Buy Cannabis Seeds in California 2022

Are you aware of cannabis legislation in California?

If not, then hold on!

You might have to be aware of the guidelines and cannabis law if you want to buy cannabis seeds in California.

Cannabis is now becoming more helpful in medicinal purposes and that is why it is becoming now more popular within the United States.

Cannabis Seeds in California

Cannabis in California – Overview

Well, the recreational use of cannabis was still restricted. However, after a lot of hustle, the personal use of cannabis got allowed within a certain limit in the U.S.

So, if you are residing within California state and want to know whether it is legal or not or what are the guidelines to follow for using cannabis then I’m here to help you out.

After this guide, you will be an expert on cannabis legislation in California.

Don’t want to wait anymore?

Let’s get straight into it:

Is Cannabis Legal in California?

You may already know that many organizations are fighting for the legalization of cannabis throughout the world. Due to this, there are many changes in the different laws for weed worldwide.

As a result, now the world is accepting the importance of cannabis and so does the United States.

Cannabis has been legalized in many states within the U.S.

If in a single statement I have to say then I can say that cannabis is legal in California. Due to its great effects on the medical industry and the treatment of patients, it has been legalized in the state. However, recreational usage was totally prohibited up to recent years.

Then after some limits and laws, the government has decided to allow the recreational use of cannabis.

As a result, cannabis got legalized for recreational use in 11 different states. These are:

  1. Alaska 
  2. California
  3. Colorado
  4. Illinois
  5. Maine
  6. Massachusetts
  7. Michigan
  8. Nevada
  9. Oregon
  10. Vermont and 
  11. Washington

However, the District of Columbia, the Northern Mariana Islands, and Guam are too allowed the recreational usage of cannabis.

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Personal usage is also allowed there but within a certain limit. I’ll discuss later it.

For cannabis enthusiasts, who want to grow it indoors, can easily grow at home without any legal action. Growing cannabis in your home is now legalized by the U.S government within California. (You can find grow room checklist here.)

NOTE- At the federal level, the usage of cannabis is not allowed due to its higher THC content (commonly found in almost every marijuana plant) which affects harm to the human body. However, at the state level, different laws conflict with federal laws.

So, I recommend to whether you are living in California or somewhere in the United States, make sure to check the local rules and guidelines to deal with cannabis. As breaking laws can lead you to cops and penalties as well. 

What are the limits to buy cannabis seeds in California?

To use cannabis or buy cannabis seeds in California, the government has legalized it, only for adults. The adult age limit is 21. Obviously, to prevent access to minors it has to be implemented throughout the state, as the THC content is harmful to minors or below the age of adults.

It means if you are 21 or older only then you can deal with cannabis seeds or their products.

To make an indoor cannabis garden, you can only have up to six cannabis seeds which should be of the finest quality (obviously). 

It means one can have only six plants at their home while an adult can share, transport, or possess up to one ounce of marijuana in California. Isn’t it so cool?

I think this quantity is more than enough for an adult to deal with cannabis.

Therefore, if you follow these guidelines, then you can possess, consume, share and grow it inside your home without any legal action.

Where to buy cannabis seeds in California?

Well, after knowing the right rules to possess and deal with cannabis, now it comes to buying cannabis seeds from the right sources.

Well, you can check out this guide in which we have discussed in detail some of the top and best seed banks that ship to the U.S.

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However, either it is about local vendors or about purchasing from worldwide seed banks, I follow some strategies so that I can get most of my investment.

I’ll share some of the points here with you, which can help you in choosing the right source of cannabis seeds.

Here they are:

Look for a reputable vendor

Here reputable means those online or offline seed vendors that have been in the industry for many years. That directly tells us their quality as well as their trusting factors and customer services as well. Even for this kind of vendor, we can easily look for other people’s views from many online forums or sites.

Always go for quality over price

I have always been using this strategy whenever I buy seeds online or offline. The main reason behind this is that you may have already put your money and time into creating a growing environment for your weed garden but if you didn’t put quality seeds in it then it will not give you the proper result of your work. 

So, why think about an extra $10 if you can get a much better result than the previous one.

The rule-breaker secret is that you can put some extra time into finding some of the quality vendors that can give you the best quality seeds at affordable rates with attractive discounts.

Customer services must be good

Just imagine, you have ordered your seeds one week ago and you are eagerly waiting for them. However, the tracker is showing you ‘shipped’ but it has been more than enough time to arrive. What you would do?

You’ll definitely call their customer service. Right?

Wait here’s the twist:

What if they didn’t respond to you? 


What if they said, your order has already been dispatched, you have to wait for more days?

You’ll be more disappointed here, right?

So, now, imagine the next scenario:

Your order is not reached you within the specific period and then you called the customer service and they immediately dispatched you the new package of seeds and also apologized for the delay in the previous order.

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This scenario seems good, right?

Now, you say, in which scenario do you want to be?

Hope you understood my words here! If not then ask me in the comments below. 😉

Other services

Well, in this category, I put some of the factors such as shipping time, payment options, discounts, online order, website ease, offers, and rewards, bitcoin, etc.

However, these are the points that are adjustable within our priority and different seed banks.

For example, if you want immediate seeds to your doorstep, then you can opt for the quickest online seed bank that can ship at your doorstep or you can pay extra as well for faster delivery of your product.

On the other hand, if you are a buyer who loves to deal with discounts then you can choose accordingly to that. 

While payment ease and providing different ways are the factors that make online vendors worldwide accessible.

So, these factors depend on the buyer’s choice.

Basically, the above three are the main factors, which I consider whenever I buy seeds online. 

Well, you can adjust these factors according to your needs and priority. However, the basic strategy should be like this while choosing the best seed bank in California.

Buy Cannabis Seeds in California: Final Words

When it comes to buying cannabis seeds in California then it is a must for the people residing there to know about the local laws. However, at the federal level, cannabis is prohibited in the United States but due to the great impact of cannabis on the treatment of different diseases, its medicinal usage is allowed.

Well, in recent years, the recreational purpose of cannabis is also permitted in some states, which I have already mentioned above.

However, when it comes to buying quality seeds, then I have shared my personal strategy with you.

Finally, I hope, I’ve added some value to you for becoming an expert in the legislation of cannabis within California.

If you have any doubt or want to give me suggestions, then you are welcomed in the comments. I’ll personally talk with each of you.

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