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Bonza is one of the impressive and reputable seed banks that you might come across while buying marijuana seeds online. 

They have great coverage over weed strains that any marijuana grower will love to buy. Apart from the stock, they have amazing customer service as well.

Let’s dive deep into it and find out whether Bonza Seeds can be your best seed banks to grow weed in 2023!

Bonza Seeds Bank Review

Bonza Seeds Review

History of Bozna Seeds

Bonza Seeds is one of the new seed banks in the online market yet it has had its roots deep into the cannabis world for many years even before coming online.

Bonza is U.K based seed bank and has been popular throughout the world. It is all due to the top-notch quality seeds that they provide. However, before directly heading into the online cannabis world, the company got the dedication of a hard-working team who were passionate about cannabis genetics which led them to provide the best quality seeds for upcoming years. 

Well, Bonza Seeds was started in 2009 and since then it has aimed to provide only top-quality weed seeds to every cannabis lover. While attempting to buy online marijuana seeds, you might come across seed banks offering you different strains from different breeders that ultimately result in more money for shipment from different places.

However, Bonza Seeds offers you the facility to choose each strain from different sections and they will ship and charge you for the item once. Isn’t it amazing? 

Overall, if you will get into the history of Bonza Seeds then you may not find the ancient history of the company as it is one of the recent seed banks in the market. However, considering the quality of the seed they provide, it can be said that the team of Bonza Seeds has deep experience of weed genetics that they can provide such excellent strains in a wide range and Bonza seed bank has 7-points general ratings on seedfinder.

Strain Selection & Quality

If you didn’t get the strain from any other seed store then come to Bonza Seeds, you are 100% sure to find it! That confidence comes from the large stock of cannabis strains at Bonza Seeds. Over 2500 seeds are there to choose from! How cool?

Yes! You read it right!

That huge collection is rare to see in any online weed store but Bonza Seeds got it all. From autoflower to feminized and from Indica to high CBD strains, they have all the strains that you might look for. The best part about their larger stock of seeds is that they have only seeds of the best genetics that have a higher germination rate and that produce excellent yield. 

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That is why Bonza Seeds is one place to become weed-rich!

Bonza Seeds has got its hand with the best weed breeders in the world and therefore, you will be able to find seeds from top breeders such as Barney’s Farm, Dutch Passion, Moxie Seeds, BC Bud Depot, Cali Connection, CBD Crew, DNA Genetics, Paradise Seeds, Sensi Seeds, Pyramid Seeds, Nirvana Seeds, G-13 Labs, and others.

Overall, the seed selection at Bonza Seeds is incredible and the quality is unmatchable! If you buy seeds from Bonza Seeds and grow them in your garden then you are sure to get buds to enjoy all day!

Price & Payment Options

The price at Bonza Seeds is reasonable and affordable! 

Bonza Seeds believe in providing their best services to each weed lover and hence they have priced their premium seeds at very affordable rates. That means you can have a premium range of seeds within just 50 euros. Well, it is rarely seen in any rising online store to price its product at lower rates. 

However, ultimately you will be on the positive side while buying cannabis seeds from here as Bonza Seeds is an affordable yet quality seeds provider.

Apart from this, you never want to see that ‘Out of stock’ tag once you chose your favorite seeds. Right?

Well, that is why Bonza Seeds offer you quick payment ways such as Bitcoin and Credit Card (Mastercard & VISA). They also offer you American Express as a payment gateway. 

It shows that they value your time and hence they have given you payment options that are instantly responsive and hence make them dispatch and process your order faster after receiving the payment.

Overall, you will find budget-friendly premium cannabis seeds at Bonza Seeds and that is why it is one of the favorite options of novice growers to buy seeds from. Well, the experienced growers come here to grab seeds in bulk as they know they can get the most out of their seeds from Bonza! For even payments, they have ample options to give you for placing your order quickly!

Shipping & Delivery 

Bonza Seeds ships worldwide and you can order your favorite seeds from any corner of the world!

One thing to make sure of while attempting to buy cannabis seeds from Bonza Seeds is that the shipping address that you will provide should be legal to deal with marijuana. 

As the company doesn’t want to get to indulge in any matter also does not want you to get into it, therefore, it doesn’t ship to the regions where the legality of marijuana is a still topic to debate. In other words, Bonza Seeds doesn’t ship to countries where weed is illegal.

Apart from this, Bonza Seeds ships seeds in a discreet and stealth manner so that your favorite weed seeds do not get into the hands of authorities. Even they offer you a guaranteed delivery option as well, which is recommended to opt for while buying seeds from here to a suspicious location.

The shipping time Bonza Seeds take is average but is expected to be a little faster. However, within European regions, Bonza Seeds ships within under a week. However, once they got your payment, they will process it quickly and can ship to your location within a minimum of 3 days as well. 

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For international orders and outside European regions, Bonza Seeds can take around two weeks (15 days) to deliver your seeds to your doorstep.

Overall, shipping and delivery time at Bonza Seeds is average and the company is progressing within the time. However, the usual delivery time may vary accordingly to your location as well.

Customer Service

Bonza Seeds has one of the best customer services for an online store. Doesn’t matter what your query is, if you go to their customer service executives, they will help you out for sure.

Well, for an online store that is running at a larger scale, customer service is the key to getting a great reputation among its customers and Bonza Seeds never misses any chance to complain.

Their customer service is fast, reliable, and user-friendly. 

Once you got your query regarding your order or seed strain, just contact them and their executives will respond within a quick time. The expected time for their response is around 6 to 8 hours which is faster than many of the online seed stores which take around a minimum of one working day to respond.

Even they have forums too, where they regularly answer the questions of weed lovers. From this, you can be sure that you will be having great customer service from Bonza Seeds as they care about their buyers!

Returns at Bonza Seeds

Got your mood changed? Want to replace your seeds? Never mind!

Bonza Seeds have got your back every time! 

This seed bank understands that there might be an issue come for the weed growers and somehow if you got your mood changed or got the wrong product (which rarely happens) then you can easily return to them. 

Yes! You read it right! With a hassle-free process, you can return to them and ask for the appropriate solution. They even re-ship your packages. One of the best parts about returns at Bonza Seeds is that it offers you 28 days period, unlike the other seed banks which give you just 14 days. 

While attempting to return at Bonza Seeds, make sure you have not used the seeds nor opened the packages. As the company allows returns for unopened packages with the paid receipt. 

Once you are eligible to return, you can contact their customer service executives, and then they will ask you to follow the procedure further. 

Overall, Bonza Seeds makes sure that they give you the right seeds within the right time. They even give hassle-free service for the returning seeds as well.

Website Reviews – Redirecting to ILGM

bonza seeds official website

Official website:

With over 2500 stocks of strains, the website of Bonza Seeds needs more organization. The site is full of information about weed seeds and other info about them. However, comparing to the websites nowadays which are more professional and look quite user-friendly then Bonza Seeds require improvement. 

Once you will go to their website, a chat option will be pop-up in case of any help. However, some may find it useful and some may find it frustrating as well. 

For finding your seeds there is a search bar, which helps in getting your favorite seed right there within just a click.

Overall, the website of Bonza Seeds is decent and you can get the info about the seed stock as well. They have different varieties of categorized strains. However, at some point website needs improvement for a better user experience. 

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Offers & Discounts

Who doesn’t love discounts? Well, I too love to have products at discounted rates.

As you will be buying seeds from Bonza Seeds, they don’t miss the chance to make you feel satisfied and happy. They offer you huge discounts ranging from 20% to more. 

They even offer their premium seeds at cheaper rates during the sale. Make sure you go through that page on their site. 

Overall, with discounts and offers, Bonza Seeds is an excellent place to buy seeds from. What you have to do is just keep an eye over their website for the regular updates on sales.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bonza Seeds

Here are some frequently asked questions about Bonza Seeds that will help you in knowing them well:

#1. How is the seed quality at Bonza Seeds?

The quality of seeds is excellent and therefore, they offer you a higher germination rate over their strains.

#2. From where do Bonza Seeds ship?

Bonza Seeds ship from their hometown, United Kingdom. 

#3. Is Bonza Seeds a legit seed bank?

Yes! Bonza Seeds is a 100% legit seed bank and offers a wide range of cannabis seeds at affordable rates.

#4. Does Bonza Seeds ship to my country?

Bonza Seeds ships worldwide! However, Bonza Seeds doesn’t ship to the locations where weed is illegal.

#5. How is the customer service at Bonza Seeds?

The customer service at Bonza Seeds is excellent and user-friendly. They respond within just 8 hours of query received, which is quicker than other online seed stores.

#6. How much time it will take to receive my seeds?

At Bonza Seeds, their team regularly tries to be quicker. However, the average time of 7 days they take to ship the orders within the European regions. Outside of European regions can take time up to 15 working days as well. 

#7. How do Bonza Seeds ship the seeds?

They understand the privacy of their buyers and therefore, they ship the seeds in a completely discreet manner without info of buyers and content which helps them avoid the hands of authorities from your seeds. 

#8. Can I get my seeds replaced?

At Bonza Seeds, they aim to give you the best services, and therefore, they provide hassle-free return service as well which is 28 days of the limited period offer after receiving the order.

#9. Which strain is available at Bonza Seeds?

With over 2500 seeds, Bonza Seeds has one of the largest stocks of marijuana strains.

#10. Is there any discount offer at Bonza Seeds?

With every purchase at Bonza Seeds, they give you around a 20% of discount. For more information, you can visit their website.

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Final Review of Bonza Seeds

At Bonza Seeds, you will be able to find quality marijuana seeds in the larger variety which are more likely to germinate and produce heavier yields. The review of Bonza seeds is positive and if you are a weed grower and looking for a seed shop to get the best seeds this year to take your cannabis journey to an upper level then don’t miss buying seeds from Bonza Seeds!

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