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In recent years, cannabis has got its recognition among different developed countries such as U.S and Canada. Well, from 2018, Georgia has become the first former Soviet country to legalize marijuana. 

No doubt! There is now a worldwide trend to accept marijuana’s importance in the medical field and even in people’s life. As of now, urban people are more likely to take the help of cannabis to burst the stress during the weekend. Apart from this, cannabis has been widely accepted in treating some severe medical conditions. 

Coming to the Georgia marijuana legislation, there are many things to know about before getting hands-on marijuana. Read along to be an expert over Georgia marijuana laws!

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Georgia

Is Cannabis Legal in Georgia in 2023?

Yes and No both!

Well, don’t be panic, cannabis in Georgia has been legalized for possession and consumption in the country although cultivating and selling them is not. That means you can access marijuana in Georgia and even you can consume it, however, you cannot cultivate cannabis plants on your own.

Also, for consuming and possessing, there are certain guidelines for the residents, which one must have to follow to avoid the cops putting fines on them. However, we will discuss those guidelines in detail later. 

Coming back to the legalization then the country has not permitted cannabis-related businesses to exist in the region such as physical stores selling cannabis seeds, edibles, and such stuff. Although it is also true that the country has some underground space where illegal cultivation happens to fulfill the consumption demand. 

However, the authorities have been working regularly to cut down the illegal activities related to marijuana in the country and therefore, as consumption and possession are permitted, soon they have to take some important steps for growing marijuana for personal usage. 

Additionally, other countries have been regularly increased the cannabis businesses after legalization to increase the revenue. Therefore, the cannabis business in the state can also contribute to economic development. 

Overall, in 2023, if you are planning a visit to Georgia country then you can possess and consume marijuana with your friends. To know how much the quantity should be for an individual not to offend the laws, read further.

History of the Country for Cannabis 

This is a universal truth that human civilization was aware of cannabis for the third millennium BC and further humans have used hemp for homes essential such as rope and other things to industrial uses later on the extension of hemp use and cultivation in different countries. In some regions, people have also used cannabis for religious purposes which even exists in the modern era somehow. 

However, from the earlier 20th century in Georgia, people were aware of cannabis and its psychoactive effects. Even the drug smugglers used to go through Georgia before heading to Central Asia, and Russian regions. Although this could be founded in 2005 that the country has worked as a transit for the smugglers. 

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Well, as the worldwide trend for marijuana prohibition took place, Georgia has also implemented strict policies for marijuana-related offenses. At that time, the offender can be sent to jail for up to 14 years along with some huge monetary fine. 

Long story short, in 2006, according to data, Georgia has collected more than $10 million in drug-related offenses within the year. This was the year when the country has hardened the policies for marijuana offenders. 

However, this data also showed that even though the country has illegalized marijuana, people were somehow capable to indulge in marijuana activities. During that time, a White Noise Movement party collected different parties for forcing decriminalization of marijuana in the country although the government remained strict. This happened in 2013 though after three years in 2016 the court rules that imprisonment for a small amount of cannabis possession is unconstitutional. 

This was the first time that the marijuana law was changed favoring cannabis enthusiasts. However, within two years, in July 2018, the Constitutional court of Georgia ruled that “consumption of marijuana is an action protected by the right to free personality.” Since then, consumption and possession of cannabis in Georgia have been legalized although selling and cultivating plants remained illegal. 

In short, the government gave the personal responsibility to the consumer for the outcomes of cannabis consumption and as there was no public effect of it, authorities made it legal in the country.

Current Laws in Action in the Country

Along with the historical journey, some guidelines and laws are there in action in the country, which you must know in 2023:

  1. From the White Noise party’s protest in 2016 to legalization in 2018, Georgia has faced many attempts for legislative change favoring marijuana enthusiasts in the country. However, in 2023, currently, the legalization of consumption and possession is permitted. Hence, doesn’t matter whether you are planning a ‘cannabis tour’ in the country, you cannot have your own marijuana plants. 
  2. Currently, there is no medical marijuana program in the country therefore, one cannot get medical cannabis in the region. However, after the personal legalization of marijuana possession, one can have any type of cannabis for personal usage. 
  3. Driving under the influence of cannabis is strictly prohibited in the country and that can lead offenders to monetary penalties. 
  4. Smoking marijuana in non-smoking areas and exposing it to minors can also lead to legal issues. 
  5. Marijuana is illegal for minors in Georgia. In any aspect, cannabis cannot be shared with students or people below adult age.

Marijuana Possession, Cultivation, And Consumption


First of all, marijuana can be possessed by only the adults in the country. Although it is not clear that how much an adult should possess cannabis for not getting a penalty. When it comes to the offense then one should keep in mind that the quantity should never be such that authorities might find you as a drug trafficker. 

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As said earlier, cultivation in Georgia is illegal. No one can cultivate personal marijuana plants in the country. However, it is also true that to fulfill the consumption demand, the country has some underground streets where people illegally grow marijuana plants. 


Consuming marijuana in Georgia is legal however, consumption should be made in private space only. One cannot expose or possess marijuana in public places such as parks, buses, schools, university campuses, etc. In addition to that, marijuana should not be shared with minors. Consumption or smoking made in restricted areas can lead the offender to monetary penalties. 

Medical Marijuana Laws in the Country

Right now, there is no medical marijuana program in Georgia. Although considering the other countries where cannabis is made legal for at least personal usage, authorities have launched medical marijuana programs where they aimed to benefit medical patients in need. 

In 2023, there is no medical marijuana program and until the future decisions, one has to wait for accessing medicinal cannabis. However, as personal possession is allowed, medical patients can have cannabis as per requirement without official interruption. 

How to Get the Best Cannabis Seeds in Georgia?

Well, in Georgia cannabis cultivation is illegal for personal usage or even for selling. Therefore, one cannot grow his or her own cannabis plants. Although in the future the authorities might take some positive decisions to expand the cannabis business in its region. Until then, you can keep marijuana seeds in your home. 

Also, we strongly recommend you to be aware of local laws and be updated regularly. 

Apart from this, this is also true that some illegal cultivation also happens in the region, which is not safe. However, cultivating cannabis seeds is illegal, keeping them is not. That means until the officials do not permit you to grow plants, you can keep cannabis seeds after looking for the best seed source. 

Obviously, the country has not any marijuana business, and also cultivation is illegal. Therefore, the only way you can get cannabis seeds is the online stores. Even online seed banks give you multiple benefits in one place. You can have huge discounts, hundreds of strains to choose from, and also some top-notch services. 

However, you don’t have to dig out the web for getting the best cannabis seed banks online, as we are giving you the planet’s best seed banks list. Check them out:

Best Recommended Seed Banks that Directly Ship to Georgia

cropking seed bank website

Crop King Seeds has a large category of marijuana seeds where you can choose as per your requirement. The store ships worldwide and delivers orders rapidly. Customer service is excellent and multiple payment options are available on the website. With over 4+ rating is on Trustpilot. 

MSNL Seed Bank website

MSNL or is the perfect place for getting almost every strain on the planet. MSNL has the best customer service, regular offers, and affordable prices. The shop ships in a discrete manner to ensure user’s privacy. 

seedsman website

Seedsman is a one-stop destination for your marijuana needs in 2023. The shop has a wide selection of cannabis seeds along with reasonable rates. The shop ships across the globe with a private shipping method. Has multiple payment methods including bitcoin and a very positive market reputation. 

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Seedsman got reviews of the SeedFinder users, with an average rating of 6.66 out of 10!

How  You Can Choose the Best Seed Bank For Yourself? [A Pro Guide in Short]

When it comes to choosing an online seed bank, you might Google or read reviews, which is also a good strategy but what if you could have a pro insight that how expert growers and marijuana enthusiasts choose their best seed sources? Seem interesting! Right?

Even it becomes quite essential for a beginner marijuana enthusiast to have a pro guide that can make him independent of any review site to choose the best online cannabis seed bank or even any online store. 

So, let’s get started:

  • Quality is the king

You are putting your hard-earned money into something; therefore, you need your value to be worth the investment. Therefore, it becomes quite essential that the seed bank or online store that you are choosing must provide you the right quality you. 

Also, don’t be overwhelmed by the numbers on a store! Sometimes, they are just numbers!

So, have a deep insight into the product and know about it to ensure top-quality and then go further. Therefore, prefer quality over quantity every time!

  • Market image matters

Buying things online has one drawback that you cannot predict the quality of the company or store directly. This is where the review forums, websites help you the most by giving you a little hint, which you might be already aware of. Therefore, make sure that you are aware of previous buyers’ reviews and even negative reviews to know about the faults of the company, and then if the store is worth your attention and money, you are free to step ahead. 

  • Customer service is a must

Just imagine you got the wrong product somehow and you want to return it ASAP! What if the customer support is taking time to respond to your query back? It might spoil everything! Right? 

Now, imagine the opposite scenario of that. What if your queries are getting instant support from the company in a very friendly manner? Now, this might make your online shopping impressive!

Therefore, while choosing the online store to get some product or service, you must know about the customer service quality as it can affect your future journey with the product. The same goes for the cannabis seed banks. Just make sure you are choosing a source that can help you in case of need. 

So, finally, these are some short tips that might help you to choose the best seed bank. However, we recommend you to make your own preference in your ideal store and then decide the right one. As our ultimate goal is to get the investment worth!

Future of Cannabis in Georgia

Georgia country has historically changing legislation on cannabis. Even the change has been positive for marijuana lovers. Also, the country’s people are in favor of the complete legalization of cannabis. Therefore, we can say that within the upcoming time, marijuana enthusiasts can witness some more positive changes. However, until then, we have to do marijuana things staying under the decided laws!

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