Buy Cannabis Seeds in Bulk in 2023

Being a weed grower, I often tried to buy cannabis seeds in bulk from different weed stores offering marijuana seeds at wholesale rates.

Somehow, in the very beginning, I did some mistakes which led me to get a poor germination rate, and ultimately, I was left with just a few buds to enjoy.

Well, as you are here, you will be getting a detailed guide that will help you in choosing the best seed banks to buy bulk marijuana seeds unlike me that I mistakenly chose the wrong place to deal with. Therefore, you will get to know which seed bank to chose and which to avoid while attempting to buy marijuana seeds wholesale

It will ultimately help you in getting the best quality cannabis seeds even in the larger quantity that will make the most out of it.


Buy Cannabis Seeds in Bulk

As a weed grower, you might be growing a particular seed strain or a variety of cannabis for either recreational or medical use. Right?

That means you plant your seeds, work on providing optimal growing conditions, and then wait for the plants to give you buds of a particular weed variety. Even that results in buds after over two to three months of period. 

Well, in some cases, the seed strain doesn’t result in a good yield that makes you disappointed after dedicating hard work and time to it. Especially, this situation goes with the novice growers, who are just in cannabis cultivation and have very little experience. For them, the cultivation of cannabis becomes risky if they didn’t follow the right guide or the right steps to grow. 

What if you could grow large cannabis strains in the same period i.e. within two or three months?

Well, that time is the same as you grow any particular weed strain!

And, what if you could get as per a variety of buds as you want within the same cultivation period?

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Now, that sounds cool!

If you too dreamed about having weed buds of different varieties as much as you want and want to grow them in your garden then here comes the bulk seeds in the play!

With bulk seeds, you can have as per varieties of weed seeds as you want. That means you can also grow weed strain for recreational purposes and also medical weed strain at the same time. 

Now, you might get the main idea of having weed seeds in bulk. Let’s have a quick look over the benefits you will have while buying cannabis seeds in bulk:

Benefits of Buying Cannabis Seeds in Bulk?

Buying cannabis seeds in bulk not only results in saving money but also leads to other benefits. What are they?

Let’s find out:

Grow different varieties

While attempting to grow a single marijuana strain, you have to wait for around 8-12 weeks for the cultivation. Isn’t it will be more beneficial if you could grow different varieties of marijuana seeds in the same period? Else, you have to grow different seeds at different times, which will be less beneficial than the latter option.

Therefore, if you buy cannabis seeds in bulk and grow them in your garden then you will be able to get buds of different cannabis varieties within the same time. 

Saves money

As you buy marijuana seeds in bulk, therefore, most of the seed banks offer you huge deals at a very low price, which ultimately results in savings. 

Many online seed banks sell marijuana seeds at wholesale price, which we will be discussing it later. 

Overall, if you buy weed seeds in bulk then you are sure to get premium quality seeds of different varieties at a lower rate.

Saves time

We all know, time is money! While growing different varieties of cannabis seeds, you will not only harvest multiple varieties of buds but will also save time for growing multiple strains at different times.

More experience

While you will deal with multiple strains, you will get to know about different cannabis genetics. You will be getting to know whether seeds are effective in a particular growing condition or not. Ultimately, while dealing with multiple things you will have multiple info!

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Buying Wholesale Marijuana Seeds Online

While in search of the best cannabis seeds online, finding out the best source is tricky. Especially, when you are dealing with things in bulk!

Therefore, here is a quick guide, which will help you in choosing the best seed bank to buy cannabis seeds in bulk this year and can make sure you will make the most out of it:

Make your bucket list

Before heading to Google for putting ‘the best seed bank near me’ make sure you write down what you need!

That means before going for buying seeds, always make sure to keep your priority first that what you need. Whether you are looking for seeds for treatment for pain or sleeping issues or even just for enjoyment at the weekends. 

Once you made your bucket list of weed seeds, you are ready to head out to Google!

Look out for seed banks in detail

Don’t just stick to first-page results! Go out for a walk through deeper! 

Here I mean, you shouldn’t always prioritize the things that are shown at the top. Apart from the quality, there can be something else you may find better at the other shop. 

Search out the seed bank which you liked and go for the history and reputation of the vendor in detail. It will help you out in knowing the quality of the seed bank.

Go for scrolling reviews

It is an obvious part! Before you click ‘buy now’ make sure you have read the previous customers’ reviews about the store. That will show you the real picture! If you found some real and good words for the shop, just go ahead!

Price matter

One of the major factors for buying weed seeds in bulk in 2023! Within time, there are tons of seed banks available to give you what you need. 

Due to an increase in competition, you can head out for the store which offers you a great deal at affordable rates. You are buying seeds in bulk and you 100% expect something special from the seller’s side. 

Even many online shops offer you a huge price drop at the purchase of bulk weed seeds. So, don’t miss out on such deals as well.

Other factors

This section includes your personal preferences! Whether you want a one-day shipment or you can even wait for one week for the seeds. Whether you want a seed bank with a great market reputation but not good seed stock or a seed bank with an average reputation but huge seed varieties and excellent quality, it depends on your requirement. 

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Even you can add more things to it. Once you are ready with the things, you are just a few steps away from getting your marijuana seeds in a bulk pack.

Finally, these are some tips that might help you in deciding your best seed bank. However, if you couldn’t make a choice then here are our recommended options:

Seed Banks to Buy Bulk Marijuana Seeds

Here is the list of one of the top sellers of marijuana seeds this year. Make sure to get through them as each of them are better than any other seed vendors:



  1. Reliable, large seed stock.
  2. Fast shipping worldwide.
  3. Excellent customer service.
  4. Offer and discounts available.


  1. May seem a little pricey.


MSNL seed bank has 5-points user ratings on SeedFinder.


  1. Best quality seeds.
  2. Fast shipping.
  3. Trustworthy customer service.
  4. Easy payment.
  5. Budget range seeds.
  6. Special wholesale series strains.


  1. Limited-time sales.



  1. One of the oldest seed banks.
  2. A large variety of seeds (over 500 different varieties).
  3. Quick shipment.
  4. Easy payment.
  5. Worldwide service.
  6. 24/7 chat support.
  7. Easy returns.


  1. Overwhelming site.



  • Excellent quality seeds.
  1. Budget range price.
  2. Different seed varieties.
  3. Customer support.
  4. Regular offers and discounts.


  1. Average shipping time.


Sensi Seeds has got a 3-star rating on Trustpilot.


  1. Large seed variety.
  2. Top-quality available.
  3. Excellent services.
  4. Huge discounts.
  5. 35 years older seed bank.


  1. Limited stock.

So, these are some of the best seed banks in the market this year, which offer quality seeds at a lower price. Their services are faster and reliable therefore, you can opt for any of them for getting bulk marijuana seeds.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Bulk: Final Words

Till now, you are sure to buy cannabis seeds in bulk after knowing their benefits. To help you get the best quality seeds from the best sources, there are recommended seed banks as well. Now, it is your turn. Go and hunt the big deals!

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