 

However, with moderate environmental conditions, you can achieve a high yield from these seeds.


  1. 100% Indica dominant.
  2. Produces high yield in a moderate growth environment.
  3. Psychedelic effects for relaxation.
  4. High THC of 21%.
  5. Perfect for indoor growers. 

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As the name suggests, Purple Bud is one of the most loved purple weed strains that dominantly produce beautiful purple color after a vegetative state.

The THC concentration can go up to 20% whereas the color of the plant appears mostly black in colder climate conditions.

However, with a short time of flowering for around 9 weeks, you will be ready to harvest during October month.

Overall, Purple Bud produces cerebral effects and can make you feel better when consumed. 


  1. Best for achieving purple buds.
  2. A short time of flowering.
  3. Average yield.
  4. Produces cerebral effects.
  5. High THC around 18.30% to 20%.

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Shaman is one of the most Sativa dominant (around 88%) strains which is bred with Purple #1 and Early Skunk. This strain is one of the potent and short time flowering strains from the best purple weed strains.

The sweet aroma with uplifting effects motivates you and relief from the anxiety, unlike the just high effect that only makes you sleep. 

This is a short flowering time strain and can be ready to harvest in the earlier September and late October in the case of Northern latitude growers.

Overall, the Shaman strain is perfect for the growers looking for purple buds which can make them feel better to work and relieve anxiety and other stress. Due to the short flowering time, it is easier to maintain grow conditions and achieve weed buds earlier than other strains.


  1. Sweet taste.
  2. Uplifting effect.
  3. 7 to 8 weeks of flowering time.
  4. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor growers.
  5. Mostly Sativa dominant strain.

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Having mostly Indica genetics, Alaskan Purple Femini is the resulted strain after breeding Purple Alaskan, Kush, and Brazilian Sativa which makes it a highly potent strain that can make you swim in buds if grown outdoor!

This strain is perfect for SOG, SCROG, super-cropping, and others as well. That means you can opt for any of the techniques to have more buds. 

If you grow it indoors with optimal growing conditions then it can give you a yield of around 550 grams/meter square after 9 weeks of flowering time, which is worth waiting.

If you want to swim in buds then you can opt for cultivating this strain outdoor where it can give you buds around 1700 grams/plant. However, you have to maintain the growing conditions well while growing it outdoor. If everything goes fine then you can expect to harvest around the first half of October.

Overall, Alaskan Purple is the strain that produces a sweet taste with psycho-active and uplifting effects. For expert growers, this strain is a one-time growing deal to swim in buds the whole year!


  1. High THC around 15 to 20%.
  2. Very high yield strain.
  3. Sweet, fruity taste.
  4. Strong and long-lasting psychoactive and cerebral effects.
  5. Mostly Indica dominant.

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Durbon Poison is the perfect purple weed strain for growing with the Seed of Green (SoG) technique.

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Being a Sativa dominant strain, Durbon Poison produces a positive, uplifting, and motivating effect that can be useful to alleviate anxiety, stress, and other illness.

However, indoor growers can achieve a yield of around 400 to 500 grams/meter square in 8 to 9 weeks of flowering time. 

The high THC content (around 15 to 20%) makes it a perfect purple cannabis strain to grow indoor to enjoy more buds.


  1. Produces uplifting, cerebral, and creative effects.
  2. Perfect for SoG growing technique.
  3. Avoids anxiety, depression, and stress.
  4. High yield around 400 to 500 grams.
  5. 15%  to 20% THC content.

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With approximately 90% purple traits, Devil Cream Auto is one of the best purple weed strains that can give you purple buds by making you “high”.

The plant height can go up to 70 to 120cm where it can produce 350 to 600 grams/meter square indoor and 40 to 175 grams/plant. 

With fruity and lemon taste, it is potent enough to make you feel better by producing psychoactive effects.


  1. First prize winner strain.
  2. Produces high yield when grown in optimal growing conditions.
  3. Sweet taste.
  4. Powerful effects.
  5. Best for growers looking for something new.

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How to Grow Purple Weed Strains?

To grow purple weed strain, you must know the right steps to avoid mistakes and have purple buds at the end of your hard work.

Well, here is the basic step-by-step guide on how you can achieve purple buds by cultivating purple weed strain either indoor or outdoor.

Step 1. Buy purple weed strain of high quality

To grow any plant, you need a quality seed that can give you a better product later on. 

The same is with the case of the growing purple cannabis strains.

You need the best quality purple weed strain to have purple buds later on harvesting.

However, if we talk about in detail a scientific manner then it is the Anthocyanin component that makes the plant purple. Well, you cannot control that pigment manually but you can control the growing conditions to maintain that content in your plant.

However, this is the next step after choosing the best purple weed strain for growing.

Step 2. Maintaining optimal growing conditions

As said earlier, you can increase the chances of maximum changing the color of the plant to purple by maintaining growing conditions. In which, the temperature is a major component of environmental conditions.

When you maintain the right temperature, you are making your plant purple!

Here it is how:

The green pigment of the flower breaks during the fall month and the purple component known as Anthocyanin takes place over that.

Therefore, our goal is to help the purple component take over green pigment rapidly by maintaining excellent growing conditions.

Warmer conditions are favorable in most cases.

As in a colder environment, the plant color changes to black which is not our goal.

Therefore, scientifically, you have to maintain the temperature higher in the daytime to make the environment dry so that plant’s Anthocyanin can take over chlorophyll.

Well, during the night, you don’t have to let the temperature down below the difference of 30 degrees. 

Let me explain:

For example, if you are maintaining a growing temperature during the daytime around 60 to 70 degrees Celsius then the temperature during the night should not fall below 40 or 30 degrees Celsius.

In other words, maintain at least a 30-degree temperature difference.  

Step 3. Look for favorable conditions to grow specific strain

Each strain requires different growing conditions. 

For making out your hard work more efficiently, you have to look over specific growing conditions for that particular strain that can lead you in achieving more buds ultimately.

However, most of the strains that are mentioned here are favorable to all growing techniques, and with maintaining excellent growing conditions, you can make out most of the strain from any of the techniques.

Well, it depends on the location where you want to grow your buds. You can maintain and adjust conditions accordingly to your need and other requirements as well.

Keep in mind the ultimate goal is to get the most out of the hard work that you are putting in!

Top Best Purple Weed Strains Reviews: Final Words

While looking for the best purple weed strain that can give you more purple buds you have to keep in mind the quality strain that is the base of all growing journeys.

From this guide, I can hope that you are now able to choose your best purple cannabis strain that can make you rich in purple buds.

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