Blueberry Kush Seeds Review 2022

Do you love blueberries?

If yes then you will be loving those blue-hued weed buds more and if no then after this guide you will be starting loving them. 


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If you are a marijuana lover and looking for a mouth-watering fruity strain that is not only enriched with terpenes to induce taste and aroma but can also make you reach cloud nine by its intense effects then there is no doubt Blueberry Kush is for you!

Blueberry Kush Seeds – Overview

Blueberry Kush Seeds

With strong body and mind effects, the Blueberry strain leaves an unforgettable impact that you will love to be indulged again and again. Apart from the potent weed effects, the strain’s appearance is eye-soothing. The beautiful color hues over the plants will make you fall in love with the strain. As you are a weed lover and if you are a cultivator then you are sure to have the best experience of growing Blueberry Kush indoor or outdoor. 

This Blueberry Kush review will make you aware of everything that you need to make the most out of this strain and take your marijuana journey to the next level. As you are here, there’s a bonus for you. Read along to know the factors that can enhance the productivity of Blueberry Kush. 

Let’s get started:

History of the Strain 

The ancient history of the strain has not that important for you. Therefore, considering the highlighting journey of the strain, it is believed that before the ‘Blueberry Kush’ strain there has been ‘Blueberry’ born in the marijuana world. 

The breeder is one of the legendary cultivators of his time – DJ Short! 

Around 40 years back, when the journey Short was going through the main phase, he was quite excited about breeding different Indica and Sativa dominant genetics. His enthusiasm took him to discover a potent and unique strain that did not only taste just like fruit but leaves an impact that will never go off the user’s list. 

Short discovered firstly Blueberry! It was one of the legendary strains that developed in that time frame. Weed enthusiasts and growers always crave having Blueberry strain in their garden. The reason is the ultimate fruit-like taste and aroma which was rightly named after Blueberry.

Later on, when the trend of Blueberry somehow, came down then weeders were eager to look for something more amazing than it. Precisely, the Blueberry strain was more favorable to the fruity genetics and lesser to the effects. To overcome this, one of the breeders tried to cross legendary OG Kush with Blueberry and it was succeeded resulting in ‘Blueberry Kush’. The breeder remained unknown but the result of the experiment gave the marijuana world another legendary strain forever – Blueberry OG Kush aka Blueberry Kush.

This time the strain was not only potent enough just like parent genetical OG Kush but also fruity just like blueberries. OG Kush was already known as one of the strongest weed strains and cross with Blueberry resulted in Blueberry Kush. 

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Having Blueberry Kush Seeds 

Heading before into strain information and growing part, let’s have a look over what can be the pros and cons of having Blueberry Kush strain in your garden. This will help you in getting an overview of the outcomes you can obtain from this strain.


  1. Experience the actual taste and aroma of blueberries in weed. 
  2. Stronger buds. 
  3. Medical properties.
  4. Strong genetics. 
  5. Excellent yield. 
  6. Ideal for all growers. 
  7. Too strong for novice weeders. 


  1. Require proper attention for producing buds. 
  2. Quite popular strain to be directly available from an average seed store. 

Well, Blueberry Kush is the strain that will relax you for hours once you get into it, and there is no comeback. The mouth-watering taste, aroma, and intense effects will make you grow Blueberry Kush again and again.

Strain Information 

Here are the things that you have to know about the Blueberry Kush seeds. These are the qualities that differentiate them from the rest of the other strains.


The appearance of the Blueberry Kush strain is more likely to be a treat for your eyes. The beautiful blue hue of the plants will make you fall in love forever. The resinous, frosty buds will make your every effort worthwhile. Even your neighbors will be jealous of you that you have grown such a beautiful marijuana plant. 

Apart from this, if you will be putting the best blue-hued weed strains then you will be finding Blueberry Kush at the first position. The reason being the beautiful appearance that makes it at the top of all the strains. That is why most of the weed growers ask for Blueberry Kush. Unfortunately, it is hard to find genuine seeds from an average store but if you are lucky enough to get those seeds then there’s no coming back! Just grow Blueberry Kush and get the pleasure of cultivating weed.


This is one of the crucial points while considering a weed strain to grow. Especially for indoor growers, it is essential to know whether they need larger space for managing their garden or they could do better in limited space. However, Blueberry Kush has been an ideal strain for both the conditions i.e. indoor and outdoor. 

While growing it indoors, you will be able to get medium heightened plants whereas the outdoor space can also make this strain take some more height. With that said, you are free to grow even in your room but make sure you will be giving the garden proper space for ventilation as well.


Due to strong parent genetics from OG Kush, Blueberry Kush has a stronger THC concentration. The THC content in the Blueberry strain can go even up to 23% which is quite higher and enough to knock out anyone with its intense effects. 

Apart from this, the strain is enriched in terpenes as well. A fruity strain will be having enough terpene profile to impress the grower. With that said, Blueberry Kush has mainly Limonene, Caryophyllene, and Myrcene in its genetics, which makes it tastier, and helps to induce effects with a pleasant fruity aroma. Caryophyllene (works as a painkiller) is enriched in Blueberry Kush that makes it one of the solutions for pain as well.


The effects of the Blueberry Kush are intense. Novice weeders will get an extra hit from the strain. Firstly, the mouth-watering taste will make you happy with the fruitier blueberry taste. As time elapses, you will be feeling motivated, relaxed, and happier. Therefore, you can consider Blueberry Kush as your end-of-the-day strain to burst the stress and escape the world to the heaven of pleasure.

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As the strain has an intense effect, it helps in getting over the pain. Even not just pain there have been several medical conditions in which this strain has been found helpful.

Medical Properties

As said above, Blueberry Kush has amazing positive effects on some medical symptoms. Thanks to the strong parent genetics that makes it able to heal some diseases. 

Stress and anxiety – Blueberry Kush has stress burster effects that will calm you at the weekend or the end of the tiring day from your office. 

Insomnia and pain – Whether you are a night owl or facing issues while sleeping, this strain will make you relax and fall asleep earlier. Thanks to the strong effects of the Blueberry Kush, it will make you escape the pain as well.

Depression – is one of the serious issues and this strain has been found in destroying negative thoughts from the mind and helped to overcome depression.

Lack of appetite and Arthritis – Apart from the mentioned above, the medical properties of this strain also allow to gain appetite in individuals and helps even in Arthritis. 

Overall, if we consider the properties of this strain then there is no doubt it has been excellently rich in terpenes and cannabinoids, which makes it an ideal strain for personal and medicinal usage.

How to Grow Blueberry Kush Seeds Faster and Effectively? 

Blueberry Kush has all those properties that will impress any weed grower. However, if you are impressed and have thought to cultivate in your garden then don’t wait for anything. Just buy Blueberry Kush seeds online and start your cultivation journey. 

However, there are some factors which can make your growth of garden faster. Even not only for Blueberry Kush, for any weed strain, but you can also consider these components to enhance the growth of your garden. 

Grow difficulty of the strain

Whether you can grow your chosen seeds easily or not, make sure to know before jumping into the growing field. This will make you aware of the issues that you may come across in cultivating seeds.

However, Blueberry Kush seeds come into a little moderate difficulty level for growing. That means you have to put a little more effort to make the most out of strain as a beginner cultivator. Well, if you have already got your hands dirty on marijuana cultivation then you are good to go without any worries. 

Favorable grow climate

To get the most benefits from your seeds, make sure you give them the right growing climate. Keep the growing temperature, humidity level, and ventilation according to the strain, therefore, you will be able to boost the growth of your garden. 

Apart from this, make sure you give proper nutrients to the soil as well to make the most out of this strain. Well, the required temperature range for Blueberry Kush is around 70-degree Fahrenheit to 85-degree Fahrenheit, while the humidity level is required to be kept as lower as possible below 50%. 

By following the right guidelines to grow weed seeds, you are sure to achieve the highest possible results. 

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Flowering period

The flowering period for Blueberry Kush is around 9 to 10 weeks. That means it takes an average growing time. However, keep this also in your mind that good things take time, and if you let the garden be green in enough time then you are sure to be weed rich!


The yield of this strain can go maximum up to half kilograms per square meter indoor. While under the sky, this strain results in more buds up to 600 grams. Well, the yield of the garden also depends on it that how much love you have shown to it while in a growing state. Overall, this strain doesn’t disappoint you in case of giving results. 

Plant resistivity

Blueberry Kush is a strain that is resistant to common pests and fungi issues. This makes this strain even more attractive for the growers. This is the bonus point for any seed strain. However, still, you are advised to keep things right and also to keep an eye regularly over your garden to not take any kind of risk to reduce the yield. 

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Here are the frequently asked questions that will give you an idea of the strain’s information in a quick way. Let’s check what are the popular queries about it:

#1. Where to get the Blueberry Kush original seeds?

Due to popularity and quality, the strain has been less likely to be available to the common seed store. However, you can always look for online seedbanks that will give you the 100% best quality of seeds if you choose the right source. 

#2. Up to which month I can harvest?

Considering the average time, you will be able to harvest up too late October. However, the time may vary too depending upon the growing conditions it gets. 

#3. What specialty is there in Blueberry Kush seeds?

This seed strain produces beautiful blue-hued plants that are eye-catchy. Apart from this, the strain has enriched cannabinoids and terpenes profiles that will make sure you have the best weed experience. 

#4. What is the germination rate of seeds?

Well, the germination rate of the seeds also depends on the source you are getting. Otherwise, there has been an 85% + success rate of these seeds. 

#5. Which seed type will be best to choose, feminized or auto flower or regular?

Depending upon grow area and climate conditions you can opt for them. However, choosing regular seeds will be of risk with 50% male and 50% female plants. If you don’t want to get that risk then you can move to other options accordingly. 

What’s Our Opinion? 

Blueberry Kush seeds have a rich history where it has been legendary strain during the launch. Even after years of its existence, it has still its lovers and breeders. 

The strain has all the growth qualities to be considered while choosing a strain. However, the yield of the strain is average but considering the beautiful blue buds and overall qualities, it will be worth growing Blueberry Kush seeds indoors or outdoors. 

Therefore, overall, it will be a treat to your cultivation skills to grow Blueberry Kush seeds. While the strain is itself a complete package of benefits along with attractive properties. 

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