Buy Cannabis Seeds in Argentina 2023

Argentina has been a wonderful place to visit and enjoy with your friends and partner. However, if you are thinking to enjoy weed at your favorite place in Argentina then you might have to be careful!

As there are certain laws and regulations which you must need to know before you head over to buy cannabis seeds in Argentina

Don’t worry!

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Argentina

After this quick and detailed guide on cannabis in Argentina, you are sure to be an expert on legislation on cannabis for the country. Well, is it will be in the favor of the weed lovers or do you have to re-plan your journey? 

Let’s find out:

Is Cannabis Legal in Argentina?

This is the question that might come to your mind very first while thinking about cannabis in the country. Well, cannabis laws have been changing within the time in Argentina but as you are planning to visit there in 2023  then here is the thing to know must!

Cannabis in large amounts in Argentina is an illegal and punishable offense but still, you will be finding some young adults smoking in public places there!  

Thanks to the recent government laws that have allowed weed up to some extent. The weed laws in the region have been very complex throughout its history, which we will be talking about them one by one. That is why there are certain movements by cannabis enthusiasts for a decade to legalize marijuana in the country. 

The major movement includes the rally march which annually happens in the country within different provinces to promote the legality of marijuana. It is known as the Global Marijuana March which helped in giving importance to the weed. Therefore, the laws somehow favored weed lovers in the country. 

The major law in the country says that if you are dealing with marijuana to a larger extent (such as exporting, selling, or cultivating) then you will be imprisoned for four years to fifteen years depending upon your offense. 

However, the usage of marijuana in private space or after a specific age is decriminalized in some regions whereas some provinces have even legalized it. Let’s find out them in detail:

Laws in Argentina For Cannabis

Laws in Argentina for marijuana have been changing regularly due to the people’s movement to legalize it. Therefore, you will be able to see some positive changes in the country regarding weed which will allow you to enjoy weed there without any trouble.

If we’ll see the past ten years of the country then you will be finding out the positive changes within recent times only. That means the marijuana laws have been gradually favored the weed enthusiasts there. Thanks to the Global Marijuana March which has been in the region since 1999 and contributed a major role in allowing weed in some provinces.

With that said, the Argentina Supreme Court finally decriminalized weed usage in private space in small doses in 2009, which was a huge positive change for the marijuana enthusiasts there. However, selling weed and growing it in public places was still an illegal activity. 

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Therefore, to decriminalize weed once and for all, this positive change motivated the weed enthusiasts there. It is believed that within some time we can also see some positive changes in marijuana law in the country as recently, an article published by Marian Venini in El Planter stated that Argentina’s Ministry of Health would make ideal additions to the medical marijuana law of the country that can be hope for the weeders there to plant weed seeds without contradicting any laws.

Law on Possession, Cultivation, and Consumption


As cannabis is not legal at a federal level allowing growing marijuana and dealing with it to a larger extent, therefore, there are no specific laws and regulations on possession. However, the adults of the country can be seen smoking weed in public places where it is decriminalized. However, even for indulging in such activity in the country, you must have to be an adult with an age above or equal to 18.

Keep in mind that dealing with marijuana in Argentina with other people (where there is no specific law for it or not decriminalized) can put you in trouble. Therefore, make sure to indulge in such activity in private spaces. 


Growing marijuana in public and private spaces is illegal in the country. However, after decriminalizing marijuana in the region, people have hoped for a positive change regarding cultivation too. And as said earlier, the health minister of the country has been looking for some ideal additions to the marijuana laws, which can be a major change in laws regarding the cultivation of weed there.


Decriminalizing the weed in the region has shown that the consumption of the weed in public is accepted. However, sharing and selling it is still a legal matter to deal with. Even for indulging in public consumption activity, one must have to be an adult. (of age 18 or above)

Ultimately, the weed law of Argentina is against the recreational usage of it but it is also true that you will be able to find people smoking in nightclubs, parks, and other public places even though it is illegal in large dosages within non-private areas.

Medical Legality of Cannabis in Argentina

Comparing the recreational usage of marijuana in Argentina, medical usage has been favored more. 

After 2009’s legal policy of decriminalizing marijuana, people have demanded legalizing it for the different forms of it including recreational as well as medical. Again, in the matter of legalizing medical marijuana in the country, different movements build pressure on the government.

Ultimately, on 23 September 2016, Argentina’s laws favored medical marijuana for the weeders by legalizing medical cannabis in Chubut. Within the same year, another region of the country, Santa Fe, legalized medical cannabis too in November.

One year later, by seeing the medical importance of marijuana, the Argentine Senate allowed the medical usage of CBD oil in the country after 21 September 2017. With such positive changes in marijuana laws in a short time, the weeders in the country appreciated government policies. However, still, to allow marijuana in the whole country for recreational and personal usage the movements were taking place there. 

Last year, in the Global Marijuana March, around 1,50,000 people have participated from different regions of the country to support the legalization of weed in the whole country. 

Medical possession of marijuana

After the legalization of medical marijuana in some regions of the country, one adult can possess marijuana for medical purposes with the prescription of the authority. Even in public spaces, one adult can possess little doses of weed (approx. equal to 5grams) without letting the cops know. 

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Well, if you are prescribed by the authority then you are good to go with medical weed without any legal trouble. When it comes to cultivating weed indoor in private spaces then there is no clear legislation on it but if you are doing so for medical purposes then it will be tolerable but only one plant per household.

Law on medical marijuana

Even though medical marijuana is allowed in some regions, residents of Argentina usually indulge in cannabis activity without a medical prescription from a doctor, and therefore, to avoid such activity in the region, the authority has applied strict law not allowing any individual in the country to grow marijuana or produce cannabis medicine at their own. For any kind of treatment, one has to get permission from the authority as well as have to import medical marijuana from the public health systems. 

For medical marijuana programs of Argentina, one has to claim persistent, hard-to-treat illness, contrary types of epilepsy, and autism, among other illnesses to get those marijuana facilities from these public health systems.

Overall, the medical marijuana laws in the country are quite soft than the recreational usage. Therefore, if you are opting for cannabis due to some medical condition then you can easily get weed treatment. 

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Argentina?

Till here, you are 100% sure about the latest marijuana laws in Argentina. However, once you are aware of the legislation then you will surely want to avoid the legal trouble also want to enjoy the weed at beaches with your friends. 

Therefore, you need to know how you can buy the best quality cannabis seeds in the country. Let’s find out the best suitable way that will not lead you to the cops!

Before heading to the shops which can send you marijuana compounds you are already aware of the strict laws in the country regarding the selling, possession, and cultivation of the weed. Therefore, as a visitor, you don’t want to be in jail even being abroad!

It is also true that many weed enthusiasts, grow weed plants at their house privately which will not contradict the current marijuana laws in the country. 

Therefore, there’s only hope in online seed banks!

Well, there are quite many different seed banks that ship to Argentina. If you want to avoid legal trouble and also want to enjoy weed at the same time then you can go with buying marijuana seeds and growing your plants which will be a safer option than getting into the hands of cops by handling weed compounds in larger quantities.

Let’s find out which are the best online seed banks that ship to Argentina! 

Seed Bank that Ships to Argentina

We recommend the top three picks of our best online seed banks in 2023 that ship to Argentina. You are sure to get your favorite seeds right in your hands without being in any suspicious activity. 

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Finally, these are the best seed banks that you can get your favorite marijuana seeds in your hand within regions of Argentina. 

Things to Consider While Buying Cannabis Seed

Buying something online seems a little confusing and tricky. As you have to choose from many options. Well, choosing the best pick that suits your requirement and can result in the most out of it, is trickier. 

Therefore, read this quick guide to get the best pack of seeds while purchasing it online. 


Prefer quality over quantity. It also depends upon the seed store you are buying. Therefore, buy from a reputable store that will increase the chances of the supreme quality of seeds. As you will be spending most of the time with your seeds, therefore, getting the best quality of it is the most important part of your weed cultivation journey.

Grow difficulty

Know the things to care about specific seed genetics before heading to the growing field. A beginner always goes for those seed genetics that is easy to grow and can result in decent results, you can check out here seeds for beginners. However, moderate and experienced cultivators can opt as they want. 


The ultimate goal of growing weed plants is to get the weed buds. Even after waiting for 8 to 15 weeks, you don’t want to disappoint your garden. Therefore, choose a seed variety that can result in a decent yield. 

However, keep in mind that according to effects and results on the body, the yield of weed seeds varies accordingly. 

To play your cultivation game safer, make sure to choose a seed variety that can give you yield around 400g per meter square indoor and more than that while cultivating it outdoor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs that will help you get an overview of cannabis in the country:

#1. What will be the adult age to indulge in any kind of cannabis activity?

The adult age in Argentina is 18. If you are 18 years old or above that then you are an adult.

#2. Can I buy medical marijuana compounds in the country?

After a prescription from a doctor, you can import marijuana medicines from public health systems.

#3. Can I buy marijuana seeds from the online seed banks located in different countries?

Yes! You can buy anything legal to import into the country. However, while dealing with cannabis you have to opt for discreet and private shipping options to avoid customs.

#4. How much time it will take to receive my seeds?

Around 15 to 25 working days. However, it depends on the seed store as well as where you are buying. 

#5. Can I get my cannabis in Argentina?

No! It will be legal trouble for you. Therefore, avoid getting your cannabis compounds while planning a journey to Argentina.

So, finally, these are some short and quick questions that will help you in getting an idea about the cannabis condition in the region.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Argentina: Final Words

From the recent time, it has been seen that the Argentina government has applied some laws in the region which are favorable to the weed enthusiasts in the country. Either it is about 2009’s policy or 2017’s medical allowance, one can hope for small dosages of marijuana for the right reasons in the country.

After decriminalizing legalizing weed in some provinces one can hope for more relaxing weed laws. Well, we can only hope for relaxing laws. And, we have to wait until there is no direct official announcement regarding cannabis is made in the upcoming time. 

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