Buy Cannabis Seeds in Germany 2023

Whether you are studying in Germany for free but you cannot deal with marijuana freely unlike some other countries. As the laws in the country are complex and hence an individual needs to understand that well before indulging in any kind of marijuana activity without offending the government laws. 

Buy Cannabis Seeds in Germany

You need an expert for the legislation over there, which you are already with. Therefore, after this guide, you are 100% sure to be aware of each guideline in Germany regarding cannabis.

Therefore, read along to get everything to know about cannabis in Germany!

Is Cannabis Legal in the Country?

Germany has been one of the popular countries to travel within European regions. Therefore, if you are planning your journey there for having sight seen and marijuana in your hand then hold on!

As marijuana is illegal in Germany in 2023. Therefore, you might be in legal trouble if you are found with cannabis publicly. 

Well, that also doesn’t mean that marijuana doesn’t exist in the country. It is there! 

The government has been strict towards drug trafficking, selling sharing marijuana publicly where the minors and children are involved, which is quite a good step as well. However, even for adults of the country, recreational marijuana has been a topic to debate, and there has been no allowance to get hands-on weed for recreational usage. 

Therefore, weed enthusiasts in the country have always been demanded to decriminalizing marijuana for personal usage. Well, right now, in 2023, it is not allowed.

If we go through ancient history then you will be finding out that the countrymen already have its relation with the marijuana derivatives. Well, precisely we can refer to hemp when people used to practice it as medicine, edibles, and other derivatives which became popular after the mid-19th century. 

Ultimately, it is believed that cannabis has never faded away from the country whereas it has been popular in its black market. The main reason could be the government’s strict steps to not accepting marijuana in daily life whereas people are using it in other ways. 

Apart from this, Archaeologists have already found that marijuana has been in the usage of people around 7,500 years ago. As they found some seeds in cave dwellings that spoke themselves to the deep roots of the country with marijuana.

Well, coming back to 2023, it is quite essential to get through the legislation there that can help you in knowing whether you can get marijuana there or not.

Overall, the fact is that right now there have been strict policies against marijuana as it is illegal officially. Let’s check out what are the major changes historically and recently that led marijuana exists in the country:

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Major Changes in Laws For Marijuana

Apart from Germany’s strict behavior, marijuana has been the culture of the people of the country. Somehow, the government has always avoided allowing the usage of cannabis for recreational purposes whereas they have considered the importance of cannabis in the medical field as well. That is why the people of the country have seen a major step by the government recently that led cannabis exists in the country’s culture.

In 2017, the government decided to allow the usage of marijuana for medical purposes. The step was intended to help the patients in the country that have marijuana as their last hope. Therefore, in that year medicinal cannabis was permitted but still cultivating marijuana on your own in the region was not allowed considering it a punishable offense.

However, even after the permission of medical marijuana, there was quite less supply of it resulting in poor treatment of the needy ones that have to take help from the black market in the last. 

Additionally, for getting medical marijuana treatment one has to follow certain guidelines as well. Similarly, after medical marijuana for the patients, the government allowed marijuana-derived medicines as well in the country which ultimately benefits the country as a whole. 

In 2020, the data showed that Germany served the world’s third-largest market for legal marijuana-based products outside of North America. Isn’t it amazing?

Even it was after the major step of government in forward to legalize marijuana in 2017 when medical marijuana was allowed. 

After the allowance of medical marijuana, not only marijuana survived on the land of Germany but hemp food (made with hemp seeds with less than 0.2% THC concentration) was also common to sell in shops. Even it was normally available in many of the shops in Berlin and other regions.

Ultimately, even after some relaxing laws on cannabis, recreational marijuana is still in between looking for its direction. However, it is also found that recreational marijuana is also a discussable topic among the people within the black market of cannabis. 

Medical Marijuana in the Country

Medical marijuana was allowed from the year 2017. That was a huge step for the patients of the countries to make them hopeful when they are left with no other treatment option. As said earlier, there are certain guidelines for it, the government allowed only specialist doctors to permit according to the severity of the disease. 

The major medical conditions include epilepsy, multiple sclerosis, and chemotherapy in which cannabis involvement can make a difference. However, after prescription only, one can have access to limited marijuana products. 

However, this step was not that beneficial as well because the initial law was so strict that it allowed only certain patients to have cannabis. This led to not work the medical marijuana law efficiently. It is also found that in the end, people have to look for the black market for getting their medical marijuana supply. 

Following are the conditions that one has to follow to get the medicinal cannabis treatment:

Conditions to get medical marijuana

  1. One has to get consent from the doctor. The physician has also bounded with the limitation to give consent only as there is no effect of other ways.
  2. Concern to the authority as well when they ask you regarding the possession of marijuana medicines. 
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Apart from these conditions, the government should make sure if their policy is helping the needy in the real sense, which seems not accomplished from the data. As only about thousands of people were finding this helpful in a country where the population is around 81 million citizens.

Possession, Cultivation, and Consumption


After the allowance of medical marijuana, the authorities have been also soft towards the people who got caught with cannabis in small amounts. As in Berlin, if you are caught with marijuana up to 15 grams then you will get into any legal trouble. 

However, the possession law also varies according to the different regions. That means the law you might be following in Berlin might not be accepted in Hamburg. A clear example of it is that as 15g marijuana possession is allowed in the capital city but in the majority of German states including Hamburg there is only 6g of cannabis is permitted per individual. 

Well, at the federal level, possessing marijuana is illegal and it can cause you heavy penalties including up to 5 years of jail. Therefore, always follow the local guidelines to avoid the cops!


It is not legal to cultivate marijuana in Germany. It is as punishable as selling the drug as it will be considered as making profits by involving other people. Despite your intentions for personal usage, if you are caught growing marijuana in your house then you can be treated as accuse of a drug trafficker. 


Unlike cultivation, the consumption of marijuana is a common thing in the country. After the allowance of marijuana in small amounts in some provinces, the government did not illegalize the consumption of cannabis. 

The consumption of narcotics is termed as “non-punishable self-harm”, which doesn’t offend the government rules. 

Overall, in Germany, the consumption, selling of CBD products, and marijuana in a small amount in some provinces are allowed. However, you have to be aware of local laws to avoid the cops while dealing with marijuana.

Is it Legal to Buy Marijuana Seeds in Germany?

Buying marijuana seeds in Germany is illegal under federal law whereas some political parties have shown their interest to make cannabis legalize for adults as it is believed that people used to follow the black market for getting their weed supplies which is ultimately harming them. 

If a certain guideline on using marijuana for personal use can be applied then it can work as reducing the harm to the citizens. As if there will be official weed shops then there will be more chances of people not involving in drug activities other than marijuana. Also, the black market will totally vanish.

However, in 2023, right now, the country didn’t allow the citizens to possess, sell, or indulge in buying or sharing cannabis seeds in the region. Therefore, it is illegal to buy seeds in Germany. 

Well, it is also a fact that there is a huge black market of marijuana in the country which has made cannabis alive among cannabis lovers. Therefore, still there is the involvement of purchasing seeds from various online seed shops. 

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However, always keep in mind the government laws and results of offending these rules so that you can make the right decisions for yourself. Apart from this, if you look for the seed banks that ship to Germany then here are some best seed banks online that not only ship to Germany but also provide unmatchable services including the complete safety of your privacy.

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How to Look For Quality Seeds Online?

Whether you buy seeds in Germany or not, you must be aware of the important properties to look at in a seed pack so that you can never be fooled by online shops. Therefore, here is the expert guide on choosing the quality seeds:

Grow difficulty

It matters the most. As you have to spend most of your time in a growing field, therefore, you must have to know the difficulties that might come in your cultivation journey. The ultimate benefit will be that you will be prepared before any circumstance.


Ultimately, you have to get the weed buds in your hand. Look for how much yield you want to get from your garden. Averagely around 500g of buds will be the best option to start your journey. You can prefer according to the seed variety and the effects that it produces. 


The seed is either of Sativa or Indica or Hybrid, make sure you get through it. You may already be aware that Sativa genetics are more likely to be known for inducing positive effects instead of making people high which is majorly responsible due to the Indica genetics.

Well, these are the main factors that can help you in getting the best marijuana seeds for your garden. However, keep in mind that ultimately, you have to grow the weed buds that can be helpful in either enjoying or treating you!

What Will be the Future of Marijuana in Germany?

Because marijuana is illegal in Germany we can not say when it will be officially allowed to be used. However, in a survey, it is observed that the people of the country have been demanded the entire decriminalization, which is somehow rejected. 

On the other hand, medical marijuana got allowed in the regions, which was the ultimate decision in favor of weed lovers in the country. As per the politicians right now showing green signals for changing legislation for recreational marijuana, one can only hope that the future of marijuana in the country will be favorable to cannabis enthusiasts. 

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