Best Strongest Marijuana Strains Review 2023

The online marijuana strains market has been overflowed with several different strains claiming their unique quality.

Finding the strongest one among them becomes a tricky task to do.

Well, as you are a weed lover and you are with a cannabis enthusiast that has years of experience buying and growing marijuana strains from online breeders. Therefore, you can now hope for your 100% success in deciding the strongest marijuana strain that can give you immense pleasure of weed.

Should we start?

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Best Strongest Marijuana Strains

Best Strongest Marijuana Strains

While in search of the strongest weed either online or offline, I usually prefer strains with higher THC levels, which is more responsible for making people high. However, along the time I got to know, this is not the whole truth. Some more chemicals do make a weed more enjoyable. These are – terpenes!

Considering the higher THC range and all the chemicals, genetics which can make a weed stronger, a complete list of 2023 strongest marijuana strains is here:


THC – 34%

Strain – Indica dominant

Effects – Intense cerebral high, Euphoric, Couched-lock

The High Times Cannabis Cup Winner for best Indica strain, Godfather OG strain is one of the strongest marijuana strains in the whole world! 

Developed by crossing Granddaddy Purps, Cherry Pie and OG Kush from California Herbal Remedies resulted in a strain that has broken all the records of THC concentration in weed!

With over 34% THC, the Godfather OG strain is a ‘Godfather’ strain for weed lovers. Within just a single smoke, you’ll feel an intense hit of cerebral high that will 100% make you couched-lock and ensures you have a complete body buzz for hours. 

After some time, your whole body will be relaxed and your muscles will feel repaired. Thanks to its strongest genetics that led to an amazing weed remedy!

Suiting for every grower to grow indoor or outdoor, the Godfather OG strain is capable to give you what you may expect from an ideal weed! 

What’s the best?

The best part about the Godfather OG strain is that it can lead you to weed heaven due to its potency! Therefore, for intense smokers, Godfather OG strain is made for them. From intense cerebral euphoria to decent yield in moderate growing conditions, you’ll find Godfather OG strain best!


THC – 28%

Strain – 50% Indica 50% Sativa

Effect – Physiological and relaxing

Want a luxury cum strongest weed? Don’t miss Cookies Gelato!

The amazing combination of two potential weed strains of Girl Scout Cookies and Gelato resulted in a strain that can give you buds with up to 28% of THC concentration making sure you escape this planet after a smoke!

One of the highest THC content strains, Cookies Gelato has a sweet aroma and tastes like the parent genetics and after a mouth-watering taste, you can experience timelapse in one place. Thanks to the 50% Indica and 50% Sativa combination, which makes it one of the strongest weeds to smoke. 

Overall, Cookies Gelato is a strain that is not for novice smokers due to its intense potential. However, if you have the tolerance to be safe after 28% of THC hit then surely this strain is for you!

What’s the best?

Apart from the strongest effects of Cookies Gelato, you are 100% sure to harvest your buds within October and earlier. However, the massive yield of up to 650g indoor and outdoor makes this strain the best potent marijuana strain of 2023!

#18. TRIPE G

THC – 26-28%

Strain – 85% Indica, 15% Sativa

Effect – Psychological, Cerebral rush

The best combination of Gorilla Glue and Gelato made this strongest weed strain just like stronger Triple H!

Yeah! You can relate it to the Triple H, beast wrestler of WWE due to the knock-out effects of this strain. Thanks to 26-28% of THC concentration with Indica dominance, which makes sure you get a knock-out after single smoke!

Moderate height of the Triple G up to 1.8m suitable more for outdoor cultivators. While the indoor growers can make the most out of this beast marijuana strain if they put a little effort into maintenance.

Once you loved your garden, Triple G will reward you with amazing potent buds of up to 575g indoor. While the outdoor lovers will be rewarded with more buds of up to 650g. Isn’t it amazing?

Well, the real potential will be seen while smoking Triple G. From the legendary Gorilla Glue, you can get a hint of that strain as well.

Overall, if you are looking for relief from insomnia, chronic pain and sleeping illness then look no further than Triple G!

What’s the best?

The best part about Triple G is that even after having the strongest marijuana genetics and effects, it can reward you with heavy, dense buds of up to 650g yield within a short period of 8-10 weeks, which is the best part considering novice growers trying their skills!


THC – Up to 32%, averagely 28%

Strain – Hybrid (70% Indica)

Effects – Intense psychological and couch-lock

Dedicated to fruity weed lovers, Strawberry Banana is the strain that has a mouth-watering fruity taste with potential hard-hit of effects!

Thanks to its fruity combination of Strawberry Bubblegum and Banana Kush, which resulted in an excellent aroma and fruity taste of weed. On the positive side, the Strawberry Banana is one of the strongest weed strains having a THC concentration maximum of up to 32%. 

However, an averagely of 28% THC is there to give you a cerebral hit ensuring you are couch-locked and after that, you will feel relaxed and free from stress!

Due to its strong potency, Strawberry Banana can also help treat symptoms of insomnia, pain, and sleeping issues as well.

Overall, the Strawberry Kush strain has a higher potency to develop psychological and physiological effects. Either growing it indoor or outdoor, you are sure to have enough buds to smoke all day with Strawberry Banana strain!

What’s the best?

The best part about having Strawberry Banana strain is that it has an incredibly high THC of 28 to 32% which is exceptional in fruity weeds. On the other hand, the amazing soothing fruity aroma and taste is the best experience for weed lovers looking fruity cum intense weed to smoke!

Know more info about the strawberry banana strain on SeedFinder.


THC – 20%

Strain –Sativa dominant

Effects – Relaxing and positive

Dedicated to medical marijuana lovers, Silver Haze is an excellent blend between legendary Northern Lights and Haze. The Sativa dominance genetics makes sure that you will be having 100% relief from pain, insomnia, and in some cases depression and anxiety too.

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The Sativa dominance genetics induces THC up to 20% which can be achieved either by growing it indoors or outdoor. 

With moderate growing conditions Silver Haze can reward you with its heavy, dense beautiful buds that are potent enough to make you stick to one place after smoke.

With citrus and a little earthy note of aroma and taste, you can enjoy Silver Haze for your relaxation too at the end of your tiring day. This is due to the healing properties of Silver Haze which relaxes your muscles and makes you fall asleep faster. That is why in some cases, its Silver Haze strain is recommended to treat insomnia and sleeping illness as well.

What’s the best?

The best part about Silver Haze is it is from the legendary Northern Lights strain and due to this, it has some amazing healing properties which can be useful in treating many medical symptoms. That is why Silver Haze is one of the strongest medical marijuana strains available online!


THC – Up to 20%

Strain – Sativa dominant

Effects – Healing, Positives

Ideal for inducing a positive high, Sour Diesel is one of the strongest dedicated medical marijuana strains. Sativa dominance genetics led this strain to produce heavy, dense buds with pungent, diesel aroma, and 18.5% of THC content. Thanks to its strong genetics that has been proved well in long-lasting relief from pain and depression unlike other strains claiming falsely!

With a hold of Super Skunk, the effects of Sour Diesel are unmatchable and that is why it is the top priority of medical patients. 

The positive effects of Sour Diesel of uplifting, happiness, and energizing make it a weed strain to be chosen by every weed lover for energy in their life!

What’s the best?

Sour Diesel has unmatchable healing and high-making properties which can help make people positively high and healing many medical conditions as well. That is why this is one of the most popular Sativa dominant strains in the market!


THC – 19%

Strain –Sativa dominant

Effects – Positive and healing

Want a strain to smoke every day at the very beginning of your work?

Amnesia Haze is a perfect choice!

With earthy, citrus, and a little note of lemons, who wouldn’t want to start their day with positive smoke! Thanks to its strong and positive effects that can induce energetic and uplifting buzz to focus on work better!

Amnesia Haze has won the first prize in the Sativa Cup in 2012 and for the very right reasons. 

THC content around 19% is capable enough to make you feel motivated and uplifted at the very start of the day ensuring you can focus better on work. That is why it can be a weed to smoke before going to work due to its positive cerebral effects!

On the other hand, the healing properties of Amnesia Haze can help cure Stress, Depression, Pain, and many other medical conditions. 

What’s the best?

Apart from amazing taste and effects, Amnesia Haze has healing properties that can cure depression and anxiety to some extent. 

On the other hand, easy to grow and a decent yield of heavy buds are more likely to attract any weed lover! 


THC – 27%

Strain – 50% Indica and 50% Sativa

Effects – Relaxing, Therapeutic, and Cerebral

One of the ideal strains for therapeutic effects! Royal Gorilla is one the strongest weed that you smoke once and it will knock out instantly!

The intense 27% of THC content makes sure that you have complete body buzz and after that complete relaxation from stress and pain.

The amazing bred between Sour Dubb, Chem Sis, and Chocolate Diesel resulted in a strain that can induce a potentially intense psychological high which is capable to give relief from anxious thoughts and depression as well.

The strain is perfect for outdoor growers where it can spread branches for beautiful trichomes and can take a shape of a cannabis tree up to 1.7m in height.

The 9 to 10 weeks of the flowering period is a decent time to get a large yield of up to 600g. 

Overall, Royal Gorilla is the strain that has nearly perfect properties of the ideal strongest strain. From the growing period to the intense effects of heavy buds, you are 100% sure to worth your every penny and time invested in it!

What’s the best?

From yield to intense high, everything is perfect in Royal Gorilla. However, the best part is that even the plants can go a little taller than usual but still it takes just 9 to 10 weeks to complete its cycle. This is why it is one of the best choices for beginner growers, where they can get more returns in minimal investment!


THC – 18%

Strain – Sativa Dominant

Effects – Body and cerebral

When it comes to finding one of the potent weed strains then Ghost Train Haze is a sure-shot decision!

Due to intense psychological effects, weed lovers often opt for this as their bedtime strain. Thanks to 18% THC content that makes them high to reach cloud nine! 

The vigorous parent genetics of Ghost OG and Nevil’s Wreck made this strain the strongest weed to smoke in 2023 which has amazing uplifting power and stress-buster effects.

While growing it indoor or outdoor, you can hope for maximum yield as this strain fits perfectly in moderate growing conditions. 

Overall, Ghost Train Haze is perfect for having cloud nine ‘high’ within quick gardening. As its buds are more likely to be ready earlier when you keep the plants in optimum growing condition.

What’s the best?

Ghost Train Haze is the strain that suits every grower to grow; either novice or expert, it can reward you with amazing potent buds that will make sure you have the best weed experience! While the hard-hit of intense effects makes it, unmatchable strain considering body effects!


THC – Up to 27% 

Strain – Indica dominant

Effects – Psychological and Physiological

A cross of The White, Girl Scout Cookies, and Tahoe OG resulted in White Thoe Cookies which is one of the strongest weeds for smokers! The ultimate crossbred developed a strain that has strong genetics to produce intense aromatic high. Thanks to higher THC concentration which is found up to 27% in it. 

Within just one smoke, White Thoe cookies will give you a complete body buzz and after that, you will feel a relaxing and calming euphoria. 

On the other hand, this amazing strain is also for those who want to focus better and want to be more creative! Just smoke White Thoe Cookies and boom! You are at cloud nine of creative thoughts. As the excellent combination of the psychological and physiological effects of White Thoe Cookies takes hold over your body just after smoke.

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What’s the best?

The best part about White Thoe Cookies is that it has been proving itself for curing insomnia and other medical conditions as well. Apart from just a euphoric high, it heals your muscles making you relax and calm to fall asleep. That is why this strain is recommended when you want to relax after work or at the weekend!


THC – 23%

Strain – Hybrid

Effects – Knock-out punch of euphoria

Just like Hulk, you can expect Bruce Banner to be the strongest weed strain in your super-cannabis strains collection! The potential blend between OG Kush, Strawberry Diesel led Bruce Banner to be the winner of multiple cannabis awards including the Denver Cannabis Cup in 2013. 

The potential parent genetics led Bruce Banner to produce higher THC content of 23% on average which is stronger enough to make you feel knock-out hulk-like effects over your body!

Bruce Banner is one of the favorite and strongest weeds to grow due to its capability to produce more buds in a given environment. That is why even novice growers can make the most out of Bruce Banner strain. 

Overall, the Bruce Banner strain is for those who want a stronger yet tolerable weed strain to give them unmatchable euphoric effects!

What’s the best?

Bruce Banner was given an award for one of the strongest weeds to grow and smoke for ultimate relaxation and high!

Just like Hulk, be ready to get knock-out euphoric punches while smoking which is perfectly suitable for some intense smokers and weed lovers!


THC – 22%

Strain – Sativa dominant

Effects – Relaxing, Healing, Uplifting

Awarded with the best Sativa strain in 2016 and 2003, Laughing Buddha is the perfect strain if you are looking for a medical cannabis strain. 

The Sativa dominance of Laughing Buddha ensures that you have complete relaxation and calmness after a euphoric high. That is why Laughing Buddha is one of the strains preferred by patients to overcome depression and stress. Thanks to its giggling high that bursts the stress and produces happy signals in your mind.

With 22% of THC and 1.6% CBD, the Laughing Buddha strain has been proving revolutionary strain in the medical cannabis field. 

Suited for both indoor and outdoor growers, Laughing Buddha can give you buds within just 70 days of the flowering period, which is excellent considering its properties. 

If you keep patience and love to your garden for an appropriate growing period, Laughing Buddha can reward you with the strongest weed buds which are not only to make you high but also to make you fight from some medical conditions.

What’s the best?

Laughing Buddha is the strongest medical cannabis strain if you use its potential in the right way. Thanks to its strong genetics which has some amazing healing properties in insomnia and other medical symptoms. From its potency to yield, it suits perfectly any weed lover!


THC – 24%

Strain – Sativa dominant

Effects – Balanced high

Ever dreamed about the perfect strain for daytime use?

If yes then Blue Dream is your choice!

The stronger cerebral and body hit will make you aware enough to be focused on your work better. To enhance creative thoughts or boost your mood, just smoke Blue Dream once!

The ultimate THC concentration of up to 24% gives you enough high to be productive and energetic at the same time. That is why it is the strain that you can even use before going to work. 

However, it is always recommended that novice smokers must have the dosage of Blue Dream in limited quantity first to measure their tolerance. On the other side, the pro ones can make the most out of Blue Dream. 

This Sativa dominant strain is perfect for you if you are looking for the strongest weed to smoke and not getting couched-lock to avoid all the important work. Thanks to its healing properties that also help you in curing symptoms of nausea, pain, and sleeping illness.

What’s the best?

The best part about the Blue Dream strain is that it is one of the strongest strains and yet it can be smoked while being productive. This is rarely seen in any of the weed strains online. 

However, if you are looking for the strongest weed to smoke just before going to work or giving a kick-start to your day then look no further, Blue Dream!



Strain –

Effects –

Considering the list of strongest weeds, Indica dominant strains are more likely to get attention due to their potential in producing excellent psychological effects.

If you are looking for Indica dominant strongest weed to smoke then Death Star can be the reason to stop here on the list!

With an average of 21% THC, Death Star is known for gradually producing cerebral high and when it will take hold over your whole body, you’ll never get to know! After a strong hit, you will feel an amazing calmness and relaxation in your body which makes it ideal for treating stress and avoiding anxious thoughts.

The citrus and pungent combination of taste and aroma ultimately leaves you in a state of complete relaxation and stress-free. Therefore, it can be your stress-buster smoking weed as well.

Some experts also claim that due to its slow hold over the body in producing cerebral effects, it can relieve pain, depression, and insomnia as well.

What’s the best?

Considering its healing property and overwhelming effects which blow up slowly but gives an amazing experience of relaxation, Death Star has been awarded 10th strongest weed strain in 2018. Therefore, If you are looking for a weed strain for weekends to relax down then Death Star can be your all-time favorite choice!


THC – 25-26%

Strain – Sativa dominant

Effects – Euphoric high

Want the strongest weed to get even cough? Then don’t miss Strawberry Cough! 

Some people guess its potential as per the name of strain but you don’t do that! It is because this is one of the potent weed strains having buds of THC up to 26% and can lead you to stick to one place for no reason yet having cloud nine experience!

The genetics of Strawberry Cough is mysterious but the effects of this strain make it popular worldwide. Thanks to its uplifting euphoric effects which make you happy and energetic the whole day within just one smoke.

Perfect for indoor and outdoor growers, the plants of Strawberry Cough are moderate to handle and produce a greater yield. 

What’s the best?

The amazing euphoric high in a sweet fruity taste is combined within this strongest weed strain which can make you feel uplifted, energetic, and happy all day within one smoke! If you are looking to buy the strongest marijuana strain this year then don’t miss Strawberry Cough!

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THC – 24%

Strain – Hybrid

Effects – Uplifting and Positive

Wedding Cake or Birthday Cake is the strain that might be your all-time smoking strain if you love fruity and tasty buzz! 

Wedding Cake is the strain that holds over 24% THC content in its buds and can give you an amazing hit with a mouth-watering fruity taste. 

It is expected that Wedding Cake is a hybrid of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie Strain which makes a beast combination like Wedding Cake. The effects produced by Wedding Cake are uplifting and positive. That means you can use Wedding Cake as your stress-buster and happy-time weed! Thanks to its strong genetics that enhances happy hormones in your mind making you feel better from anxiety and stress.

 The pungent, earthy aroma with sweet and vanilla combined taste makes it more attractive. Therefore, once you smoke Wedding Cake, you are sure to use it again and again!

What’s the best?

24% of THC is capable enough to make smokers feel better from many medical conditions. From insomnia, depression to anxiety, and pain, you are 100% sure to get relief from this best medical cannabis strain!


THC – Up to 32%

Strain – Sativa dominant

Effects – Cerebral, Body stoned

Dedicated to weed lovers looking for higher THC concentrations to get knock-out effects, Chem Berry D is a perfect choice!

From 32% highest THC strains to massive yield in excellent growing conditions, you can opt for Chem Berry D for your all-time harvesting strain due to its excellent yield and strongest buds.

Even for novice growers, this strain is easy to grow and can make anyone weed-rich if growing conditions are maintained well.

Apart from this, Chem Berry D has potent parent strains which led this strain to have the strongest genetics to produce intense cerebral high which you expect from an ideal Sativa strain!

What’s the best?

The best part about having the Chem Berry D strain is that it is one of the strongest marijuana strains with ease of growing difficulty, which makes it a popular choice for novice growers and weed lovers beginning their cannabis journey!


THC – 28%

Strain – Indica dominant

Effects – Intense physiological and psychological

GSC or Girl Scout Cookies is one of the legendary marijuana strains that are popular enough that they require no introduction! 

For new cannabis enthusiasts, Girl Scout Cookies is one of the potent strains that has been known for its intense physiological and psychological effects apart from its ease of growth and massive yield. 

That led this strain to win many Cannabis Cups and talking about its potency then it has no match!

Combination of mint, sweet and fruity aroma, and taste, Girl Scout Cookies is the strain that can make you weed-rich and also reach cloud nine!

Originally developed from OG Kush and Durban Poison, Girl Scout Cookies can produce buds with up to 28% of THC concentration.

Overall, Girl Scout Cookies are the strain that can make you feel real ‘high’ with its real potential. While ease to grow GSC is a bonus point to all the properties!

What’s the best?

From higher THC content to inducing cerebral and physical highs, everything is nearly perfect in GSC. However, this strain is the best choice for those, who are starting their cannabis journey and want to make the most out of their first weed strain while being over the sky within just one smoke!

Read the user review of Girl scout cookies strains on seedfinder.


THC – 27%

Strain – Indica dominant

Effects – Uplifting and relaxed

The amazing blend of Sunset Sherbet and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies resulted in the beast marijuana strain – Green Gelato!

The amazing THC content of 27% makes sure you will have the best experience of weed by giving you a euphoric high! Within just single smoke, you can expect cloud nine high from Green Gelato whereas it is potential enough to repair your body muscles. 

Perfect for indoor growers and outdoor cultivators, Green Gelato plants can take a height of up to 1.2m indoor and up to 2m outdoor. Well, giving moderate growing conditions to Green Gelato can result in a heavy dense yield which can be obtained just after a short flowering time of 8-9 weeks.

Overall, Green Gelato is one of the best Indica dominant strains that has unmatchable potency and can reward with immense yield if the environmental conditions are maintained well.

What’s the best?

Green Gelato strain has nearly perfect properties to have in 2023! From its soothing high to massive yield, any weed lover will want to start their day with Green Gelato buds!


THC – 30%

Strain – Hybrid

Effects –  Intense body and cerebral effects

A strain that needs no intro! The ultimate legendary weed strain which has extreme potency to give all pleasures of the weed world! 

Gorilla Glue or GG has everything that you might be expecting from a perfect and strongest weed strain this year!

With buds over than producing 30% THC concentration, you are sure to have a roller-coaster ride after a smoke! 

Apart from this, the earthy, lemon, and sweet to some extent is what you will feel while inhaling GG buds and you will be left out with an intense head hit after exhaling. 

Thanks to its strong parent genetics, which made this strain extremely stronger to make you feel better from anxiety, insomnia, and pain. Even to some extent, it has been helpful in menstrual cramps as well!

More benefits – more effort! Well, with Gorilla Glue, you can make the most out of it and can have a massive yield of 600g within just moderate growing conditions.

What’s the best?

Gorilla Glue is the legendary marijuana strain that has been popular for many reasons for the very right reasons. The intense aroma, taste, and euphoric high are perfect for any weed lover looking for the strongest marijuana strain!

Best Strongest Marijuana Strains Review: Final Words

Now, I hope choosing the strongest weed strain for you is easier from here! I and my team has worked hard to develop a list of perfect marijuana strains suiting every weed lover’s requirements. 

Well, now, it’s your turn, you have to make the decision!

It is recommended that while considering anything best, you should focus more on your priorities first which will ultimately lead you to make the most out of your decision.

If you have any doubts, ask us in the comments below. We’ll be glad to help a weed lover like you!

Until then, stay home and stay safe!

Enjoy weed!

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