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After a positive change in the legislation on marijuana in Canada, there was an increase in many online seed banks that sell cannabis seeds. However, if you are a new buyer and looking for a reliable source then this guide is for you. 

While in search of the best Canadian seed banks online, you are sure to come across which is one of the most popular and reputed seed banks based in Canada. This 2023 review of Canadian Seed Bank will let you know about each positive and negatives of it so that you can choose this seed bank for buying cannabis seeds.

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Overview – Canadian Seed Bank


Canadian Seed Bank comes under the top seed banks established in Canada for a long time before. However, after the change in marijuana legality recently, the popularity of the seed bank increases rapidly due to the quality seeds and services it provides. 

The seed bank claims to stock one of the largest collection of marijuana seeds from across the world and also it delivers discreetly to each corner of the globe except the areas where marijuana is illegal. 

However, in this review and guide, we’ll be digging out each section of the Canadian Seed Bank as we will expose its every claim. Therefore, finally, you will be able to decide whether this seed bank is worth investing your money in. The Canadian Seed bank has 2-star users ratings on trustpilot.

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History of Canadian Seed Bank

First thing first, finding out any online store, we look over their establishment and history to ensure if it is legit ensuring delivering good services. 

However, with the Canadian Seed Bank, you will be impressed. As Canadian Seed Bank claims to be 20 years old and has a great history of its establishment. They claim to develop marijuana seeds from very professional people who have years of experience in growing marijuana. That is why they deliver top-quality marijuana seeds. 

Well, we couldn’t find many details regarding the seed bank as they didn’t reveal their complete history. However, looking over their seed stock you will be impressed as they have the latest variety of seed strains, which we will be discussing later. 

Overall, the history of Canadian Seed Bank is not that available but the company claims to be in the market for 20 years. As a marijuana grower, you will be able to get popular seed strains at their shop which shows their experience in the cannabis market. 

Seed Selection and Quality

Doesn’t matter how long the seed bank is in the market. If it is not delivering the right demand of the growers in good quality then it will not be worth it. Especially in 2023, where there have been many positive changes in the legislation of marijuana either in Canada, Australia, or the USA within recent times. 

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Canadian Seed Bank has a large collection of the popular variety of seeds under which you can access their special range of seeds which they made for weed lovers. Apart from this, they have Sativa, Indica, Indoor special, Outdoor special, and many more varieties under which you can get the latest and popular marijuana seeds. 

One of the best parts of their stock is that they have listed their top 12 strains as well, which they regularly update and list their top-selling 12 seeds. Therefore, from there you will be able to find the best marijuana strains from their overall stock.

However, if you want to cultivate marijuana at a larger scale then too, they have a ‘bulk’ range of seeds under which you can buy cannabis seeds in bulk at very affordable rates. Therefore, the Canadian Seed Bank completely impresses in the case of stocking a wide variety of marijuana seeds. 

When it comes to quality then they give you only the highest germination seeds which ensure you get the highest yield of your cultivation. Thanks to their manual selection and checking process, which imports only the best quality cannabis seeds which ultimately delivers excellent results while growing. 

Overall, at Canadian Seed Bank, you can get the best quality marijuana seeds at the highest quality as they manually check and ensure the quality of the seeds. Therefore, you are sure to buy the highest germinating marijuana seeds from the Canadian Seed Bank.

Price and Payment Options

Even after providing top-quality marijuana seeds, Canadian Seed Bank has been an affordable shop for every marijuana grower. As the aim of the seed bank is to provide “highest quality marijuana seeds at the lowest price on the internet which they stand on it excellently.

The premium range of marijuana seeds begins at just $60. Therefore, you will be able to get their best collection of cannabis seeds by spending just $100. 

Therefore, if you are a marijuana grower who wants the best results in the cultivation then you should look no further than Canadian Seed Bank as it delivers top-quality seeds at a reasonable price. 

Once you are ready to buy seeds, Canadian Seed Bank gives you so many payment options to you ensuring you order at the right time before it gets out of stock. The payment options you will be getting are:

  1. Credit Card
  2. Bitcoin
  3. E-Transfer
  4. Bank Transfer
  5. Cash via Mail
  6. Check
  7. Money order
  8. Western Union
  9. Other cryptocurrencies
  10. Money Gram

Well, it is rare to see any online seed bank provide that many payment options. However, at Canadian Seed Bank, you will be able to get that many options. This is the best service that they provide on their site. As with so many options they have covered a wide range of weed lovers around the world who loves to buy marijuana seeds from here.

Note- Currently Credit Card (CC) option is temporarily unavailable due to surcharges of 30% at the site. It is expected that they will make it available soon.

Shipping and Delivery

Canadian Seed Bank ships worldwide and deliver orders quickly. However, before shipping your favorite marijuana seeds, they pack them in a completely discreet manner so that they didn’t get caught by the cops or authorities. They even care about your privacy that is why they pack your seeds so well that no one can get the idea of the content. 

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That is why 90% of the orders from the Canadian Seed Bank are successful. The rest of the percentage is reduced either by the cops or for some other reason. 

While you are ordering seeds from Canada, you are sure to get your seeds within 2-7 working days. As after receiving your payment, the seedbanks process your order quickly and ship within the next 24 hours. Therefore, Canadian weed lovers can expect quick delivery from the seed bank.

However, the orders in remote locations or international shipments can take time around 15 days to more depending upon your location. However, they are 100% sure to deliver your seeds in your hand whether the time may be a bit longer. 

Regular shipping charges include $15 however, they offer free shipping as well for which you have to order above $200. While ordering seeds in bulk from them you can get this facility easily.

Overall, the shipping and delivery services at the Canadian Seed Bank are excellent. However, you might have to ask either their customer service executives for info regarding the order. Well, it is sure that you will get your seeds in your hands quickly compared to other seed banks!

Customer Service

In any online store, customer service is the deal maker or breaker point and at the Canadian Seed Bank, it is the deal maker! As they have good customer service compared to other novice seed banks. They have given their mail option to knock their customer service executives in case of any issues regarding the order. 

Once you drop the mail, they will be hearing you within 24 hours of business days. Therefore, make sure to avoid weekends while contacting them to get a response soon. 

Canadian Seed Bank aims to provide the best quality seeds and services on the internet and they stood on their words up to some extent. However, it will be quite impressive if they had given a telephonic service. 

One thing to keep in mind is that while contacting them via mail make sure to mention your name, order number, and proper information in case of query regarding the order.

Overall, customer service at Canadian Seed Bank is excellent and they are consistently improving their services as well. Therefore, you will be getting a great experience by purchasing seeds from them.

Return at Canadian Seed Bank

If you are unsatisfied or didn’t get what you ordered (which rarely happens) then Canadian Seed Bank has also given you a returns facility. Under which you can return your seeds and get replaced by the new pack. 

However, while returning your order make sure that the package is in the condition while you received it. It will increase the chances of accepting your return. For a successful return, you have to follow a complete procedure. That follows filling out the return application from the Canadian Seed Bank’s official website under the ‘returns’ section. You have to fill out the complete details including your name to order number (this is a must) and then you have to fill in the reason for return.

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It is expected that after sending them the form, you will be getting further guidance within the next 24 hours (maximum).

Overall, at Canadian Seed Bank returns are very rare however, if somehow, you get into it then they give you a completely hassle-free service to make sure you get the most out of their shop.

Website Review

Canadian Seed Bank official website

Official website:

This is the point where the Canadian Seed Bank loses its points. The website seems a little ‘old school type and needs improvement to look professional. The site has limited information regarding the seed bank’s history and other info. 

While the website homepage includes banners of offers going on their site. However, it is easy to navigate through the different seed collections. From Sativa to a special collection, you can get into it without heading to the search bar. 

For contacting them, they have given the ‘contact us page under which you can fill out the form to get in touch with their customer service executives. 

Overall, the Canadian Seed Bank website requires improvement comparing to other professional websites. They lack in giving some important information which is expected they will improve it as well for being leading marijuana seed seller in the industry.

Discounts & Offers

Canadian Seed Bank has sales on their overstock of seeds. They offer you discounts of up to 20% off on the season sale. Right now, they are offering a sale on their stock as a ‘clearance sale’. Under this sale, you can get good discounts and premium quality seed strains at the cheapest price. 

However, Canadian Seed Bank has fewer offers and reward programs but they offer you a one-time sale which you shouldn’t miss out on as a weed grower. Make sure to check out their sales!

Check out the user responses before buying marijuana from Canadian Seed bank on seedfinder.

Pros and Cons of Canadian Seed Bank

Here are the advantages and disadvantages while buying seeds from the Canadian Seed Bank:


  1. Variety of marijuana seeds
  2. Reasonable price
  3. Sales and discounts
  4. Excellent customer services
  5. Best quality marijuana seeds


  1. Poor website
  2. Less info available

Till here, you must be ready to buy seeds from Canadian Seed Bank as it delivers what you pay for. Considering the advantages you will get the most out of your money invested in the Canadian Seed Bank!

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Canadian Seed Bank Review: Final Words

Canadian Seed Bank has all the quality seeds that you will love to buy this year. Ranging from different varieties of strains to provide them at the highest quality, this seed bank impresses us well. Even they have one of the finest services as well.

The only improvement which we find is on their website. They can make it more attractive. However, overall, this 2023 review of Canadian Seed Bank is positive and we surely recommend you to buy your favorite seeds from this one of the best seed banks.

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