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Buy Cannabis Seeds in France

Is Cannabis Legal in France?

That might be the question that bothers you many times while thinking about the weed in the France region. In a nutshell, unlike many other popular countries, France has strictly prohibited marijuana on its land. 

That means cannabis in France is illegal in 2023. But hold on!

Here’s good news for you:

Recently the laws in the country have been changed quickly in favor of weed enthusiasts that might help you in getting weed in the region. However, let’s begin from the very earlier state when France was known for something else.

Despite the fact that France was the only country in the 20th century that didn’t prohibit the cultivation of industrial hemp when most of the negatives were roaming around the globe at that time about weed and hemp. 

This is due to the deep roots of the country that were related to hemp from a very earlier time. It is also believed that even 4000 years ago the hemp was known to the residents of France but it was used for the most industrial purposes such as rope, fiber, and other material that was used in day-to-day life. 

Apart from the positive relation of hemp in the country and similar genetics to weed, the country’s rules were against the recreational usage of marijuana from a very earlier time. 

Let’s not dig deeper into ancient history anymore and know about the main factors that led marijuana to suffer in France. 

Long story short, from the very earlier time of 1800, the country was known to hashish only, and unfortunately, it was banned that year too. Therefore, marijuana was not that much-reputed thing to talk about in the country from that time. 

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Coming after even 200 years in 2023, if you are caught with marijuana on the land of any region in France you will be charged up to 7.5 million Euros. Yes! Fine is that much huge!

Cannabis Law in France

There have been major laws in action in France to stop the illegal use of marijuana. From the 19th to 20th century the major laws of the country were against the medical and recreational use of marijuana. 

However, in the earlier time of the 20th century, there were major changes in the legislation. From 1925’s Geneva Convention on drugs led the medical marijuana was banned in the country since 1953. Even in 1991, a court rejected the plea of an NGO to supply cannabis for 10 patients suffering from a terminal illness. That showed the country’s strict policies for weed!

With time, many activists came into action for legalizing cannabis in the country in which Jean Pierre is one of the known names. Finally, the hard work and effort of weed lovers in France paid off on 8 June 2013 when the cannabis derivatives were allowed to be used in medicinal products. It is believed that around 1 million patients could get better from these medicinal cannabis products. However, for availing of such a facility, there is a need for consent from an authority, and a prescription is involved so that it can be availed to those only who need it actually. 

Well, that was a major step to consider marijuana’s importance after a long battle and strict laws on it. The amended legislation decriminalizes “the production, transport, export, possession, offering, acquisition or use of specialist pharmaceuticals that contains one of these (cannabis-derivative) substances.”

Even in recent times of May 2020, the officials have been agreed on an experiment on the citizens of France that will decide whether they need to allow the usage of medical marijuana or not. Well, it was also a positive step to make the officials consider marijuana’s existence in daily life. 

Therefore, one can hope for positive outcomes in the country after the experiment. Apart from this, we have to wait for the official announcements until they don’t allow the usage of marijuana even for therapeutic purposes. 

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Law on Possession Cultivation & Consumption


Laws in France are strictly against the possession of marijuana whether publicly, privately. As it is considered drug trafficking which comes under the punishable offense. Therefore, the authority can put you in charge of a huge amount if you are found with marijuana. 


It is obvious that when there is a complete prohibition on marijuana possession or sharing then the cultivation cannot take place in any corner of the country intended for use or sale. 


In a survey of 2012, around 13.4 million French people were found as regular users of marijuana aged between 15 years to 64 years old. The surprise was that even minors were aware of this drug substance, which was harmful to their age. 

After 8 years, on 1 September 2023, the France government took a step on putting a fine on marijuana consumers, which was started with a 200 Euro charge. Overall, considering all the major laws in the country that are in action avoids cannabis usage, possession, consumption, or sharing with any others. 

Medical Marijuana is Allowed in France?

There is no other way of using medicinal marijuana medicines than getting consent from authorities. Although medical marijuana is not legal, people of the country are demanding its legal usage as it can help in treating many diseases.

Well, in the name of medical marijuana medicine, Sativex is permitted in the region (after consent only). Even that was rarely available due to legal procedures and high prices. 

However, growing marijuana for medical purposes is not allowed therefore, you cannot have your marijuana treatment on your own rather than getting a prescription from the doctor and then from authorities. 

Apart from this, CBD oil which is known for containing less THC concentration (responsible cannabinoid for inducing psychoactive effects) is somehow permitted to produce related medicines.

The Mission Against Drugs and Addictive Behaviour (MILDECA) has allowed CBD oil and its derived products in the country. However, this permission is given based on some major conditions.

It includes a very less concentration of THC (less than 0.2%) as a major condition whereas the second is to derive these products from the approved hemp plants that have less THC. 

Overall, the laws in France country are strict, and even for getting medical treatment of marijuana one has to put a lot of effort. However, now, considering the fact that medicinal marijuana can actually help patients in getting better faster, the government has relaxed its guidelines, which you can get to know from your local authorities.

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Does Cannabis Really Exist in France?

Well, after knowing these many strict laws one must be wondering if marijuana exists in the region. However, many surveys and reports have shown that the citizens of the country especially young adults have been indulged in cannabis activity at least once in their life. 

Similarly, there are many other reports as well, let’s have a look over some major reports:

  1. France ranks fourth in the European Union in terms of monthly consumption and second only to Denmark in terms of persons who have ever used cannabis.
  2. Around 12 lakh people of Metropolitan France have been regular users of marijuana according to a report in 2012. 
  3. In 2015, the authority published a new report saying that French people are the biggest cannabis consumers in the age segment of 15-34. 

So, with these reports, you can get an idea that how much marijuana is known to France but still, the government has applied strict guidelines to overcome these data. Apart from this, there is also a report in which around 55% of French people have opposed the decriminalization of cannabis. 

Future Of Cannabis in France

France does not produce cannabis domestically yet the existence of marijuana is there in the region. As you can find people smoking there in either private clubs or specific places.

However, if you want to travel in the country then we strongly recommend you follow the guidelines and laws of the region so that you cannot get into some legal trouble. 

Apart from this, if you are even thinking about marijuana-derived products for therapeutic purposes then you must get consent from the authority as well as be aware of the local laws. 

Finally, considering the current laws and guidelines of marijuana in France, it will not be officially available. However, some senators have claimed some good chances in the medical marijuana legislation which we can only hope for until it is not officially announced. 

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