Blackberry Kush Seeds Review 2023

Have you ever experienced the ultimate combination of relaxation with healing?

Well, in modern medication it is not possible to get 100% positive outcomes from the medicines. It has been seen in the researches that people used to suffer from different side effects after using chemical pills!

However, in the herb category of medicines such as marijuana, you will be able to find their alternatives!

Blackberry Kush Seeds – Overview

Blackberry Kush Seeds

Blackberry Kush is one of the legendary marijuana strains in the marijuana world that will give you immense relaxation with its effects. While the medicinal properties of the strain have been quite effective in different medical symptoms as well.

Therefore, if you are a marijuana lover and wanted to experience the marijuana world’s one of the legendary strains – Blackberry Kush then grow its seeds in your garden right now!

You are new to this amazing strain?

Don’t worry! Read along to know everything about Blackberry Kush! From growing factors to buying seeds online, you will be an expert over this excellent strain after this guide.

Also, you can check out this reviews of Blackberry Kush on seedfinder.

So, let’s get started:

History of Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush has a quite mysterious history. That means there has been a lot of stories regarding its existence and coming out. One of the most popular is somewhat like Blackberry Kush is the resultant of Bubba Kush and Blackberry. While another story relates this strain with Afghan and Blackberry. However, most of the marijuana experts believe in the first one, and hence it is believed that the Blackberry Kush genetics have a relation with Bubba Kush and Blackberry. 

Whatever happened in the past, we, marijuana lovers got a strain to not forget if used once! 

Blackberry Kush is an Indica dominant strain that gives an intense hit of its effects while keeping its own genetics beneficial for healing the body as well. That is why medical marijuana enthusiasts are more likely to grow the Blackberry Kush strain and prefer it over other medications. 

Apart from this, the strain is also known for its unique dark-purple-hued appearance, which we will be discussing later. Due to Indica dominance, the genetics fetch higher THC concentration and as low CBD levels as 0.2% to 0.4%. 

Overall, as being a marijuana lover, you will prefer to know the growing guide instead of digging out the ancient history which seems a little mysterious with BBK (Blackberry Kush). However, breeders have got this strain which is the ultimate solution for relaxation and in different medications as well. Therefore, let’s dig out deeper into this strain’s information:

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Blackberry Kush

Worried about the outcomes of Blackberry Kush? Let’s cover that first then!

Here are the positive and negative outcomes that you might get after growing Blackberry Kush seeds in your garden. Have a look:


  1. One of the strongest marijuana strains
  2. Unique appearance.
  3. Beautiful plants. 
  4. Excellent yield. 
  5. Medicinal herb.
  6. Highly potent.
  7. Easy to grow.


  1. Original Blackberry Kush is difficult to find.

Once you will choose Blackberry Kush seeds to grow in your garden, it is sure that you will be getting an amazing experience of cultivation as it is less likely that you will need to put extra effort into making the most out of this strain.

Strain Information

Here are the unique properties that Blackberry Kush has and you will be able to distinguish from the other strains:


This is one of the best parts of Blackberry Kush. It has denser, beautifully hued plants that will make your neighbors jealous of you!

At first glance, you will be able to find your garden dark, purple, violet, and a combination of green leaves under which you will be able to find your main herb. No one can ignore the beauty of this lady! 

Overall, the appearance of the Blackberry Kush is unmatchable. From the color combination to buds, trichomes, leaves, everything is perfect for a marijuana lover! That is why this strain is also popular as one of the best purple-colored marijuana strains.


This factor allows the growers to predict the effort they will need to put in managing their garden either indoor or outdoor. However, Blackberry Kush will generate medium plants, therefore, there will not be an issue for limited space growers. Some experts believe that SoG (Sea Of Green) will be a better option to grow Blackberry Kush in limited space but still, if you are growing it in your own way then you can use different plant managing techniques for higher output from your garden.


As said earlier, Blackberry Kush is an Indica dominant strain, therefore, it has dominant cannabinoids as THC resulting in strong euphoric effects. However, CBD is low around 0.2%. THC concentration in Blackberry Kush is found at around 22%, which means the strain will be able to knock out the user at once. 

Apart from this, Blackberry Kush has a dominant terpene profile as well in which Myrcene, Caryophyllene, and Limonene are the dominant ones to induce impressive aroma and taste. Well, the strain possesses medicinal properties as well, which is the bonus point of having a Blackberry Kush strain in your closet.


Effects of the Blackberry Kush are overwhelming. Once you will intake Blackberry Kush, there is no comeback without a roller coaster ride! First of all, you will be experiencing an intense hit of euphoria that will make your body full of energy and creativity. After riding to the sky, you will end up having deep relaxation in your mind and body. That is why medical weed enthusiasts are usually more excited about Blackberry Kush!

Medical properties

You may need Blackberry Kush as your treating agent sometimes as this strain has excellent genetics that helps in treating the following symptoms:

  • Stress and Chronic Pain – Thanks to the intense effects of Blackberry Kush that completely makes you forget your pain, while the ultimate relaxation makes the stress fade away from your body.
  • Inflammation and Appetite Loss – Blackberry Kush strain has been found helpful in gaining appetite and also in symptoms of inflammation.
  • Insomnia and Depression – The effects of the strain are so soothing that it allows you to sleep faster while avoiding the negative thoughts from your mind, which ultimately helps in overcoming depression. 
  • PTSD, Anxiety, and many more.
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Hence, Blackberry Kush is one of the best medical marijuana strains ever you will find!

How to Grow Blackberry Kush Strain Faster and Effectively?

Till here, you must be ready to buy Blackberry Kush seeds and grow them in your garden. Well, apart from the strain’s easy-to-grow profile, there have been other factors that you must be aware of while growing this strain. 

These factors will not only help you in knowing this strain much better but will also help you in getting the highest output from your garden. 

So, without any more talk, let’s get straight into it:

Grow difficulty

As said above, growing Blackberry Kush is easy to compare to other new complex strains. Therefore, this is the strain which any beginner grower or cultivator with basic growing skills can make the most out of this.

An easy growing profile doesn’t mean that you can take risks over your garden. A good grower never takes a risk about his/her gardening to risk the yield! So, keep that in your mind as well.

Required grow conditions

This factor can ultimately boost your yield. If you give your seeds the right growing conditions to grow then it will result in the highest output. Well, for Blackberry Kush, the required growing climate is more likely to be favorable like Mediterranean climate conditions. 

Therefore, a little warmer and the shiny area will more likely make your Blackberry Kush seeds generate plants faster. Even after proper growth, the plants will prefer to gain lumens, and the more you will give the best output you will be receiving. 

The temperature range for the Blackberry Kush is around 65 degrees to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Make sure to keep the temperature range of your growing area in the required condition, only then your garden will be able to thrive. 

Apart from this, the RH level should be below 50%. Around 45% is expected to be best for this strain. As said earlier, you have to give Blackberry Kush plants enough lighting, so keep that in mind as well.

Overall, the strain is capable to grow well in minimum conditions but as you want to make the most out of it, therefore, put the best effort into growing it. 

Flowering period

The flowering period of Blackberry Kush is excellent. The strain flowers within 8 to 9 weeks and hence it allows you to harvest up to mid-October. Well, for harvesting even earlier than the required time, you can make your garden’s growing conditions more favorable to your strain. That can enhance the chances of getting results earlier. However, it is always recommended to let your garden completely grow and then give you the bud-full results.

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The yield of Blackberry Kush is impressive. After harvesting, you will be feeling the worth of every second you had put in growing these beautiful buds. Well, the yield of Blackberry Kush for indoor cultivators is around half kilograms whereas the outdoor cultivators can get up to 600g per plant. 

That yield is enough for an individual to enjoy all day!

However, once you will use Blackberry Kush, there is no chance of coming back. You will be growing it again and again!

Plant resistivity

Blackberry Kush is moderately resistant to plant diseases but it is susceptible to fungi and other diseases. Therefore, you have to make sure that you give your garden the right care along with the required growing environment to keep all the things favorable for getting the highest output. 

What is the Best in Blackberry Kush?

Apart from the excellent strain genetics, Blackberry Kush is the perfect strain that you need to grow in 2020. Here is why:

  1. The beautiful purple-green buds and leaves are attractive to the eyes. The plants are amazingly gorgeous. 
  2. Buds are potent enough to make you feel fly in the sky. Therefore, you will not want to miss this chance for having the best weed experience. 
  3. The strain is Indica dominant with an easily growing profile. Therefore, anyone with basic grows knowledge can make this strain his/her the most beneficial strain.
  4. High THC is what you look for in psychoactive strains and Blackberry Kush, it is enough to make you couch-lock. Around 23% of THC concentration is mostly a thing to deal with at the end of the day or during the weekends. 
  5. With a little effort to make the most out of any strain, the medium height of these for limited space gardening is what makes this strain the perfect choice for weed growers!


#1. Where can I get Blackberry Kush seeds online?

Well, there has been a difficult job to get the original Blackberry Kush seeds. However, you can check these best seed banks (links) to find the original Blackberry Kush seeds.

#2. What time it will take me to get Blackberry Kush buds?

Around 9 weeks will be sufficient to taste the amazing Blackberry buds. 

#3. Is Blackberry Kush resistant to molds?

The strain is moderately resistant but you are recommended not to take the risks over your garden. Keep all the things right for avoiding any loss in yield.

#4. Where can I grow Blackberry Kush seeds better, indoor or outdoor?

This strain results excellently impressive in both conditions. However, the SoG technique is expected to be ideal for Blackberry Kush.

#5. What is the THC level in the Blackberry Kush strain?

 Around 23%. Averagely 20%.

What’s Our Opinion?

Blackberry Kush is the perfect strain for a beginner to start their journey. This strain has ideal properties that will impress every marijuana grower. Apart from this, the strain effects are unmatchable which is the reason due to intense THC concentration. That is why this strain has also been found helpful in different medical symptoms. 

Overall, this Blackberry Kush seeds review is positive and hence you are recommended to must try this legendary strain once in your life!

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