Buy Cannabis Seeds in Quebec 2021

Buying cannabis seeds in Quebec is too easy for you as you reached out to the experts!

Well, either it is about finding trustworthy seed banks in Quebec or it is about choosing the best cannabis strains in Quebec, I and my team are here to help you out.

Cannabis Seeds in Quebec

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Quebec

Before moving further, it is to be mentioned here that, in Canada and especially in Quebec, you can buy or deal with cannabis products only if you are an adult. The age limit to be an adult in Quebec is 18. 

So, if you are 18 or above, then you can deal with cannabis products legally. 

Choosing different cannabis strains or buying the best seeds that suit your residing environment, all are here in detail.

Don’t want to wait?

So, let’s get straight into it:

How to choose the best seed bank in Quebec?

Choosing the best cannabis seed bank from the sea of banks is quite tough if you haven’t a proper strategy or experience before.

Especially, for those, who are new in this market.

Therefore, as you are on the expert page, you don’t need to be worried about anything. We’ll explain everything that can lead you to be an expert cannabis grower.

As a cannabis lover and grower, I always prioritize the seed quality instead of the price. Well, the quality automatically increases if you choose seeds from a quality source.


However, I consider some more factors while choosing the best Quebec seed bank or from worldwide seed banks.

These factors are:

Quality over price

When you are in the online market, your preference must be qualified as you are not physically there to be sure. One question that may arise in your mind:

How can I trust or look for the best quality over the smartphone/desktop screen as if I cannot check it physically?

Well, for that, you can consider the reviews that really help you a lot when it comes to online shopping. You can opt for reviewing sites as well or some forums where you can discuss the doubt you may have.

After choosing the best seed, you’ll definitely go for having it in your garden instead of looking for the price.

Well, if you choose quality brands after a little research then you’ll definitely face top-quality seeds at good rates and even some great discounts.

Sources from where seeds are imported

That may sound unfamiliar to you but it should be taken into account for choosing the best seed banks in Quebec.

Because the quality of seeds directly matters from where it is taken or how it is imported into the company.

Is it imported from the farmers?


Is it hand-picked quality?

These questions decide the germination rate of the seeds. Well, environmental conditions are also there but the majority of the conditions go initially to the parent plant from where it is taken. The more high and natural the source will be the more your cannabis garden will be green.

However, now there are mostly vendors that have a partnership with top brands that import seeds from the quality sources such as directly from the farmers and some quality breeders.

Service of the seed bank

In this factor, I considered almost everything that comes after seeds quality i.e. shipping time, price, reliability, customer services, payment options, etc.

All these things come under the services of the seed bank. Either it is about the service of discreet shipping or it is about tracking service or it is about payment options.

Now, the world has become compact due to the internet and that is why now every brand that sells anything online wants to reach out to most of its buyers.

I mean to say that now almost every seed bank ships worldwide where the government has legalized the weed. Therefore, you’ll have several options to choose from.

When you are selling online then definitely there will be more options to pay the owner as customer ease is a priority in the business. In most of the cases for the seed banks, there you will find Credit, Debit cards as a common payment option, and cash, cheque, and bitcoin will vary accordingly to the online vendor. 

Note- Now, the PayPal option is fading away from online shopping sites. Especially in the case of seed banks. It is due to some reasons including high transaction charges. However, there are still some online shops that accept PayPal but you may have to put afford to find that.

Less shipping time is what any customer loves and it is the common factor where the real competition is seen in the online seed banks in Quebec.

However, the usual shipping time may vary from 3-15 business days after placing your order.

When it comes to the trust and reliability of the brand than I usually go with the brand that has been in the market for more time, which I think you may also consider while choosing the best seed bank in Quebec.

However, discounts are the favorite of every online buyer. So, there are many seed banks in Quebec that provide discounts from 20-50% off. Well, what I do is just keep an eye on the site and whenever a great offer comes up, I hit the deal like a bang!

I recommend you too to grab huge deals like this. (Don’t tell anyone this secret!) xD

Is weed legal in Quebec?

Well, buying weed and enjoying it in your home is not valid and safe until you don’t stay under the laws made for it.

Using weed by breaking laws can lead you to heavy penalties and to the cops, which I never want to happen with my readers.

So, to make you safe, you have to be sure that you have read and followed the right rules for using weed in Quebec.

To be very honest, we know that cannabis legislation is continuously changing for its betterment and safe usage throughout the world.

As therefore, in Canada too, from October 2018, there are certain changes in weed laws. 

Well, long-story-short, using weed is legal in Quebec and throughout the Canadian provinces. (Exceptions are always there.)

If you are a Canadian resident whose age is 18 or above then you can legally deal with the weed and its products. Well, smoking tobacco is also allowed in Quebec.

The one thing that you need to consider while using weed is that you have to avoid growing it in your homes. Growing cannabis indoor is still illegal in Quebec. 

I know it’s disappointing for weed lovers and growers. However, we can hope that like other provinces, Quebec will soon legalize growing cannabis in homes. Until then, you are recommended to enjoy cannabis from the vendors online.

For the best seed bank in Canada, you can check out this guide.


Buying weed seeds in Quebec is legal and you can buy them from the top vendors that suit your requirements.

I have tried out many seed banks from around the world and the secret to choosing the best seed bank is shared here with you.

Now, I hope that my little afford to make you aware of legislation for weed in Quebec will help you. 

However, for any suggestions doubts, you are welcomed in the comments below. 

For more guides, you can check out this page.

I’ll help you out ASAP!

Until then, stay home, stay safe!

Happy Weeding!

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