Top 10 Cannabis Social Networks For Business And Pleasure

Social media is everything in today’s era!

Either it is about connecting with strangers or about finding like-minded people. 

After the internet’s boom, connecting with people on social media has become quite easier than ever before. 

Apart from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter nowadays you can find thousands of other social network websites and applications as well. 

The same goes with cannabis enthusiasts. Yes! Cannabis lovers can now connect with like-minded people on cannabis social networks. 

If you don’t know the best cannabis social networks for business, we are here to help you out. 

Just read along to get to know where your next cannabis friend is waiting for you!

Top 10 Cannabis Social Networks

As marijuana is getting more popular day by day and also the higher authorities accepting its importance in different aspects, you can now easily find people who love to share ideas about cannabis. 

Cannabis Social Networks For Business

Let’s check out which cannabis business social network is best for you:

GrassCity Forums

GrassCity is one of the best cannabis social networks for you in 2023.

Here’s why:

  • GrassCity is one of the oldest weed social networks – which means more genuine people.
  • It has around 700,000 users – get interacted with people around the globe.
  • You can directly chat and interact with other cannabis enthusiasts.

Initially, GrassCity was started where people share how-to guides on cannabis. Though now it has become a place where cannabis lovers around the globe connect and share their thoughts, experiences, reviews, guides, and whatnot!


  1. More like-minded people.
  2. Reliable social network.
  3. Easy and interactive platform.
  4. Chat, share your thoughts on cannabis quickly. 
  5. One of the oldest cannabis social networks.


From the name, you can guess how ideal this social network is for weed lovers. It is one of the easier and go-to cannabis social networks which weed enthusiasts are choosing nowadays. 

The main reason is its catchy interactive platform where you can find constantly updating newsfeed related to cannabis.

That means you will be regularly updated with the latest news and stories about weed.

That is why WeedLife is also known as “The Cannabis Facebook”!

Though ideally it is oriented for business to consumers still, you will be able to find thousands of people eager to talk about weed. 


  1. It has an attractive regularly updating newsfeed about cannabis. 
  2. You can share photos, videos, guides, and reviews. 
  3. Ideal place for businesses and individuals, both. 
  4. Also, get connected with the industry leaders over WeedLife.
  5. You can also create fan pages and groups.

Overall, WeedLife is an interactive and better platform for weed enthusiasts. It gives many features to the user for sharing their reviews, guides, and other things on the platform. 


When it comes to the best cannabis social networks then Duby definitely makes a place!

This is because of the features that it provides. Even users mean it as a combination of Twitter and Instagram. Though you can share your opinions and ideas about weed only. 

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Moreover, the best thing about Duby is its additional feature like WeedLife provides. On Duby, the user will have the authority to “pass” on the content he/she likes. Additionally, the user can also “put out” the content that they didn’t like. 

This is why Duby has been one of the best apps to socialize with cannabis enthusiasts around the world. With the legalization of weed in different countries, this app has got more popularity. 


  1. One of the popular platforms for cannabis enthusiasts in recent years.
  2. Share and remove content accordingly. 
  3. Meet with like-minded people easily. 
  4. Share your views and opinion on cannabis with other people. 

Summing up the features of Duby, it is one of the best places for stoners to Duby around and socializes with like-minded people. Though you get some better features as well.

With the increase in the popularity of weed and legalization across different regions, more people have come over to Duby to interact. You can also check it out. 

Leaf Wire

You can refer to Leaf Wire as “LinkedIn of Cannabis.” 

It is one of the best cannabis social network platforms for businesses. Leaf Wire allows its users to promote their businesses and products about cannabis. While people will be able to share their reviews, write an article, or connect with other cannabis lovers as well. 

That is why professional cannabis enthusiasts are attracted to this social network more. 

Leaf Wire gives the feature of sharing photos, status updates, promotion of products, and much more things to do. The marketplace feature enables its, users, to promote the business products specifically. 

Therefore, if you want to connect with professional cannabis growers and businesses, Leaf Wire is the 100% best platform to join. 


  1. A professional platform for weed enthusiasts.
  2. Share articles, experiences, photos, and much more things in one place.
  3. Connect with business professionals, and like-minded people instantly. 
  4. Promote your business products. 
  5. You can also post job openings as well.

Leaf Wire community is a professional approach to let genuine and honest weed enthusiasts connect. Along with many features on the platform, you get thousands of like-minded professional weeders to connect with. 

Weed Maps

Weed Maps is one of the popular and best cannabis social networks around to join. Do you know what the best feature of Weed Maps is?

It gives you access to all the local dispensaries around your location at just one tap. If you have ever bought weed products online, you might probably have come across different online stores to select from. 

Weed Maps gives you access to the latest deals, discounts, and also makes you able to find weed delivery services as well. Even Weed Maps is one of the higher authority platforms for cannabis users and enthusiasts, which gives a golden opportunity to businesses to connect with consumers. 

Apart from this, if you are a beginner weeder and want to be a cannabis expert then Weed Maps will help you out the most. As they have a professional guide on how-to cannabis, where you can learn everything about marijuana. 


  1. Professional platform to learn about cannabis. 
  2. Higher authority platform for cannabis consumers. 
  3. Get everything about weed along with how-to guides.
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After Leaf Wire, Weed Maps is one of the professional social networks for cannabis lovers. Though it is more oriented on weed guidance and how-to cannabis topics. However, if you are a beginner then Weed Maps is a 100% recommended platform for you. 

Grow Diaries

Oriented for cannabis growers, Grow Diaries is one of the largest and popular cannabis social networks around the globe.

Here you can find veteran cannabis growers who guide each other on how to grow cannabis in a better way to obtain the highest yield. You can also compare it with the other platform growers and get advice on avoiding mistakes while weed gardening. 

Moreover, as you will find a large number of growers hence, you will also find a variety of guides on different topics related to cannabis. Apart from getting connected with the people on Grow Diaries, you can be an expert weed grower as well. 

As the Grow Diaries is filled more with the weed-growers, hence, the best part of using this social network is that user queries related to cannabis growth are answered quickly within hours. Moreover, the cannabis experts are here to help you out in the best way. 


  1. Get cannabis growing info. 
  2. Connect with thousands of veteran cannabis growers from around the globe. 
  3. Get professional guides on how-to grow queries. 
  4. Meet and connect with cannabis lovers. 

Overall, Grow Diaries is for weed growers, who are usually involved with weed gardening. Though it has the feature to let people meet, socialize, however, weed-growers will find this cannabis social network more useful. 


Weldable is now about to release its mobile application to let more people connect on its platform. 

Weldable provides access to weeders for connecting, socializing, and sharing their thoughts on cannabis with their friends, or other people. 

You can post cannabis content here and can also your favorite people as well. This platform also provides an additional feature for businesses to connect with entrepreneurs and consumers, which is a great plus point. 

As cannabis businesses are available on this platform, users can directly buy a product from the social network. They don’t have to leave the website at all until they follow an external link. 

Weldable has more active people on its platform, so the makers are about to launch a mobile app to extend their platform for the users. Hence, it clearly shows that with Weedable you will be able to socialize on cannabis with more people easily. 


  1. Find more opportunities with businesses. 
  2. Connect with people, post content, and follow like-minded users.
  3. An additional feature for entrepreneurs and consumers to connect with online businesses.
  4. Buy products without leaving the main website. 
  5. You will get the mobile app soon for easy access at your fingertip. 

What makes Weedable a better cannabis social network is its multiple feature-packed platforms. Moreover, this social network has regularly increasing active members to interact with. 


How can we forget Reddit? When it comes to social networks. 

Reddit is one of the popular social media platforms with millions of users. Hence, cannabis enthusiasts will also be able to find people with the same enthusiasm for cannabis. As you can find many forums or ‘Subreddit’ where people share thoughts, experiences, opinions, advice, memes, and a lot more stuff related to cannabis. 

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The best feature about Reddit is that it doesn’t restrict any content related to cannabis therefore, you will be able to share your opinion openly with like-minded people. Moreover, it has great coverage over social media users, so, you will have more opportunities to interact with others. 


  1. Share articles, reviews, guides, experiences, memes, and more in one place.
  2. Connect with other people easily. Thanks to a large audience.
  3. It has a popular and older social network that ensures it’s a reliable platform for genuine users. 

In 2023, you might already know about Reddit. As it is quite popular and therefore, you can also find cannabis-related stuff, people, and forums to interact with other people on Reddit. 

Although Reddit is not specifically for weed growers or enthusiasts still it is a great platform to socialize.

MJ Link

MJ Link is one of the best options when it comes to professional cannabis social networks. It gives you a pack of different services at one stop. A wide network of services such as accounting, banking, insurance, distribution, and extraction are available at MJ Link. 

If you want to connect with professional business partners, MJ Link can be the best option. Thanks to its multi-face service features that allows all kind of people to join and show their skill, thoughts, ideas, and experience. 

Additionally, MJ Link is getting quite popular in recent times and hence, you will be able to find a large audience. 


  1. Professional platform.
  2. Multiple features.
  3. Get connected with business partners and entrepreneurs.

Overall, MJ Link is best for you if you want to scale your wedding journey. It has lots of features and a large number of pro-people who can help you achieve great opportunities for yourself along with socializing. 

Cannabis Pros

Cannabis Pros is an upcoming and new platform for socializing with cannabis stuff. Even like some previous platforms, Cannabis Pros also provides a feature for jobs and events as well. 

That means you can not only socialize over here but can also utilize your time for something worth it. Even some users claim that this is one of the best cannabis social networks if you want to grow in the cannabis industry. 

As more users here are expert weeders who share their experiences. You can also connect with the professionals over here. 


  1. New social platform
  2. Professional people to connect with
  3. Ideal for cannabis enthusiasts

Cannabis Pros is an overall new and interactive socializing platform. Though it requires some improvement. However, the sources available on this network can actually make you a pro weeder.

Cannabis Business Social Networks: Final Words

So, now, you know the latest cannabis social networks. What next? Go and join now. We have given all the features and information about the most popular cannabis social networks, in which you can join any of them to meet your needs. 

However, we recommend the newbie growers to checkout Weed Maps, and those who want to have a professional surroundings then can try out the Leaf Wire. 

Happy Socializing!

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