Buy Cannabis Seeds in Belgium 2023

Deciding to deal with marijuana in Belgium?

Either you want to grow marijuana or want to buy cannabis seeds in Belgium, you must aware of the law and legal seed bank that ships to Belgium.

Are you aware of legislation there?

If no! then don’t worry! We are here to help you out.

If yes! Then read along to get a deeper knowledge about the legislation on marijuana in Belgium.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Belgium

Without the proper consent of authority, you cannot indulge in any kind of cannabis activity in the country. Also, there are some major changes in the country regarding marijuana which is a must to know before heading for getting marijuana seeds in Belgium.

Let’s find out what are the things to care about while thinking about cannabis in Belgium:

Is Cannabis Legal in Belgium?

In 2023, if you are planning a journey to Belgium or thinking about weed in the country then hold on as weed is illegal in Belgium at the federal level. 

However, certain changes in laws on cannabis are there which you must know. As it will ultimately help you in getting the marijuana within the Belgium region. 

Well, before knowing the recent changes in legislation for weed, first let’s have a quick overview of the history of weed culture in the country. That will help you in knowing the real causes for the changes in weed laws within the recent frame of time.

Talking about the ancient history of Belgium then people used to grow hemp in the land of the country which used to be more popular than any other compound. Long story short, as time changed, people of the country followed the trend of the globally negative perception of weed in daily life. Therefore, weed or hemp is considered as something ‘bad in the country and it got illegal status by the government there.

Ultimately, in 2023, we can say that you cannot deal with marijuana publicly in larger quantities as it is not legal yet whereas the limited dosage of marijuana in some provinces is allowed for personal usage in private space.

Somehow, the laws within some decades changed and favored the weed enthusiasts in the country, which is more important for you in 2023 year.

Let’s dive deeper into it and find out them:

Marijuana Legality in Belgium

From ancient times to the later 20th century, the cannabis trend in Belgium took a positive change by following the global trend of marijuana usage like what happened previously.

However, the major positive change occurred in 2003, after which personal possession of cannabis was decriminalized since then. That means you can deal with marijuana in the private space until you are an adult citizen of the country i.e. you must have to be 18 years old or above to indulge in such kind of activity. 

On the other hand, cannabis was still an illegal compound to deal with in the country at the federal level whereas marijuana was limited to adults only. That means if anyone found in marijuana activity below the specified age then he or she might be imprisoned and charged separately. 

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After that major change, another positive thing happened in 2015 for the weed enthusiasts in the country, which was a royal decree allowing certain medical marijuana activity in the country for some serious medical conditions. 

Thanks to the legal rework in 2010 on cannabis-related laws that somehow increased the cannabis activity in the country. 

Ultimately, till 2015, medical marijuana was allowed whereas the personal possession of weed was already there in action. 

Overall, within a decade, the Belgium residents have seen some major positive changes in the legislation of weed in the country that ultimately allows you to deal with cannabis in the country in some way if you are planning a journey there or want to enjoy with your friends. 

Laws for Possession, Cultivation, and Consumption


After the personal possession law and medical marijuana allowance in 2015, the government of Belgium has allowed an adult individual of Belgium to deal with marijuana up to three grams only after 18 years of age i.e. after being an adult. 

Whereas for those who want marijuana as their therapeutic aid then they must have to concern with the authorities regarding the same, and also, they need to get prescribed from the doctor as well. 


As cannabis is illegal at the country level and somehow the laws have shown a relaxing appearance to the weed enthusiasts. However, the weed legislation in the country allows an individual to grow their marijuana plants until it is done in a private home or space. That is why you will be able to get some weed seed sellers in different regions. 

However, the government has shut down many such shops to stop the cultivation of marijuana but still, these shops sell cannabis seeds until they don’t shut. 

Well, the ultimate news is that in Belgium the cannabis cultivation in private spaces is allowed and hence if you are thinking to grow your marijuana plant then you can do it without being in any legal trouble. Keep in mind that one individual can grow only one marijuana plant per household.


As the possession of marijuana is strictly illegal in public spaces, therefore, indulging in cannabis activities in such places, or in other words consumption of weed in public space is strictly prohibited. That comes under criminal offense and hence you can be in huge trouble by the cops where you can be charged heavily as well. 

The ultimate goal of the government is to avoid the exposure of marijuana in such places where the surrounding of such places is disturbed especially considering the teenagers or children. 

However, you can enjoy weed at your home being under the laws, which will not make any trouble for you.

Medical Legality of Marijuana in Belgium

One of the important changes in Belgium’s country was the allowance of certain marijuana compounds and products for the medical weed users that ultimately helped in favoring weeders in the country. 

This change occurred in 2015, that led the whole country in a direction of accepting the weed’s importance in people’s life. Maggie De Block passed this policy for medical marijuana enthusiasts which was considered to help some serious medical conditions. 

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Considering the importance of the medical properties of marijuana, finally, under some conditions, the cultivation is allowed within restrictions outlined by the legislation in 2020.

Overall, considering the recreational usage of weed, medical marijuana has relaxing laws in Belgium country. Therefore, if you can deal with medical marijuana without any legal trouble if you follow the legal rules and regulations there. For that, you must have to be updated with the local authorities as well.

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Belgium?

Cannabis culture in Belgium has a long history. Therefore, you will be able to find that even after some strict laws the marijuana consumption and cultivation have risen among the residents. While the government has to relax some rules considering the importance of weed as well. 

Therefore, somehow, people in Belgium indulge in cannabis activities and they get medical marijuana seeds and other medical marijuana compounds from the stores there as well as from the online stores. 

Well, the best way is to get seeds from online stores. That will ensure your privacy as well as you can get a variety of options. 

However, it is also true that some cannabis clubs are there in the country and some physical stores too, responsible for the existence of weed in the region.

Things to Consider Before Buying Marijuana Seeds

Till here, you are aware that cannabis laws have a complex topic to discuss in Belgium. Somehow, there is also a loophole, which ultimately allows the residents to indulge in such activity. Seed shops and weed clubs are clear examples.

With proper privacy and discreetness, one can get marijuana for himself or herself by growing it on their own. As marijuana cultivation for personal usage in private space is allowed, therefore, you can go buying marijuana seeds from online stores which will give you seeds in such a manner that no one will know. 

Even we have the best seed banks as well that ship to Belgium and will be delivering the best quality marijuana seeds to you, which is the topic to discuss after how you can buy cannabis seeds in the country of the best quality.

Let’s find out the right way for getting the best quality seeds:

Quality of seeds

While buying anything online, we look over the quality of the product so that we can be sure the amount we are investing will worth it. Similarly, while buying online seeds in the cannabis world, you must consider the quality of it over all the other factors.

Even if you are getting the best quality available then you can also avoid the price factor. As after seeds, most of the time you will be spending in your garden taking care of your plants. Also, you want impressive results after waiting for a longer time. 

Therefore, always go for the best quality of marijuana seeds.


The ultimate goal of growing weed plants is getting the buds that will induce some effects. Especially when you are growing for medical purposes then you want excellent yield for getting the regular dosage up to some specific period. That is where the yield factor comes into play. 

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After putting your effort into the garden or growing tent, you don’t want to get buds for just a couple of days. Therefore, choose a variety of weed seeds that can result in a decent yield accordingly to your need.

Grow difficulty

You have to grow your seeds; therefore, you may face some issues regarding your plants, which you must know before being in such a condition to solve the issue rapidly and also to avoid the loss of weed products. 

Some weed seeds are difficult to grow, which require hard work and patience to result in the most out of it. Whereas some weed seeds are easy to grow which are more suitable to beginner growers.

Other factors

This category is for your personal preferences. Like if you want quick delivery of your seeds then you can opt for the seed bank that provides such a facility. Similarly, if your budget for buying seeds is low then you can look for some seed banks that offer seeds at affordable prices or discounts. 

Finally, these are some recommended check-boxes to make in your requirement list for getting the best seeds from many options on the online market. Keep in mind that the ultimate goal is to get the most out of the seed. 

Seed Banks That Ships to Belgium

After getting a guide over how you can choose the best seeds from the market, you must know some best places where you can look for these factors. Here are our top two picks right now from the experience of weeders that will ultimately give you tons of benefits:

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Even there are some other seed stores as well which give ultimate services to the buyers. However, we want you to visit only the best shops and have the best experience of buying marijuana seeds online. That is why we showed you our best picks only.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Belgium: Final Words

Cannabis in Belgium has not been a clear topic that we can say clearly if one can deal with it or not. However, certain laws that came into the effect within the past few years make an individual able to deal with weed if he or she is an adult. 

Therefore, if you are thinking about medical marijuana in the country then you will be having some relaxed restrictions whereas marijuana for recreational usage is still a topic to debate at the federal level. However, in limited quantity weed exists among the residents of the country and people do get into activities that include marijuana. 

If you are planning to visit there or want to enjoy the weed buds in the country then always play your game safer by following the rules there.

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