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Brazil has faced one of the major changes in legislation for cannabis in 2023, which you must have to know. However, the cannabis laws in the country have been a complex topic to talk about as within earlier times until now, the government has regularly updated its laws and regulations for weed. 

It is well known to the Brazilians that in earlier times the authorities have been very strict for the weed matters, which somehow relaxed the laws within time. 

Therefore, read along to be an expert on Brazilian rules if you want to buy marijuana seeds in Brazil. Also, get a bonus guide on how you can get your hands on weed if you are residing within Brazil without offending the government laws.

Let’s get straight into it:

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Brazil

Is Cannabis Legal in Brazil?

This is the most asked question that you might be looking for an answer to. So, we’ll not let you wait anymore. 

Here is the short answer:

Cannabis laws in Brazil are complex. However, in short, the laws do not permit cannabis activities in public. That means cannabis is now illegal in Brazil at the federal level and in most of the regions. However, the point to be mentioned here is that in recent times, the Brazilian government has permitted medical marijuana to some extent. 

To be aware of these recent changes in the laws, you must be aware of the historical causes that led Brazil to be strict over marijuana. 

Talking about the ancient history and relation of Brazil with marijuana then it is more likely to be found that people are used to dealing with industrial hemp for its vast usage within the earlier time of the 1800s. However, somehow, the people got to know about the psychoactive reaction of the hemp and then things got to be worse. 

The psychoactive introduction of weed is believed to be from the Portuguese who traffic the weed from Africa for its recreational use. 

Ultimately, the authorities got to know about it and considering its harmful effects, finally, hemp got banned in the region within 1830. It was not only banned rather the usage of by any of the residents was considered a punishable offense. 

With that said, the Brazilian community got restricted from weed even up to the earlier 21st century. As there was no major change in the cannabis laws in the previous time. The residents of Brazil country followed the global trend (when there were certain positive changes in the different countries regarding cannabis) and hence rose their voices to consider the importance of maconha (the Portuguese version of cannabis) in their region too. 

After people’s demand the government has taken some steps to consider marijuana’s existence in their region but still at marijuana is not officially legalized in the country, unlike some other countries. (Canada and USA)

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Let’s find out the major positive steps that led the marijuana exists in Brazil:

Marijuana Legality in Brazil

One of the major steps was taken in 2006 when marijuana was decriminalized in the country. That means if you are caught with marijuana in a public place then you will be given a warning or maximum to be charged some amount. Well, that was a better decision for the weed enthusiasts in the country who were sent to jail directly before it. 

The decision of that time led weeders in the region to be confident while indulging in cannabis activity but still marijuana was not allowed by the law. That led the country to face the expansion of over 80% of prisoners in charge of cannabis activities. 

That was due to the strict laws which were in the actions even after decriminalization. However, selling, transporting, and trafficking any kind of drug including marijuana will lead the accused to be imprisoned for up to 15 years with a minimum imprisonment of 5 years. 

Somehow, because the Brazilians were indulging in cannabis activities for some relief from pain and other illness, the authorities decided to re-work the legislation on weed. With that said, weed lovers in the country got good news in 2015 when cannabis activity was allowed for medical treatment. 

However, medical cannabis was allowed only with strict rules and regulations that were necessary to follow to get cannabis treatment. This is where the ANVISA (National Sanitary Surveillance Agency) or the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency came into the effect. 

Medical cannabis was allowed for those patients who have exhausted other treatments and also it was relaxed for those with some serious medical symptoms. Well, forgetting even CBD oil and other marijuana-derived medicines one has to get the written consent from the ANVISA, the health authority that allows the residents of Brazil to get marijuana for treatment purposes. 

Laws Over Possession, Cultivation, and Consumption


Cannabis possession in a public place will lead you to the concerned authorities that may ultimately imprison you for years. As possessing cannabis, selling, and trafficking it for profit is strictly prohibited in the country. 

A clear example is seen when the people were heavily charged even smoking weed in small amounts. 

However, if you got consent from the authority regarding medical weed products such as medical weed strain, then you can have only marijuana as your treating aid. On the other side, after the de-penalization of marijuana in 2006, you can have weed in your private space until it is not meant for making a profit by selling to others. 


Likewise, in possession, Brazil country has prohibited the cultivation of weed plants in public spaces. Whereas people use to cultivate weed plants in their private spaces. That means one can have marijuana seeds in their home and can grow weed plants without any legal issues. However, the intent for growing it must be for personal use instead of sharing with others or exposing it to the public. 


For indulging in any kind of marijuana activity (if allowed or consented to) in the country, one individual must have to be an adult i.e. 18 years old. 

However, the consumption of marijuana is not permitted in public spaces like exposure and possession of it. 

Even for the medical weed enthusiasts, to consume medical weed products one must have to get written permission from the doctor and authority as well.

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Medical Allowance of Marijuana

If marijuana exists in the country then most of the credit goes to the medical properties that it possesses. As after considering the medical effects of weed, the government has allowed marijuana to exist in the country. 

Therefore, we can say that medicinal marijuana is allowed in Brazil with some restricted regulations which one individual has to follow to get a medical marijuana facility. 

By considering the importance of weed in the medical industry the first time medical marijuana was permitted with limited restriction of the products having less than 0.2% of THC (one of the major cannabinoids in marijuana responsible for inducing psychoactive effects).

With that said, the weed rules in the country got relaxed for the medical weed enthusiasts within the upcoming time. The positive result showed in 2017 the issue of license for cannabis-based medicine which later on extended to the pharmacy sale after two years in 2023. 

Ultimately, the medical laws in Brazil are more relaxing than recreational usage. However, it is also true that cannabis is decriminalized that led the weed existence in the country to rise with some margins. 

As of March 2023, the government has licensed the homemade planting of marijuana for medical purposes, which is also a positive change in the country for cannabis lovers. 

Overall, the cannabis laws in the country have been a complex topic where the laws seem more favorable to medical weed enthusiasts. 

How to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Brazil?

Cannabis has been a debatable topic in Brazil. However, the relaxing news is that one can think about the weed for only medical purposes and hence getting marijuana products within the country can put you in huge trouble. 

Fortunately, there are online seed banks that can provide weed products for medicinal purposes at quite an attractive price. That means you have the option to buy online seeds if you are cultivating medicinal plants (as of March 2023, homemade plants are allowed for medical purposes within provinces after consent from authorities). 

However, we always recommend you be aware of the local rules that are in action in your region in the country so that you can do things without disturbing the community laws. 

Well, once you are ready to buy weed seeds or any marijuana product online then we recommend to our readers only the best weed shops that are not only a reliable source for weed products but also deliver quality services. 

Let’s find out your best pick:

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What to Consider While Looking for Online Seed Banks?

Doesn’t matter you are buying seeds the first time or regularly from online stores, these tips will ultimately help you in choosing the best weed seeds among tons of options in front of you. 

Let’s check out the factors that can increase your chances of getting quality seeds:

Seed source

Look for the online store, from where they source their stock. Make sure they are from the reputed resources. Many quality breeders send their seeds to different online shops. Therefore, you can look out for those breeders and can find the same within your favorite store.

Market reputation

Any online store’s deal maker or breaker factor is- Market reputation. It is also true that it is built within the time that might be a negative point for the new stores. However, if you are looking for online seeds then make sure the online shop is not a scam first of all. You can confirm it by looking at the reviews and establishment or history of the company. 

If you get a satisfying result from your research then you can move ahead. 

Other factors

This category is for your personal preferences in your online shop. It can be faster shipping, an attractive website, or even can be huge discounts. Therefore, you can add these to your list. However, you can also adjust these factors accordingly to your requirement as our ultimate goal is to get the best for our needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the FAQs regarding the cannabis laws in Brazil that will give you an overview of that quickly:

#1. Can I import weed in Brazil?

Weed laws in the country are strict and without legal consent or permission of authority, one can not import or export weed in Brazil.

#2. Can I get weed seeds from physical stores in Brazil?

As even after the decriminalization of weed, there are less likely to see any weed farm or store due to huge penalties in legal trouble, which people are likely to avoid that as well.

#3. Is medical marijuana allowed there?

Yes! With consent from the health department of the country i.e. ANVISA.

#4. Can I get online seeds there?

As possession and cultivation of marijuana in private space are allowed to some extent, you can get seeds from online stores. 

#5. What are the things to care about in Brazil while thinking about marijuana?

Selling, trafficking, and possessing weed with intent to make a profit is strictly prohibited which you must avoid. Also, one must have to be an adult (18 years old) to indulge in any kind of cannabis activity even with permission.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Brazil: Final Words

Brazilian laws are more likely to be strict in a manner to stop the weed’s harmful effects on its citizens. That is why even in 2023, there is no kind of laws favoring recreational use of it. However, as some major countries are taking positive steps to legalize marijuana, it is also hoped that Brazil will soon announce good news on weed following the global trend. 

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