Top 10 Reputed Best Seed Banks that ships to USA

Are you looking for seed banks that ship to the USA as well as all over the world?

Most probably you will say YES!

Finding the best seed banks is hard to process, but here we have simplified it for you.

Well, after spending more than $20000, I and my team have bought seeds from all reputable seed banks in the US and tested the quality of marijuana seeds!

Well, after buying and experiencing all those US based seed banks, our expert team has come up with the top 10 seed banks that you can go for your marijuana garden.

Are you excited to know them? 

So, we wouldn’t let you wait anymore let’s get straight into it:

Top 10 Best Seed Banks to Start Marijuana Growing

So, here we go with the list of the top 10 best seed banks.

1. ILGM (I Love Growing Marijuana) – Our Favorite & Best Pick

2. CropKing Seeds – Editor’s Choice

3. MSNL Seedbank

4. Quebec Cannabis Seeds 

5. Seedsman

6. Sensible Seeds

7. Seed Supreme

8. Attitude Seeds Bank

9. The Vault Seed Bank

10. Ministry of Cannabis

Best Seed Banks Reviews

Now, let’s begin with our experts and my personal reviews:

#1 I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) – Our Best Pick

I Love Growing Marijuana website

Overall Rating – (9.9/10)

Experience – More than 25 years

Shipping Countries – U.S.A, Canada, U.K, and worldwide

Payment Options – All major payment ways: Credit Card & Debit Card (MasterCard & Visa), Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, Cash, Check

Delivery Time – Averagely takes 7-10 days

With more than 25 years of experience, Robert Bergman started this blog in later 2012 and now it is one of the best seed banks to buy cannabis seeds worldwide.

If you are looking for the best seed banks for your marijuana growing journey that guarantee from shipping to germination of the seeds then ILGM will be your best choice.

Here’s how:

ILGM has most of the strains available at their store. Therefore, you are sure to get your favorite seeds right here.

When it comes to the quality of the seeds then these guys are experts!

Whether I talk about feminized, auto, or regular, they have the best quality available at their store. My favorite is Bergman’s Gold Leaf also with Gorilla Glue

So, there’s no doubt if you once visited ILGM, you are sure to get the best quality seeds with a variety of choices.

You know what?

Ordering them is too easy!

They have provided many ways to pay them easily so your favorite seeds didn’t get stocked out!

Whether you use Credit Card or Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin you can pay directly without any issue.

If you feel convenience in bank transfer or cash or even by check then no worries! They accept your all payment ways.

Their delivery is within 2-15 business days after ordering within stealth packaging. They even accept returns within 10 days of shipping. If you didn’t get your order and then complain to their customer service then they will send you another pack of seeds.

Aren’t they amazing?

Yeah! Quick customer service is at the top of the online brands that give the best customer service.


I have interacted with ILGM most of the time regarding my personal cannabis seeds and these guys are so accurate and expert in every aspect.

Well, there are tons of positive reviews on the internet that shows their afford in everything.

So, ILGM is our best pick for you. Just go ahead!

Official Website:

#2 CropKing Seeds – Editor’s Choice

cropking seed bank

Overall Rating – (9.5/10)

Experience – More than 20 years

Shipping Countries – Almost every country

Payment Options – Bitcoin, Cards (MasterCard & Visa), Bank Transfer

Delivery Time – Averagely 5-7 days. With shipping charges from $10 to $60 (for express delivery).

Established in the early 2000s, Crop King Seeds is known as the most trusted and experienced online best seed bank that provides top-quality marijuana seeds.

Crop King has one of the latest classical seed varieties in its stock. Thanks to their collection team that has teamed up with the top breeders in the market which are known for the top quality marijuana seeds.

Crown Royale and Dark Angel is my personal favorite from the Crop King seeds. Well, there are many varieties available from regular to auto-flowering in their stock list.

So, you can find every choice there.

They have the best customer service!

I have asked them my doubt regarding one of the auto seeds breeds. So, I asked them via mail and their response was exceptionally well!

They were quick with their clear answer and explanations. Therefore, no doubt, you are not going to face any kind of issue in customer service if you find some problems with them.

Being a global company and online store CropKing has made available most of the payment options at their store. 

I mostly do it via Credit Card (will work with both i.e. Master Card & Visa). However, you can also choose Bitcoin or Bank Transfer which is also available at CropKing for your convenience.

Like ILGM, these guys are known for stealth packaging with up to 5-7 business days to reach your order.

Well, unlike those (ILGM), CropKing charges for express delivery of orders around $30 – $60. 


With a large variety of strains and top-quality seeds, CropKing is the best seed bank that has the best price for your every choice.

Well, they charge a nominal fee for express delivery which totally worth it as they ship faster by giving you access to track your order.

So, finally, CropKing is one of my best picks for marijuana seeds.

You can read the complete review of crop king seeds here.

Official website:

#3 MSNL Seedbank

MSNL Seed Bank website

Overall Rating – 9/10

Experience – More than 10 years

Shipping Countries – Worldwide

Payment Options – Bitcoin, Credit Card (MasterCard & Visa), Cash 

Delivery Time – Averagely takes 4-7 days to deliver orders

Hub of fresh seeds!

MSNL is one of the hubs of the latest strains of fresh seeds. You know what?

They didn’t keep their stock for more than two months. So, you are sure to find fresh seeds of the best quality right at MSNL.

MSNL Seed bank is one of the trustworthy and reliable seed banks that guarantees your money to pay back you in quality seeds.

With auto-flowering, High CBD, feminized and Regular categories they sell their top seeds at quite affordable rates. The reason behind their low cost for top-quality seeds is their bulk dealing from the Dutch producers.

This is the plus point for MSNL which stands them out from the crowd!

For ordering, you can opt Bitcoin as a quick way to order. However, they have also given you Credit Card, Debit Card, and Cash as other payment options.

So, you can order them via hassle-free transactions online.

They give 100% security for your payment.

Shipping should be discreet and safe and that’s why this online seed bank gives priority to this service. MSNL has had 100% discreet packaging and safe delivery for many years. So, in delivering your order, they are experts!


MSNL is a brand that is known for its quality services. Well, they sell what they promise, and by this time they are at the top of the market.

So, if you are looking for a brand that is legit and trustworthy with quality services then MSNL is the perfect choice for you.

MSNL seed bank has 5-point general ratings on Seedfinder.

Official Website:

#4 Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank

quebec seed bank website

Overall Rating – 9/10

Experience – More than 8 years

Shipping Countries – Almost every country 

Payment Options – Cards, Money Transfer, Bitcoin

Delivery Time – 2 to a maximum of 15 days

Quebec cannabis seed bank is the most trustworthy seed bank that I have purchased seeds from.

Based in Montreal QC, this seed bank began in 2012 and has many varieties of strains available at its store.

When it comes to customer services then this bank wins our hearts.

As I have ordered one of their popular seeds (Amnesia Haze XL Outdoor) and I’d had an issue while ordering them.

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I have made the payment but it was not showing there. Even I waited a few times and then again it was not right.

So, I finally contacted their customer service. I described my issue and their response was quite amazing.

They were quite polite and helpful. They apologized for their technical issue and then shipped my order quickly even with some more free seeds.

So, from here I can say they are one of the most trustworthy brands to buy online cannabis seeds.

Well, they have only one calling number which deals with both national and international customers. It means they will not be available during the weekends. 

Therefore, keep in mind that too! 

Apart from that, while ordering I’d too many options such as from Cards (Mastercard & Visa), Money transfer. Even sometimes they accept bitcoin too.

So, you are sure to get a hassle-free interaction while ordering them via their super speedy website. 

Well, on their website you’ll see their top range of seeds which is trending nowadays. 

From CBD to Regular with AutoFlowering, they have got you all. One of the most popular seeds is Northern Lights Fast Version Cannabis Seeds, Amnesia Haze XL Cannabis Seeds Auto flower (Our Favorite), Auto CBD Kush Feminized Seeds, Blueberry Fast Version Cannabis Seeds Feminized, and Auto Quebec Super Skunk Cannabis Seeds that have been sold mostly from their stock.

So, as you ordered your seeds will be shipped within 2-4 days and can take a maximum of days up to 15 days to reach your hands.


They have great coverage of the latest seeds with quick customer service. That means you’ll have a great experience after purchasing from them as I had.

So, with a budget price range of seeds to the higher range, they have everything for seed lovers.

Official Website:

#5 Seedsman

seedsman website

Overall Rating – 8.8/10

Experience – More than 15 years

Shipping Countries – Almost every country. Majorly European countries 

Payment Options – Cards and Bank Transfer 

Delivery Time – Averagely 7-15 days

Seedsman is the seed bank that I choose totally by checking public reviews. This seed bank has tons of positive feedback from all over the world.

So, I thought to give it a try and I didn’t disappoint them.

This seed bank is known for top-quality seeds since 2003. Do you know what is the best part of them?

They share some part of the profit for the fight legalization of Marijuana. This gesture made this seed bank stand apart from the rest of the seed banks.

Well, coming to the main point, I have tried out their main selling strains of Marijuana which are quite impressive.

As a Marijuana enthusiast, I have checked their whole stock and found out CBD, Auto-Flowering, and Regular as the main category of their seeds.

However, you are sure to find your favorite seeds right here with the seedsman. As they have one of the largest seeds stock at their shop.

While purchasing something online I always prefer great customer service. Well, from Seedsman, I didn’t disappoint as they have one of the best quality customer services. 

Either before purchasing from them or after receiving seeds in your hand if you face any issues then you can contact them through phone or via E-mail Seedsman customer support, which is quite quick.

They respond within 48 hours and also they are quite friendly and polite which is a plus point for them.

For ordering seeds you can pay them via Credit Card, Debit Card (Mastercard or Visa), Bank Transfer, Cash, and Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin which made them order quickly.


As I said earlier that they have tons of positive reviews therefore, it is not needed to explain their market reputation and when it comes to the quality of seeds then they are simply the best and one of the reputable seed banks in the USA.

So, overall, I loved seedsman!

Official Website:

#6 Sensible Seeds

sensible seed bank website

Overall Rating – 8.5/10

Experience – 15 + years 

Shipping Countries – U.K, U.S.A, and Canada with some more countries

Payment Options – Western union, Cards, and Bitcoin or Bank transfer 

Delivery Time – 4-15 days averagely

With more than 15 years of experience, this seed bank is now becoming the first place for Marijuana lovers to buy seeds.

At the Sensible Seeds, you are sure to receive top-quality seeds at very affordable rates.

Yes! From beginner to advance, they have covered all strains of Cannabis Seeds which made me check them out.

Thanks to their top breeders and seedbanks that provide only high-quality Marijuana seeds. With more than 150 breeders, the Sensible seed bank is the hub of the seeds. I frequently buy their latest seeds as they came in a very fresh package.

It is all due to the Sensible’s experienced team that keeps all the seeds in an optimal environment so that we can get fresh and ready to plant seeds at our home.

Even without, charging much, they provide top-quality Cannabis Seeds from the world’s top breeders.

One of my favorite choices is Jack Herer, Gelato, and Super Lemon Diesel which is one of the top sold seeds.

Well, I’ll tell you an easy way!

Once you visit their site, they have provided you with a complete guide on their best quality seeds. Even if you are already looking for your favorite one then you can easily search on the search bar at the top of their site. 

Once you order them, you will get them in your hand within 4-15 days. Obviously, delivery time does matter at your location.

Even ordering them is quite easy and quick. You can pay them via Cash, Cards (Debit, Credit), Bank Transfer, and even Western Union too. So, they have a plus point in this department.


When it comes to a seed bank that has a large number of top-quality breeders then surely Sensible Seedbank comes into everyone’s mind.

With top-quality seeds and a great price range, the Sensible seed bank is the most popular choice for your indoor growing Marijuana seeds.

Official Website:

#7 Seed Supreme

seedsupreme official website

Overall Rating – 8.2/10

Experience – More than 5 years

Shipping Countries – Worldwide

Payment Options – Offline and online payment options are there 

Delivery Time – Maximum up to 15 days

Let me tell you first that SeedSupreme is a legit seed bank and it is not a scam!

Even I personally bought seeds from them and they are completely legit and authorized sellers of Marijuana seeds.

Okay! I understand there may be some negative reviews about this seed bank but they have satisfied customers too. So, apart from controversies, they are a quality seller of Marijuana seeds that have been directly stocked from the top breeders in the market. 

For more than 5 years they have been in the Marijuana market and are known for quality seeds at an attractive price range. 

After that, they have one of the latest seeds in their stock. From High THC, Regular to Auto-Flowering seeds they have everything for you.

Well, they have above-average customer service. To be honest, they didn’t respond too quickly. So, there may be some wait time for you if you approached them.

Apart from this, they are good at shipping. They take an average of 7-15 days to ship your order once you ordered from them.

Well, one thing I’ll say about SeedSupreme is that they are consistently improving in this business by putting in hard work and I’ll definitely say that no scam company ever put effort to grow their business like this.

Yes, there may be some improvement needed, which this seed bank is consistently trying.

For placing your order, they accept all major payment options such as credit and debit cards with bitcoin and bank transfer too.


When it comes to SeedSupreme then only top-quality cannabis seeds are popular at affordable rates. Apart from their negative reviews, a lot of buyers are happy with them after buying top-quality seeds. SeedSupreme seed bank has 4-star user ratings & over 700 user reviews on Trustpilot.

In a nutshell, SeedSupreme is one of the best places to buy Marijuana seeds.

So, go and check this legit seed bank right now!

Official Website:

#8 Attitude Seed Bank


Overall Rating – 8.0/10

Experience – More than 5 years

Shipping Countries – World-wide 

Payment Options – All major payment options

Delivery Time – 4 to 7 business days

An attitude seed bank is my first choice to buy seeds if I go for more strains. It is one of the best UK seed banks.


It is all due to their stock of more than 2000 strains. Yes! You read it right. They have more than 2000 strains available for Cannabis Seeds. They carry auto-flowering seeds, feminized seeds, and regular seeds of the most well-known and underrated strains.

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This means you’ll get every Marijuana seed at Attitude seed bank.

Well, once you visit their site then firstly you’ll be bombarded with lots of weed pictures and offers to go on their site.

Apart from the colorful site, I loved their easily accessible seeds category that makes it quite easy to search out your favorite seeds from a huge hub of seed strains. For getting your seeds, you can easily search on the search bar of their site. 

One thing more, I’ll mention here that Attitude seed bank has ongoing offers on their site most of the time. Therefore, make sure to check out offers before you order something from them as you can grab a big deal at quite a low price.

Well, the only thing they need to improve is their payment options which are quite limited. If you go for a money order then you can only do it within the U.K. Well, for the cardholders, there is an exception for the Mastercard user.

So, this needs to be improved in Attitude seed bank while everything is quite good at their site.

Note – They do not accept Bitcoin or even PayPal.

Once your order is from Attitude seed bank then you’ll receive your order within 4-7 business days which is quite quick as compared to other seed banks. 


An attitude seed bank is one of the most reputable and popular choices for Marijuana lovers to buy seeds. With their quick customer support, they became the more reputable and best sellers in the seed market. 

Finally, I’ll say that for all your Marijuana seeds, you must go first to the Attitude seed bank. 

Official Website:

#9 The Vault Seed Bank

The Vault Cannanis seed store

Overall Rating – 7.9/10

Experience – 5+ years

Shipping Countries – Mostly in European countries 

Payment Options – All major paying options

Delivery Time – 7 days to 30 days

Like Attitude Seedbank, this seed bank is known for a large number of strains with a plus point of low price and quick customer service. 

There are 1906 Feminized strains, 1130 Regular Strains, and 780 Auto-flowering strains on sale on their online store. 

The only thing comes that, it is one of the growing seed banks unlike Attitude as that has already a well-reputed seed bank in the market

With more than thousands of positive reviews, The Vault Seedbank has all popular strains choices that every Marijuana lover will definitely love to buy. The market reputation of The Vault is much better than other beginner seed banks as more than 95% of people are satisfied with their seeds. 

This positive ratio tells everything about the brand.

Coming to the point, after trying out one of the popular strains (CBD Critical Mass) I have been a fan of this seed bank for its quality. Thanks to their world-class breeders that only sell quality strains of Marijuana seeds. 

Some of the famous breeders from where The Vault seed bank sources its cannabis seeds are Seedsman, Sensi Seeds, Nirvana Seeds, Exotic Seeds, Bomb Seeds, Ace Seed, Royal Queen Seeds, etc.

Apart from this, they have quick customer service too, which is very less seen in the growing seed bank. Their response time is quite faster than other online Cannabis stores. That’s a plus point for them. 

With 100% security, they accept payment via Cards (Mastercard & Visa) and Bank transfers. They prioritize your online security first that’s why they protect every transaction made to their site.


When it comes to the most underrated best online seed bank that sells quality Marijuana seeds then obviously The Vault seed bank comes to mind as for the quality services they are worth becoming more popular.

In a nutshell, they have the best quality seeds at their store, so you can surely invest your money in this seed bank.

Official Website:

#10 Ministry of Cannabis

Ministry of Cannabis website

Overall Rating – 7.9/10

Experience – More than 5 years

Shipping Countries – Worldwide 

Payment Options – All major payment options 

Delivery Time – 2-15 days (Maximum 15 days) 

The only online brand to sell its own hybridized varieties!

Ministry of Cannabis is known for its large section of Cannabis Seeds with popular varieties. Their plus point is their own hybridized strain that they directly sell from their store.

Talking about the strains they have is Feminized, Auto-Flowering, and Regular from recent years. Now, they have 100% your every particular choice of Cannabis seed at their store. Isn’t it amazing?


White Widow and Blueberry Domina are quite popular. 

Apart from this, they are known for their super quick customer support. They promise you to respond within 24 hours of your query being received as they are active on social media platforms as well. 

They have given you contact options such as via phone call or via the contact form which is available at their site. 

Even their support team is quite polite and friendly in nature which is also appreciable as it is very less seen in any online store that they respond to their customers in a friendly way. 

Even I would like to mention one more thing as they have amazingly managed their website. So, if you are in any doubt or want some growth tips then you can have this all directly on their official website. They have given a well-informed blog and FAQs page on their site. 

On the other hand, the website is easy to navigate and it is easy to search out your seeds.

For shipping they are experts!

They deliver your order in a very discreet package within 2-4 days of ordering for the local ones. While the remote location can take a maximum of up to 15 days to reach out to your order at your home.


Ministry of Cannabis is known for the variety of seeds but when it comes to their quality then they are at the top! 

With tons of satisfied customers, they have been now quite popular among the Marijuana growers

So, if you are a beginner or regular grower Ministry of Cannabis has got you all. 

Official Website:

#11 Amsterdam Seed Bank

Amsterdam Seed Bank website

Overall Rating – 7.5/10

Experience – More than 9 years 

Shipping Countries – Worldwide 

Payment Options – Debit cards, Credit cards, Money gram, and Bitcoin

Delivery Time – 15 business days

Originated in 2011, the Amsterdam seed bank has been one of the popular choices for Cannabis Seeds in recent times.

I have tried one of the Auto-Flowering seeds strains that is quite amazing and made my list of the best seed bank online.

However, they have the majority of the seeds in their stock. Thanks to their collection team that has been linked with more than 26 reputable seed banks in the US. This means you can have all of your favorite seeds right in one place i.e. Amsterdam seed bank.

They have the fastest customer service at their shop. They are open 7 days a week which means they are available most of the working hours.

They have given their phone number to contact them quickly. However, the mail is also available if you want to contact them via that.

Well, if you contact them during working hours then there are more chances of getting a quick response from them.

Amsterdam seed bank has been the most trusted seed bank too due to its secured payment gateways.

You can pay them via Debit Card, Credit Card (Mastercard & Visa), Moneygram, and Bitcoin too. However, they don’t accept payment via PayPal.

So, here you’ll get too many options to pay them.

Amsterdam offers worldwide shipping. However, you can pay them €2.50 for regular mail, whereas if you select registered mail, you will be charged €9.50 within Europe and €16.00 outside of Europe.

You can receive an order for up to 15 business days. So, make sure to keep an eye on your order as well to prevent any custom issues.


From the very classical range of Cannabis Seeds to the latest seeds available in the market, you are sure to find every choice in Amsterdam.

Well, their quality services are worth trying out their seeds at least once.

Official Website:

#12 Nirvana

Nirvana Seed Bank Website

Overall Rating – 7.5/10

Experience – More than 25 years

Shipping Countries – Almost every European countries 

Payment Options – All major options (Online as well offline) 

Delivery Time – 5-10 days averagely 

Established in 1995, the Nirvana shop is quite related to Amsterdam Sees Bank. As the founder Mau was a worker in Amsterdam.

With the experience of more than 15 years (Except for Mau’s lifetime experience in Amsterdam) this seed bank is known for top-quality seeds at attractive prices.

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Nirvana shop is popular for quality strains instead of a large collection of them. Well, when I bought from them, they have 40 strains of Cannabis seeds which all are imported from the top breeders.

Some of their popular strains are AK-48, Aurora Indica, Ice, Jock Horror, Northern Lights, OG Kush, Sour Diesel, Raspberry Cough, White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies, Master Kush, Papaya, Somango XXL, and many more. Most seed customers can find something basic that you like to grow at the Nirvana seed bank.

Nirvana has the best and quick customer support at their shop. They have one of the quickest service agents Alice and A. J. They both are friendly and polite which shows their expertise in serving customers. 

However, you can always contact them through their contact form as well as from their website.

The point to be mentioned here is that they have a forum too (Weedportal) where you can chat and ask with other Nirvana customers.

When it comes to customer reviews then Nirvana is one of the most rated and trusted sites for buying Cannabis Seeds.

You know what?

They have even the best price for their quality seeds. Apart from this, they offer you large discounts and frequent sales for their quality seeds. However, you may have to keep an eye on their site for this. 


When it comes to buying quality marijuana seeds at a low price then Nirvana is the best place for it.

However, for basic consumers, they are best!

So, go and check out their official website for more detailed information.

Official Website:

#13 Seed City Seeds

Seed City Seeds website

Overall Rating – 7.3/10

Experience – More than 10 years 

Shipping Countries – Worldwide 

Payment Options – Almost every online payment ways

Delivery Time – Maximum 15 days

Starting in 2010, Seed City is the seed bank that is counted among the newest seedbanks but they have more than 10 years of experience which shows their dedication and love towards marijuana.

Well, they are the hub of discounts and offers!

For an instant 10% discount, you can pay them via Bitcoin. Additionally, you can apply code save10 to grab even more than 10% off on your order.

Apart from this, they have always going on sales and discounts up to 20-30% off on their latest seeds.

Aren’t they amazing? Yeah!

When it comes to the quality of seeds then they are excellent.

I have seen many rumors flying on around many sites about selling old seeds but as I have bought them it is completely a big lie!

For the price they offer, they have an amazing range of quality strains of Marijuana seeds. Therefore, I can say that Seed City wouldn’t let you regret it.

Apart from this, they are experts in shipping!

They deliver your order in a very discreet package which ensures the high-security delivery of your order by preventing customs as well.

The best part:

If your order was taken down from customs, they will ship you a new package of seeds without asking you any questions.

Isn’t it amazing!

Apart from this, they have a good germination rate too. It means you are sure to get a weed garden from the seeds from this seller.

Talking about payment options then they accept majorly all online payment ways such as Bitcoin and via cards. 

So, you can place your order easily from their site. 

Even their official website is quite catchy and easy to navigate. You can search out your seeds from their homepage directly. 

Overall :

In a nutshell, Seedcity is a legit seed bank that offers high-quality seeds at a cheap price. 

With the latest offers and sales, you can grab high-quality seeds at very affordable rates from here.

So, don’t waste your time and get the seeds right now!

Official Website:

#14 Pacific Seed Bank

Pacific Seed Bank

Overall Rating – 7/10

Experience – More than 5 years 

Shipping Countries – Worldwide 

Payment Options – Almost every online payment ways

Delivery Time – 14-28 days

The truth is here! 

Okay! I understand that you may have come across some reviews that say PSB is not legit or a kind of scam. 

But wait :

Pacific Seed Bank is completely legit and is an authorized seed bank that sells seeds worldwide. 

I have directly purchased seeds from their website and they delivered my seeds within 15 days. 

It means they are not a scammer!

They have one of the finest quality seeds at their shop. They claim to be a team of experienced marijuana experts who had researched for more than 20 years.

Well, I cannot prove this but yes, they have amazing quality seeds which shows that they are absolutely supported by experienced people. Even their strain collection shows that they have deep research in the Marijuana market. 

They have 100% feminized seeds in their stock. They have Auto-Flowering and Regular seeds as well. Therefore, you can find some of the popular seeds right here with PSB.

Talking about their customer service then they have above-average service. Well, they have a specific team for that but still, they lack quick responses that should be improved.

However, Pacific Seed Bank is putting its afford into every aspect so that it aimed for providing top quality seeds with quick services.


Finally, I’ll say that the Pacific is a legit seed bank that has a fine range of marijuana seeds.

Well, there are some improvements that they are consistently improving.

So, if you are looking for some specific seeds of high quality then PSB can be your best choice.

Official Website:

#15 Gorilla Seed bank

gorilla seed bank

Overall Rating – 7/10

Experience – More than 5 years 

Shipping Countries – Worldwide

Payment Options – Cards and Other online payment gateways

Delivery Time – 4 to a maximum of 15 days

Based in U.K. Gorilla Seed Bank has customers from all over the world.

It is all due to the wide range of strains that they stock from the world’s top breeders such as  Dutch Passion, Sweet Seeds, Big Buddha, Dinafem, etc. Thanks to their collection team.

Well, talking about their variety of strains then they have best-seller marijuana strains, feminized strains, a list of seed banks, autoflowering seeds, and many other options that are mainly available on their homepage website.

Navigating from one category to another is quite easy with their site and from the search section, you can easily search out your seeds if it is available or not (In most cases, it is available).

They are the hub of offers! 

Gorilla Seed Bank has many different offers and promotions going on their site. You just have to keep an eye on that. 

They do offer free seeds if you buy seeds in bulk from them. Aren’t they amazing? 


They offer you many ways to place your order. You can pay them via Cards, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer, or even with cash.

So, ordering from them is quite easy.

Apart from this, they deliver your seeds in very discreet packaging so that they can be safe from legal authorities.

Well, for more security you can opt for their extra stealth shipping with your order which guarantees your seeds to be delivered to your doorstep.

The customer service at Gorilla Seed Bank is quite excellent. They have a team of people who are eager to help out marijuana lovers.

They are quite friendly and talk nicely which is a plus point for them.


When it comes to buying seeds from a perfect place then I do refer people to choose Gorilla seeds bank. With having a large quality strain to providing super quick customer service; this seed bank wins our heart.

In the end, they are simply the best. They have the best quality seeds at affordable rates with huge discounts as well.

So, go now and check their latest price!

Official Website:

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Best Seed Banks that ships to USA: Final Words

When it comes to the best online Seed Bank that offers quality seeds at affordable rates then I always prefer their market reputation after their experience in the Marijuana field.

Well, the quality of seeds is always been my priority. So, considering every important factor I and my expert team have made a list of these above best online Seed bank.

These all are quality seed Banks that have been working with the world’s top-class breeders.

Well, now, it’s your turn!

I hope now you’ll be able to choose your best seed bank from here.

However, if you have any doubts or missed any reputable seed bank in the US in this post, you can tell me below the comment section.

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