Buy Cannabis Seeds in Czech Republic

If you will be looking for some relaxing European regions where you can enjoy cannabis without getting into jail then the Czech Republic will be one of the best choices. 


Here it is:

Within the last decade, there are major changes in the cannabis laws of the Czech Republic that have favored marijuana lovers in the region. That means if you are planning to visit there then you can also think about cannabis to enjoy. 

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Czech Republic

However, before dreaming about enjoying cannabis, you must have to be aware of the legislation in the country that will make you able to access marijuana or its derived products there. As you are here, you are sure to be a cannabis expert on the latest guidelines in Czech after this quick guide.

Read along to learn about everything in the Czech about cannabis!

Is Cannabis Legal in the Czech Republic?

First thing first, this needs to be answered as thinking about marijuana in any country. However, officially marijuana is illegal in the country but recently there have been major changes in the laws including decriminalization which we’ll be going through within a few minutes. 

Well, cannabis has been known to the citizens of Czech since very long years ago as it is easily found in the people’s culture about discussing, sharing, and making the products from marijuana. Majorly it was taken from the farmers as it was grown commercially for different purposes. However, when the negatives of marijuana got the shape of the trend around the globe. Especially when the USA-like countries were against cannabis then there has been a prohibition on marijuana in the Czech too.

The good thing was that hemp was still there among the citizens which were used for industrial purposes. Somehow, the laws in the country banned the production of cannabis resulting in a sharp decrease in its usage. Well, all major changes occurred in the earlier time of the 20th century.

As marijuana was in culture from a very earlier time, it helped the authorities to make changes in the laws completing the demands of weed lovers in the country. Ultimately, after some years, the government took some major steps to make cannabis exist in the country also completing the fulfillment of its citizens.

At the same time, it was made a punishable offense if anyone didn’t follow the government guidelines. The smart step of government not only let cannabis exist in the Czech region but also helped in making it avoidable to minors, which can be harmful to them. On the other hand, the authorities were already against the black marketing of marijuana such as selling it without permission and consuming publicly.

In the end, in 2023, if you are residing in the Czech or you might plan to visit there then you will be finding that people used to talk about weed, growing it privately, and consuming it in their homes though it is illegal. Thanks to the decriminalization, which took place in the country in recent times. 

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Apart from this, the government changed the major rules for marijuana which made the Czech citizens happy! 

Let’s find out what they are:

Major Changes in Laws For Marijuana

In 2010, the Czech government officially decriminalized marijuana which was extremely happy news for the weed lovers there. As before it, people in the Czech have to pay the cops charges even consuming weed in a very little quantity. 

Therefore, you can understand how important the step was that in order to maintain the cannabis culture in the country. Decriminalization of weed in the Czech resulted in possessing, and consuming marijuana in the country. That means this step gave freedom to the people residing there to not only think about marijuana but also to possess some quantity and enjoy it to some extent. 

However, even after this major step to allow the citizens to deal with marijuana, it was strictly prohibited to share publicly or possess a large quantity of it. In other words, drug trafficking was a punishable offense. The charges include 15,000 CZK caught owning marijuana publicly. 

Although the fine was not huge, it was there so that people could not take the advantage of decriminalization and expose it to minors and other people. 

However, in the earlier time of decriminalization, it was allowed only 10g to possess marijuana that too not publicly. Well, this quantity was enough for an individual to enjoy cannabis there. 

Another good news came into the region when the government decided to allow medical marijuana for the patients looking for treatment from marijuana-derived medicines. This was really a great step for the future of cannabis in the Czech and it took place in 2012 and completely came into the effect in April 2013. 

Medical Marijuana in the Czech

Medical Marijuana in Czech was decriminalized from 1 April 2013, which fulfilled the demands of medical marijuana enthusiasts in the country. However, there were certain guidelines to get medical marijuana products. Still, the people of the country embraced this policy happily. 

The ultimate goal of this decision was to let the suffering people access marijuana for getting relief faster if they are exhausted from other treating ways. That is why the policy of decriminalizing medical marijuana involved a prescription from an experienced physician. After consent from the doctor, you will be allowed to access marijuana-derived products. However, it will be limited. 

Considering other countries’ policies, it was still better in the Czech which was a hassle-free procedure to get medical marijuana with the only prescription from a doctor. 

Another good news for medical marijuana enthusiasts was that cultivating marijuana for the purpose of personal usage was allowed there. That is why people used to cultivate their own marijuana plants in the region. Therefore, you will be easily getting marijuana seeds from the local shops or people there. However, exposing your marijuana garden to the public can lead you to the cops paying huge fines. 

Conditions for getting medical cannabis in the country

  1. A prescription from a specialist physician. 
  2. The patient should not be a minor.
  3. Exhausted all other treating ways. 

So, these are the main check-boxes that you have to fill for accessing medical marijuana in the Czech Republic. Now, let’s check out what are the limitations for possessing medical weed:

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Laws for Possession, Cultivation, and Consumption


After the decriminalization of cannabis, it was common for the citizens over there to possess some amount of marijuana. However, there was a limitation as well. The penalty for possessing marijuana in a larger quantity for drug trafficking includes imprisonment for at least 2 years whereas extreme cases can result in up to 18 years of jail.

However, personal usage of marijuana was common and people are allowed to have up to 10g of marijuana for their personal use. In the case of medical marijuana users, there was a limitation for the 180g of marijuana as prescribed by the doctor. 

While the offending laws can lead to penalties or jail or even both. Also, distributing cannabis, selling, or sharing to minors was also strictly prohibited in the region. 

As the cultivation of marijuana was allowed for personal usage, it was not a thing to worry about until you didn’t make your garden for getting profit from others. 


Possessing marijuana is allowed for personal usage. However, cultivating weed plants in the region was limited to the medical marijuana needy only. As for personal usage, one individual was allowed to cultivate up to 5 plants per household, which I think is more than enough for an adult. 

However, if you somehow cross the limit, it can lead you to the courts where you can be charged and sent to jail as well.

Overall, as long as you possess or cultivate marijuana for your personal usage, it will not be problematic for you. Also, if you will not make it visible or accessible to the public as well as to the cops!


Consumption of marijuana is allowed only to adults in private spaces. As the possession or growing of weed garden is limited to the personal household only, therefore, it is also in the policy that you will not be bringing to the public places or smoking there. 

Therefore, you are free to smoke, consume, cultivate, and possess marijuana in private space until or unless you don’t show off to the public!

How to Legally Buy Cannabis Seeds in the Czech?

Although people are usually found in bars and other places smoking cannabis, it is always better to follow the guidelines to avoid any kind of trouble. Cultivating marijuana in your private space is allowed, therefore, you will be able to get many physical shops there selling weed seeds. However, the government usually shuts these shops but they do exist. 

It is also believed that there is a huge black market for marijuana and its products in the region, which is not easily available to everyone. However, we strongly recommend our readers to follow government laws and legally do things. 

Similarly, if you are thinking to buy marijuana seeds then you can go to the market where you will be getting a variety of options i.e. online seed banks. As the physical stores are much risky, therefore, you can always go with the online seed banks that are not only known for their quality services but also their highest germinating seeds. 

Before we recommend our favorite seed banks, we’ll be letting you know the secrets of choosing the best seed bank online that will help you even after this guide.

How to Choose the Best Seed Bank?

Choosing the best seed bank is quite simple and easy. However, you have to be aware of what you exactly need. On a general perception of including best quality seeds, services, and market reputation we are providing you some factors which you must look out for in an online seed bank. 

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Seed quality is our priority. Doesn’t matter the other factors’ score, you must end up having the highest germinating seeds that can give you beautiful weed buds. As you have to work hard patiently with the seeds to get your buds, therefore, always give priority to the quality of seeds first. 

You can also choose the availability of varieties of seeds in the shop accordingly.


What if you get the wrong seeds? What if you want to know about the status of your order?

You must have to take help from the customer support of the online shop. This is where the services come into play. The more friendly, fast, and reliable the services the more you will be trusting the shop to buy seeds again. 

This factor also involves the shipping time, payment options, and delivery services of the shop. Everyone loves quick shipping, multiple ways of placing an order, and a discreet delivery system.

Market reputation

This factor was involved due to the fact that there are certain scam shops, which take the amount from you and do not deliver the seeds, or if luckily got your order then it will not be worth the price. Therefore, always consider the online reviews that ultimately speak about the market reputation of the shop.

The better reviews the more trustworthy the shop is!

Other factors

It involves your personal preferences such as discounts, offers, rewards, multiple categories, and other things that you want to look for in an ideal seed bank of yours. Just involve it in your list and find out your best pick!

So, after considering these factors, let’s have a look over the recommended seed bank from experience weeders around the world:

Recommended Seed Banks

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Check out the user reviews of ILGM seed bank on SeedFinder.

MSNL Seed Bank website

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So, these are the recommended seed banks that will ensure you get the best experience of buying marijuana seeds online.

Future of Cannabis in Czech

With the Czech’s deep roots in marijuana, the government has been quite relaxing towards weed lovers. It is decriminalized and discussable in the country whereas many countries are still against on even for its medical usage. Therefore, we can say that marijuana laws in this European region are quite relaxing.

However, people of the Czech are happy with the current laws and it is hoped that the future of cannabis will be more exciting and positive for weed lovers in the country.

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